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Diario de Greg Un pringao total

Javier Fernández Méndez 2º ESO 22/02/2013

Table of contents Title of the book. Author. Language and techniques. Summary. Personal response of the plot. List of sentences quotes‌ Bibliographical references

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Diario de Greg Un pringao total

Jeff Kinney


The writer and the illustrator of this book is Jeff Kinney. Jeff Kinney is dedicated to the design and development of online games. He spent his childhood in Washington D.C., later, in 1995, he moved to New England. In this moment he lives in Massachusetts with her wife.

Jeff Kinney

Language and techniques

The book uses an informal language. The book has lot of funny images that make you connect to the story. The book uses colloquial expressions.


The plot involves a child’s life. Her life is very crazy and funny. The setting: Greg lives in a house with her family. The main character is Greg Heffley accompanied by Rowley Jefferson, her best friend. Her brother is Rodrick. He is a very evil teenager. Her dad Frank is very severe with her sons. Her mother is Susan.

Personal response of the plot

I believe that the plot is great fun and all fits at the same time and makes sense.

List of sentences, quotes...

One of the most important sentences is when he says “Así que no creáis que voy estar todo el tiempo” <<Mi querido diario por aquí>> y <<Mi querido diario por allá>>.” This sentence is important because it defines the personality of Greg. The second and the last sentence is a phrase that comes from a previous story. The sentence says “ ¡Gajes del oficio!”. This sentence is important because it mark a critical part in the story of his book.

Bibliographical references -The title of the book: El diario de greg. Un pringao total. -References: all the information is of the book. -Images: 1. o:Diario_de_greg.gif 2. er) 3.

Diario de Greg  

2nd Term Project Work about our favourite book (2º ESO)

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