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Bonnie's Jams are available in eight distinctive flavors crafted to pair perfectly with artisan cheeses.


Bonnie's Jams 209.814.2871 www.bonniesjams.com


Klondike Cheese Co. 608.325.3021 www.odysseybrands.com


Spring Brook Farm 802.484.1226 www.sbfcheese.org

Caciocavera (Caciocavallo style)

This is a gluten-free and rBST-free cow’s milk dip that has crunchy cucumbers and a zest of garlic and dill. Odyssey Tzatziki Greek Yogurt Dip has only 30 calories per serving, two times the protein, and five live and active cultures compared to traditional sour cream-based dips.

2nd place at 2018 American Cheese Society Judging & Competition, 2016 Good Food Award, 1st place at 2015 U.S. Cheese Championships

Ashbrook is Spring Brook Farm's version of the French Morbier cheese, made with natural raw Jersey cows milk with a distinctive layer of vegetable ash running through the center and a natural washed rind. This semi-soft cheese has damp, dark cellar notes with a mild funkiness on the rind and a milky sweet flavor in its paste. It's offered in 18-pound full wheels or 4.5-pound quarter wheels.

Lovera’s Italian Market 918.423.2842 www.loverasmarket.com

World Cheese Award Winner 2012; American Cheese Society Winner 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017, and 2018

Lovera's flagship cheese made with fresh, locally sourced Jersey cow milk. A beautiful cross between a smooth mozzarella and an earthy provolone, great for melting and grilling. Caciocavera is available in traditional, aged, smoked, Italian Herb and Diavolo (spicy) varieties.

Chocolate Mascarpone

Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese 920.478.4887 www.cravecheese.com

1st place American Cheese Society 2019

Crave Brothers Chocolate Mascarpone is made with sweet cream fresh from the farm and chocolate Irish cream flavoring. It is luxurious and velvety, perfect for sweet and savory culinary applications such as a dip for strawberries or a filling for cannolis.

Elevated Cow Fresh Mozzarella

Caputo Cheese 708.450.0074 www.caputocheese.com

Each batch of made-to-order Elevated Cow is sent out for independent lab testing to ensure accuracy. Results of the tests are put on the Elevated Cow website and can be accessed by scanning the QR code on the package, so both retailer and customers can be sure of the cheese's cannabis content.

Fiorucci Aged Parmesan and Mild Provolone Cheese

Campofrio Food Group America 800.520.7775 www.fioruccifoods.com

Fiorucci’s new line of authentic, premium Italian cheeses includes Aged Parmesan and Mild Provolone. Sweet, savory, 10 month-Aged Parmesan adds a punch of flavor to nearly anything it's added to and the Mild Provolone is aged for more than 60 days, and is full in rich flavor and is gluten-free and rBST-free.

Marieke Gouda Mature 6-9 months

Holland’s Family Cheese LLC 715.669.5230 www.mariekegouda.com

14 National and International awards including: gold, silver and bronze Most notable award to date: grand champion at U.S. Cheese Championship

Marieke Gouda Mature is rich and full-flavored with a subtle bite and caramel notes. Aged for six to nine months on Dutch pine planks, honoring the Old-World cheesemaking methods from the Netherlands. Marieke Gouda is handcrafted by licensed cheesemakers using fresh raw cow’s milk from Peterman Farm. A true farmstead Gouda made in Wisconsin.


Nicasio Valley Cheese Company 415.662.6200 www.nicasiocheese.com

A uniquely delicious, creamy Brie, Locarno ripens from the inside of the rind through the tangy, chalky interior. Available in 2.5-pound 8-inch wheels or in 6-ounce rounds with a 90day shelf life and newly available in 3-ounce exact-weight rounds.

Odyssey 4-ounce Traditional Crumbled Feta Cheese

Klondike Cheese Company 608.325.3021 www.klondikecheese.com

Odyssey® Traditional Crumbled Feta is a healthy addition to salads and main dishes. The smaller size 4-ounce packaging will allow retailers more shelf space to display a wider variety of flavors that are available, and give the consumer a better price point.

Premium Italian cheeses

Calabro Cheese Corporation 203.469.1311 www.calabrocheese.com

For over half a century, Calabro Cheese has been a leader in manufacturing Italian artisanal cheeses, including fresh mozzarella, hand dipped ricotta, impastata, organic cheese and much more. The company is a family of cheese makers that are committed to the highest production standards, resulting in the highest quality cheeses.


Spring Brook Farm Cheese 802.484.1226 www.sbfcheese.org

Multiple national awards, including a 1st place at the 2018 American Cheese Society Judging & Competition and gold medal and best in show awards at the 2018 Big E Cheese Competition

Reading is Spring Brook Farm's artisan raclette-style cheese. It's made with natural raw Jersey cow milk and aged at least three months for a versatile semi-soft cheese with nutty, grassy undertones that's ideally suited for melting. It's available in random-weight wheels between 18 and 20 pounds or in 4.5-pound quarters for food service and retail applications.

St. Helga's

Prairie Farms 563.468.6600 www.cavesoffaribault.com

New Product

European-style Swiss cheese with complex nutty flavor and larger holes, cave-aged in the fabled Caves of Faribault.


The Cheese Guide

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Gourmet News • Spring Cheese Guide 2021  

Gourmet News • Spring Cheese Guide 2021  

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