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One of the easiest ways to improve your restaurant’s profits is to have a robust wines by the glass program. Smart restaurateurs, faced with the growing population of savvy wine consumers, know that if given the opportunity, those guests will purchase a more expensive glass of wine. But how do you offer great wines by the glass without sacrificing quality and risking your investment? The WineStation® developed by Napa Technology was created to give restaurants an intelligent plug and play wine preservation and dispensing system that can increase the maximum profit potential of each bottle of wine. Because there is no need for expensive plumbing or electrical work, the fully refrigerated WineStation can be

Oregano is an aromatic herb that belongs to the Lamiaceae family. It has been cultivated from ancient times in the Mediterranean basin, where it is still growing in the wild and is also found in other parts of the world. In fact, there are several species of oregano being used for culinary purposes, such as Oreganum vulgare, Oreganum syriacum and the Mexican oregano, (Lippia graveolens), which belongs to the closely related vervain family (Verbenaceae). Traditionally, fresh or dry oregano leaves are used for culinary seasoning. Oregano is best known for its use in Italian and other Mediterranean cuisines where it is used as a major flavor. Oregano flavor and aroma are described as very

Safftel, the cutting-edge phone service company offering VoIP technology, offers telephone service options that are the perfect solution for the foodservice industry—no matter what the size of the business. With Safftel, customers can pick from a wide range of options, depending on their needs. In addition to regular phone service, Safftel offers multiple lines, hold music, call forwarding, fax service, phone conference rooms, dial by extension, a company directory, softphone service (receiving calls and placing calls from a laptop computer), and many other choices. “We can do all of this because of our use of VoIP technology. It allows us to integrate voice and data

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Redondo Iglesias, the premier importer of Serrano Ham to the USA, is introducing a 1 lb. presliced pack of their premium 12-month aged Serrano Ham for foodservice. The decision to go with a foodservice-sized presliced pack “was an outgrowth of the sales trends observed during the challenging year of Q4 2008 through Q4 2009,” said Kate Whittum, Director for Sales and Marketing for Redondo USA. “The Redondo product that showed the most strength last year was the center cut, trimmed deli loaf so developing a product that minimizes shrink and labor even more was an obvious line extension. The Restaurant and Food Service Show at the Javits Center was the perfect occasion to introduce it.” “As a company, we are really excited for the coming year,” Whittum continued. “We have refined our

Ruggiero Seafood Inc.―the New Jersey-based Calamari Giant―takes the growing market for seafood beyond your basic fried calamari ring. With several new items added to an already extensive line of seafood products, Ruggiero hopes to keep customers interested in seafood for years to come. Located at booth 1830, the company will be showing items guaranteed to take your seafood menu to the next level, including Asian-style calamari salad: a chefprepared entrée/appetizer of exceptional quality, combining select cuts of fresh, sweet tasting calamari with premium quality Asian ingredients. The salad comes frozen in small 2.2 lb. vacuum bags to help prevent spoilage and promote easy handling. Also, Ruggiero will be showing a frozen breaded calamari ring that goes from the freezer to the plate in just 60 seconds. Unlike other brands that give

A Foodservice Infection Prevention Q&A with J. Hudson Garrett Jr., Ph.D, MSN, MPH, APRN, FNP-BC, Director of Clinical Affairs and Corporate Training at Professional Disposables International, Inc., Orangeburg, N.Y. Dr. Garrett has an extensive educational background in public health, nursing and infection prevention and serves on numerous national committees targeting the prevention of infections in both health care and community settings. He works daily with health care providers and communities to reduce the risk for infection transmission through basic interventions such as hand hygiene and disinfection of environmental surfaces.

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RDN: What is the single most important way to prevent the spread of infection in a foodservice environment?


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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Americold’s roots go back to the mid1970s, when Founder Bob Levine established a commercial refrigeration company that serviced freezers for the ice cream trade throughout the five boroughs. As Bob began to build a reputation for quality customer service and reliability, he turned his sights toward helping New York City restaurateurs. His goal was to

help restaurateurs keep their food preservation equipment in peak operating condition through refrigeration service excellence. These efforts have resulted in an impressive client list that includes Fresco by Scotto, Gotham Bar & Grill, One if by Land Two if by Sea and Riese Management. Bob Levine brings more than 30

DAVID’S COOKIES: MORE THAN ITS NAME Started in 1979 in the heart of Manhattan, it did not take long for David’s Cookies to find success. Using only the finest ingredients such as pure vanilla, butter and Swiss chocolate chunks (not chips), David’s award-winning recipes were quickly recognized as New York’s favorite cookie. Since being purchased by Fairfield Gourmet Foods Corp in the early 1990s, the company has found new life by drastically expanding its thawand-serve product line to include cheesecakes, truffle cakes, cinnamon rolls and

tarts—proving to be much more than just a cookie company. David’s Desserts consist of only the best all-natural and kosher ingredients. They have no added preservatives and are flash frozen to retain freshness, flavor and consistency. Whether it is one of their dozen creamy NY-style cheesecakes, a seasonal

Lee M. Oser

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Steve Cox Kate Seymour

years of technical experience to the plate. As company President and Founder, he is the driving force behind their mission to “be the best refrigeration company in New York by providing service and maintenance programs with integrity that Continued on Page 29

tart, or a decadent lava cake, David’s delivers for any sweet tooth. Each dessert comes pre-sliced or individually portioned and is as easy to serve as it is to enjoy. The quality, variety and convenience offered by David’s Cookie Dough allow all of their partners to equally succeed: from delis and supermarkets to white tablecloth restaurants. Once you’ve wrapped your taste buds around one of their delicious treats, you too will see that David’s Cookies and Desserts are truly a bite above the rest. Stop by our booth 1431 for a taste of what their desserts can do for you!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Restaurant Daily News

GREAT EASTERN ENERGY: REAL ENERGY, REAL PEOPLE Energy brings us the comforts of life and propels the engine of industry. It creates opportunity and affords us the power to make human connections. Energy enables us to create, shape, improve and deliver. It sustains our lives and provides the economic growth that we depend on. Your customers depend on you. And your business depends on energy.

Great Eastern Energy offers an array of options such as fixed and variable rate plans, customized budget plans based on your annual energy consumptions, and short and long term contracts to name just a few. Great Eastern Energy’s track record—established on more than 40 years of industry experience—speaks for itself. Since its inception in 1993 as a

NRA PARTNERS WITH PEOPLEMATTER TO AUTOMATE HR PROCESSES In efforts to help its members effectively recruit, retain and manage employees, the National Restaurant Association announced today a strategic partnership with leading talent management solution provider PeopleMatter to bring innovative human resources solutions to its member restaurants. Association members will gain access to PeopleMatter’s suite of SaaS-based (Software-as-aService), automated HR technology tools that will help hire, schedule and engage their workforces. The National Restaurant Association chose PeopleMatter’s

talent management solution for its oneto-many platform that consolidates multiple point solutions into one, integrated system specifically engineered to meet the high-volume needs of the restaurant industry. PeopleMatter’s product ecosystem helps restaurants find talented, passionate employees and train and motivate them to consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience. The products also aid in engaging employees in a restaurant’s brand through performance management and recognition to build a strong culture and create lasting, rewarding

premier energy provider to the New York Metropolitan Area, Great Eastern has cemented a reputation as the preferred provider of natural gas and electricity service to thousands of commercial and industrial customers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. careers for foodservice professionals. “PeopleMatter’s talent management tools are an easy-to-use, innovative, adaptable technology that will help our members find, hire, train and engage their hourly workforces as never before,” said David Gilbert, Chief Operating Officer of the National Restaurant Association. “With its 12.8 million employees, the restaurant industry is the nation’s second largest private sector employer, and people strategies are an important part of running a successful restaurant. PeopleMatter’s vision for a social, engaged workforce continues to drive innovation. These are tools our members can use every day to improve their people processes and deliver exceptional customer service.” “Our product ecosystem is designed to empower users with best-practice tools and techniques that actually make their


Great Eastern Energy’s innovations in managing commercial and industrial energy applications extend to all walks of American life—department stores to restaurants, hospitals to schools, the corner pharmacy to the nearest airport. Energy’s greatest value comes when it is selected and used intelligently and with care. Great Eastern Energy offers practical, efficient power solutions that fit the demands of real life. For more information, please call 888-651-4121 or visit Great Eastern Energy at booth 1332 or online at jobs easier,” said Nate DaPore, PeopleMatter President and Chief Executive Officer. “PeopleMatter’s solutions deliver the next evolution in merging social media influence with practical talent management software that will provide National Restaurant Association members with a powerful, efficient solution, to help them spend less time on consuming HR paperwork and dedicate more time to delivering an out-of-thisworld customer experience in their restaurant,” DaPore continued. “Our learning and scheduling modules, set for release in spring ’11, will continue to further our customers’ shared dedication to delivering great customer service.” PeopleMatter’s platform is a social, practical talent management alternative to solutions built for white-collar, Continued on Page 29


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BLENDTEC VS. VITA-MIX Court Awards Blendtec Largest Infringement Damages In Utah State History

In a ruling filed late Jan. 25, 2001, United States District Judge Tena Campbell awarded $11 million in enhanced damages (for a total of approximately $24 million) to K-TEC (dba Blendtec), an Orem, Utah-based manufacturer of highend blenders, and issued a permanent injunction prohibiting Vita-Mix from any further infringement. Judge Campbell, of the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah Central Division, ruled that Vita-Mix Corporation had knowingly and irreparably harmed Blendtec by its “deliberate copying” of Blendtec’s patented five-sided design for a blending container that reduces cavitation (the forming of an air pocket around the blade during blending). The largest award in a patent infringement case in the history of

the state of Utah In June, a jury found “willful infringement” by Vita-Mix of Blendtec’s patented design, and awarded Blendtec more than $11 million in lost profits and royalties. Judge Campbell’s decision yesterday effectively doubles the award, and further adds damages for pre- and post-judgment interest which is expected to bring the total judgment to approximately $24 million, which would “probably make it the largest patent infringement award in the history of the state of Utah,” according to Brett Foster of the firm Holland & Hart, who represented Blendtec.

“This was not a close case” In her filing, Judge Campbell wrote extensively about her reasons for awarding Blendtec such a large sum in punitive damages: “Because Vita-Mix knew of KTEC’s patents and did not act in good faith, this factor weighs in favor of enhanced damages.” “Vita-Mix made a substantial profit from the infringing

2011 COLLEGE FOOD TRENDS: STUDENTS CRAVE MEDITERRANEAN, MADE-TO-ORDER FARE, STEALTH HEALTH, GLOBAL FLAVORS AND APPS Sodexo research shows students want a say in their college food experience.

Food trends research by Sodexo, leader in Quality of Daily Life

Restaurant Daily News sales” and “K-TEC presented substantial evidence at trial showing that Vita-Mix’s infringement was willful. This was not a close case.” She also cited testimony by former Vita-Mix employees, such as Scott Hinckley, Vita-Mix’s Marketing Director, who “testified about a long-felt need in the industry to reduce cavitation, and presented evidence that the K-TEC patents reduced cavitation.” He also wrote, in an e-mail about a customer, “They absolutely LOVE the new Blendtec container. This is an example of how it stacks up to ours: In our machine: two drinks take 30 seconds. Three or more are impossible. In Blendtec’s new container: four drinks in 15 seconds.” Jonathan Katz, the Director of Engineering at Vita-Mix, testified that although Vita-Mix considered other, design-around concepts, it ultimately chose to continue its infringing design.” The system works Tom Dickson, CEO of Blendtec and inventor of the revolutionary WildSide container that Vita-Mix copied, issued the following statement: “I am grateful to

Solutions, and foodservice provider to 650 campuses in the United States, finds that college students crave heart-healthy Mediterranean food, chefs preparing their meals while they wait with VIP treatment, old favorites made with healthier ingredients, world cuisine, and using technology for dining. Sodexo’s culinary team and customer insight experts released a food trends list for 2011: 1. Grilled Chicken Souvlaki Kabob 2. Paella 3. Spanakopita 4. Cous Cous Chicken Stew 5. Orecchiette with Broccoli and Garbanzo Beans 6. Fattoush and Sumac (Pita Bread Salad with Tangy Dressing) 7. Spanish Tomato Bread with Manchego Cheese 8. Edamame and Corn Salad 9. Pesto Pasta Bowl 10. Wild Mushroom Risotto Balls with Pesto Aioli Mediterranean fare is heart-healthy, exotic, and appeals to vegetarians and omnivores alike. Sodexo’s main resident dining menu offering for the 2011-2012 school year will highlight Mediterranean cuisine. Sodexo will promote its new offer by hosting cultural and culinary events at colleges across the country through its Global Chef program, which will showcase

Ruggiero Seafood (Con’t. from p. 1)

the appearance of a large onion ring, Ruggiero’s product plates like it was prepared from scratch. Ruggiero will also be displaying several other seafood items the company has added to its line in recent years. Items such as farm-raised black shell mussels available in whole shell, half shell, and meat. Farm-raised Fisherman’s Pride® Mussels are rope-grown and purged to create a sand-free product. They are also carrying under their Fisherman’s Pride

Grant Foster at Holland and Hart for drafting a great patent, and to Brett and the rest of the legal team for advocating so effectively to help us protect our intellectual property. But more importantly, I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to take our case before a jury and judge to plead for protection from a large company that stole our revolutionary design for a better blending container, and presented it to customers—many of them ours—as if it was their own design. Score one for the little guy. The system works.” For the full text of Judge Campbell’s ruling & other trial-related material, see For more information about Blendtec, visit visiting Sodexo chefs from Spain and Italy. “Sodexo has unparalleled expertise when it comes to world cuisine because we can tap into culinary expertise from chefs in the 80 countries in which we operate,” said Chef Rob Morasco, Senior Director of Offer Development for Sodexo Education. “A chef from Spain can visit our North American culinary team to demonstrate the traditional techniques used to create authentic paella, for example.” Other 2011 trends include stealth health—maintaining traditional flavors while substituting healthier ingredients. That trend is making popular gluten-free pasta and whole wheat and brown rice offerings. Students continue to insist on locally-sourced ingredients. “Our chefs are creating culinary innovations each and every day to create flavors that are interesting to the college-student palate to enhance their whole experience,” said Tom Post, President of Sodexo EducationCampus. “We’re responding to students who want tailor-made, customizable cuisine, which includes chatting with our chefs while they prepare made-to-order meals.” Sodexo-served college students will benefit from the growing trend of using technology to accommodate Continued on Page 29

Label whole shell clams, which are also farm-raised and purged to create a sandfree product. Several other items include Fisherman’s Pride Swai fillets, Branzino (Mediterranean sea bass), calamari steaks, octopus, anchovies, smelts, gourmet calamari, polpo, mixed seafood, mussel, and conch salads. For more information about Ruggiero Seafood Inc. and its Fisherman’s Pride products, contact them at 866-CALAMARI, www, or stop by booth 1830 to see all the company has to offer.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Restaurant Daily News

OCEAN’S CATCH: DEEP ROOTS IN SEAFOOD WILL HELP YOUR BUSINESS GROW The mission at Ocean’s Catch is to add value to your seafood procurement and marketing programs. This value takes form in the insights and judgment they offer on important supply and purchasing decisions. But its roots are found in the more than 50 years of combined seafood industry experience of Ocean’s Catch’s three principals—Jim Mullin, David Jedrey and Steve Foreman. From

experience on fishing vessels to procurement, plant management and national marketing at leading seafood processors, they have worked in all areas of the industry. Their experience is most definitely global, which allows them to offer a world of seafood solutions to their customers. From Westport, Mass. Ocean’s Catch provides retailers, distributors,

processors and foodservice operators with top quality domestic and imported seafoods. The daily focus at Ocean’s Catch is to bring the seafood resources they specialize in to customers as efficiently as possible. The company offers exceptional value on selected products on a consistent, year-round basis. They work closely with each customer to forecast supply and market demand to position you for profitable purchasing decisions. When Ocean’s Catch was founded seven years ago, they decided to set a course that would result in successful, long-term relationships based on trust and reliability. Ocean’s Catch is proud

to have established business relationships with some of the most respected companies in the seafood business. You can count on a commitment to these principles: • Produce the highest quality product. • Provide product at an exceptional value. • Deliver on promises. • Maintain honest and open communication. • Keep it as confidential possible. Discuss how Ocean’s Catch can assist in your seafood sourcing and marketing. Contact them at 508-6368288,, and



What do customers want today? And what does the industry need in order to fulfill these desires? Symrise, a global supplier of flavors and fragrances provides the answers with the new taste for life® platform. This new platform offers food and beverage industries an innovative framework to develop new products more rapidly and tailor them to market needs, according to a press release from the company. With growing Asian economies and rising consumer affluence, the food and beverage industry is poised for huge expansion in the coming years. The market is witnessing fast-paced evolution as consumer preferences change. Consumers long for various qualities in their food such as health value, natural-

CookTek, a leading manufacturer of induction cooking, buffet and delivery solutions, now supports their products with a 36-month warranty plan.

Safftel (Con’t. from p. 1)

communication and to offer a wide range of services at very competitive prices,” explained Victor Elmann, CEO of Safftel. “We recognize that every restaurant is unique and has unique needs. Services

ness, enjoyment, new experiences and this reflects in their eating habits. The new taste for life has five brand pillars: Stay Vital, Lighten Up, Be Natural, Just Enjoy and Get Excited. These five pillars cover the most important consumer trends that fall between the key parameters of health and pleasure. With the new taste for life, Symrise looks at their customer’s brands and maps out which pillar they belong to. In doing so, Symrise is able to detect where there may still be service gaps in their client’s portfolios and which of the taste for life pillars may be an opportunity for new taste development. The new platform provides a solid basis for dialogue Continued on Page 24

which are crucial for one restaurant or cafe may be just an added unnecessary expense for other foodservice establishments,” Elmann said. “At Safftel, we want to make sure that no restaurant or foodservice establishment is forced to pay for services that they don’t need—

CookTek, an induction cooktop manufacturer and supplier, is excited to announce a new warranty policy. Beginning with units manufactured in Nov. 2010, the warranty has been extended from 12 months to 36 months. “CookTek is confident that we manufacture a quality product,” said Bob Wolters, President of CookTek. “We are excited to be able to offer this kind of support, unmatched in the industry.” CookTek has been manufacturing induction products since 1995. Induction technology utilizes an electromagnetic that would be like forcing someone to order every item on the menu. On the other hand, we want to make sure that all the services that a restaurant needs are available, and at a rock bottom price.” Gone are the days when restaurants had to pay hundreds of dollars a month


field to heat an inducible element directly, and is considered a cleaner, faster, safer and greener cooking or warming method than traditional gas or electric ranges. CookTek’s product line includes induction cooktops and wok units, buffet holding equipment, and induction thermal delivery systems. The warranty policy has been updated to cover manufactured goods for a period of 36 months against defects in manufacturing, and non-manufactured goods for a period of 90 days. In the U.S. and Canada, CookTek also features a customer-friendly repair process, available for all new units, that swaps out a working unit for a non-working unit to Continued on Page 24

for phone service that competes with the big boys; thanks to VoIP and Safftel, restaurants can enjoy reliable, high-end telephone service for about $60 a month. Those seeking more information may visit the company website at


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

FOOD LOGISTICS RECOGNIZES LANSA AS A TOP 100 TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION PROVIDER FOR SEVENTH YEAR LANSA Data Sync Direct provides improved efficiency and rapid ROI for foodservice companies in tough economic climate.

LANSA, a leading provider of data synchronization software and cross-platform integration tools, announced that Food Logistics magazine has included LANSA in its annual Food Logistics 100 (FL100) list for the seventh consecutive year. LANSA Data Sync Direct was recognized for helping foodservice businesses rebound the economic downturn by maximizing efficiency in information exchange via the Global Data Synchronization Network, resulting in a Sani Professional (Con’t. from p. 1)

JHG: Hand Hygiene using soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub such as an impregnated wipe is the single most important method to reducing the risk for infection transmission. It is also critical to actively engage not only the restaurant staff, but also the customers in hand hygiene by offering hand hygiene throughout the establishment, thereby encouraging both staff and customers to practice frequent hand hygiene. It is important to use a product that has an alcohol concentration above 60 percent, such as Sani-Hands® or Sani-Hands for Kids. RDN: What steps should employees handling food take to prevent the spread of infection?

JHG: Employees play a critical role in the prevention of infection and disease transmission in the foodservice and restaurant environment. First, if an employee suspects that he or she might be ill, they should remain home from work, and not attempt to come to work until the illnesses resolve or they are released back to work by a health care provider. Second, frequent hand hygiene using soap and water, or an alcohol-based hand hygiene product such as an impregnated wipe, is the primary defense mechanism to preventing the spread of germs. Finally, the cleaning and disinfection of Symrise (Con’t. from p. 21)

between Symrise and its clients. “Having taste for life is our response to the question ‘What differentiates us from our competitors?’ The new taste for life helps our clients discover their many options and to position their brands and products with a clear eye to consumer preference,” explained Declan MacFadden, President of Flavor & Nutrition, Asia Pacific, Symrise. In the process, Symrise’s core competence is at the focus of attention: taste, the aspect in which the consumer accepts no compromises. “For us at Symrise, it is clear that a product has to taste great, regardless of whether it makes

greater return on their investment. “Despite the harsh environment, the past year has seen a number of food and beverage companies implementing technology solutions, especially transportation management and warehouse management systems where they can see a quick ROI,” says Katherine Doherty, Editor-in-Chief of Food Logistics magazine. “Many of our FL100 recipients report that the food industry is still a strong vertical for them; in fact, it’s one of the few markets that they are actually seeing any growth.” “It’s quite an accomplishment for LANSA to be selected for the seventh time by Food Logistics magazine as a environmental surfaces such as countertops, cutting boards, tables, menus, etc. is another key intervention in reducing the spread of pathogens.

RDN: What types of environmental cleaning and disinfection products should someone use to clean the frequently touched surfaces in the store?

JHG: In the United States, all disinfectant products are required to be registered with the Environmental Protection Agency [EPA]. The product that is chosen should be effective against a wide variety of both bacteria and viruses such as MRSA, E. coli, Influenza, Rhinovirus, etc. It is important to read the manufacturer’s product label fully and understand the proper use of the product. Disinfectant wipes offer the staff member and consumer a ready-touse disinfecting solution, and replaces the red bucket and rag approach commonly used throughout the industry. Reusing rags creates a risk for crosscontamination. There are also no-rinse sanitizing solutions available such as Sani-Wipe that can be used on hard nonporous food contact surfaces to help prevent cross-contamination from bacteria that can cause foodborne illness.

For more information, visit Sani Professional at booth 1245, or visit health claims or promises pure pleasure. Without great taste, it will never be a hit among customers,” explained MacFadden. With taste for life, Symrise is introducing a shift in perspective within the industry to become more customer-centric. There is little emphasis on molecules or types of technologies used. Instead, Symrise focuses on the consumer’s perspective and understands their needs before creating the product innovatively. “The industry not only needs service providers but also strong and creative partners for innovation. With taste for life we are once again honoring this claim,” elaborateed MacFadden.

Restaurant Daily News leading technology vendor, providing significant value to the foodservice industry,” said Kevin Corcoran, Vice President of Sales, LANSA Americas. “This continuous recognition demonstrates our leadership in providing superior Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) solutions that allow food and beverage companies to achieve a rapid return on investment and competitive Bakto Flavors (Con’t. from p. 1)

aromatic, pungent, spicy and earthy: sensory attributes that allow oregano to be used in many different cuisines. The ancient Greeks also observed that oregano possesses significant health benefits. They applied leaves to remedy skin disorders, relieve muscle ache and as an antiseptic. In traditional medicine oregano has been used to relieve digestion problems in both human and animals. Contemporary science revealed that the health benefits of oregano arise from its essential oils as well as various phytochemicals also found in leaves. For example, oregano leaves that have been steam-distilled to remove the essential oils exhibit medicinal properties. However, essential oils account for most of the flavor and aroma of oregano. Contemporary scientific studies suggest that oregano and some oregano constituents, carvacrol or thymol for example, exhibit suppression of food-spoilage pathogens. The data also suggests that intake of oregano essential oil alleviates indigestion and decreases occurrence of some gut parasites. Oregano essential oil is also being used as constituent of mouthwash. Commercial application of oregano essential oil to animal feed reduced indigestion problems, enhanced Napa Technology (Con’t. from p. 1)

operational in 30 minutes. The WineStation is the world’s first automated temperature-controlled wine dispensing and preservation system that has helped small, medium and largescale restaurants increase profits by more than 30 percent across the country. Three one-of-a-kind advances that help restaurants achieve maximum wine sales profitability include: the CleanPour Head; 60-day preservation; and the detailed sales reporting. The Clean-Pour Head patented design technology allows staff to preopen and pre-stage wines prior to serving without any risk of spoilage or loss. This system also eliminates the need for citric purging and lengthy cleaning processes. Because the system maintains the bottle at the optimum temperature with the precise amount of argon or nitrogen gas for preservation, wine can remain pristine for up to 60 days. CookTek (Con’t. from p. 21)

keep down-times to a minimum. The full warranty policy can be found on the CookTek website. “Our engineering and manufacturing teams have spent the past 15 years designing and building products that will stand up to the rigors of a busy commercial kitchen,” said Wolters. “From

advantage via operational- and costefficiencies and improved supply chain automation, especially during these challenging economic times. Final recipients are featured in the November/December 2010 issue of Food Logistics, as well as online at More information about LANSA Data Sync Direct at www.lans overall animal well-being, and led to weight gain. Oregano has been shown to also affect blood glucose and lipid regulation, reinforce the immune system by being an anti-inflammatory and antiviral, among other heath benefits. An important trait is the antioxidant activity of oregano. Antioxidant activity can arise from the essential oils, but significant antioxidant activity is attributed to water-soluble constituents such as rosmarinic acid and other phenolic compounds. The oregano antioxidant activity compares favorably and is often superior to products extracted from pomegranate, cranberry, blueberry, noni or mangosteen. However, because oregano is a leaf extract it presents a cost advantage. Many herbs possess similar attributes. Because of the high content of phenolic compounds and essential oils, oregano manifests superior antioxidant activity and other health benefits, and for these reasons has earned the title ‘Prince of Herbs.’ With a growing awareness and understating of the nutritional and health values of our foods, it is not surprising that oregano is highly regarded and is making a comeback as the preferred herb for taste and health. Visit Bakto Flavors at booth 1866, call 732-991-3462, e-mail daphna@bakto, or visit Napa Technology has two flexible software packages designed to meet the individual needs of each restaurant. The systems can provide: detailed employee sales monitoring and reporting; wine sales reports by brand and varietal; pour volume control; position level control and reporting; wine sales reports by position; and can manage your restaurant’s wine by the glass database with accuracy and ease. Additionally, it can configure portion control settings, customize the LCD display over each bottle position, bar code scan each bottle to provide swift and easy replacement and inventory management. And it provides remote system monitoring and access via the Internet. For more information on Napa Technology and to learn how WineStation can improve your restaurant’s profits, please visit booth 1960, call Napa Technology at 800-916-3338 or contact them via e-mail at info internal component improvements to commercial grade exteriors, CookTek builds products that are designed to last.” About CookTek CookTek, ( the Chicago-based developer and manufacturer of induction powered equipment for the foodservice industry, is changing the way the world cooks, serves and delivers food.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Restaurant Daily News Redondo Iglesias (Con’t. from p. 1)

retail-sliced Serrano Ham package, improving the presentation and the cost to the consumer, and we are nearly done with the R&D stage of Redondo Chorizo and expect to introduce it in time for the Fancy Food Show this summer. This year is set to rock and roll!” Redondo Iglesias is a third generation, family-owned company that has been recognized in Spain as Maestros del Jamon―specialists in Serrano ham. To elaborate on the process: it begins at the Redondo Iglesias facility in Valencia on the eastern coast of Spain. Upon receiving the fresh hams, Redondo’s Ham Masters bury the legs in beds of Mediterranean sea salt in curing rooms. After about six days, the hams are checked by the Maestros to see if they are ready to move to the dry aging rooms; they are moved to the next stage only when they are ready, when the cure has been absorbed to a precise degree. “The thing that is most remarkable about Redondo’s production is that it is characterized by a devotion to quality, PeopleMatter (Con’t. from p. 9)

Fortune 500 companies. The system integrates seamlessly with social media networks and location-based outlets to help spread a restaurant’s brand, connect with a tech-savvy workforce and build workplace culture. Candidates can apply online and managers are able to access files, tools and reports on-the-go from any Internet-enabled laptop, smartphone or tablet with the SaaS-based model. Additionally, PeopleMatter’s three modules—Hire, Schedule and Engage—span the entire employee life cycle, from screening candidates in the hiring process to creating an HR checklist to fully “close-out” employees during the off-boarding procedures. PeopleMatter released its first module, PeopleMatter Hire™, in September 2010. Hire features a robust applicant tracking system (ATS) that allows employers to quickly and easily identify, track and hire qualified,

and a small batch rather than a factory mentality. We take no shortcuts. Some of our competitors use heat and mechanical pressure to accelerate the curing process, which results in their product being saltier and less complex in flavor. The curing and aging process takes a minimum of 12 months,” said Whittum. “Redondo recreates nature in the aging rooms―the secaderos―by having the temperature and humidity follow the trajectory of the four seasons. There is no substitute for the action of time in the complex reactions going on within the ham; to have a truly topnotch ham, it’s going to take some time,” added Whittum. Jamon Serrano means simply mountain-style cured ham, and does not need to come from any particular region of Spain to have the designation. Jamon Serrano plays a unique part in the food culture of Spain, where Prosciutto di Parma, its better-known Italian dry cured ham counterpart, is part of the culinary tradition of Northern Italy. Serrano knows no boundaries in Spain and is beloved throughout the country. service-minded employees. Applications such as tax credit processing, hiring assessments and background checks can be embedded within Hire’s online application form for a seamless candidate experience and easier sorting for employers looking to filter candidates by tax qualification, assessment, or screening results. The Hire module also includes automated on-boarding and off-boarding, tools that make tedious HR tasks an automated breeze with organized, electronic filing and form completion. PeopleMatter continues to rapidly develop products to transform talent management in the service industry, with plans to launch learning and scheduling modules in spring 2011 as part of the PeopleMatter product ecosystem. National Restaurant Association members can find out more about how PeopleMatter’s talent management software can propel their business and brand at

Americold (Con’t. from p. 4)

guarantee quick response by a seasoned team of highly-skilled technicians.” His unwavering dedication to customer service helped Levine build out his business, and Americold, Inc. now services refrigeration needs for customers from Manhattan to Montauk. With a fleet of repair trucks and trained technicians at the ready, they are able to quickly respond to emergency calls and get the client’s equipment back on line. In 2007, Arthur Rode was brought on board as Vice President and Partner overseeing day-to-day operations while Sodexo (Con’t. from p. 12)

their busy lives. The company is testing its latest e-commerce solution by way of two new iPhone Apps at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wash. that eliminate wait times, increase customer engagement and build brand loyalty for two of the company’s Retail Brand Group restaurants, Jazzman’s Cafe and Bakery and SubConnection. Students can peruse a menu, order, pay and then pick up their food and beverages seamlessly. Sodexo’s culinary teams at campuses across the country identified the top favorites of college students. Students at the University of Louisville in Crestwood, Ky. crave the unique flavor of authentic Thai cuisine. Students at Virginia Wesleyan College in Norfolk, Va. like to experiment with Asian and Latino fusion, with lots of fresh avocado. Students at Lafayette College in Easton, Pa. line up for authentic Colombian cuisine, freshly rolled sushi, Vietnamese fare and tapas, Spanish-style appetizers. Oklahoma City University recently opened the first raw vegan bar on a college campus. At Loyola University and Tulane University in New Orleans, students crave local, sustainable produce and seafood. Students at Emory University in Atlanta love to slather pita with fresh hummus made with


working closely with Bob Levine on strategic planning. With a rich background as a Senior Manager and Vice President in the foodservices and equipment industries, Rode keeps an expert eye on internal systems so that Americold continues to run smoothly while providing the exceptional service that their customers have come to expect. Americold offers a high-level of expertise in commercial refrigeration solutions that help keep businesses running at top speed. Visit them at booth 1531 for your FREE consultation, e-mail, or call 631-262-7964. locally-grown chick peas. Students at California State University-Monterey Bay in Monterey, Calif. like traditional Hispanic cuisine served daily at Sodexo’s unique taqueria entree station. Students at Arizona Western College in Yuma, Ariz. have a yen for homemade California rolls, made-toorder wings, and custom Asian cuisine made just the way they want it. Seattle Pacific University students in Seattle, Wash. love fresh local salmon, sushi and fresh fruit. Sodexo uses a three-pronged approach to monitoring trends and developing college cafe menus, which includes researching desired tastes, using their global resources to create authentic flavors, and bringing those flavors to market. Sodexo holds frequent taste-test focus groups with students, and consults with its team of top-notch chefs to develop this list. Sodexo conducted a food trends expo at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pa. in late 2010 to solicit feedback. The 2011 College Food Trends list was developed by Sodexo’s Customer Insight team with research from Sodexo’s Student Board of Directors, student food trend expo events, Nielsen’s Annual Restaurant Audit, Teenage Research Unlimited, Technomics Menu Monitor, NPD Group, Sodexo’s culinary team of chefs and vendor partners.

Restaurant Daily News - Mar. 1, 2011  

Restaurant Daily News distributed at IRFSNY 2011 for March 1, 2011 Published by Oser Communications Group, copyright 2011.

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