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Arts Electronics recently opened a U.S. office which will offer a full range of AKAI branded consumer electronics, special products and karaoke systems for the North American and Canadian markets. ADT-Digital, located in Boca Raton, Florida is part of the Arts Electronics

With a strong emphasis on innovative design, leading carry-solutions brand DICOTA is ensuring retailers have a comprehensive offering of quality carry solutions to support a growing range of mobile devices. We meet their Design Director, Jenny Lechner, who explains how the company’s broad

Consumer Electronics Daily News recently had the chance to speak with Jerome Hamacher, VP Sales & Marketingfor Volfoni Inc., about the future of 3D video.




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Jim Osborn is Executive Director of the Quality of Life Technology (QoLT) Center, a National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh. Continued on Page 129


As the new director for Intersil D2Audio, Rick Beale is building on his breadth of technology and business experience to lead audio technology innovation and develop silicon solutions with superior sound quality for digital media applications in the consumer and

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An interview with Herb Mitschele, CEO of Shodogg.

CEDN: Herb, tell our readers a little about your company and what does Shodogg do? Continued on Page 121


Interview with Jason Sifft from iWatchz

CEDN: Tell our readers about your company. What’s your main line of business?

JS: iWatchz provides a unique solution that allows users to wear their iPod nano (6th generation and new nano) as a wristwatch. Our product takes the standard Continued on Page 133

CEDN: What does Volfoni do?

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Mike Anderson, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Russound FMP, Inc. stopped by to visit with Consumer Electronics Daily News and discuss what he'll be talking about at CES.

CEDN: Tell us about your company.

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Simon Woollard of Prism Sound explains how his company pushes the boundaries of Bluetooth audio.

CEDN: Please introduce our readers to Prism Sound.

SW: Prism Sound is a UK-based audio

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ASHLEY ENTERTAINMENT: ANOTHER YEAR IS ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY TO GROW Ashley Entertainment has emerged as a leading online distributor. Online sales continue to fuel the growth of our industry. Consumer Electronics Daily News discusses with Richard Borden, CEO of Ashley Entertainment Corp.

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Much can be written about the company IDEAL SALES, but due to space restraints, only minimal facts are herein presented. A New York based wholesaler and distributor of electronic equipment and digital imaging products, IDEAL SALES boasts a sterling reputation. Continued on Page 132


100 Percent Canadian-Made Digital Carry Goods Collection Provides the Ultimate Casual Luxury for Laptops, Tablets, Cameras and Phones Canadian digital carry goods company PKG releases its newest addition to the Continued on Page 133


Friday, Januar y 13, 2012

FREQUENCY COMES TO SAMSUNG SMART TVS AND BLU-RAY PLAYERS At CES 2012, Frequency Networks is announcing a partnership with Samsung Electronics to bring the Frequency video experience to Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-Ray Players in 2012. Frequency will be preloaded as a recommended app on select models shipping in 2012, as well as featured in the Samsung SmartHub Video category. Supported models of Samsung smart TVs and BluRay players will initially ship in the United States early this year, followed by Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany,

Australia, and Korea. Frequency makes it simple and easy for users to discover, watch, and stay up to date with great online video. In a single place, Frequency brings together video from hundreds of sources, creating custom channels that are updated in real time. Using Frequency’s intelligent “tuner,” users can tune into exactly the things they want to watch, including big media brands and niche video publishers, broad categories and specific subjects, video from social networks, and

Consumer Electronics Daily News smart channels that learn what they like. All for free. Frequency now has products on the web, the iPad, and Samsung smart TVs, with support for many more devices planned for 2012. Each product can work alone or seamlessly with the other Frequency products, and videos saved on one device can be watched later on another. Frequency brings together, in one powerful and easy-to-use experience, all the great Internet video that users want to watch,” said Founder and CEO Blair Harrison. “For the first time, every online video a user wants to see is available in one place and accessible on any device. Frequency is a real time solution that keeps you updated with video news, entertainment, what your friends are Continued on Page 36

answer or make calls with one quick touch of a button. The user simply inserts the ear bud into the ear when answering a call, preventing ear fatigue and the awkward ear attachment that accompanies most Bluetooth headsets. The built-in

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AZECA’S RETRACTABLE BLUETOOTH HEADSET WITH VIBRATION PREVENTS EAR FATIGUE, REVOLUTIONIZES HEADSET DESIGN Azeca’s Retractable Bluetooth® Headset with Vibration is singlehandedly eliminating ear fatigue and helping users make a style statement. The chic, sleek design features a unique clip-on Bluetooth with retractable ear bud that allows users to

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Enrico Cecchi European Sales

mic, easy-to-reach controls and voice calling features allow for easy dial-out. Best of all, the headset includes a Continued on Page 37

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Today's tablets and smartphones house personal videos and photos, movies, books, documents, and more. And while all this mobility is great, the screens are too small for more than one viewer. Therefore, we see 2012 as the year for mobile to big screen connectivity. While there are a variety of different wired and wireless technologies that allow you to get that content to the screen, not all are created equal. Here is what to look for when choos-

ing a solution:

A Theater Quality Experience Your content deserves the best experience possible! Seek a solution that allows for full screen, full motion 2D and 3D video and surround sound audio.

Ease of Use and Connectivity It's important to look for standard connectors. Most phones or tablets leverage USB or mobile USB. Most TVs have HDMI connectors, and monitors and projectors generally feature a DisplayPort or DVI connector. Other proprietary con-

RESEARCH PRESENTED AT THE OBESITY SOCIETY MEETING SHOWS LINK BETWEEN BMI AND SLEEP PATTERNS Body Monitoring Technology from BodyMedia Inc., Provides New Insights into Importance of Weight Management to Sleep

The benefits of a good night’s sleep to overall health have long been reported. Now, new research has emerged relating

to the role gender and weight management play in overall sleep patterns. The abstract, Gender Differences in a Naturalistic Observational Study of Sleep and BMI, was presented during a poster session at the annual Obesity Society meeting in Orlando, Florida this week.

Consumer Electronics Daily News nectors can be more expensive and harder to find, particularly when pairing specific model devices and TVs.

Battery Consumption mobile devices Our already run out of battery life faster than we'd like. So when seeking a connection to the big screen, look for a cable or accessory that prevents battery drain, or better yet, charges the mobile device.

Remote Control Be sure that your device can be supported as a remote control to the screen, eliminating the need for clumsy multi-peripheral management. Analogix, the leader in DisplayPort-

The observational study, which was conducted by the Northwestern University Comprehensive Center on Obesity and BodyMedia Inc., makers of body monitoring Armbands, sheds new light on the relationship between BMI and sleep between gender and weight classes. Results from the study provide additional insights into the differences between men and women’s sleep times and how their weight can impact the amount of sleep they get. The purpose of the study was to evaluate differences between genders and sleep duration across a wide range of

based semiconductors and software, offers SlimPort products that will be found in phones, cables and accessories from a variety of leading manufacturers this year. And because the SlimPort products are based on core DisplayPort technology, the chosen standard for notebooks and PCs, people can expect SlimPort to provide the best video and audio performance, multi-display compatibility, and reduced power consumption, maximizing the battery life of your handheld. For more information about and SlimPort visit: Analogix At CES, visit booth #30769 or #580 at the Hilton. BMI categories using information taken from users wearing the BodyMedia FITTM Armband. It represents one of the largest epidemiological studies to illustrate a link between BMI and sleep using actual measurements taken from the body.

Key findings: • Although there is wide variation, there are significant differences in mean sleep time between certain BMI categories. • Gender is an important factor in Continued on Page 36


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WILSON ELECTRONICS ANNOUNCES 4G MOBILE CELLULAR SIGNAL BOOSTER Wilson Electronics announced at 2012 International CES the world’s first 4G mobile cellular signal booster. In areas with Verizon WirelessTM LTE service, the Sleek 4G-V will ensure a strong LTE signal. The device, which has an MSRP of $149.95, also boosts all 2G and 3G signals operating on 800 MHz and 1900 MHz frequency bands. By boosting signal strength on multiple frequency bands the Sleek 4G-V can reduce dropped connections, minimize no-service “dead zones,” speed 4G and 3G data transfer rates and improve the battery life of wireless devices. It is designed for use in a vehicle, but can also be used indoors with the purchase of a home accessory kit. “Verizon Wireless customers who use LTE-enabled phones and data

devices can now enjoy the same Wilson signal boosting benefits that others on 3G networks have long enjoyed,” said Laine Matthews, Wilson’s Director of Business Development. “For those troubled by a weak signal, the Sleek 4G-V provides a strong, reliable connection so they can connect with confidence.”

How it Works Several factors can cause weak cellular signal inside a vehicle. Distance from the nearest cell tower; surrounding hills, trees and buildings―even your vehicle’s metal body can block or weaken the available signal. Anyone who has ever tried to use a cellular device while inside a concrete-and-steel parking structure has more-than-likely experienced this. It can seem impossible to get and keep a

Consumer Electronics Daily News usable signal in some areas. The Sleek 4G-V overcomes these signal weakening factors by capturing the outside signal with a powerful antenna that easily mounts to the roof of a vehicle, and passes the signal to a phone cradle with built-in signal booster. The signal is then amplified by the Sleek’s built-in signal booster and transmitted to your phone or data device through an internal antenna. The signal from the cellular device is then reversed and a strong signal is sent back to the cell tower. In areas where Verizon Wireless LTE service is unavailable, a cellular device will lock on to the available 2G or 3G signal. When this happens in weak-signal areas the user can rest assured as the Sleek 4G-V it will amplify whatever cellular service is available, providing the same benefits to the user even when 4G service is unavailable.

Specifications The Sleek 4G-V delivers more than 20 times power over your cell phone alone, but weighs three ounces (85 grams) and measures just 2.5 by 4.5 by 2.5 inches (6.4 x 11.4 6.4 cm). Simple, do-ityourself installation is done in a matter of minutes. The Sleek 4G-V will be available in the second quarter of 2012 from most Wilson resellers. This device is FCC type accepted. It is designed for ideal use with a Bluetooth headset or other hands-free device. Like all Wilson signal boosters, the Sleek 4G-V features very sophisticated cell tower protection technologies developed over more than a decade of research and development. The Sleek 4G-V and all Wilson Electronics cellular signal boosters can be seen at 2012 International CES, South Hall booth 35219. Verizon Wireless is a trademark of Verizon Trademark Services, LLC.

mountains and clouds in their proper place, popping the scoreboard out on your favorite sports and giving you a variety of depth settings to customize the picture the way you like it. Technically, the 3D-Bee is flying ahead of the rest of the pack. Instead of a processor, with all the downfalls of an instruction stack, error handling and performance-based artifacts, the 3D-Bee has a custom chip with all of the image handling reduced to pure combinatorial logic and hard-wired. This unleashes the 3DBee to avoid shortcuts in its processing and provide a measurably sharper image. Other converters will downscale an image before conversion, destroying the detail from the original image. The 3DBee however, doesn’t ever scale the image, converting straight through at up to 1080p, which provides a spectacular, crisp image. And because the 3D-Bee processes on a frame-by-frame basis with no motion cues it actually adapts to scene

changes on the very first frame and reoptimizes itself to provide the best picture. The 3D-Bee seems like the answer to 3D enthusiasts’ prayers. Home theaters can now have endless 3D content and 3DTV owners don’t have to repurchase all of their movies and video games in 3D. Cable/satellite subscribers now have the option of seeing every channel in 3D and even internet videos sparkle in 3D with the 3D-Bee. Movie conversion studios have started using the 3D-Bee to save time and money. Retailers are hailing the 3D-Bee as a great add-on to every 3D TV purchase. Consumers love the flexibility that the 3D-Bee offers them and the fact that they don’t have to wait for a movie to be converted to 3D to enjoy it in 3D. It seems that everyone is buzzing about the 3D-Bee. There are five models of the 3D-Bee, including the first ever hardware converter for glasses-free 3D multi-view stereoscopic displays. They even have a glasses-free 3D demo in their booth that will knock your socks off. Anyone with interest in 3D owes a visit to the 3D-Bee in booth 13145 in the Central Hall or call 971-269-0903 to meet with the team.


The 3D-Bee by VEFXi (formerly VideoEFX) is getting a lot of buzz for its automatic 2D to 3D converter. Over the past year, since CES 2011, the 3D-Bee has received rave reviews pollinating the Internet from consumers, media and industry experts alike because its output parallels the quality from movie conversion studios. But unlike a studio, the 3DBee converts in real-time with live video.

The 3D-Bee line of quality products has established the bar for the next generation in 3D conversion technology and leads the field by a substantial margin. Critics have tested the 3D-Bee with 3D converter busting clips and the 3DBee has passed them. Smoke and fog, raindrops on windows, explosions, and sci-fi force fields not only render properly but look fantastic on the 3D-Bee. Unlike inferior converters, the 3D-Bee renders beautifully not only up close, but also far into the distance, placing even

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SPECTACULAR TECHNOLOGY TAKEN TO NEW LEVEL IN QUATTRO 2 FROM BROTHER Newly-launched top-of-the-line machine named Consumers Digest Best Buy

When Brother International Corporation introduced the new Quattro® 2 sewing and embroidery machine five months ago, it quickly became recognized for its unique, top-of-the-line features. Brother customers embraced the machine’s innovative technology and Consumers Digest magazine named it a Best Buy. The Quattro 2 sets the standard for state-of-the-art sewing, quilting, crafting and embroidery with an innovative array

of new and enhanced features. “Brother is always two to three years ahead of our competition in terms of technology and features,”says Dean Shulman, senior vice president of Brother’s home appliance and Continued on Page 37


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The emergence of cloud based storage solutions over the past couple of years shows the consumer’s increasing demand to be able to access their digital media anywhere, anytime, from any device. Seeing the bigger picture, Eye-Fi is helping consumers leverage the digital cameras, smartphones and tablet devices they already have to get a seamless experience from capture to viewing and sharing. Eye-Fi automatically uploads photos and videos from digital imaging

devices, including digital cameras and Android and iOS based devices, to online, in-home and retail destinations. The seamless experience between EyeFi’s ecosystem of partners, from leading digital camera makers including Canon, Nikon and Sony, to the leading sharing sites, including Facebook, Flickr and Picasa, have led to millions of photos and videos being shared each month, right from the consumers’ cameras. Addressing the consumer’s desire to access their content anywhere, EyeFi also leverages the power of the




GID Development Corp. a boutique design, engineering and manufacturing firm, announced the launch of their first full-feature case for the iPhone 4 and 4S. Themed “BODYDOCKTM Cellphone armor” to denote multi-layer impact protection, this patent-pending product design will satisfy the most discriminating iPhone user. Having been referred to as the “Swiss Army Knife” of cell phone

cases, the Bodydock has everything from an indestructible shell for maximum impact protection, a two-position kickstand, docking lanyard, to a magnetic docking system. MORE than just a phone case! The unique interlocking multi-layer case absorbs and disperses impact forces, protecting iPhones when dropping or mishandling accidents happen. This lightweight armored protective case gives you full access to your iPhone and all of its

Consumer Electronics Daily News cloud to provide private access to consumers’ memories on-the-go with Eye-Fi View. Eye-Fi users can log onto their Eye-Fi account from any Internet connected device to view, download and share their automatically backed-up content, whether they’re on a computer, a tablet or their smartphone. Eye-Fi provides cloud storage of the last seven days of photos and videos―to view, download and share their memories from any web connected device. If users prefer unlimited storage access, they can upgrade to Eye-Fi Premium for just $4.99/month or $49.99/year. Photos will be backed up and stored, safe and sound for as long as they like.

Eye-Fi has helped people wirelessly upload more than 200 million photos. Eye-Fi has received Popular Science’s “Best of CES 2011: Product of the Future” award, TIME’s “Top 100 Gadgets of All Time,” and CNET’s “Best of CES 2010” award in the digital photo and video category―and many more. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Eye-Fi products and services are now available at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, Office Depot and Apple stores nationwide and online. Eye-Fi apps are available at the Apple App Store and the Android Market. For more information about Eye-Fi, please visit

features without the necessity for full bulky iPhone enclosure. A good analogy is the difference between a Tank and a Humvee (Light Armor)

headset-free interface with iPhone 4S Siri intelligent assistant by simply docking the phone to your vehicle’s dashboard or clothing between your shoulder and neck where it will be close enough to effectively communicate… “A perfect match.” Bodydock will be implementing a “Find Your Sweet Spot!” Online Video Contest as website goes live. The Bodydock two-way kick stand allows you to hands-free watch a video, read a book, or video communicate or simply take a photo. Flip out the kick stand and place the iPhone in the vertical

“Find your Sweet Spot!TM.” Know where your iPhone is at all times with its unprecedented Bodydock magnetic docking system. Easily attaches to your clothing whether you are working out, traveling, or attending a business meeting or social event. Dock the iPhone to your dashboard, center console, desk, bedpost, purse, tote bag and more. Simply docks from one location to another as you go through your daily activities… “Try hands-free and

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SHOW 2012

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PAYSABER: YOUR COMPLETE MOBILE POINT OF SALE SOLUTION Have you ever lost business because you couldn’t process a credit card payment on the go? The PaySaber devices and accompanying application provide feature-rich solutions to ensure that you can accept payments anywhere, anytime. Whether you are a small-shop merchant or an enterprise-size company, PaySaber mobile point of sale solutions will work for your business. For businesses that require more from their mobile commerce solutions, the PaySaber POS can meet those requirements. With a barcode scanner, thermal printer, and encrypted card reader, the classic PaySaber is a complete POS system in the palm of your hand. In

addition to securely accepting credit cards, manage inventory and conduct easy returns with the barcode scanner, and print receipts or detailed invoices onsite for your customers with the built-in thermal printer. For merchants in need of a more compact mobile payment device, the PaySaber Clip is ideal. This secure, encrypted card reader is the newest addition to the PaySaber line and the first to be compatible with the iPad, as well as the iPhone and iPod Touch. The Clip was designed to be simple to use; the design allows merchants to easily “clip” the device on and off, so interchange between other iOS devices is hassle-free.

A CLEAN ROOM IN YOUR POCKET By George Korper, Vice President of Sales, SKM Industries, inc.

Have you ever wondered, like I have, how some people seem to have that magic touch with computers? In our office, the IT manager appears behind my desk, and before I can express my frustration, it just seems like the problem disappears as if by magic. It’s as if the computer just seems to function better on some people’s desk. What is that simpati-

co relationship that machines feel for their brethren? Say what you will, but I think it is an aura that is working on the quantum level to remove those frustrating glitches inside the machine. The IT Pro brings a certain love for the machine with them and the machine responds by working and curing itself. I know a Mom who swears that her young daughter age three can fix her computer because when she comes into the room her problems seem

The USA ePay payment app is designed for use with all PaySaber devices to process quick and organized transactions. The application provides access to sophisticated features including real-time reports and graphs, product database with inventory control, customer database, and more, all of which are easily accessible at any place and time thanks to cloud-based processing. As your PaySaber processes transacto go away. Her little girl, at the tender age of three, is already an IT Pro because she loves her iPad! If you could bottle this you would become a millionaire, so that is what we did, we bottled it. Introducing Planet Pleaser Digital Spray Cleaner, our new 100 percent pure, hypoallergenic, chemicalfree super screen cleaner for all electronic surfaces. This product has been purified at


tions, you can log in to the online console and view detailed transaction reports in real-time. View the details of every transaction, and see which device and user is processing the transaction. Customize reports to include the specified fields and information of your choice. Graphs and charts show all aspects of transactions, from different card types processed to the sources of each transaction. Easily export reports to programs like Word, Excel and QuickBooks. The system has the capacity to store a complete product database with inventory control; the software automatically updates the database and inventory as orders are being placed. Repeat business is key to any company. Maintain a complete customer database for a great experience facilitatContinued on Page 36

great expense, and is much better for you and your equipment. Oh, I know what your thinking, this is all just bull. No, that is what we removed actually and your IT professional and toddler will love it and so will you. For more information on SKM Industries, Inc. please visit, call 866-531-4880 or email Stop by booth 4224 in the iLounge at CES and see for yourself.


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By Joe Atkin, President, GOAL ZERO

By Theresa D. Gapero, CEO, Core Wireless, Inc.

When most people think of solar power today, they probably only imagine that it was developed over the past few decades by pioneers such as GOAL ZERO, who has taken portable solar power to new heights; but that’s not the case. Consider: When you were a kid, did you ever try heating up a bug using a magnifying glass and the rays from the sun on a hot day? If so, you have conducted a primitive form of solar power collection―one that was used ages ago by the ancient peoples of the 7th century. Solar power collection, storage, and usage has certainly come a long way since the B.C. era, nevertheless, it is still frequently misunderstood and extremely underestimated, even amongst the most tech-savvy individuals. One common misconception about the origins of solar power is that the technology was developed for large-scale use only, such as providing energy for a building by mounting solar panels on the roof. Although improving building energy efficiency is one of the great ways to utilize solar energy, this theory overall is untrue, as it insinuates that solar power is a recently developed technology when, in fact, people have been working to harness the power of the sun for centuries. The earliest solar panels were created in the late 1800s. Throughout the following century, several scientists, including Albert Einstein, worked to cultivate the light-to-energy process until they had GID Development Corp. (Con’t. from p. 16)

or horizontal position for easy viewing. Snap kick stand back in place for docking or other use. The Bodydock Lanyard accessory provides two ways of docking with two quick release buckles for choice and overall ease of use. Attending a trade show, convention, or other outdoor activity your iPhone is fully secured to your body and allows your hands to be free and provides easy access to your iPhone 4 or 4S easily. Matching your iPhone color selection the Bodydock Cellphone Armor is available in black or white colors. The attractive and compact protective case can be easily mated with the appropriate screen applique accessory for hands-free operation. This ‘systems’ approach to a single case design affords the iPhone 4 and 4S user with features that will enhance their smart phone experience. PaySaber (Con’t. from p. 33)

ing returning customers. Store customer data for recurring charges, automatic payments, special order purchasing, payment method storage and much more with this system. All transactions and orders are stored securely on our Level-1 PCI Compliant Payment Gateway.

About USA ePay: USA ePay has been helping merchants

a major breakthrough in 1954, when the first solar cell capable of powering everyday electrical equipment was born. Since that significant milestone nearly 60 years ago, the industry has been hard at work, making advancements that resulted in the large roof panels most are familiar with and, in turn, the more modern-day portable panels like those from GOAL ZERO. This timeline of research and development disproves another common myth surrounding solar energy: that it’s not at well-established as other traditional forms of fuel and therefore is not as powerful or reliable. The truth is, solar is just as powerful and reliable as other natural resources such as wood, coal and water, but it is limited to the ingenuity of human beings. For example, the amount of sunlight that reaches the earth is enough energy to power the needs of the entire world more than 8,500 times over, but only a minuscule fraction of the available solar energy is used. This is where GOAL ZERO comes in. GOAL ZERO is the next step in the evolution of solar. We are the next step towards everyday solar use. We are pioneering an entirely new subcategory of Continued on Page 56

About GID Development Corp. In 2001 GID transitioned from an outsource engineering and design resource for corporate clients to becoming the advocate for the entrepreneur inventor designing, developing, and manufacturing a wide array of products for the mass retail market. From the start GID embraced Dassault Systèmes Product Life Cycle Management solutions utilizing the most advanced and proven engineering software, CATIA V5, with expansive suites of 3D design tools maintained to the latest revisions. Their Industrial Designer’s personal iPhone 4 experience triggered the Bodydock innovation, their Engineering Guru ran with it. To learn more about GID and related products please visit, or call 714-528 2482 or for appointment at the CES show please call: 714-305-9911. Email:, FAX (714) 528-2492. Booth 26702, South Hall, LVCC, LV, NV process credit card and check transactions with speed and security since 1998. Founded by the Goretsky brothers, the company is family-owned and based in Los Angeles, CA. The USA ePay payment gateway supports all of the major platforms in the credit card industry, and works with some of the leading check platforms. USA ePay works with many of the larger merchant service banks in the U.S. and abroad. For more information, visit

I started Core Wireless five years ago, after 15 years in the industry, because I saw an opportunity to tie my values into a business and industry that I know and love. I started Core Wireless as a small, family-run business with a goal to treat customers as partners, to be stakeholders in their success and I’m proud to say that we’ve been able to achieve the goal while consistently providing high-quality, affordable wireless accessories. At Core Wireless, we work closely with our customers and work tirelessly to understand their needs so that we may provide personalized customer service. My sales team provides gold-standard customer service, but more importantly, because of their 15+ years in the cellphone industry, they have become invaluable resources for our customers. Our team is always up to date on all the new accessories and diligently stays on the lookout for new trends. Our close partnership with our customers also gives

Frequency (Con’t. from p. 4)

sharing and your interests, anytime and anywhere.” Samsung smart TVs and Blu-Ray players lead the industry in design, features, and function,” said Michael Gordon, Chief Strategy Officer. “We are delighted to partner with Samsung to bring Frequency to millions of users around the world in 2012.” The Frequency platform was developed using insights gained from its initial website-only product, which pioneered aggregation of video from BodyMedia, Inc. (Con’t. from p. 8)

explaining the relationship between sleep and BMI. • Overall, people with higher BMIs had less sleep, but the increase in weight and sleep is more closely related in women than men. • Among adults in the BMI range of 18.5 to 40, women get 20 minutes more sleep per night than men on average. • The largest difference in sleep time was seen between Class I and Class II obese groups of males, with a decline of 11 minutes for men in Class II. (Class I = BMI of 30-34.9; Class II = BMI of 3539.9)

“Our 12 years of body monitoring experience has allowed us to amass one of the largest living databases of free-living activity information on people, and we are pleased to provide important insights that can help advance the understanding of obesity and weight management,” stated Christine Robins, CEO of BodyMedia, Inc. “This study shows that body monitoring devices can truly help people better understand their bodies to make positive health changes."

us the ability to anticipate their needs and we play a unique role as an information bank. We are fully invested in our customers and see their success as our success. Core Wireless receives its products directly from the manufacturers, saving the customer money and guaranteeing the best quality accessories. Our relationship with the manufacturers allows us to always have the most current products and next season’s must-have accessories. I have also built the most comprehensive inventory of batteries and chargers for cellphones, making it easy for the customers to make Core Wireless a one-stop shop, even for hard-to-find batteries. For complete information on our products, please go to or stop by booth 35888 (South Hall 4) at CES 2012. We hope you check us out and let give us the opportunity to show you our commitment to excellent customer service, exceptional quality products and most competitive pricing. social networks and around the web and has been visited by millions of users over the past year. The result is an unprecedented line of consumer products for all three leading video screens and an industry-leading, patent-pending platform built to support global audiences and that over time will reach every important consumer video device. Frequency is a complete solution that changes the way that people discover and watch video online. Visit Frequency at Hilton Suite 2828. After the show, visit Americans are Unaware of the Role Sleep Plays Sleep and weight management are closely linked. A number of previous studies have shown that getting enough sleep is critical in suppressing appetite and maintaining energy. Despite this, only 46 percent of Americans are aware of the link between weight and sleep and only 26 percent consider sleep as a factor in losing weight.* “This study represents an important advancement in the study of sleep and how it is impacted by a person’s weight and the different effect it has on males and females,” stated Robert F. Kushner, M.D., co-investigator and clinical director of The Northwestern University’s Comprehensive Center on Obesity. “People looking to lose weight often take into account calorie consumption and physical activity levels, two very important factors; however, new research like this can play an important role in the obesity dialogue to help educate people interested in losing weight about the role of sleep.” For more information, call 847-4159327 or stop by booth 3435. * Kelton Research, data on file.

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An innovative audio line featuring sub drivers for extended deep low frequencies.

The Chief Executive Officer behind Skinit discusses how personalization benefits electronic devices, in the conclusion of this two-part interview.

By Soo Huay Chia, Marketing, Kinyo Co. Inc.

Kinyo, unveils its latest audio line featuring the breakthrough technology called Bass-RenuTM. With Bass-Renu, lower frequencies are extended increasing the bass power of the speaker without the use of a subwoofer. The Bass-Renu sub-drivers, working together with high performance built-in Azeca (Con’t. from p. 4)

vibration feature, which can be operated in quiet mode―an ideal solution for users who want to be inconspicuous, yet never miss an important call. The Retractable Bluetooth Headset with Vibration won the CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Award in November 2011. It’s the latest gamechanging creation for the Atlanta-based company, which has been a pioneer in differentiated innovation since its inception in 2010. Azeca’s primary objective is bringing practical, easy-to-use and aesthetically appealing designs to the consumer electronics market. To that end, much of the company’s product development focuses on wireless stereo listening and hands-free communication. The company is actively pursuing new concepts and creating unique applications to enhance existing Bluetooth categories in areas of fitness, stereo listening and Brother International (Con’t. from p. 12)

industrial products divisions. “What makes us different? Unlike our competitors who are often only focused on sewing and embroidery, Brother shares technology with its scanning, printing, software development, and digital information divisions. We utilize cross-technology in our products. Brother is an innovator.” It is this innovation that sets the Quattro 2 apart from other manufacturers’ machines. Quattro 2 offers an Advanced Super View (ASV) HD LCD Touch Screen from Sharp® Corporation; built-in scanner; new Color ShufflingTM function, and a 10-inch pen tablet. The large Advanced Super View (ASV) HD LCD touch screen display is the most accurate display ever offered on a sewing machine. It delivers more clarity and allows for more than 16.7 million colors to be seen at expanded viewing angles with little to no color shifting. Also found in the Quattro 2 is the first-ever built-in camera-like device and scanner in a sewing and embroidery machine. “This brings the embroidery field to life,” says Shulman. Using a combination of the exclusive Brother InnovEye® Technology, the scanning abilities of the InnovEye and the LCD display, a user is able to scan the fabric,

stereo drivers, produces balanced and dynamic audio clarity with a rich and deep bass sound. Indulge yourself in a full range of audio experience through a sleek but yet compact design. Kinyo’s new audio line in collaboration with the Bass-Renu technology, features the TrilleonTM Universal Tablet Sound System, the UC-239, UC-118 and PA-550 Multimedia Speakers; and the Home Theater SB-033D Sound Bar. Continued on Page 56

hands-free communication. Recently, Azeca launched a strategic expansion into the Latin American market and, to that end, all of the company’s product packaging and operating instructions are printed in both English and Spanish. In addition to the advantages of bi-lingual packaging, all items in the current line are available in small quantities from Azeca’s California warehouse. Azeca is the brainchild of Mark Martinez, a former Senior Brand Manager for a Fortune 500 company, with more than 20 years of experience in consumer products. Before launching Azeca, Martinez guided an organization from the start-up to profitability. The company is based in Johns Creek, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. To learn more, visit, call 678-971-3093, email or stop by booth 26319 in the LVCC South Hall at CES. view it in real-time and place their intended design more precisely than ever before. “Essentially, we’ve virtually eliminated the guess work from sewing and embroidery,” Shulman noted. “The Quattro 2 allows our customers to realize their creative vision more than ever before,” says Shulman. Catering to Brother’s creative customers, the machine comes with a 10-inch Pen Tablet that allows users to create their own designs. This is the first time in the industry that users can trace, sketch, or even sign their work and then have the design be autodigitalized without the use of a PC. The Quattro 2 is the second generation Quattro delivered from Brother. For first generation owners, Brother offers three different upgrade packages to bring older machines up to the same technological speed as Quattro 2. Shulman explains, “Our first priority is always to our customers. We don’t sell you a machine and disappear. We provide service and support for the machines for the life of the time the customer owns it. We stand behind our machines, and at the side of our customers.” Visit Brother International Corporation at, call 908-704-1000, email or stop by booth #N3412 at the Consumer Electronics Show.

CEDN: Where is your current product emphasis?

BK: Skinit historically has evolved the personalization narrative from “skins” (pressure sensitive film) to the permanent decoration of consumer electronics device surfaces on a variety of substrates. Recently, Skinit has been focusing on bringing “mass customization” to OEMs and ODMs through high quality, high speed technologies as well as introducing exclusive new lines of personalized protective and decorative accessories to consumers. Watch for many new product releases on and with Skinit OEM partners online and in retail in 2012.

CEDN: How do you see the next year for the industry and for Skinit?

BK: I think we all know the global economy is in for continued tough times and consumers are going to be stingy with their money. But, I think our industry is well positioned to weather the storm and make gains. Consumers will continue to invest in products to improve their interaction with the world and access to


information. And, these products are closely tied to that person’s identity and image. Skinit is structured to work with the consumer directly or through retail and OEM customers to provide the widest variety of options to “Make It Yours.”

Global Retailers are placing new demands on OEMs and in turn ODMs. Many companies are moving towards virtual inventory models, shorter cycle times, attempts to eliminate forecasting errors and carry costs, and shorter manufacturing runs. Skinit is positioned to step in and help these companies meet these demands. OEMs and retailers can look to us to provide solutions to drive their revenue and profits. We can be an earnings generator for these partners by leveraging our proven business methodologies and the Skinit platform to increase sales velocity, customer acquisition and, in turn, gross product margin and customer life value. We are dedicated to continuing our investment in R&D and new products. We have a few new things up our sleeve, so watch out! Skinit will be located in the Venetian Suites, this year. To schedule an appointment, visit or email

HIFIMAN STUNS WITH AFFORDABLE, COMPACT HM-101 USB DAC Budget Priced USB DAC Offers Improved Sound for Everyday Applications

HiFiMAN, a leading designer/manufacturer of highly acclaimed headphones and portable audio products, unveiled their HM-101, an astonishingly affordable USB DAC that can improve the sound of typical audio products from desktop speakers, computer audio and headphones. The HM-101 is available now with a MSRP of $39. Despite its low price, the HiFiMAN HM-101 boasts impressive specifications such as S/N ratio of 96dB, 0.07% THD and stereo crosstalk of 78dB. Yet it does it in a compact package less than 2½” long by 1½” wide and ½” thick. Connections are simple with USB input and standard mini output for use with portable audio devices. “A friend asked me to develop a DAC that everyone could afford yet would substantially improve the sound of any conventional audio product.” commented Dr. Fang Bian, Founder and President of HiFiMAN. “The result was the HM-101 which has frankly exceeded even my high expectations. It is truly an affordable product for the masses yet

with really good sound.” HiFiMAN will be exhibiting at CES 2012 in booth 21915 in the LVCC South Hall.

Key Features of HiFiMAN Express HM-101 • Affordable―$39 MSRP • Compact―less than 2 ½” X 1 ½” X ½”. Fits easily in a shirt pocket. • Easy to Install―connect with USB input, standard output to portable audio device • High Performance―will improve most desktop audio or headphone applications

About HiFiMAN Founded by Dr. Fang Bian in 2007, HiFiMAN is widely regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of high performance headphones and portable audio products in the world. HiFiMAN is especially known for its critically-acclaimed Planar-Magnetic headphones that feature state-of-the-art driver technology. The company also designs and manufactures best-in-class dynamic in-ear drivers which have also garnered awards and rave reviews. Continued on Page 56


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Consumer Electronics Daily News

NEW LIFE-PHORM INVADES THE 2012 INTERNATIONAL CES Lethal Protection introduces LifePhormTM and Life-PhormTM Pro. These products are all-in-one positioning devices for tablet computers, smart phones and cameras. They have the ability to change shape, grab onto nearly anything, and allow users to be handsfree anywhere. There has been a proliferation of portable electronics such as smart phones, tablet computers, cameras, portable music and video players, gaming systems and the like. While all of these devices may be hand-held during use, it is often necessary to support them for viewing, data-entry, photography and

other tasks. Life-Phorm is a product which can be incorporated into all aspects of day to day activity. It changes shape (or morphs) to conform to whatever situation the user is in. Unlike other products that are meant to stay in the kitchen or in the car, Life-Phorm will go wherever needed in order to get the job done. Life-Phorm Pro, Lethal Protection’s first product, has gained recognition in national publications and has been named an honoree for Innovation in Design and Engineering from the 2012 International CES. Made with carbon fiber and metal, Life-Phorm Pro is light,


For more than 30 years, I’ve been helping people upgrade their homes. Throughout my career, seeing how new products―like those at CES―and new thinking can transform lives never grows old. Recently, that idea exhibited itself in

dramatic fashion through a project I’m involved in with Reliant, a Houstonbased electricity provider and part of CES-exhibitor, NRG. Called “Innovation Avenue,” the idea is simple: Take a very real residential street in Houston and turn it into a “living laboratory” to demonstrate how smart energy solutions coupled with the latest consumer electronics

yet incredibly strong. It’s high-quality material, craftsmanship and engineering can withstand the harshest environments. Based on this award winning design, Lethal Protection has created a more affordable version for the masses. This new version, Life-Phorm, will be shown publicly for the first time at the 2012 International CES. The Life-Phorm series of products offer consumers a greater range of versatility than ever seen before. They’re not just stands or holders; they cling, hang, grab, secure and protect. But the versatility continues in the number of devices can change the way people think about and use energy. We took an average city block―with a diverse mix of old, restored, and recently built homes―and provided residents with a set of smart energy tools, products and services. For the 12 homes, it was an interesting proposition. As one resident told me, “How many people walk into your home and tell you, ‘I am going to teach you how to save money’?” The inventory of products received in each home varied based on the homes’ character, age and needs. With real-time information on their home energy moni-

Life-Phorm and Life-Phorm Pro are compatible with. These products can accommodate multiple types, brands and models of mobile electronics. Customers will easily see the benefit of needing only one accessory which is universal instead of purchasing multiple products to fit each of their devices. Lethal Protection is dedicated to selling professional level products with a fierce design at a competitive price. Whether customers choose our most affordable or our highest-end products, they will get more “bang for the buck” with the Life-Phorm series of products. To learn more about Lethal Protection and related products please visit, call 989277-9795 or email Visit us at booth #36076 at the 2012 International CES in Las Vegas. tors; smart appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators that adjust automatically to lower electricity pricing throughout the day and home automation that makes it easy and intuitive to control a wide range of devices―thermostats, lights and TV/DVRs―the residents of Innovation Avenue are able to take unprecedented control of how they buy and use energy. As compelling as these products are, the real story is the effect they have on individual lives. For example, the Home Energy Monitors alone, with their ability to show residents the immediate impact Continued on Page 56


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Consumer Electronics Daily News

ION ONCE AGAIN EXPANDS THE BLOCK ROCKER FAMILY WITH TAILGATER BLUETOOTH ION was founded upon a single concept: make technology simple. The company’s audio conversion products and portable amplification devices have enhanced the way millions of people experience their music. With the original BLOCK ROCKER all-in-one portable sound system, ION created and international sensation. The BLOCK ROCKER sound system had such an impact that ION set to work on a compact version. Soon after, ION brought the TAILGATER to their music-loving customers everywhere. Game-day parking lots and backyard barbecues would never be the same. Now, ION introduces TAILGATER BLUETOOTH. This enhanced version of the origi-

nal TAILGATER gives users permission to party while also providing continuous wireless control of the music. TAILGATER BLUETOOTH includes a speaker, an amplifier, audio inputs, an AM/FM radio, and wireless Bluetooth technology, all in a durable cabinet. TAILGATER BLUETOOTH allows users to keep their iPad, iPhone, or other Bluetooth-enabled device right by their side as they crank up their music over its powerful 20-Watt speaker. Enhanced bass output provides full, crystal clear music. News addicts and sports lovers can listen to their favorite radio station or to the big game using the built-in AM/FM radio. TAILGATER BLUETOOTH also features a built-in battery that will provide up

HOVERCAM FOUNDER UPGRADES YOUR OFFICE WITH THE SOLO 5 A five-minute interview with Ji Shen, founder and CEO of Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc., the San Diego, California-based manufacturer of the HoverCam.

unobtrusive office camera that can sit out on your desk all the time.

JS: It is. It is really only about a foot tall. We imagine it as an

JS: You could, but that is not the

CEDN: Tell me about this Solo 5. It looks kind of small.

CEDN: Being so small, it must just be used to scan notes.

to eight hours of nonstop music. A highquality microphone is also included.

Guiding the expansion of the BLOCK ROCKER family all along the way has been Wendy Mittelstadt, ION Product Manager: CEDN: Why do you think BLOCK ROCKER was such a huge hit?

distinct products that automate the home in different useful ways. When combined with the app, the WeMo Home Control Outlet turns a phone into a remote which can schedule any home electronic device to turn on and off at set times or manually. Whether it be a light, heater or your favorite gadget, the home control outlet allows you to regulate your power outlets however you like, wherever you like, whenever you like.

MARSEILLE BRINGS DRAMATIC TIME-TO-MARKET GAINS FROM SILICON VIRTUALIZATION While many people are familiar with virtual machines and their benefit to software services, silicon virtualization is a relatively new concept with similar industry-changing ramifications on the

semiconductor development. Marseille, Inc. is the leader in silicon virtualization, a methodology that can cut chip development time in half. Marseille is a semiconductor company in the Silicon Valley

WM: Any Bluetooth enabled device such as an iPad, iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, or laptop. I’m glad you asked about the range―we developed a proprietary method of extending the range up to 100 feet. This is about three times the average Bluetooth range.

WM: Plain and simple, the Block Rocker was the right product at the right price! The Block Rocker filled a need for a highly portable, yet powerful speaker amplifier system.

CEDN: Do you really think it’s a good idea to give rowdy tailgaters at sporting events access to a microphone and speaker?

WM: Tailgater Bluetooth is perfect for any sporting event, wedding, party or even rock band show where a compact amplifier is needed. The Bluetooth feature will allow ultimate control over the mix from across the room.

For more information about ION Audio and TAILGATER BLUETOOTH, visit, call 401-658-3743 or stop by booth 12442 at the Consumer Electronics Show.

CEDN: With so many capabilities, what do you envision people using TAILGATER BLUETOOTH for primarily?

WM: [laughs] Absolutely!

TAILGATER BLUETOOTH with be available in early Q3 of 2012 with an MSRP of $149.

CEDN: What kind of devices can users

Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG.

intention. The Solo scans A3-size paper at five megapixel resolution. It also does 1080p full HD video.

document cameras. We are hoping everyone stops by booth 36828 to see the device for themselves.

JS: Yes! It is a scanner, a fax machine, and a web conferencing tool. It allows you to perform digital signature. Built-in is integration with cloud services such as DropBox and EverNote. You can even annotate on your scans and videos. We like to call it the Swiss Army Knife of

About Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc. Pathway innovations and Technologies, Inc. based in San Diego, California, is the designer and manufacturer of HoverCam document cameras used by schools, hospitals and businesses. The cameras are used for live presentations, video conferencing, scanning, video recording and student assessment. For more information, call 858-750-3499, email, visit, or stop by CES LVCC South Hall 4, upper level, booth #36828 for a live demonstration.

Further amplifying the home automation experience, the WeMo Motion Sensor can be used in conjunction with the Home Control Outlet to turn a light on when someone walks in a room or off when the house is empty. Not just limited to lights, the WeMo solution can be used with any number of electronic devices, and its uses are endlessly customizable. You can use WeMo with a stereo to put on a favorite radio station

when you walk through the front door, or turn on the TV without having search for the remote. WeMo uses technology that everyone already knows and loves and creates a home automation system that is simple enough for the entire family. It is designed to make life easier and free up more time for the spontaneous and organic moments in life that many advanced technologies seem to take away these days. Belkin plans to grow the WeMo line with additional product solutions available in 2012. Visit Belkin in booth #30651, in the South Hall of the LVCC. After the show, visit online at

CEDN: A3-size paper? That’s nearly the same as two letter-size pages put together. JS: Exactly.

CEDN: Is there anything else we should know about it?

BELKIN'S NEW WEMO PRODUCT LINE SIMPLIFIES HOME AUTOMATION Home automation technology has long been of interest to consumers, but due to high costs the masses haven’t had the chance to experience what it has to offer. Belkin is changing the industry with the release of an affordable new line of WeMo home automation products, which will debut at CES 2012. A triumph in simplicity, the WeMo product line requires only a WiFi network and a Belkin smartphone app to achieve home automation. The WeMo line features two

stream through TAILGATER BLUETOOTH, and what is the signal range?

that specializes in video for the personal computer, mobile electronics, and home theater markets. A large part of the consumer semiconductor industry has been driven by application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) that enable mass-market devices such as televisions, disc players, smartphones, TV set-top boxes, and MP3 music players. As the name implies, ASICs perform only those functions that are necessary for the device’s proper

operation. A well-crafted ASIC will focus on the functionality and quality that brings the greatest value to the end product. Over the past decade, the complexity of ASICs continues to grow, and the chip design methodology has not kept up with the needs of the market. As a result, development costs have risen steeply and schedules have stretched out beyond the Continued on Page 56

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Consumer Electronics Daily News


In the near future, retail will take a dramatic shift toward technology to better engage shoppers before, during and after purchases. Red Leaf Retail Concepts Inc. is an advocate for incorporating technology tools into point-of-purchase promotions to increase the likelihood and quality of instore shopper engagement and link the buyer to product usage guidance. Red Leaf builds displays with the ability to yield unique in-store analytics for brands, helping to facilitate an increased understanding of whom their customers are. Capturing the shopper’s attention is the first critical step in selling at retail.

Technology tools allow for customizable message delivery through the use of a facial recognition camera and a digital display. Shoppers are presented with visuals that match their demographic & social segmentations, creating a deeper connection between the shopper and the displayed product information. Technology can facilitate high-level customer-to-brand communication through the use of interactive digital interfaces that guide purchase decisions. These engagement tools implemented during a product interaction facilitate a deeper information exchange between shoppers and the brands they consider. Brands have the opportunity to con-

PEOPLE OF LAVA’S MMOTION TWIST ARRIVES IN FEBRUARY mMotion Twist is a new product from People of Lava. By leveraging the patented gearbox technology from the already popular mMotion Swing, People of Lava have created the mMotion Twist series. Whether your customer wants their LED display on top of their furniture

or on the floor, one of the new Twist models will both work and look great. The mMotion Twist Small is a sleek table stand that provides 240 degrees of rotation. Not only does the stand present your customer with endless furnishing

nect shoppers to their brand community now more than ever. Social media allows for consumers to not only be influenced by their peer groups, but to interact directly with brands as well. Brands can guide usage, listen and identify problems as well as promote new products like never before. Capitalize on your presence in the e-channel by using your instore display as a node to connect shoppers back to your community. This is easily accomplished through the use of a QR code or NFC service that opens via a mobile app leading the user directly to the web page. Brands are increasingly using shopper analytics to optimize marketing strategy. This is predominantly in the e-channel, however the same practices can be applied to the in-store options, but it will also enhance the visual appearance of both their TV and room. The mMotion Twist Large is an elegant floor stand, fully motorized and operated with your own remote control. Since it also rotates up to 240 degrees, mMotion Twist Large will be the centerpiece of your room, allowing you to watch TV from almost anywhere. Stand alone, it is a statement of both taste and contemporary design. Both mMotion Twist Small and Large are available in either black or brushed aluminum and recommended for


channel as well. Our goal for retrieving analytics is to use it to optimize consumer behavior strategies, helping to sell match relevant suited products to shoppers driving loyalty and further develop an understanding of the demographics in each given area. Every interaction with our displays is recorded and aggregated into a meaningful deliverable that can lend to ROI calculation, operations optimization, new product development and promotions planning to name a few. Red Leaf has responded to these trends and developed products to meet the needs of the shopper in the retail environment. We are an innovative technology company that offers services in retail strategy, display design and deployment. Visit our Red Leaf Retail Concepts Inc’s website ( for more information.

TVs between 37” and 55” that have a maximum weight of 77 pounds. Although either model will work with your own remote control, regardless of which brand, type or size of TV you have, there is also a remote supplied. Regardless of which size you choose, you can always rely on your People of Lava mount to deliver astonishing performance and a fantastic user experience. Arriving early in February 2012, these products will be distributed excluContinued on Page 56


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SURVEY REVEALS FOR FIRST TIME A MAJORITY OF AMERICANS AWARE OF LIGHT BULB PHASE OUT With the federal phase out set to commence on January 1, 2012, the fourth annual SYLVANIA Socket Survey, released today, found that for the first time since the study's inception in 2008, a majority of Americans (55 percent) reported that they are aware of 2007 congressional legislation that will phase-out most standard incandescent light bulbs. This industry-benchmark survey shows efforts to raise consumer consciousness of the phase out are working, with awareness growing by 19 percent in the last year and 29 percent since 2009. However, just under half of Americans remain HiFiMAN (Con’t. from p. 37)

HiFiMAN also owns and operates Head-Direct, an online webstore featuring the finest headphones and portable NRG (Con’t. from p. 40)

of lifestyle choices on energy usage and costs, have provided many eye-opening moments. For me, the bigger lesson of Innovation Avenue is how it proves that the smart energy future can be comfortably incorporated into homes of all ages, not just those of a modern-day design. Of all the innovations, perhaps the most dramatic is found on the roof of a century-old home at the far end of the street. Here, we installed a set of solar panels, allowing it to “go solar” through an GOAL ZERO (Con’t. from p. 36)

portable power within the solar technology space. Our products push the boundaries of current solar tech to meet the needs of a new, connected, and mobile world. As the reliance on portable, electronic devices continues to rise, so will the demand for a dependable way power these items on-the-go. In meeting this Kinyo (Con’t. from p. 37)

The Trilleon is Kinyo’s first Universal Tablet Sound System. The speaker works with all tablets, the iPad and iPhone, smartphones and other MP3/MP4 players. Using a standard 3.5mm headphone jack makes it easy to connect to all compatible audio devices. The device holder gives you the freedom to switch between portrait or landscape views. It also features a USB out jack to charge your device while playing music or watching movies. Get optimal performance in a compact system. The PA-550 is engineered to the highest standard for enhanced audio performance over most conventional computer speakers. With its slim, stylish and classic black gloss finish, the PA-550 is a hassle-free high performance 2.0 computer stereo system. The UC-239 and UC-118 USB speakers are portable, versatile and compact, yet they create a mas-

unaware of the impactful changes coming into effect in the lighting industry. Commissioned annually by North America's largest lighting company, Osram Sylvania, a division of Siemens AG, theSylvania Socket Survey is the industry's only national measurement of the evolving consumer lighting landscape. A notable addition to this year's survey identified the value consumers place on their lighting products being made in America―revealing that 73 percent of Americans believe it important Continued on Page 81

audio players available today, including HiFiMAN products. To learn more, visit or stop by CES 2012 booth 21915 in the LVCC South Hall. innovative solar leasing program and an electricity plan that pays for surplus electricity generated and returned to the grid. Of course, the real value of Innovation Avenue will be the ability to take what’s learned and apply it elsewhere. I, for one, am eager to see the day when the smart energy lifestyle supported by the kind of innovation on display at CES and that Reliant and NRG are bringing to the energy business being lived at Innovation Avenue makes its way into every American household and business. I have a hunch that day is right around the corner. NRG Booth 26103. demand, GOAL ZERO’s innovations will help evolve the solar technology from a niche enterprise to a mainstream industry. For more information about the technology behind GOAL ZERO, visit, call 888-794-6250, e-mail or stop by booth 70403 (indoor) or CP12 (outdoor) at the International CES Show. sive and impressive audio dynamic from your PC, laptop or MP3 player. Immerse yourself in our space saving one-piece SB-033D Sound Bar for the ultimate home theater experience. Fill your room with dramatic audio that makes your entertainment come to life. The speakers feature an RCA connection to your TV set for the easiest and most convenient installation ever. Experience a whole new depth of sound from your existing television. “ A New Dimension in Sound” is the company mission as we launch our BassRenu technology. We continue to develop innovative designs and introduce high quality audio to consumers without breaking the bank. Please visit the Kinyo booth located at #9439 Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center during the CES show for more product information. Visit our website at, or email or call 626-333-3711.

MHEALTH: 2012 AND BEYOND By Ben Rubin, CTO and Co-Founder of Zeo, Inc.

mHealth, connected health―no matter what you call it, the movement has boomed in recent months, giving physicians and others in the clinical space the opportunity to tap into mobile technologies to better reach their patients. What will 2012 bring? A growing movement among consumers. Starting with fitness and weight loss tools and moving into sleep, stress, fertility, posture, etc.―a whole host of consumer applications of mHealth, will gain millions of users in 2012 and beyond. This year, mHealth is going to go beyond healthcare workers and medical professionals to the broader consumer base. Consumers need to be responsible and in control of their new health, and with new tools available all the time, a growing group of everyday people will absolutely be managing their health using mobile technology. Accessibility and ease of use of these tools will make it simple for everyone from your grandmother to your teenage children to track and improve their health using their smartphones. Unfortunately, we have a growing healthcare problem, and the only way to fix it is to keep people well. This starts with motivating the consumer and making it easy to stay well―now the technology exists to do so. Keeping people healthy will gain new respect and be implemented through an array of changes from social (people will Marseille (Con’t. from p. 52)

target windows. Consumer expectations have risen also as these devices become part of everyday life. One way to avoid flaws that plague the current development methodology is to prototype with programmable devices to emulate the chip or the entire system, but these real-time emulations only try to create the functionality of the device. They do not build a working model that exactly reproduces the entire device. Hence, errora can appear in the device emulation that cause one or more costly turns of the silicon to get the final product to market. Marseille has developed a silicon virtualization platform that avoids all the pitfalls of current semiconductor design methodologies. The principal is similar mMotion Twist (Con’t. from p. 53)

sively in Canada and the U.S.A. by DKM International Ltd. They are available in two sizes, small (a table stand) and large (a floor stand). They are both motorized and can be controlled with your own remote. Like all products from People of Lava in Sweden, they are unique and innovative, providing you with a new dimension of TV freedom. There’s more! Early April 2012, the new mMotion Flip will be introduced. This is a hydraulic mount that can be installed either on a wall or on a ceiling. As a ceiling mount, you can silently flip any 26” – 40” TV, weighing up to 55 pounds., up or down. As a wall mount, you can swing any 26” – 50” TV, weigh-

stop looking to their doctor to fix them and take control of their own health) to technology (new sensors, smartphones, behavior change technology, social, etc.). The good news? Barriers are limited. On the consumer side, we don't see substantial regulations coming down the pipeline. These newly empowered patients will be free to manage their health using technology the same way they have been for decades with diet programs and pedometers. The challenge still remains on the institutional side of the program. Innovation is already stunted by the weight of a broken system that includes regulation, but more importantly includes a broken care system, misaligned incentives, etc. I wish I had hope for this system, but I think it will continue to decline in effectiveness. That being said, I’m looking forward to what 2012 brings in the mHealth community. We at Zeo plan to be the place consumers turn to manage their sleep. This will range from “I don't feel that I’m getting the sleep I need” to “I want to kick ass at life through the power of sleep.” We will do this through a smart combination of sensors, analysis and improvement techniques that build a sleep ecosystem for consumers. Here’s to a new year of innovation and health! For more information, stop by booth 2817 in North Hall or visit

to virtual machines for computers. In the case of virtual silicon, the goal is to make a virtual machine that strictly implements all the behaviors of the chip specification. Through Marseille’s proprietary Virtual Silicon design methodology, it is possible to rapidly prototype products before committing to silicon. By fine tuning features and performance for a robust set of test conditions before committing the design, design flaws are discovered and eliminated prior to manufacturing silicon. This is what makes it possible for Marseille to build new products in a fraction of the time it would take to design the same products using traditional semiconductor development processes. Visit, call 408-689-0305 or email ing up to 110 lbs., out from the wall. Also coming in early summer 2012, is the mMotion Top. This is a ceiling mount designed to support most TVs up to a maximum of 100 pounds. It will be capable of tilting 30 degrees, rotating 240 degrees and will be programmable for automatic on and off positions. And there are several more products on the drawing board to follow. The People of Lava are constantly designing contemporary, unique products. In other words, “Rethinking TV” to the benefit of all their customers in more than 20 countries around the world. No wonder they’re the best! For more information, visit DKM International Ltd. in booth #21430 in South Hall 1 or call Mark Langley at 905-470-2786 or visit

Januar y 2012

Oser Communications Group



PIDN: Tell our readers a little about your company.

PIDN: Tell our readers about the company and your main line of business.

An interview with Kurt Peterson, President of BlackRapid, Inc.

KP: BlackRapid designs, manufactures, distributes and sells photography industry accessories including the award-winning R-strap (original camera sling strap) product line. Founded in 2008 by a photographer looking to solve a problem, BlackRapid is committed to building quality products and a world-class brand. We are currently in over 45 countries and growing.

PIDN: What would you say makes your company unique?

KP: We are unique because we have transformed the way photographers shoot and how they feel when they use our straps. They tell us all the time that they get shots that they never hit before because of the speed of the grab, glide and click motion. They also tell us that shooting isn’t as cumbersome, thanks to the comfort and design of

Interview with Mediaclip’s CEO, Marion Duchesne

MD: Mediaclip is a software company that offers a unique tool for the personalization market. We developed a solution that allows retailers, printers and service providers to offer personalized printed products on their websites. In a world where no one wants to be part of the crowd anymore, customization and on-demand are the way to go. Our solution’s flexibility enables customers to stand out from the pack by responding quickly to emerging marketing opportunities like social media and self-branding while delivering a delightful user experience. The interface is slick and intuitive and uses the highest quality graphic assets, and most of all, it’s fun to use!


Photo Imaging Daily News caught up with David Williams, Director of Business Development for Convertible Solutions PIDN: What products do you expect to be hottest this year?

DW: Things that allow people to experience their pictures in deeper and more interesting ways are really hot right now. High resolution cameras in smart phones and apps like Instagram are driving more enthusiasm about pictures and people want to do more with their favorite images. We will see a shift toward higher end photo books and gifts printed on more interesting substrates and finished out with a greater flourish. PIDN: How does Convertible Solutions fit into the trend toward higher end products?

This is why our software is used by millions of people all over the world to create personalized products like photo books and calendars, but also for fresh products like

DW: Our TRU-Flat binding method for lay-flat photo books is perfect for photo labs and digital printers that want to offer a premium photo book. The books are made with Panoramic papers from Mohawk Fine papers and

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Las Vegas



PIDN: What is MiVeu?

PIDN: Tell our readers about Eye-Fi. What does the EyeFi ecosystem look like?

Oscar Aguilera of MiVeu stopped by Consumer Electronics Daily News’ booth to discuss the debut of his exciting camera accessory for the iPhone.

The IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc), the leading non-profit professional organization dedicated to the advancement of global communications, will demo prototypes of the new CAPTCHA techniques for securely downloading keys in RFID devices as well as the latest access control systems for enhancing character recognizability in tablet devices at booth 35307 located at South Hall 4 within the Las Vegas Convention Center during the 2012 International Consumer Electronics. Each demonstration exemplifies the organization’s drive to advance the latest wireless and wireline communications at the 9th Annual IEEE Consumer Communications Networking Conference (CCNC), which will be held immediately after CES 2012 from January 14– 17 at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. IEEE CCNC 2012 was organized to help develop technologies that provide anytime, anywhere, on-demand access to entertainment and information. As an introduction to IEEE CCNC 2012, visitors to the IEEE ComSoc Booth #35307 will have the opportu-

OA: MiVeu is a team of active people that love being outdoors and sharing their experiences with the world. We’re designers, engineers, athletes, and entrepreneurs, who are looking for the best way to share our fun.

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OA: MiVeu is a POV camera accessory for your iPhone. It uses the world’s most advanced lens and mounting system that transforms your iPhone into the best mobile POV camera on the market. The system allows you to share your POV experiences directly to your social networks right after shooting. MiVeu captures what you see in amazing 1080p video at a price that any iPhone user can afford. PIDN: Who is MiVeu?

Yuval Koren, CEO of EyeFi, discusses Eye-Fi’s seamless solution for capturing photos, getting them where you want them to go, and safely storing them in the cloud.

YK: Eye-Fi is best known for Eye-Fi wireless memory cards. Eye-Fi wireless memory cards automatically upload photos and videos from digital imaging devices, including digital cameras and Android and iOS based devices, to online, in-home and retail destinations. EyeFi’s ecosystem of partners includes major digital camera makers such as Canon, Nikon and Sony, along with the leading sharing sites, including Facebook, Flickr and Picasa. Additionally, to address the growing consumer demand to access content anywhere, Eye-Fi leverages the power of the cloud to provide private access to consumers’ memories on-the-go with Eye-Fi View. PIDN: How does Eye-Fi cloud storage work?

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Januar y 2012

Photo Imaging Daily News

JAYMO ADDS PRINT AT HOME FEATURE FOR PIXCASE PERSONALIZED PHONE CASES “It’s like putting a picture in a picture frame,” states Jay Foght, President of Jaymo about the PixCaseTM line of personalized phone cases, “and now with Jaymo’s new free online design tool, you can create free personalized designs for your phone and print them at home.” Customers who buy a PixCase can use their own PC or iPad to visit the online design tool at to upload their own photos, access hundreds of free gorgeous backgrounds, clip art and fonts to design one-of a-kind inserts.

They then have the option to save their designs as .pdfs or print at home. No waiting. No postage. Personalization of mobile devices isn’t new. There are a lot of companies that have photo upload software but many of them are hard to use and they are expensive. Jaymo’s design tool takes the mystery and the expense out of creating a personal device case. “It’s easy to take for granted that everyone is technologically savvy these days, but that isn’t always true. I know there are many users of social media

BlackRapid (Con’t. from p. 65)

company in the past year?

our products. We’re very proud of our patented, award-winning R-strap, and we are very committed to a balanced culture of creativity, technology, and business talent with relentless optimism. PIDN: What has been your emphasis in 2011?

KP: Our emphasis this year has really been on our worldwide distributors and partners as well as building our talent to help us evolve to the next level of growth as a company.

PIDN: What was the most significant event or series of events affecting your Mediaclip (Con’t. from p. 65)

phone skins and wall decors.

PIDN: How do you plan to keep up with evolving technologies?

MD: We are very aware of how mobile devices are slowly taking over as the main Internet access for many people, how HTML 5 and cloud computing are increasingly dominating the application development domain. We are actively trying to leverage these technologies and I have to say, it’s exciting to see what we have already achieved. We also need to make sure this platform provides our current customers with a good return on their investment, so we are planning on implementing added value throughout every technological transition rather than simply ‘switching’ from one to the other. Convertible Solutions (Con’t. from p. 65)

you can see and feel the quality in every page. And every two-page spread lays perfectly flat without any seam or gutter to interfere with the viewing experience. People don't have to put up with a gutter on their electronic books, why should they have to on a printed book! PIDN: Have there been any changes in Convertible Solutions paper stocks for direct marketing campaigns?

DW: Our first product was a personalized

KP: Our rapid growth. The complexities of doing business in so many countries with cultural issues to understand and to address present many operational intricacies. We’re now in preparation for our future plans two to five years out. We are also very pleased that our R-Straps were featured in some key media outlets this last year, including The New York Times and on the Disney Channel. PIDN: Describe your current marketing strategy.

KP: Our focus for 2012 includes creating greater worldwide awareness for our brand and investing in our marketing to PIDN: How is your solution different on a technical level?

MD: Our people come from different industries, which helped us see the problem of customizing print products from several angles. We adhere to best practices and build components that can evolve separately, integrate together and weave with other platforms. This means that every time someone asks us whether a vision can be implemented using our tools, the answer is always ‘Yes.’ Extensible would be the best word to describe what we built. The architectural decisions we made five years ago allowed us to continuously improve on our software without ever having to ‘replace’ a system or reintegrate our modules.

PIDN: What distinguishes your solution from the competition?

proof flier for Inter-State Studio and Publishing and photography labs and studios remain our largest single customer segment. The product that has been creating the most buzz recently is our Double Thick Impact Card which allows a 24 point postcard to be printed on a standard digital press. Whether you're trying to book senior portrait sessions, or promote a new line of high end albums, you'll be more successful if you reach out to potential customers through multiple channels. The most effective results come from a well designed mail campaign in conjunction with email market-

websites out there who haven’t bothered to personalize their own cases,” continues Jay Foght. “The software isn’t user friendly or the wait is too long, sometimes up to two weeks to receive a personalized case in the mail. Who wants to wait two weeks for a phone case?” The Jaymo design tool was created to go hand in hand with the popular PixCase. The concept of the PixCase is a simple one. By tracing the patented PixCase template around any 4”x6” photo, a person can cut out the photo and insert it into the PixCase. The case now becomes a picture frame, pure and simple. From the wife who loves to digital scrapbook to the husband who loves photos of his kids, the PixCase is the perfect gift. Made to look like a real picture frame, the “frame” is constructed of a

durable, shock absorbing black vinyl. At a time where people are conscience of their spending, the PixCase allows a person to show their individuality again and again. People can change their photo or design any time they choose. And because the insert can be changed at any time, one long-lasting PixCase will be the only case anyone will need to buy for their device. The PixCase family includes cases for all Apple products and select Blackberry models. Included with every purchase is a bonus screen guard. Available on the Jaymo website and at retailers around the country, Pixcase products range from $23.99 to $35.99 depending on the model, making them some of the most affordable personalized

support our dealers and distributors in a more strategic fashion.

interested in our SnapR line.

PIDN: What products do you see as being hottest this year?

KP: All of our products did very well this year. We also introduced our SnapR line, which is very popular with the consumer and amateur photographer market.

Currently our most popular straps are the RS-7 Curve and DR-1 Double. We pride ourselves on designing solutions that appeal to a broad range of audiences. Our focus has been the professional and amateur photographer; however with the adoption of smart phones and social media, we see more and more consumers MD: Our flexibility, for sure. It is our focus, from the user experience to the costumer’s after-sale support or marketing services. The application is renowned for its ease of use that offers free-form layouts as well as predefined themes to fit the user’s lifestyle, whether she’s a busy mom or a creative photographer. Users can design their projects on different platforms (desktop, online, phone, tablet, kiosk) and get their photos from any social network, and they can even share them afterword!

The same goes for our business models which can practically be tailored to each customer since the solution is available as an API, a SAAS and now, as a turnkey option. They can define most of the setups in the application, brand it to their look and feel and manage the product and template selection, even create new ones ing, personalized URLs, mobile marketing and QR codes. Postcards are one of the simplest and most effective ways to do direct mail and thicker postcards stand out and have higher response rates than thinner cards. PIDN: How can our readers find out more about your company?

DW: I hope they start by visiting us here at the show at booth 72350 in hall D at the Venetian. We will be demonstrating the TRU-Flat book binding method and have lots of samples that show the quali-

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PIDN: How do you see the next year in terms of economy, sales, technology, and product evolution?

KP: We are optimistic about 2012 for the global economy, and are planning to grow our sales aggressively next year. We are also committed to keeping a pulse on where our industry is heading and what our customers tell us they want.

Visit BlackRapid during CES in booth # 72317. After the show, visit For information on how to become a BlackRapid reseller please visit: :// or email to differentiate their offer.

PIDN: To what do you attribute your company’s success?

MD: Flexibility is at the heart of our management philosophy. It radiates from everything we do, including our relationships with our customers. Our team’s creativity and ability to innovate is Mediaclip’s most valuable asset and I want to make sure that we nurture these values. We use an ‘agile’ approach to software development and we promote flexible work schedules to help employees find a balance between work and family time. Being a mother of two gives me a unique perspective on that! I don’t know where this software will be in 10 years, but I’m sure it will evolve in line with its environment because the capacity to change is embedded in Mediaclip’s spirit. ty that you can achieve with the Panoramic paper. Our website at is the best place to find product information including links to our videos showing exactly how the Panoramic TRU-Flat system works.

I also encourage people to subscribe to our page on Facebook where every day we share some pearl of wisdom or piece of news of interest to photo imaging and digital printing professionals. They can find us on Facebook at www.facebook .com/ConvertibleSolutions.


Januar y 2012

Photo Imaging Daily News

heavy weight pages and seamless twopage spreads, Panoramic books have a look and feel that is more professional than traditionally bound books. The TRU-Flat process utilizes Panoramic Papers from Mohawk Fine Papers that have been pre-converted with cohesives to simplify the creation of photo books. After printing, the pages are folded, stacked and pressed together to form a series of two-page spreads without a gutter or seam to interrupt the images. An additional printed Panoramic sheet can be wrapped around the book block to form a simple soft cover or the

finished book block can be case bound. “We also wanted to lower the barriers to entry for new photo book companies,” Snyder stresses. “Because the paper incorporates the cohesive, the equipment required to bind the Panoramic books is simple, small and inexpensive.” The Panoramic TRU-Flat process is designed for photographers, architects, creative professionals and those that want to deliver an exquisite visual impact. Designed to run on digital presses, the pages lay perfectly flat when the book is finished and deliver stunning digital photo reproduction without the traditional gutter running down the middle of the page. Artists, art galleries, museums, highend product catalog designers will love the ability to lay out their pages without con-

cern for images getting lost in the gutter. Convertible Solutions is a subsidiary of Inter-State Studio and Publishing company that supplies specialized substrates for digital printing, photo book manufacturing and personalized direct mail. The company makes a full line of pre-converted stocks for envelopes, mailers and cards. Convertible's TRU-Flat® book binding technology is incorporated in Mohawk Fine Paper's Panoramic book product line. More information is available at

perform HTTPS operations supervised by Android mobile phones. Additionally, representatives from Venture Business Laboratory, Kyoto University and Mutech Trail Inc. will detail a new CAPTCHA technique designed to overcome the usability problems of mobile tablet devices such as smartphones, which do not use keyboards. This entails utilizing multiple noise images instead of twisted characters where invisible objects or messages are hidden. Subsequently, with this new technology objects appear when two images are overlapped at a certain position to resolve the recognizability of characters. Tablet users are then enabled to easily move images with only a finger and without the use of keyboards.

The IEEE ComSoc booth 35307 will include details on the society’s ongoing package of educational webcasts, webinars, publications and Tutorials Now online programs. Each year, hundreds of thousands of professionals, academics and government officials attend ComSoc events to network with experts and exchange ideas, while engaging in the organization’s educational programs designed to strengthen their knowledge of nearly every technological area. In addition, IEEE CCNC 2012 attendees will have access to more than 400 keynotes, technical sessions, tutorials, workshops and demonstrations developed to specifically showcase the latest enabling services and applications. Highlighting the agenda will also be the

keynote addresses of noted communications authorities such as Chang Yeong Kim, Senior Vice President, Samsung Fellow, and director of the Future IT Research Center at Samsung Electronics, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAlT), and Diane Cook, Huie-Rogers Chair Professor in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Washington State University, who will address the topic of “Smart Homes: Artificial Intelligence in the Home and Beyond.” For more information, visit booth 35307 in the LVCC, South Hall 4 or the Society’s website, Additional details for IEEE CCNC 2012 can also be found at

1080p video and image stabilization. MiVeu is sure to get better with every iPhone release. The modular design of MiVeu will allow us to develop and sell simple upgrade kits when Apple decides to change the form factor of the iPhone. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a POV device whose technology becomes obsolete within a year or a few months?

solutions for a variety of products, including new devices that have not yet been released to market. The modularity of our design allows us to create mounting clips for almost any device, not just smart phones. Stop by our booth to speak with one of the MiVeu representatives about developing a custom clip for your current or future devices.


CONVERTIBLE SOLUTIONS WILL DEMONSTRATE TRU-FLAT BOOKBINDING DURING PMA@CES Convertible Solutions will demonstrate its TRU-Flat process for binding lay-flat Panoramic photo books during PMA@CES, January 10-13 at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas. The complete line of Panoramic TRU-Flat binding tools will be displayed and demonstrated in the Convertible Solutions booth, number 72350. “Photo books are one of the fastest growing segments of the photo industry,” explains Aric Snyder, CEO of Convertible Solutions. “With the growing ranks of photo book sites, printers are looking for ways to stand out and with IEEE ComSoc (Con’t. from p. 65)

nity to learn first-hand about the latest methods for securely downloading keys in RFID devices, from an Android NFC enabled mobile. Today most electronic ticketing or physical access control systems work with Mifare components. This demonstration presented by leading researchers from Telecom ParisTech and EtherTrust will showcase “A New Keying System for RFID Lock Based on SSL Dual Interface NFC Chips and Android Mobiles.” It includes the use of a dual interface RFID running a trusted SSL/TLS stack. As a result, the keys are securely downloaded from WEB servers and afterward used by legacy Mifare systems, such as electronic locks, in order to MiVeu (Con’t. from p. 65)

PIDN: Why is MiVeu better than what is currently on the market?

OA: MiVeu is more affordable than existing POV cameras. It has an extremely versatile attachment system that gives you the freedom to record POV video with your iPhone. Mix it together, and you end up with the most advanced POV system out there. PIDN: Can I have one for myself?

OA: Yes, but you’ll need an iPhone too. PIDN: Why the iPhone?

OA: The iPhone is the world’s best smart phone, and now with the 4S, it offers full Eye-Fi (Con’t. from p. 65)

YK: Eye-Fi Premium gives users unlimited photo access, anywhere. By logging into their Eye-Fi account from any Internet connected device, Eye-Fi users can view, download and share their automatically backed-up content.

PIDN: Why did Eye-Fi decide to create a cloud storage solution?

YK: As users add new devices to their daily lives, their desire for cloud-based storage is growing so they can access information across all their devices at anytime, any-

PIDN: Where can I buy the MiVeu?

OA: After the show we’re hoping you can buy it everywhere! You can always get one from our website at

PIDN: Do you plan on developing MiVeu for other devices?

OA: Yes, we’re currently working on

PIDN: How durable is it?

OA: Extremely durable! MiVeu uses the strongest and most durable components to ensure a long product lifespan, even in the hostile environments of extreme sports. It has been flight-tested to 10 Gs and crashed on a bicycle at 40 miles per hour. I have the scars to prove it. MiVeu comes with a one-year repair or replace

where. Eye-Fi is helping users leverage their multiple devices to get a seamless experience from capture to viewing and sharing. Eye-Fi Premium is a unique private cloud system that allows our users to enjoy all their content on any device.

PIDN: Where can consumers purchase or upgrade to Eye-Fi Premium?

YK: All Eye-Fi users have access to private cloud storage of the last seven days of their photos and videos to view, share or download. If users prefer unlimited storage, they can upgrade to Eye-Fi Premium for just $4.99/month or

For more information on Eye-Fi Premium and other Eye-Fi products, visit

PIDN: How much does Eye-Fi Premium cost?

$49.99/year. Photos and videos will be backed up and stored, safe and sound for as long as they like.

YK: Eye-Fi users can upgrade their current cards to Eye-Fi Premium through the EyeFi Center software. Additionally, Eye-Fi Premium can also be purchased at all Best Buy locations and on

Photo books made with Convertible Solutions' TRU-Flat binding method lay perfectly flat and have no seam in the center.

PIDN: Who is your target customer?

OA: Everyone: all iPhone owners and POV lovers are potential customers. Newbies to POV will also be a target market. MiVeu lets them join in the fun with minimal financial risk, plus they’ll get a better overall user experience. PIDN: What’s your price point? (MSRP)

OA: $69.95 MSRP for the U.S. market. We expect upgrade kits to retail for less than $20.00.

Visit MiVeu during the show at booth #26706 at CES South Hall 2 – ilounge or online at

Jaymo (Con’t. from p. 68)

cases on the market. Cottage Mills, now Jaymo was founded in 1991. It is nationally recognized as a company that designs, produces and sells innovative products for the craft and photo industries. Jaymo’s line of personalized photo gift products includes the PixCaseTM, PixPenTM, PixMugTM and PixTagTM, all of which can be used with Jaymo’s design tool. To see the latest innovation in phone case design, visit the Jaymo booth at CES South-2 booth 26113 or checkout the website at

Friday, Januar y 13, 2012

Consumer Electronics Daily News




Though organizations spend significant resources to keep their computer networks protected from external security threats, significant security risks still remain as a result of the actions of their own employees, according to a recent Deloitte poll which surveyed nearly 1,200 information technology and business executives across the United States. According to the survey, 40 percent of respondents are unaware if their organization has strategies, policies, procedures or technology controls in place to effectively enforce mobile security. Without an awareness of these policies, employees may be hard-pressed to comply with them. Additionally, 28.4 percent of survey respondents believe there are unauthorized PDAs, tablets, or a combination of both connecting to their enterprise intranet, and particularly their e-mail servers. Unauthorized devices represent a significant security threat to organizations well beyond just the threat to the computing infrastructure itself.

The recent brouhaha over a mall owner's use of cell phone tracking antennas to keep tabs on shoppers' locations is yet another example of the need for a national dialogue on privacy as it relates to location-based data, said LeClairRyan attorney Kevin D. Pomfret, a leading advisor in the rapidly developing fields of spatial law and geospatial technology. "This was enough of a PR headache that the mall owner wisely decided to shelve the program for now," said Pomfret, a Richmond-based partner in LeClairRyan and Executive Director of the Centre for Spatial Law and Policy. "But there are much broader questions at play here: What does 'privacy' actually mean in this era of location-based technologies? What exactly are we trying to protect consumers from when we scuttle these types of programs? And what will happen if, perhaps out of emotional reactivity, we sharply limit the collection of location-based data without adequately weighing the potential economic and societal benefits these technologies provide?" The involuntary tracking of cell phone signals is certainly an affront to some, Pomfret noted, but it is just one of many ways in which American businesses are now taking advantage of a wide range of data, including location data, to put together more detailed customer profiles. "This happens every day ― often without shoppers' consent or even knowledge," the attorney said. "When you use an ATM machine, hand your credit card and driver's license to a 16-year-old store clerk, or park your car in a deck monitored by security cameras, you are fur-

"Devices like tablets, PDAs and smartphones have become ubiquitous over the past few years as people increasingly purchase them as tools to enhance their productivity at work and at home," said JR Regan, principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP and innovation leader to Deloitte's federal practice. "Despite the benefit of these new devices, they also present increased security threats for organizations which now must be wary of security threats originating from new channels." Even with a general unfamiliarity around mobile security policies and precautions in their organization, the overwhelming majority of respondents are concerned about one or more organizational security risks. Nearly 87 percent of respondents feel their company is at risk for a cyber attack originating from a mobile security lapse. Additionally, 41 percent of respondents feel that their organization is at risk in each of the following areas: operational risks, technological risks, infrastructure and device risks and legal and regulatory risks.

MOTOROLA MOBILITY GLOBAL RESEARCH OUTLINES DRAMATIC SHIFT IN TRADITIONAL TV-VIEWING EXPERIENCE Consumer hunger for social media connectivity and demand for "anytime, anywhere" entertainment is driving the most dramatic industry convergence in the past 20 years and radically shifting the traditional TV viewing experience, according to a global study released today by Motorola Mobility, Inc. Key trends from the 2011 Motorola Mobility Media Engagement Barometer are: • Online engagement and social TV, mobile TV, personal cloud services, and home automation are redefining the home ecosystem • Digital entertainment and social media enhance the traditional TV experience―consumers are hungry for content and connection • New forms of entertainment and connected services create additional revenue streams and opportunities to strengthen customer relationship

Motorola Mobility's 2011 Media Engagement Barometer―an independent global study of video consumption habits among 9,000 consumers in 16 markets―shows several major themes redefining the home ecosystem and consumer entertainment experience. This year's study found that consumers expressed a deep hunger for mobile TV, social TV, connected home and personal cloud services. Individually, each of these categories offers service providers significant opportunities to expand value-added services, improve customer loyalty and tap into new revenue streams.

"Consumers are constantly connected―and they want ubiquitous access to their content and communities," said John Burke, senior vice president and general manager, Converged Experiences, Motorola Mobility. "They don't care about the technology to make all of this happen; they simply want it to work and expect it to fit into their daily routines. The convergence trend upon us is a tremendous opportunity for our customers to capitalize on delivering this simple, intuitive experience in the home."

TV Consumption Remains Steady Consumers' desire for constant connection is influencing TV and video consumption, which accounts for an average of 15 hours per week worldwide. Germans now watch an average of 18 hours a week of TV and video compared to 14 hours (TV and video) in 2010. U.S. respondents now watch 21 hours of TV per week―two hours more than in 2010. On-demand TV courtesy of the consumer's DVR is shifting how and when consumers watch their favorite programs. This year, three times as many U.S. consumers are watching on-demand TV―18 percent in 2011 compared to 5 percent last year. The UK had a similar increase with 15 percent of consumers watching on-demand TV in 2011 compared to 8 percent in 2010. Service providers may seek to leverage this trend by offering improved realtime experiences at the original airing of the show. Deeper engagement with the proContinued on Page 129

Lightbulbs (Con’t. from p. 56)

that their bulbs are 'Made in America'. "We're encouraged by the dramatic increase in awareness of the national phase out in the last year and are committed to supporting further lighting education," said Rick Leaman, president and CEO, of Osram Sylvania. "As the phase out becomes a reality, Osram Sylvania will continue to offer consumers a wide variety of current and next-generation lighting choices, bridging consumer needs with energy saving technology." While this year's results indicate the amount of people optimistic about new technologies is up―with 56 percent of respondents reporting that they are eager to use more energy efficient lighting solutions―one third of respondents admitted they are worried about the phase out. For a third year in a row, 13 percent of respondents said that they plan to save up or "hoard" 100-watt incandescent bulbs, a consistent statistic that remained flat with the 2009 and 2010 findings. Additional findings of the 2011 SYLVANIA Socket Survey include:

Consumer Habit and Trends • A vast majority (87 percent) of respondents still use incandescent bulbs in their

nishing all kinds of location-based data to third parties," the attorney said. "Sometimes this data is sold or shared. Those who think their movements are known only to themselves are starting from a faulty assumption." When it comes to any discussion of privacy concerns related to locationbased data, a thoughtful understanding and analysis of the potential risks is needed before the best method to protect location-based privacy can be identified, Pomfret said. "What risk are you trying to protect against?" he said. "For example, from a physical security standpoint, the strange guy sitting next to you at a restaurant as you swipe away on your iPad is a bigger risk than a mall owner collecting anonymous location data from your cell phone. Likewise, when it comes to financial risk that clerk who has your credit card number and driver's license information clearly represents a greater danger." Another critical lesson of this incident is that, today, businesses of all kinds are working overtime to gather more data from their customers, and this will only get easier for them thanks to rapid advancements in technologies such as smartphones. "The drive to collect socalled 'big data' is giving rise to so many of the legal and privacy issues slowly bubbling to the surface today," Pomfret said. "But rather than reacting to individual news stories in a piecemeal, case-bycase fashion, we need to think these issues through both systematically and comprehensively." Continued on Page 128

homes, but 53 percent plan to switch to a new technology, such as CFLs, LEDs or halogen, after the 100-watt is eliminated this January 2012. • Within the past year, the majority of consumers have evaluated the types of lighting options that they use and 62 percent of respondents reported that they have changed or switched out a light bulb within the last year for energy efficiency reasons. • 9 out of 10 consumers consider brightness, bulb longevity, and price important when choosing a light bulb. Phase Out Preparedness and New Technology Adoption • While overall awareness of upcoming legislation is high, only 31 percent of Americans knew specifically that the 100-watt light bulb will no longer be made after January 1, 2012. • More than half (56 percent) are excited about the phase out because Americans will use more energy efficiency light bulbs, while 34 percent are worried about the phase out because they prefer using traditional light bulbs. • One third of Americans said they will keep using traditional light bulbs, just switching to a lower wattage, like 75 watt―this number is up 7 percent from 2010 and 14 percent from 2009.

Consumer Electronics Daily News

RUSSOUND NOW OFFERING VNET LIGHTING AND AUTOMATION Whole-house audio pros know Russound as the market leader. Now, here at CES, Russound announces an expansion into lighting control and home automation to provide even more profit opportunities for their partners. This represents a new beginning for Russound and is viewed as a critical step forward to continue the company’s growth and success. Russound will be offering lighting, home automation and digital audio systems under the vNet brand name. Available exclusively to Russound

Sphere Dealers, the product line-up has been updated and provides new opportunities for these dealers to profitably grow their businesses. The vNet product line provides lighting control with both local and remotely located dimming devices, touchscreens with what many believe is the best user interface in the industry, digital multizone audio systems, and modules providing simple integration with CCTV, climate control, and other third-party systems.

MEDIACLIP UNVEILS USIMPLYPRINT, A NEW TURN-KEY SOLUTION FOR PERSONALIZATION MediaclipTM, a developer of software solutions for the personalization of printed products, announced today the launch of a new turn-key Web-to-Print solution called USimplyPrint. This solution has integrated version 2.7 of the Mediaclip Photo Product Creator SuiteTM into a complete e-commerce platform and can be configured to offer photo products as well as business and promotional products. USimplyPrint allows any B2B2C company to offer online personalization without having to manage costly IT infrastructures. The cloud-based solution is fully extendable and as flexible as the original Mediaclip API. Shodogg (Con’t. from p. 1)

HM: Well, in a nutshell, Shodogg is a media technology company that transforms the way consumers access, navigate, control and share streaming video. Our IP-based delivery system allows consumers to use any smartphone to deliver any types of streaming media content to any web-enabled screen such as a TV, tablet or computer without the added hassle or confinement of wires or boxes.

CEDN: How different, or unique is Shodogg compared to other video delivery companies out there?

HM: Our delivery system is extremely unique. Our users have the ability to access content on any device and move that content to any connected device with a browser. On the back end, we protect our content partners by keeping them in complete control over their content, thereby allowing them to maintain their branding and maximizing their ad revenue. No other technology can balance the speed and efficiency with the ability to deliver the original stream like we offer.

CEDN: You guys are just now launching at CES, correct? What’s your strategy for this?

HM: Our main goal and objective is to just get mass brand recognition for the

The back-end of the solution is composed of a robust rendering engine called Clip ProducerTM combined with an ecommerce platform that includes, among other things, an image uploader, projects and user account manager, secure shopping cart and payment gateway, geolocator to optimize delivery and in-store pickup, as well as other tracking tools for production and marketing campaigns that integrate into an existing production workflow. According to Yves Gagnon, COO: “USimplyPrint not only takes advantage of our renowned, unique and delightful user experience, but also includes new company and product right now, while at the show. Our technical strategy has been and continues to be to build a product that will allow users the ability to access the content they want to watch easily and efficiently while keeping the owner of that content in control. I feel our product is doing just this and we will continue to build on that success with new technology and content partners. Right now it’s all about getting mass adoption of users while delivering a quality product. And of course attracting new content partners. CEDN: What do you anticipate to be your greatest challenge in the year ahead?

HM: I think there are several challenges that any start-up faces. The first, and most obvious right now, is working on raising our series A as quickly as we can so we can continue to build out the technology and expand the company. I would say the other challenge would be to keep aware of any unknown competitive threats emerging over the next six to 18 months. There is so much confusion in the marketplace right now, that we need to be able to get the word out about our technology and how helpful it can be to those that own content.

CEDN: What distinguishes Shodogg from the competition?

HM: Good question. The biggest distinguishing factor is how we deliver. We are

Friday, Januar y 13, 2012 vNet has a unique solution for keypads that allows the installer to easily create labels without the added cost, time and frustration of waiting for engraved buttons. With easy-to-use configuration software and utilization of wireless technologies, installation is a snap in new construction or existing homes. Many systems are installed in only a day. Russound anticipates the vNet products being offered beginning in February, 2012. Options will include pre configured packages that offer complete solutions for the most requested applications. These packages will focus on installation opportunities into existing homes by leveraging the vNet RF lighting technologies. vNet’s unique approach allows


the installation of systems with up to 50 lighting loads without requiring a centralized lighting controller. The vNet products integrate easily with Russound’s existing multi-zone audio systems, providing complete systems with all the features consumers want in their home. Visit Russound and see the new vNet products here at CES at the company's suite in the Renaissance Hotel daily from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Friday. After the show, visit

exciting integration capabilities and back-end management tools. It is simple to deploy because the integration is already done and no specific skills are required to manage it. If you are a retailer, a content owner or a printer, we can manage the implementation of the solution from the website creation to the market deployment of new products”. Philippe Gascon, Vice-President of Sales, is really enthusiastic about USimplyPrint. He says, “We finally have a solution for our customers who have great marketing ideas but lack the IT knowledge to leverage the powerful capabilities of our software. Today, companies need to find a way to belong to their customer’s reference community in order to be able to capture a market segment. But the question remains how to attract and retain them while providing relevant con-

tent? The answer is quite simple: let the users create it and share it!” He adds, “It’s even easier in the imaging industry where content gets to be created with every picture we take and memories we want to share. The goal remains the same, but the means change with the emergence of mobile devices and social networks such as Facebook. At the PMA show, we will demonstrate how the software can import pictures from social network and storage sites, and sharing options including share a copy that allows a person to send an editable copy of his project to friends, so they can create their own version and share it again. You can maximize the viral marketing effect by enabling people to create new content for and from

not confined to DLNA or LAN’s and we are not a point-to-point solution. We don't require control over content so we can work with anybody. We are simply a cog in the wheel―a very important one. Shodogg is like a mobile cloud: instead of moving the content from one device or person to another, we allow the person to move around the device they want to watch on.

and initially targeted to 18-24 year olds. The app will allow users to access, navigate, control and share content across multiple screens like never before. We are working with content owners that want additional exposure to this demographic and market without sacrificing their branding or advertising. The app will continue to build as we add content partners. The second focus is licensing. We know that there is a need in the market for a cleaner user experience on connected devices. The idea of having to build apps for every TV or tablet is costly and inefficient, both to the user and the content owner. We can enable content owners to stream video to any connected device, lowering development costs and increasing user satisfaction by embedding our technology into their current apps. We have a truly unique way to make the second screen experience truly one screen.

CEDN: How is the market faring for an innovative technology like this? Are we ready as an industry to adapt to this type of entertainment?

HM: There are many companies either already in this space or trying to get in. We look at the various categories and we feel we have a strategic advantage over all of them. OTT players have portability and cost limitations. Streaming video services are continually subject to rising acquisition costs, which they will have to pass along to their customers. Mirroring software companies have an inferior product that is not natural to the way people want to watch content. Our technology is inexpensive, has no acquisition costs and is very natural to the video watching experience.

CEDN: What is Shodogg’s business model?

HM: Our business model consists of two approaches. The first is a consumer model, which will be launched as an app

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CEDN: What is your outlook or projection for the company in 2012?

HM: We are extremely bullish about our technology and believe that we have developed a delivery system that will change the way consumers watch and share content. We want to revolutionize the way content owners deliver content and eventually become the catalyst for how users consume content. That, and gearing up for more funding. Visit Shodogg at booth #70103 at the Venetian.


Friday, Januar y 13, 2012

Consumer Electronics Daily News

the youngest student in her school’s history. She has already accomplished so much and aspires to become an artist. She even helped me design the VINCI Tab’s patented handle! I never doubted that my children would do well in the school. I always won-

dered about how great they can be and how I can help them get there. Developing their child’s full potential is the greatest mission and a true challenge for any parent. Through creating VINCI, I was able to interact with world-renowned developmental scientists, ask questions about their theories, then apply that knowledge to common parenthood practices. I believe that regardless of children’s natural talents, they must primarily develop the most important skill - thinking. Good thinking skills differentiate the

truly great from the good. Innovation requires critical thinking. Creativity stems from strategic thinking. Adults with excellent thinking skills can make insightful observations, challenge the status quo, and set complicated processes in motion. In designing the VINCI early learning content, we put a great deal of emphasis on expanding children’s thinking skills. Many of our games ask children to match samples, find objects and

production capacity of over 5 million units. The U.S office of ADT Digital was opened with the goal of creating and delivering a complete range of high quality Akai-branded products. Although the U.S office was recently opened, the Hong Kong office has been doing business in international markets for a number of years in addition to selling into the U.S market under private label deals that include

Barbie, Hello Kitty and Insignia brands. In essence we offer a one-stop shop,” states John Steele, Vice President of ADT Digital. “We have well established manufacturing facilities and a Hong Kong office that acts as a liaison with ADT-Digital and handles its international distribution, and we recently licensed the AKAI brand to complement and expand our current distribution channels.”

The Akai brand has proven itself to be one of the premier sources of vision and innovation which best fit ADT Digital's philosophy of offering internally designed high quality consumer electronic product with aggressive retail price points. For additional details please contact: At CES, please visit suite H2630 in the Central Tower at the Las Vegas Hilton or call 561-3761051.

and music with innovative, durable and stylish products.

excited about?

high quality standards.

CULTIVATING TOMORROW’S LEADERS Dr. Dan D. Yang, Creator of VINCI, Rullingnet Corporation People often ask me what I would like my children to become when they grow up. The honest answer is: I’m not sure! My 16-yearold is a senior in high school and will graduate as

ADT Digital (Con’t. from p. 1)

(AE) group of companies established in Hong Kong in 1970. In 1994, AE opened its first factory in China and has expanded with an additional two manufacturing facilities. Today, AE is a fully integrated manufacturing group with over 4,000 people. With headquarters in Donguan, China, AE’s manufacturing facilities cover more than 2 million square feet with annual DICOTA (Con’t. from p. 1)

portfolio of design-savvy, functional and, durable carry solutions is delivering some much needed product differentiation to the industry. CEDN: How important is design to the DICOTA brand? JL: As a full-line accessories manufacturer that supports all major platforms, our emphasis on quality and functionality is a critical tool for us to package a superior offering to our rivals.

Our emphasis on design is an integral element in our offering today, as it always has been for the DICOTA brand. We remain focused on developing smart, innovative design details right across our portfolio. Our core value proposition is ‘Protect Your World’ and we help customers protect their data, films, images Volfoni (Con’t. from p. 1)

JH: Volfoni is a designer and manufacturer of innovative, state-of-the-art 3D glasses and systems for professionals and consumers. We began about four years ago as a supplier of rental 3D glasses for theaters and cinemas throughout Europe, but we quickly saw a need for more technologically advanced products in the industry, so we began designing and manufacturing our own 3D glasses and systems.

CEDN: What makes Volfoni unique in the 3D world?

JH: We design and manufacture very high-quality, but reasonably priced, 3D products for use on all platforms. There Mall privacy (Con’t. from p. 81)

Businesses, in particular, can and should be proactive on this issue, Pomfret added. "Companies need to think carefully about the data they col-

CEDN: What’s new at DICOTA right now?

JL: We’re optimizing the DICOTA brand in a number of ways. Most importantly, we’re meeting the convergence of mobile computing devices head-on with a comprehensive portfolio of design-savvy, functionality-rich carry solutions that appeal to a wide range of segments and price points. Working with many of the major brands of mobile devices, we continue to develop uniquely well-designed products for tablets, laptops, smartphones and other devices. We’ve got some great product on the market right now and there’s plenty more to come. CEDN: Is there a specific product in the DICOTA portfolio you are especially

are two technologies used for watching 3D: active and passive. In the active system, glasses have an electronic component inside their frames, and lenses are made of liquid crystal. In the passive system (which is what movie theaters commonly utilize in the U.S.), glasses have polarized lenses (with no electronics in the frame). We are one of the few companies in the world providing 3D glasses and systems for use on all platforms. CEDN: Which Volfoni products are perfect for the 3D home experience?

JH: The 3D home experience starts with 3D-ready TV sets and projectors. For both, we have optimal products. With our universal and hybrid 3D glasses, lect and the risks and benefits associated with its collection, use and storage. They need to understand, not just all of the applicable privacy laws, but also issues such as who owns the data from an intellectual property standpoint,

JL: Difficult to say, but I would probably go for the DICOTA Sling Bag for iPad. The explosion in the market for tablets has created a huge demand for this entirely new type of product and it’s a gap in the market we are filling with the DICOTA Sling Bag for iPad. We wanted to design a unique bag that offered all the detail and functionality demanded by customers, while retaining our hallmark traits of superior design and rugged durability for everyday use.

We have successfully incorporated a stand on the front of the bag that you can tilt to different angles making the bag ideal for watching videos or writing emails on the go. Being DICOTA, we spent a lot of time sourcing durable materials that would add a personal touch to the appearance of the bag and meet our

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Please visit DICOTA during CES 2012 at booth 35683 in the South Hall, Upper Level.

About DICOTA DICOTA is renowned for supreme quality and functionality in protection through carrying solutions for your personal media products. Each DICOTA product is created for a world on the move: for a world that requires perfect protection and deserving no less than first class design. Find out more about DICOTA at or contact them at 877-623-4983.

About OSM Group OSM Group specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of customized mobile accessories, retail display and premium product solutions. For more information visit our website at

ActivEyesTM, we offer the best active shutter glasses on the market, which work with all TV standards, passive or active. For the 3D ready projectors, we recommend our EDGETM 1.1+ which allows you to have a cinema quality shutter glass at home and we are introducing a polarization modulator called SmartCrystalTM Pro. It works with any single-lens 3D projector and turns it into a system that works with passive 3D glasses. For DLP-Link projectors, the set up is extreamly easy. All you have to do is to place it in front of the projector’s lens and you can use passive glasses to view 3D images on a silver projection screen.

JH: We are focused on creating innovative products for the home consumer, the industry professional, the educator and all those who see the unlimited possibilities of 3D to entertain, engage and inspire. We are particularly excited about our new hybrid 3D glasses, which work with both active AND passive systems. These hybrid glasses are also universal, so they can be used with all 3D projectors, TVs and PCs, regardless of brand. Another product in development: 3D glasses with a multi-view option, meaning two people can watch two different types of content on the same screen. The possibilities of 3D are endless.

CEDN: What's next for Volfoni?

You can find Volfoni at CES in booth: South 2 – 25722.

where the data is stored and/or whether the quality of the data actually is sufficient to meet their needs." Overall, American consumers, policy-makers and business leaders could benefit greatly by carefully weighing

the pros and cons of the various ways in which location-based data might be used by public and private interests, Pomfret concluded. "Unfortunately," he said, "that is not what is happening right now."

Consumer Electronics Daily News Ashley Entertainment (Con’t. from p. 1)

CEDN: “Another year is another opportunity to grow” an impressive statement in these times.

RB: I remember hearing, after last year a statistic that stated online sales rose 15.4 percent year-over-year to $36.4 billion. We have worked diligently to position our company to be a preferred vendor to the top Internet sites. I feel confident saying that if you have searched the Web to purchase an item, you have come across an account that we service. Our growth will continue to come from utilizing our vendor numbers, integrated systems and expertise in logistics to assist other manufacturers in gaining instant receivables placing their products online. If Ashley Entertainment comes to an agreement with a manufacturer, they can feel confident that their line will be immediately exposed in traditional and nontraditional markets that have never had the opportunity to purchase their products. Carnegie Mellon (Con’t. from p. 1)

CEDN: Why does the QoLT Center demonstrate university-based research at CES? JO: Our research originates from the issues and market potential of the fastgrowing Baby Boomer generation. Baby Boomers represent 25 percent of the U.S. population; possess unprecedented wealth; and, spend more money on technology than any other age group. We create technologies that help people maintain independence as they age, develop health problems, or live with a disability. But quality of life impacts everyone. QoLT emphasizes universal design to create intelligent systems anyone will enjoy. The QoLT Foundry focuses exclusively on accelerating commercialization directly from research. Broad consumer applications touch on health, sports and fitness, gaming, entertainment, personal robotics, smart homes and transportation.

Motorola Mobility (Con’t. from p. 81)

gramming via an integrated social TV element can provide viewers an incentivized reason to watch the initial program airing and engage with other fans immediately.

Online Engagement and Social TV Present Strong Opportunities With an average of 12 hours spent online per week and another six hours dedicated to social media, online engagement continues to be a mainstay in the consumer's weekly routine. Additionally, social TV is already a big trend, with more than half (61 percent) of global respondents saying that they have already discussed a TV program with friends via a social network. The trend is expected to continue―an additional 49 percent said they would be interested in this type of service―and represents a huge opportunity to service providers worldwide. Additional global online engagement and social TV findings include:

CEDN: Online sales are exploding and becoming a favored way to shop. My questions to you are: What categories and new products do you see working online? What is it that Ashley Entertainment looks for when doing their due diligence to decide whom to partner with?

RB: The Internet has become a resource for both young and old. People are taking advantage of how easy it is to use the Internet and there is a high confidence level that monetary transactions are secure. You get a tremendous amount of information and reviews rather than relying on a “self selling” box or some not-so-knowledgeable assistance from a store clerk. The demographic of the Internet shopper is really anyone and everyone! Any category may work and is worth investigating. My team has over one hundred years’experience with marketing and selling the product and also the logistics of delivering it. There are many things to consider when choosing new products and it is a team effort when going CEDN: How does the QoLT Center drive innovation into Industry?

JO: Strategic partnerships with industry and incubation of new spin-off companies translate and transfer universitybased innovation to the public sector.

QoLT scientists are highly motivated to discover paradigm-changing technology capabilities that save time for corporate R&D departments; in exchange, partners actively shape the Center’s research agenda and provide critical perspective on market requirements for product or practice. CEDN: What motivates companies to participate?

JO: As a highly interdisciplinary practice, QoLT uniquely supports disruptive technologies with transformative potential. We’re creating the next technological wave! The QoLT Member Consortium acts as an innovation hub by connecting leaders of industry, clinical practitioners, economic development

• A preference for accessing a social TV service using a PC, smartphone or tablet (43 percent) instead of the television set using an on-screen menu (40 percent). • Using social networks to comment on the program is the preferred social TV service for 89 percent of respondents in Germany, 87 percent in the U.S. and 60 percent in South Korea. • Respondents in Russia (55 percent) and the U.S. (34 percent) said they would prefer a social TV service that links through to sites to buy products featured on the program, while only 23 percent of respondents in Germany preferred this type of service. • People worldwide preferred a service that allows them to video chat with family and friends; support for this feature was especially high in China at 58 percent of respondents interested this type of service, compared to 37 percent of U.S. respondents and only 19 percent in the UK. Mobile TV Finally Here It appears mobile TV has truly taken off

Friday, Januar y 13, 2012 through the selection process. Each division has their concerns. On the sales and marketing side, we have to determine if there is a market and what current competitors are doing online. How would we position ourselves to offer more value to the consumer? On the logistics side, we look to make sure the item is over-boxed, that whatever it may be can easily ship and how many hands have to touch it to get it out the door. Is there the possibility of having a virtual warehouse situation so that everyone is working off of a “Just In Time Inventory” scenario. CEDN: So I’m a manufacturer and I’ve read your statements above and over the last year I’ve been on the fence as to my next move to realize online success. Why Ashley Entertainment and not the guy down the street?

RB: Finally, an easy question to answer! We are very selective in the products that we take on for distribution. If we are going to partner with a manufacturer, groups, venture capitalists and scientists who are actively engaged around the emerging space. Participation yields early-stage advantages and insights. Consortium Members receive: priority notification of invention disclosures; preferred licensing options; private briefings on spin-offs; advance access to research reports, publications and market watch updates; and options for QoLT tools, labs, repositories and methodologies. CEDN: How does the QoLT Center support the R&D efforts of its partners?

JO: QoLT works directly with partners to solve product development, service offering or adoption challenges. Companies benefit from project courses and rapid prototyping partnerships offering substantial cost savings in engineering hours and qualitative talent. Companies can directly sponsor projects.


they can feel confident that we have the ability to perform. Our IT department has worked with virtually every major retailer to integrate the EDI process. Our logistics team is amazing at moving product. Our rating for delivery is unsurpassed. With all this, the process of receiving an EDI order and responding, preparing it to be shipped and actually shipping means nothing if you don’t have the vendor numbers necessary to service all classes of trade. That is one of Ashley Entertainment’s biggest assets. Our reach is extensive, placing product online at mass merchandisers, specialty retailers, consumer electronic retailers and directresponse accounts. We have worked hard to emerge as a preferred vendor to the accounts and we are actively looking to partner with manufacturers that compliment what we are doing. Do you .com? Ashley Entertainment Definitely Does! Visit booth 58006/58008 in the HK Pavilion to learn more about what Ashley Entertainment can do for you.

sonal robotics, human system interaction, rehabilitation science and home healthcare technology call the QoLT Center home. Leadership includes Takeo Kanade, Martial Hebert, Christopher Atkeson, Dan Siewiorek, and Rich Schulz―all respected world-leaders in their academic fields. Partners gain direct access to their expertise and award-winning students.

CEDN: What innovations will QoLT exhibit at the 2012 CES? JO: Visit QoLT at CES Booth #3011: We’ll feature gadgets for health or entertainment such as First Person Vision which lets users share seeing and Vibe Attire a vibrating vest that helps users feel music. We’ll demo personal robots like PerMMA, Romibo, and Myomo’s mPower. Visitors can play interactive games for healthy eating and rehab or explore a suite of virtual coaching apps.

More than 100 researchers with specialized expertise in computer vision, per-

For more information, contact Kristen Sabol ( or visit

in the past year―more than a third (37 percent) of global respondents claim to watch TV services outside the home on a smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop. • The 2011 research discovered a nearly five-fold increase from 2010 in U.S. TV viewing taking place on smartphones―23 percent are currently watching mobile TV on their smartphones. Comparatively, 46 percent of Japanese respondents report they have watched mobile TV on their smartphones in 2011. • Germany (22 percent), UAE (20 percent), and Mexico and Singapore (both 19 percent) are also big mobile TV fans, while Argentina had only 7 percent of consumers watching mobile TV less than once a week. • Finally, more than a quarter (27 percent) of the global consumers aged between 2534 years watch mobile TV on a mobile device once or twice a week, as do just over a third (34 percent) of consumers in the 4554 age group and (33 percent) of respondents in the 55+ age group.

The Personal Cloud Takes Shape A September 2011 Juniper Research study predicts consumer cloud revenues will reach $6.5B by 2016―and that growth is driven by video and music services. This is supported by Motorola's study, which found that 52 percent of U.S. consumers were interested in a service that enabled access to their personal data (such as videos, photos and other information) on any device, from anywhere in the world. • In 2011, 41 percent of global respondents said they would be interested in a personal cloud type of service, but would need to be convinced of its value. • These findings were particularly true among respondents in Singapore (50 percent), South Korea (49 percent), UAE (39 percent) and the US (37 percent). • China (38 percent), Mexico and Turkey (both 35 percent) were the most interested in this type of service, compared to 7 percent of German respondents.


Friday, Januar y 13, 2012

TECHNOLOGY COULD SAVE YOU MONEY Worth Ave. Group, the largest provider of electronic device insurance, has built their business around saving consumers money. With an insurance policy in place and in the event of a loss, you are protected financially from high costs to replace the device. Worth Ave. Group has also learned that there are many other ways that technology can save you some cash. 1. Invest in a Smartphone: Your Russound (Con’t. from p. 1)

MA: Russound was founded in 1967 and we are still located in New Hampshire. We're a family-owned business, and our employees are very much a part of our family. When you get to know us, you'll learn we treat our partners like family as well. We like to say we have a rich history and a bright future. Russound built our reputation providing reliable and easy-to-install multi-zone audio systems. We are building on those products with the introduction of digital sources and new technologies in response to a changing market. And we are adding new product categories such as lighting and home automation. CEDN: Tell us what you're exhibiting here at CES. MA: What we're excited about here at CES Intersil D2Audio (Con’t. from p. 1)

automotive markets. Below, he describes Intersil D2Audio’s objectives and technologies.

CEDN: Intersil D2Audio has been working many years on advanced digital audio solutions. Describe your mission and objectives.

RB: The Intersil D2Audio mission is to enable all consumer electronics with the benefits of digital audio technology by packaging advanced premium audio technologies into surprisingly affordable silicon solutions. All audio systems can benefit from the D2Audio digital sound processors and amplifiers, and what truly makes them unique in the audio industry is their premium sound quality, high functional integration, and sound customization flexibility with the Audio CanvasTM III audio design tool. We want to provide a holistic platform enabling our customers to improve the human listening experience in everything from IDEAL SALES (Con’t. from p. 1)

When questioned about their growth and development, Company President Asher Shtesl reveals that it was honesty that helped pave the road to their success. He boasts about a team of trained employees who, under his guidance, continuously strive for excellence. Mr. Shtesl praises their willingness to learn, as well as their friendly customer service, phone manners and integrity, and claims that all these directly influence the company’s prosperity. He confirms

Smartphone can eliminate the need for a camera, iPod, e-Reader, GPS and maybe even a computer. Most smartphones do everything a computer can do and more. 2. Smartphone Apps: There are many apps aimed at helping you save money from barcode scanners that let you scout prices of a product to finding the cheapest gas in your area to local deal apps, this is one way easy way to keep is our presentation of Russound as a house of brands. We have the traditional line of Russound products, which has gotten even better with the introduction of our digital streamer and Bluetooth interfaces; we’re adding the vNet line of home automation and lighting products; and we have AirGo, which is the first-ever outdoor music player that is a dock for Apple's AirPort Express.

CEDN: Can you tell our readers more about the vNet products?

MA: The vNet products are Russound's entry into real home automation and lighting control. Those familiar with Colorado vNet will be encouraged to know that those products are being fully assimilated into Russound, and we are even developing new products. We recently introduced a digital audio server/streamer with advanced services such as Pandora and world-class sound systems to TV soundbars or media player docks.

CEDN: You’ve just announced the release of your DAE-3HT audio processor. Describe its basic benefits.

RB: Toward the goal of enabling affordable premium fidelity, the DAE-3HT integrates the necessary system-level functionality into a flexible, programmable platform available at a much lower price point than previous D2Audio offerings. Using this sound processor with Audio Canvas III audio design tool and our suite of sound processing firmware, customers can easily optimize and create their own “brand” of audio characteristics for their end products. Customers no longer have to compromise audio quality for cost and settle for products sounding like every other on the shelf.

Consumer Electronics Daily News money in your pocket. 3. Read e-Books: eBooks cost a fraction of a hard or paperback book. Also most libraries are now offering e-Books for rental just like any other library book. 4. Use Wi-Fi: Lots of coffee shops and businesses offer Wi-Fi to be used by their patrons. By using their Wi-Fi you can eliminate the need for internet in the home as well as absorb some of the data on your smart phone. SiriusXM. Our lighting system is flexible with wired and wireless control, making it accessible to everyone. A system can be installed in one day, even in existing homes. CEDN: You also mentioned your new AirGo line. What can you tell us about that?

MA: AirGo is the first-ever dock for an Apple AirPort Express, and it is designed to work outside. The homeowner can put this on a patio and play any music through it from an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. It's totally self-contained with a stereo speaker, plays loud with very high-fidelity and great bass. We expect this product to appeal to anyone who likes music and likes to be outside, whether that's on your patio or at a tailgate party or camping in your RV. The possibilities are endless.

CEDN: We've heard a rumor that you're announcing something special at CES.

improved performance on lower-end consumer products?

RB: The D2Audio technology provides an ideal solution for all levels of audio products. We continue advancing state of the art audio system technology while driving silicon innovations to drive down cost by leveraging Intersil’s scale and taking advantage of improved fabrication efficiencies. CEDN: At both your LVCC demo room and Venetian Hotel private demo suite, customers have an opportunity to experience your Audio Canvas III audio design tool. Describe what makes it so unique.

CEDN: D2Audio has always been recognized as a leader in audio performance for high-end audio. Now that it is part of Intersil, how are you able to deliver

RB: Audio Canvas III completely simplifies programming of the sound processor. The point-and-click tool automatically creates a comprehensive signal processing image―including the audio signal path, I/O connectivity, and supervisory functionality―without need to write any additional DSP firmware. And even more exciting for customers is the tool inter-

that the employee body is united in their goal to see the company flourish by individually utilizing their own qualities to find, research and bring only the best products and prices to customers. They are courteous, professional, and knowledgeable, and offer great after sales support when and if necessary, he proudly claims. IDEAL SALES has climbed the rungs of the corporate ladder slowly but steadily throughout the past decade, focusing on building strong ties with retailers and customers. During tough

financial times, IDEAL SALES didn’t compromise on the quality and affordability of their products and services. They have always dealt with integrity, never once deceiving their customers in order to increase their earnings. They are now reaping the fruits of their labor, and to date IDEAL SALES boasts a vast array of clients from all over the world who take advantage of their services and enjoy quality products for affordable prices It is a turning point for IDEAL SALES now, as they celebrate the culmi-

5. Watch Television on the Web: A Movie subscription service like Netflix will allow you to rent television shows as well as movies for only around $19.99 a month or less. And, websites such as Hulu lets you watch current television shows for little or no charge. You can easily eliminate your need for cable television. Before you cringe at the thought of shelling out some big money for your next electronic device, think about the ways it can save you money. Can you tell us about that?

MA: We have so many great things going on at Russound; it’s hard to pick just one. We have vNet, AirGo, new digital sources, and a whole series of new products on our near-term roadmap.

We are becoming much more customer focused. We’ve grown our sales organization to provide better support for our dealer and distributor partners. We’ve even changed our tech support system to have a real person answer and more quickly resolve any issue.

For more information, come and visit our hospitality suite at the Renaissance Hotel, Suite 9. We'll be open each show day from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Friday. After the show, people can visit our website at

faces directly to their target system design and enables real time configuration changes while listening to the resulting audio. The productivity improvement is quite remarkable for both up front design and subsequent field updates. What used to take audio engineers weeks or months can now be achieved in a matter of hours.

CEDN: Like any successful technology company, you are always looking ahead. What comes next for Intersil D2Audio?

RB: I am still looking at the entire audio system, and in particular at the audio amplifier solution. We are presently defining our roadmap around the remaining components that continue to offer improvements in efficiency and effectiveness, without compromising performance, continuing to drive the highest level of performance into everyday life experiences. See the latest D2Audio products at the Venetian Hotel 34-309 during International CES 2012.

nation of 10 years in business, and they invite the public to partake in their celebration of such a milestone. IDEAL SALES thanks the many who patronize their business, and hope to further perfect and upgrade their relationship. They confidently face another decade with high expectations of continued success. To prospective clients, Mr. Shtesl says: “We look forward to giving you a firsthand view of our dealings.” For information, contact them at 718-782-3017 or email

Consumer Electronics Daily News iWatchz (Con’t. from p. 1)

iPod nano to the next level through our innovative nano clip system and a series of secure and fashionable wristbands, which are stylish enough to replace actual watches. We are changing the way iPod users value their accessories. CEDN: What makes your company unique?

JS: iWatchz is unique because we seamlessly integrate the nano into our watchbands and make them look like actual high end timepieces. Our bands and patent pending clip system are designed to have the appearance of a real watch with the functionality of an iPod nano. With these specs in mind, we’ve created a series of bands that are modern, thin, comfortable to wear, and appealing to both men and women. Additionally, all of our collections are high quality and offered at an exceptional value.

Prism Sound (Con’t. from p. 1)

engineering specialist, involved in a number of vertical sectors. I manage our audio test and measurement product range, specializing in delivering innovative analysis solutions to many of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of audio electronics. CEDN: What do you think will be the hottest consumer products in 2012?

SW: I believe that Bluetooth audio will feature prominently in 2012. I don’t think anyone was quite ready for Bluetooth music streaming when it first emerged, but consumers are now far more conscious of Bluetooth and its capabilities, beyond just hands-free telephony. Devices now support data rates and CODECs that enable high quality stereo audio, and potentially even surround sound. This new generaPKG (Con’t. from p. 1)

family, The Black Crown Collection ( With every piece made to be unique to your tablet, laptop, camera or phone, each carrying case is designed to be the ultimate in casual elegance. The Black Crown Collection is 100-percent made in Canada, featuring an Italian-leather hand-cut exterior and antique brass accents designed to give your most precious tech devices years of protection, character and style. The procedure involves a union of Rullingnet (Con’t. from p. 128)

make critical decisions in order to strengthen their observational skills. We Mediaclip (Con’t. from p. 121)

relevant events in their life. USimplyPrint offers all that, and it is ready to use.” The software, which is also available as a self-hosted API (FullPlay®) and as a

CEDN: What products do you see as being the hottest this year?

JS: The Elemetal Stainless Steel Collection will be the biggest this year because it is the most stylish and looks like a real watch. But our fans might feel differently when they check out our new Collections that we’ll be revealing at CES.

CEDN: To what do you attribute your company’s success?

JS: We are a team who worked passionately and tirelessly to come up with a great design and our success is based on the fact that we have a great product that we love, wear, and believe in.

CEDN: Compare the position of your products and their technology against the current market.

tion of Bluetooth technology is leading to growth in the wireless audio sector―which will no doubt also benefit from the boom in 3D, mobile video and tablet devices. CEDN: So tell us about your new Bluetooth audio test system?

Friday, Januar y 13, 2012 JS: We have three collections in the Apple Store, distribution worldwide and our product resonates very well with our target market: consumers who enjoy sleek and modern technology solutions. Our price is reasonable and provides users with an exceptional amount of quality.

CEDN: How can our readers find out more about your company?

JS: Readers can find out more by sending us a quick email at, visiting our website, or reaching out to us through Twitter or Facebook CEDN: What distinguishes the dScope Series III audio analyzer from the competition?

SW: No other manufacturer offers such a comprehensive audio test package for Bluetooth devices. Our dScope Series III integrates analogue, digital (S/PDIF and I2S), electronic, electroacoustic and Bluetooth measurement capabilities, eliminating the need for external signal generation and analysis software. With our system, Bluetooth audio development, testing and manufacturing is faster and easier than ever before.



Concord Keystone Trading, a pioneer in smart phone charging solutions, today announced its anticipated Keystone ECOTM Booster 2.0, an ultra slim and lightweight 2000 mAh portable battery pack for micro USB smart phones. The Keystone ECO Booster 2.0 can be seen at CES, LVCC, North Hall, iLounge, Booth 5508. The Keystone ECO Booster 2.0 has a built-in retractable micro USB charging cable, so it recharges the smart phones without the need to bring another loose cable. The unit can be attached to the back of the phone using the adhesive gel pad concealed beneath a removable protective cover, which can be relocated to the back of the Booster 2.0 to be used as a horizontal or vertical viewing stand while charging. Please visit www.concordkeystone .com for more information. pressures: Firstly, pressure on price for entry-level systems; secondly, demand for more functionality per dollar at the higher-end. This is partly being driven by the convergence in consumer electronics, where ever-more devices now feature some kind of audio functionality. But these market trends align well with Prism Sound’s core values of delivering the most capable and most cost-effective audio test solutions available.

SW: Here at CES we are showing the World’s FIRST complete audio test solution for Bluetooth devices. In the past, Bluetooth engineers would need a range of analogue, digital, electronic and electroacoustic audio test equipment, plus software-based signal generation and analysis tools. Testing was time-consuming and cumbersome, and did not easily translate to automated manufacturing environments. Our dScope Series III solution supports audio streaming directly between test system and Bluetooth device, enabling real-time, closed-loop audio testing.

SW: The test and measurement market was certainly affected by the economic downturn. The recovery is well underway, but there are now new market

For more information, visit or call 973-983-9577.

exquisite materials and quality craftsmanship from selecting and sorting the leathers and hardware, to creating patterns for each specific accessory until functionality is perfect. Interior and exterior pieces are assembled and stitched together by one artisan from start to finish with each thread handknotted and burned providing a one-of a kind product that develops character as it gracefully ages. “As with all of the PKG products, attention to detail is a primary focus with the Black Crown Collection. This Collection also allows us to support the

North American economy and work with local artisans who bring decades of unique skills to our communities, which is a very important initiative for us. With each product being hand crafted by one artisan from start to finish and individually serial numbered, each piece from the Collection is truly an exclusive oneoff creation.To have a Canadian inspired and Canadian built product of the utmost quality is something we’re extremely proud of,” says Andy Priestman, Co-founder and Director of Brand Development. Every piece in the collection is indi-

vidually serial numbered with a lifetime warranty and can be registered to ensure it is a legitimate and unique part of the Black Crown Collection. For a truly original piece, customization is also available for consumers who are looking to build something specific to their needs and tastes. The collection includes an overnight laptop satchel, a modern laptop brief, a DSLR camera bag, two phone wallets and a collection of sleeves for iPad and Macbook Pro products. For more information come and visit booth 5422 in the North Hall, or go to

also use games to provoke children to ask insightful questions. At VINCI, we believe that by providing parents with a complete ecosys-

tem, comprised of a tablet computer and well-researched apps, we can assist them with raising well-rounded children. To learn more, visit www.vincige-, call 855-MY-VINCI, email or stop by booth 3409 at MommyTech at the Consumer Electronics Show.

SaaS model (Soft2Print®) will be presented at booth (#72335) during PMA@CES January 10-13th at the Venetian in Las Vegas. About Mediaclip: Mediaclip Inc. is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Mediaclip develops digital imaging solu-

tions for the creation of personalized products, aimed at providing a delightful user experience. Its leadership and expertise focus on leveraging Digital Convergence with innovative solutions to allow its partners to exceed their customers’ expectations. To learn more

about Mediaclip, visit www.mediaclip.caterviews or other, call 514-510-3300 ext. 1190 or email Visit Mediaclip in booth #72335 at PMA@CES.

CEDN: What is your assessment of the marketplace as it relates to Prism Sound’s business?

CEDN: Finally, any closing messages to CES visitors? SW: Please call in and see Prism Sound at the Venetian Towers Suite 29-119, where we will be demonstrating live measurements on some of the latest Bluetooth audio products!

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