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Silver award for a new cheese at the 2018 World Cheese Awards

Tolman Blue has subtle, rich, buttery and savory flavors with a natural rind and an interesting texture. It's made from pasteurized organic cow milk and aged a minimum of three months.

BLUE CHEESES (continued) Tolman Blue

Rogue Creamery 866.396.4704 www.roguecreamery.com


Cellars at Jasper Hill/Cabot Creamery www.jasperhillfarm.com

Deer Creek The Carawaybou

1st place at 2019 ACS Competition & Judging

Made from a modern cheddar recipe by Cabot Creamery and selected by Jasper Hill Farm for cave-finishing with a specially calibrated vault. Flavors are characterized by savory depth balanced by lactic brightness and salt caramel sweetness.

The Artisan Cheese Exchange 920.803.8100 www.cheese-exchange.com

Gold medal from the 2018 L.A. International Dairy Competition; silver medal and best USA cheese from 2018 International Cheese Awards

The Carawaybou is an old-fashioned Caraway Wisconsin Colby based on a vintage recipe. The aromatic bouquet of the caraway gives way to a perfumed anise flavor that penetrates the Colby without overpowering it. The slight crunch of the caraway seeds adds a pleasant contrast to the firm, yet openly curdy body of the cheese.

Deer Creek The Stag

The Artisan Cheese Exchange 920.803.8100 www.cheese-exchange.com

Gold medal, International Cheese Awards; four-time first place winner, American Cheese Society Competition & Judging; gold medal, Best USA Cheese from 2018 International Cheese Awards, silver medal from 2018 World Cheese Awards and many more

The Stag, a Wisconsin original from Deer Creek Cheese, is a traditional bandage-wrapped 22-pound daisy wheel cheddar with intense, bold toffee and butterscotch notes and a sweet finish.

Face Rock Aged Cheddar

Face Rock Creamery 541.347.3223 www.facerockcreamery.com

2nd place award at 2019 ACS Competition & Judging

12-month aged cheddar that's creamy with a slight nutty flavor. Low in moisture, this is a medium cheddar – flavorful but without the bite of a sharp cheddar.


Beecher's Handmade Cheese New York www.beechershandmadecheese.com

2019 ACS Award Winner

Flagship is a semi-hard cow milk cheese with a uniquely robust, nutty flavor. Aged for 15 months.

In Your Face

Face Rock Creamery 541.347.3223 www.facerockcreamery.com

Jalapeno, habanero and sweet red peppers decorate In Your Face like confetti. In Your Face is Face Rock Creamery's spiciest cheddar.

Paradise Reserve

Alpine Heritage Creamery 717.847.3291 www.alpinheritagecreamery.com

Approximately two years old. A full bodied cheddar with a complex flavor. Smooth and buttery up front but with the classic cheddar bite on the finish, all with a tangy aroma that comes from the milk of 100 percent grass-fed Jersey cows.

Vampire Slayer

Face Rock Creamery 541.347.3223 www.facerockcreamery.com

Tangy and smooth garlic-infused cheddar.

Widmer Artisan Aged Cheddars

Widmer's Cheese Cellars 888.878.1107 www.widmerscheese.com

Widmer's has won 22 various awards for its cheddars over the last 14 years

The Widmer Family has been handcrafting Cheddar since 1922. In recent years, these cheddars have been aged longer to satisfy the distinctive palate of lovers of artisan-style cheeses. Original family recipes and select cultures (with no shortcuts) gives these Cheddars a more sophisticated and complex flavor profile. The super-aged Cheddars have an intense flavor with hints of caramel and are known for being very smooth without the bitterness associated with some aged Cheddars. Also available with added red and green jalapenos.

Buholzer Brothers™ slices are crafted by Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers at a family-owned plant that has been making cheese at the same location since 1925. The two new varieties of Muenster and Havarti cheeses are available in 7-ounce and 8-ounce retail peg packages with 10 slices per pack.

CHEESES FOR SNACKING Buholzer Brothers Slices


The Cheese Guide

Klondike Cheese Co 608.325.3021 www.buholzerbrothers.com

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Gourmet News • Spring Cheese Guide 2021  

Gourmet News • Spring Cheese Guide 2021  

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