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Rosa minha irmรก Rosa

Name:Bruno Miguel Surname:Faria Gonรงalves Date:28-02-13

ROSA MINHA IRMÁ ROSA Alicia Vieira José Eduardo Alves

Table of Contents 1.Author Biography. 2.Illustrator Biography 3.Summary .Summary .Setting .Character .Plot 4-Conclosion

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1.Author Biography.

Alice Vieira (Lisbon, 1943) is a Portuguese writer and journalist. She has a degree in German Studies from the University of Lisbon, but turned to journalism early on, directing the Youth and Catraio supplements the Diário de Notícias. He has worked on several television shows for young audiences and is considered one of the most important Portuguese authors of children's literature. His works have been translated into several languages, including German, Bulgarian, Basque, Castilian, Galician, French, Hungarian, Dutch and Russian. She is married to writer and journalist Mário Castrim.

2.Illustrator Biography

José Eduardo Alves da Cunha Agualusa born on December 13, 1960 in Huambo, Angola, son of white Portuguese settlers. He studied agronomy and forestry at the Higher Institute of Agronomy, Lisbon. In 1998 he moved to Rio de Janeiro, and is in Luanda since 2004. Collaborate in the Público newspaper. Make the program in time cicadas (A das hours cicadas) in RDP Africa, which covers topics on African music and poetry, released Sunday. In 2006 he launched together with Conceição Lopes and Fatima Otero, the Brazilian publisher lingua geral, dedicated exclusively to Portuguese-speaking authors. In 2007 she was awarded the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize (Independent Foreign Fiction Prize) awarded by the British newspaper The Independent and the Arts Council of the United Kingdom, for his novel The former salesman, titled in English as The Book of Chameleons and translated by Daniel Hahn, the first African writer to receive this distinction from its institution in 1990.1 his novels might relate to the subgenre of historical fiction, denouncing the harm done to African history by those who describe it as irrelevant, but hardly shares the views and ancient continental ambitions of several writers africanos.

3-Summary 3.1-Summary Mariana, an only child, is ten years old when Rosa born. Now vai share everything with her sister: the room, the time of the parents, the affection of the family - including the grandmother Elisa, who distrusts progress, and Aunt Magda, who has a gold tooth, a speech that inspires fear and just enjoy estrelícias and anthuriums. But at least the memory of Grandmother Lydia Rita and friendship will not share with anyone else. In one day a baby was just been born is called Rosa's sister Mariana.Rita is a fan of football stickers.Mariana goes to school and his teacher Peter notice that I had to consider the evidence session of evaluation,but Mariana said Elisa's grandmother had not exams that towards the end of course exam and just.Mariana had a friend named Rita was going to school and did many things together.The husband of Lydia's grandmother called Joaquin and five years working.Marian has a hard time of Mathematics then the father told to study hard so that s Evaluation to get it right.Marian's aunt got sick and we all had to go see it unless Rosa for not catching.Rosa had fever that was not to aunt Magda.On a Sunday it was Rosa fever and teeth had grown but that day it was raining.Mariana's aunt Emilia everyone said she had lost her mind.Mariana had to write a free text and she wrote about all that had happened at home.Mariana was dreaming of going out on a television screen to be very popular.She thinks that wanted a new law that would have more minutes on days.Mariana has a building next door neighbor who had a sewing machine and when she was looking at him all the time with clothes on manoss.She knew she had to be with Elisa's grandmother had warned him she Margarita.A strange thoughts about.Mariana did not know what was going through what he hears the father was all by his sister Rosa in the hospital with her mother seems so says Grandma Elisa is pneumonia.Marian cas never thought that there is always a lot of noise now nothing Rosa was in the hospital and all were. with her and she could not go to visit her sister. Mariana Rosa's sister had come home and today was the day of the summer festival and Marian and she did not want to go but only with her friend and then came all.

3.2-Setting The places that the story is happening in the house of Mariana who spends half his time.Where he also spends part of his time at school is where you learn and grow their knowledge.Also spends time on the house of her friend Rita to paste stickers or difficult to study a subject that costs some,in grandma Elisa came to visit grandma or take care.

3.3-Character -Mariana is the protagonist.Of the story is very funny math costing has a friend who is interested in it. -Rosa.Finished antagonist is a girl born with very cute uns few months, simpaticay get sick very fast. -Rita.She is improving Mariana friend who shares all his secrets.

3.4-Plot. Maria's sister Rosa is born.Mariana doesn't the Mathes and Rosa gets very sticmaternoy because what happened in this book also something spendin my family and goes to hospital.Mariana term the school and the family go to a Summer’s festival.

4-Conclusión The story ends very happy because the baby get better and Mariana finish school. Learning from history does not always have to take everything seriously and always good to have a little brother because you feel the Responsibility to care and be an example for him and you always have to see that babies are always looking at what we do, that eat,say ... 'then' no bad to have a brother.Means to me that there must always be afraid of coming to a new family member.I recommend it because it is a book that when you have a new family member and have to share something with the (room, toys, food, etc. ..) this book can help you in these things.The first time you read this book was December and I liked it because it is written in my language and because these things happened in my family and it's very interesting because ler always

new books and other languages. Phrases I like -Levávamos logo uma reguada e ficávamos o dia todo no fundo da sala virados para a parede sin falar comos outros. -É muito fe,tem a cara toda ás rugas e eu ainda nao estou muito certa se gosto dela ou nao. -Só que gosatava que a gente pudesse escolher a nossa famiília tal qual escolhe os amigos.

5-Bibliography Wikipedia and Google Imagenes

Rosa, minha irmá Rosa  

2nd Term Project Work about our favourite book (2º ESO)

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