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TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1. Author’s biography. P2. 2. Illustrator’s biography. P2. 3. Book’s summary. P2. 3.1. Setting. P2. 3.2. Characters. P3. 3.3. Plot. P3. 3.4. Conclusion. P3. 4. Language and techniques. P4. 5. My personal response to the plot. P4. 6. List of sentences and quotes. P4 and P5. 7. Bibliography page. P6.


PALABRAS DE CARAMELO 1. AUTHOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Gonzalo Moure Trénor was born in Valencia in 1955. He is a spanish writer. His works are about social problems. His last works are: “A porta de Mayo”, “La Noche del Risón”, “Tuba” and “Soy un caballo”. In 2012 he published a book called “El hombre que entraba por la ventana”. He won many prizes, for example: the prize “Gran Angular” or the prize “El barcos de Vapor”. Now he lives in Asturias.

2. ILLUSTRATOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Fernando Martín Godoy is an illustrator and a famous painter. His principal theme in the paintings are urban scenes. He was born in Zaragoza in 1975. He lives and works in Madrid. He won some prizes , for example: “Bienal de Artes Plásticas de Albacete”.

3. BOOK’S SUMMARY: This book is about a deaf-mute boy called Kori. He always visits to Caramelo, his camel. One day Kori, gets the news that to will kill to Caramelo. Then, he escapes with Caramelo but his uncle finds them and they return to the encampment and Caramelo is killed.


3.1. SETTING: This story develops in the encampment of Smara. The life is very hard in the encampment, people live in “jaimas” and the weather is very hot.

3.2. CHARACTERS: KORI: He is the story protagonist, he is deaf and only recognizes the movements of the mouths, for example, him Kori has: round lips, stretch mouth. He is eight years old. He lives in the encampment CARAMELO: He is Kori’s best friend, but he insn’t human, he is a camel. He lives in a corral in the suburbs of the encampment of Smara. His coat is caramel and shiny. He loves to eat the grass that Kori gets for him. FATIMETU: She is Kori’s teacher. She teaches to Kori how to write and read. She is a very good teacher and understands Kory perfectly. She is very brunette and dark-haired and she wears dresses. AHMED: He is Kori’s uncle. He is who says to Kori that it is necessary to kill Caramelo. When Kori escapes with Caramelo he is who finds him.

3.3. PLOT: Kori meets a camel and he always plays with him, but one day he learns that his uncle Ahmed needs to kill Caramelo, and Kori escapes with Caramelo but Ahmed finds them and finally Caramelo is killed.

3.4. CONCLUSION: I have learned that when you have a very good friend and you lost him the life is very sad.


4. LANGUAGE AND TECHNIQUES: Corral = Corral Premios = Prizes Brunette = Piel morena Dark-haired = Pelo oscuro Camello = Camel Campamento = Encampment Estirada = Stretch Round = Redondo/a

5. MY PERSONAL RESPONSE TO THE PLOT: I really liked this book’s theme because it explains very well how life is in Smara and what happens when you lose your best friend.

6. LIST OF SENTENCES AND QUOTES: I choose these sentences and quotes because they explain how is the story. “Kori pensó que eso era lo que había pasado con la camella: había tenido un niño.” “Kori: Te llamaré Caramelo.” “Pensamiento de Kori: ¡Era injusto que no pudiera escribir las palabras de Caramelo!” “Fatimetu: Te enseñaré Kori, te enseñaré. No sé como, pero te enseñaré.” “Kori: El sol y la luna se aman” “Kori: Nos vamos.”


“Caramelo: Estamos perdidos pequeño Kori, pero mi arroyo eres tú, y tu hierba soy yo.” “El rumor se extendió por el barrio. Y alguien, con mucha crueldad, le dijo a Kori que… e hizo un gesto inequívoco con el dedo índice sobre el cuello señalando al camello… If you want to know more you'll have to read the book."



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