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Artisan Wraps

Formaggio Brand 845.436.4200 www.formaggiocheese.com

Formaggio's distinctive innovation, Artisan Wraps, is a grab-and-go, snackable twist on classic meat and cheese rolls but with the meat hand-wrapped around a stick of award-winning fresh mozzarella. Meats include: Prosciutto, Applewood Smoked Prosciutto, Chorizo, Genoa Salami, Hard Salami, Jamon Serrrano, Pepperoni and Soppressata. Three sizes are offered.

Cheese Straws

J&M Foods 800.264.2278 www.janis-melanie.com

Made from up-state New York aged cheddar, J&M Foods' Original Cheese Straws are a traditional Southern delicacy combining a light crisp texture with just a hint of hot. Serve them anytime as a snack, appetizer or hors d’oeuvre. They’re a delicious counterpart to soups, salads, fruit and wine.

Elevated Cow Fresh Mozzarella

Caputo Cheese 708.450.0074 www.elevatedcow.com

Each batch of made-to-order Elevated Cow is sent out for independent lab testing to ensure accuracy. Results of the tests are put on the Elevated Cow website and can be accessed by scanning the QR code on the package, so both retailer and customers can be sure of the cheese's cannabis content.

Fiorucci 1.5-ounce Appetaggio Snacks

Campofrio Food Group America 800.520.7775 www.fioruccifoods.com

A perfect balance of meat, cheese and fruit, Fiorucci’s new all-natural Appetaggios consist of peach or cranberry mozzarella that are hand wrapped with traditionally aged prosciutto or hard salami. The fruit flavors infuse sweetness into milky mozzarella, and the smoky meat further complements this mouthwatering, irresistible, one-of-a-kind snack.

SnackUPs Grab and Go Snack Packs

Dairyfood USA, Inc. 608.437.5598 www.dairyfoodusa.com

Smoked Gouda flavor took 2nd place in the pasteurized process cheese spread category for the 2017 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest

SnackUps provide a more elevated snacking experience by combining Wisconsin made cheese dip and crispy pretzels together for a satisfying snack. SnackUps provide a robust 8g of protein and 170 mg of calcium with only 210 calories.

Tillamook Cheeseboards

Tillamook County Creamery Association www.tillamook.com

A craveable combination of Tillamook cheese, olive oil crackers and artisanal fruit spreads, Cheeseboards are Tillamook’s solution to a premium snack for the busy individual to savor. Tillamook Cheeseboards will launch in four unique flavor combinations, including Sharp Berry Crunch, with sharp white cheddar cheese, marionberry spread and rosemary crackers; Spicy Berry Bite, with Pepper Jack cheese, marionberry spread and multigrain crackers; Smoky Apple Crisp, with smoked medium cheddar cheese, apple spread and olive oil crackers; and Sharp Strawberry Heat, with sharp white cheddar cheese, spicy strawberry spread and rosemary crackers.

Best of class at 2004 World Championship Cheese

Imported from Holland and made with a special recipe and production method by Dutch cheesemakers. Rembrandt® is traditionally ripened for one year. This award-winning Dutch cheese has a firm texture and a rich, tangy flavor. It can be merchandised in an unrefrigerated display.

IMPORTED CHEESES A Dutch Masterpiece Rembrandt

FrieslandCampina 201.655.7730 www.frieslandcampina.com

Aged Truffle Caciotta

Monti Trentini USA LLC 516.507.9658 www.montitrentini.com

Made with real Italian black truffle, this Caciotta is the natural evolution of Monti Trentini's consumer-loved Caciotta Tartufo. Aged for more than three months and carefully handled only by the hands of expert affineurs, this cheese has a precise flavor that perfectly combines with the pleasant truffle taste. The texture of this product is rich, lightly grainy with small scattered pieces of truffle that give the cheese its unmistakable flavor. To clearly distinguish this particular product, a black coating is placed on the rind, and a sophisticated graphic is engraved on the upper flat surface. The wheel weight is about 5 pounds.


Remond Freres by Le Pic Dairy www.fromages-de-chevre.fr

Small in size at 2.5 ounces, this lactic goat milk cheese develops a flavor that refines until its crust blooms. Newly available in the U.S. from World's Best Cheese after the company achieved its U.S. Food and Drug Administration license late last year.

Carozzi Taleggio Naturale DOP

Savello USA Inc. 570.822.9743 www.savellousa.com

Taleggio Naturale DOP is a typical table cheese made of high quality raw cow’s milk from Lombardia, and is a well-known ingredient of many Italian dishes. Its sweet and delicate taste becomes tangier towards the middle; and its soft, spreadable center is ideal with fresh bread, or as a pizza topping.

Entremont French Brie

Atalanta Corporation 908.351.8000 www.atalantacorp.com

Entremont Brie is made with fresh milk collected from 250 family farms from a 60-mile radius around the dairy in the Auvergne hills, at an altitude of 2000 feet high or more. This milk is transformed into cheese in an open tank by a team of expert cheesemakers and flipped by hand.


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