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Días eternos

Andrea Goti Rañales 3ºA February 27, 2012


Table of contents: 1. Biography of the author (3) 2. Summary (3) 3. Personal response (4) 4.Sentences (4) 5.Bibliography (5)


Infinite Days. 1.Biography of the author. Rebecca Maizel was graduated in the Boston University . She is a teacher in a Rhode Island school. Infinite Days is the first book that she wrote. 2.Summary The story takes in England but happen flashbacks. The most important side of the story is The Wickham school a big space of meadows and buildings where Lenah started the story. The principal characters: -Tony: Is a young asian boy, he studies in Wickham and is the first to meet Lenah and little by little X he becomes her best friend. His hobby is painting. He knows that Lenah was a vampire. (Round Character) -Justin: “The Cocky”, Lena’s boyfriend, is a reserved guy but is the most popular boy in of Wickham. He likes extreme sports. -Rhode: Is like a father or a brother to Lenah, turned Lenah into a human but to do it he has to die. -Lenah Beaudonte: The protagonist. She’s the vampire queen. Throughout the story she explains her past events in form of flashbacks. (Round Character) -Vicken:Is Lenah’s slave. He hates Rhode because he turned Lenah into a vampire. Lenah is a vampire who needs to be human to feel human sensations. When she becomes human she is 16 years old and she is a student in Wickham. She meets Tony, Justin, Justin brothers and a group of girls. Lenah travels to Justin’s parents’ house before her old vampire friends want to catch her . Tony discovers Lenah’s secret...she was a vampire! Vickens turned Lenah into a vampire again and ended with intrigued because the book is a trilogy.

3.Personal response: I love vampire novels and love stories, this book is just both topics. I like many other books but this one surprised me with the nature of Lenah, her personality and her intelligence but my favourite character is Tony because he is a very fluent and natural round character. Sentences: -“Mal hay quien mal piense� (Lenah’s tatoo) I choose that sentence because in the book all the girls hate Lenah because she is different and is a lesson to all the people.

Bibliography: Cover page: Heminway, Daphne G. Registro de conversi贸n en vampiro. 4 Junio 2012 [26 Febrero 2013] Any information: Ojeda, Daniel. D铆as Eternos, de Rebecca Maizel. 6 Octubre 2011 [20-27 Febrero 2013]


Días eternos  

2nd Term Project abut my favourite book (3º ESO)