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INDUSTRIAL SUBCONTRACTING AT HANNOVER MESSE 2014 Meet reliable suppliers from Indonesia, Peru, South Africa, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina Hanover, April 7–11, 2014 SIPPO Pavilion Hall 4 | Booth A52 Bosnia and Herzegovina Pavilions Hall 4 | Booth A58, Hall 13 | Booths B58 and F59 OFFICIAL PROGRAMME

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SIPPO PAVILION HALL 4 | BOOTH A52 Indonesia Zenith Allmart Precisindo


Shuket Engineering


Peru Empresa Metal Mecanica S.A.


South Africa Fabrinox (PTY) Ltd.


Remkor Technologies (PTY) Ltd.



Interkomerc d.o.o.


MDG International d.o.o.


TTO Technology Equipment Factory


Alfa 90 d.o.o.




FIRMA project


HALL 13 | BOOTH F59 Deling d.o.o.



Serbia IRMA Projekt Sistem d.o.o.

Inox Ajanovic d.o.o.


Ming d.o.o.


Promek d.o.o.


Miviko d.o.o.


TT Kabeli d.o.o.





IMPORT PROMOTION Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) works on behalf of the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO to connect importers in Switzerland and Europe with reliable suppliers in selected partner countries. OFFICIAL PROGRAMME

We connect The Swiss Import Promotion Programme SIPPO provides you with access to numerous markets and new market opportunities in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. We offer vast industry expertise and an extensive partner network.


We build trust We carefully select the suppliers we work with. It is only after a thorough application process that they are admitted to the program. They fulfi ll Swiss and EU standards, and their products are of high quality. Th rough our matchmaking services at trade fairs, during buyer missions or on study tours, you can get in direct touch with these potential business partners.


CHRISTIAN BERNET +41 44 365 53 65 Switzerland Global Enterprise Bleicherweg 10 CH-8002 Z端rich

The Swiss Import Promotion Programme is active in a wide range of sectors, among them Industrial Subcontracting. In this sector, we collaborate with export-oriented SMEs from Indonesia, Peru, South Africa, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. 3


ZENITH ALLMART PRECISINDO Who we are Zenith Allmart Precisindo is a company which focuses their business in metal industry, especially in foundry investment casting, sand casting and subsequent machining process until fi nish assembly product. Our production line is equipped by foundry machineries, foundry laboratory equipment, CNC machines and CMM machines to ensure good repeatability and reproducibility.

Zenith Allmart Precisindo Jalan Raya Krian – Mojokerto KM 2.1 No. 168 Sidoarjo 61263 Indonesia Phone +62 31 898 59 84 Fax +62 31 898 59 90 CONTACT Mr. Allan Changrawinata Mr. Handy Ban Mr. Teguh Hari Prasetyo teguh.hari.prasetyo@ PERSONNEL 160 CUSTOMER GROUPS Pumps, Valves, Machinery Components, Furniture, Power Generations, Energy Sector, Medical, Vessels, Buildings, Automotive and Metal Treatment CERTIFICATION ISO 9001:2008, Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) (in process)

What we do We are focusing our business in subcontracting industry and produce components until assembly product through investment casting, sand casting and machining process. Almost 80 % of our production output is for the following industries: • valves industry such as body knife gate, butterfly valve and check valve • pump industry such as pump casing with various size and series For assembly products we produce: drain guard with valve system, sink shield and sink safe with valve system. The rest is for the processing industry: power generation and energy sector, machinery, automotive and metal treatment, medical and rehabilitation industry, building and vessel industry. Customers DP Industries (the Netherlands), Stöcklin (Switzerland), Hoff mann (Germany), Eco Guardian (Australia), Tomoe (Japan), Alstom, Yamaha, Pertamina


SHUKET ENGINEERING Who we are Shuket Engineering was established in 2000 as a design company and manufacturer of various molds. Today we are specialized in automobile component molds, rubber molds, forging dies, casting molds and plastic molds. To support the main activities, Shuket Engineering also develops Jig and special purpose machines.

Shuket Engineering Jl. Industri Selatan 1 Blok PP-2A Kawasan Industri Jababeka 2 Cikarang Selatan/West Java 17550 Bekasi Indonesia Phone +62 21 898 41 087 Fax +62 21 898 41 088 CONTACT Mr. Didik Siswanto PERSONNEL 230 CUSTOMER GROUPS Engineering, Automotive, Electronic Industries, Home Appliances

What we do Our products are widely used in different industries which include engineering, automotive, electronic industries and home appliances to name a few. Known for their preciseness and fi nest quality, our products are offered in customized options, as requirements of our customers. Our main product groups: • molds • dies maker • special purpose machines • plastic molds, stamping Customers Inoac (Japan), Maruhachi (Japan), Ingress Malindo Ventures (Malaysia) 5


EMPRESA METAL MECANICA S.A. EMEMSA Who we are EMEMSA is a leading metal mechanic factory in Peru. We are specialised in manufacturing brass and steel products like as fittings and valves. With more than 40 years of experience in the export sector (Latin America, Central America, Europe and Middle East), we are your business partner in Latin America.

Empresa Metal Mecanica S.A. EMEMSA Alexander Fleming 412 Zona Industrial Santa Rosa Ate 3 Lima 01 Peru Phone +51 161 87 400 CONTACT Mr. Eduardo Francia Mr. Manuel Ponce Yalico PERSONNEL 450 CERTIFICATION ISO 9001

EMEMSA’s success is mainly due to the human qualities of our customer-focused experts. The preference of our customers has established our success in the national and international market. What we do We manufacture brass raw material, brass forging products, turning parts in brass and steel according to customer drawings and plastic injection for integral service. Our main product groups: • brass bars, tubes and ingots • brass forging products • brass and steel fittings • brass valves for gas • natural gas accessories • brake hydraulic hoses Customers Cilindros Para Gas (Costa Rica), Regepsa (Ecuador), Repsol (Peru), Fanacim S.A. (Bolivia), Usina Metais (Brazil)



Fabrinox (PTY) Ltd. 130 Jan van Riebeeck Drive Huguenot 7645, Paarl Western Cape South Africa Phone +27 21 877 50 00 Fax +27 21 862 65 63 CONTACT Ms. Heidi Kotze Mr. AndrĂŠ Visser PERSONNEL 151 CUSTOMER GROUPS Agricultural, Food and Beverage, Mining, Water Treatment, Construction, Transport, Marine and Energy CERTIFICATION ISO 9001:2008, ISO 3834

Who we are Incorporated in 1993 Fabrinox is a nonunionised and privately owned South African company. Fabrinox takes pride in introducing itself as one of the most trusted fabrication service providers. Since inception, we have strived to provide the most accurate and prompt services to our esteemed worldwide clientele. Fabrinox is amongst the prominent service providers focusing on using the latest technology and equipment to undertake our processes and activities. Owing to our superior work standards, ethics and dedicated efforts, we have been able to set higher benchmarks in this domain. We are engaged in offering services of sheet metal and tube fabrication solutions, which includes custom tailored project management, global installation, procurement, technical advice along with manufacturing design and documentation. What we do Fabrinox is empowered with the requisite facilities that support the on time completion of projects with high precision. Our team comprises some of the fi nest industry professionals who are richly experienced and who are sensitive and knowledgably of the current market conditions and industry challenges. Customers DeLaval (New Zealand, Germany, the Netherlands, Estonia, China, South Africa), Rentalia (Luxembourg, South Africa), Tetrapak (South Africa) 7


REMKOR TECHNOLOGIES (PTY) LTD. Who we are Remkor Technologies is a family owned business established in 1981. Based in the heart of South Africa’s industrial hub of Johannesburg, our vast facilities offer an ideal solution to our customers which require a full scope of metal manufacturing services from one source, including fi nished assemblies and distribution.

Remkor Technologies (PTY) Ltd. 62 3rd Street West Turffontein Johannesburg South Africa Phone +27 11 433 49 85 Fax +27 11 433 49 51

What we do Th rough continuous long term investments into human and capital resources; Remkor has positioned itself to provide a full solution from design to manufacture of sheet metal products and assemblies for a number of industries both in South Africa and internationally, with our focus being on fi nished stainless steel products.


Our products: • sheet metal manufacturing and assemblies – specialising in stainless steel • stamped components • decorative domestic cooker hoods • public seating

CUSTOMER GROUPS Domestic Appliances, Telecoms Infrastructure Products and Cabinets, Solar Power Products for Lighting and Telecoms, Automotive, Electrical, Petrochemical Industry (Dispensers), Railway Equipment, Access Control

Customers Siemens, Emerson Energy Systems, Defy Appliances, Schneider Electric, Dark Fibre, General Electric (all South Africa)

CONTACT Mr. Raffaele La Monica Mr. Antonino La Monica



IRMA PROJEKT SISTEM D.O.O. Who we are IRMA Projekt Sistem Ltd. was founded in 1992 and since then it has been successfully operating in the field of air pollution control to meet the needs of different industries.

IRMA Projekt Sistem d.o.o. Njegoševa 29 11080 Belgrade Serbia Phone +381 11 711 14 07 or +381 11 711 14 72 Fax +381 11 712 20 84 CONTACT Mr. Dragan Milanović Mr. Nenad Milisavljević PERSONNEL 20 CUSTOMER GROUPS Different Industries such as: Power, Stell, Mining, Mineral Processing, Cement, Pulp and Paper, Glass, Wood, Food Processing, etc. CERTIFICATION ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 18001:2007

What we do IRMA PS offers complete turnkey services providing innovative solutions and professional services focused on design, installation, supervision, maintenance, revamping and upgrading of projects, preparation of studies and analyses, technical support, consulting, etc. With the view to promote environmental standards, we are broadening the scope of our activities to other areas such as petrochemistry, applied thermal technologies and thermal engineering. Products • Wide range of fi lter installations: baghouse fi lters, scrubbers, industrial vacuum cleaners, fans, cyclones, multi-cyclones • Hydraulic and pneumatic conveying systems: screw conveyors, airlock valves, pipelines • Paper pulp molding machinery: egg-trays, food container, etc. • Lead batteries recycling plants Customers EFT Group Ltd., JSC, Public Enterprise El. Industry B&H Kakanj TPP, HEPP Djerdap, Public Enterprise OPM Drmno, Sevojno Copper Foundry, US Steel Serbia Ltd. 9


MING D.O.O. Who we are Ming d.o.o. is a family-runned company and established in 1990, as a production and engineering company with the registered office in Belgrade. Its main business activities are railway and car parts, design and manufacture.

Ming d.o.o. Dvadesetdrugog oktobra 7/1 11080 Zemun Belgrade Serbia Phone +381 11 319 67 82 Fax +381 11 319 69 91 CONTACT Ms. Ivana Madzarevic Mr. Nemanja Madzarevic PERSONNEL 125 CUSTOMER GROUPS Manufacture of Metal Products/ Forging, Pressing, Stamping and Roll Forming of Metal, Powder Metallurgy, General Mechanical Engineering Mechanics, e.g. Turning, Grinding, Milling, etc. CERTIFICATION ISO 9001, EN 15085-2 for Welding, HPQ, PKP Cargo, ZSSK Cargo, TSI/H1

Our production plant is located in the city of Nis in south-eastern Serbia. It consists of two units: a forge and a machining facility which are occupying an area of 3 ha. Our forge consists of a production plant, a tool warehouse containing over 800 different die forged tools, a compressor station and a raw material warehouse. Furthermore the forge consists of 6 forging sections of up to 700Â t monthly output. We can manufacture forged pieces ranging from 0.5 up to 120 kilograms. The production cycle of our company is fi nalized at the machining facility. It consists of a machining workshop, a heat treatment plant and a paint booth. What we do Over 60 different products in series production are in the machining process. Part machining and tool manufacturing are performed at the new CNC processing centres. We are dedicated to success, readily accepting new technologies and constantly improving our products. We have realized a well-rounded manufacturing process from the design to the fi nal product. Customers Legios (Czech Republic), Deutsche Bahn (Germany), Euromaint (Germany), Yeletsgidroagregat (Russia)



Promek d.o.o. Oraska 60 11320 Velika Plana Serbia Phone +381 26 515 340 Fax +381 26 515 180 CONTACT Mr. Predrag Mitic Mr. Daniele Nanetti PERSONNEL 36

Who we are The company was founded in 2007 as a green field investment. Long experience of the founders in design; construction and mechanical assembly; modern machinery and technologies; sophisticated software for the planning and management of the production allowed forming of the Promek Ltd., into a today inevitable member of the group SIPLAPROSGM in the field of precision mechanics. Nowadays Promek has 36 employees, modern CNC lathes and CNC milling machines. Our own stock of raw materials allows us to respond to any market demand. In 2013 we have received ISO 9001:2008 certification of our quality system and our annual turnover is over 1 Mio. Euro. What we do Our products are parts, subassemblies and assemblies for packaging machines, special tools and applications, parts for the precision mechanics machines based on client requests. Customers Coesia Group (Italy), IMA Group (Italy), Bottero (Italy), Danieli (Italy), CERN (Switzerland)

CUSTOMER GROUPS Packaging Machines for Tobacco, Beverage and Food Industry CERTIFICATION ISO 9001:2008 11


INOX AJANOVIC D.O.O. Who we are Our company is offering a wide range of products made of stainless steel combined with all sorts of high quality wood, stone, glass and other types of material. Our unique and most suitable solutions ranging from project design to assembly operations provide both appealing look and functionality. User-friendliness and charm are reflected in workmanship, precise execution and attention to details in every product. Our professional staff is always forthcoming toward the potential customers. Inox Ajanovic d.o.o. Ul. Adema Prnjavorca bb 74260 Tešanj Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone +387 32 656 570 Fax +387 32 650 678 CONTACT Mr. Dženan Ajanović Mr. Mirza Hadžiavdić PERSONNEL 65 CUSTOMER GROUPS Process Industry, Furniture Industry, Sanitary Accessories, Yacht Parts, Catering and Patisseries Equipment, Food Industry, Pharmacy and Medical Equipment CERTIFICATION ISO 9001:2008, EN1090 (in process)

What we do Stainless steel products for process equipment, furniture industry, sanitary accessories, yachts parts, restaurant equipment, food industry, pharmacy and medical supplies, tanks, vessels, acoustic mufflers, equipment for chemical and pharmaceutical industries and fi nal works in interiors and exteriors building construction. Customers HUBL (Germany), GKD (Germany), HEWI (Germany), Balzer (Germany), Höffl in Metallbau (Germany), Beekmans (the Netherlands), Bert Plantagie (the Netherlands), Asco Drincs (Austria), Schochel Yachtbau (Austria), Linksteel (Denmark), Metallinterior (Norway), Robert Bosnjak (Sweden), AFG Services (Switzerland), Noventa (Switzerland), Mall-Herlan (Switzerland)


INTERKOMERC D.O.O. Who we are We are a production company in the aluminium field with over 10,000 m2 of manufacturing and warehouse space. We have foundry of aluminium alloys (production secondary and semi-primary aluminium alloys) and aluminium die casting. To our company also belong six modern die casting machines which produce high quality castings, utilizing fully automated production and process monitoring.

Interkomerc d.o.o. Rodočkih branitelja b.b. Rodoč 88000 Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone +387 36 350 143 or +387 36 350 144 Fax +387 36 350 135 or CONTACT Ms. Vedrana Hamzić PERSONNEL 200 CERTIFICATION ISO 9001:2008

What we do Aluminium alloys, aluminium casting parts for all industrial branch, aluminium end caps for rolling shutter boxes and safety plates galvanized, aluminium middle end caps for rolling shutters boxes and aluminium end caps for window sills. Customers Digital (Austria), Klava (the Netherlands), Ragni SAS (France), Aluroll (Serbia), Heneken (Slovakia), Steelinvest (Slovakia), Domo Sole (Croatia), Lipovica (Croatia), Rolete Kosec (Slovenia), Medle (Slovenia), Primet (Slovenia), Trimet (Germany) or 13



MDG International d.o.o. Igmanska bb Vogosca Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone +387 33 475 400 Fax +387 33 475 401 CONTACT Mr. Muris Obarcanin PERSONNEL 30 CUSTOMER GROUPS Industrial Electronics, Automotive Technology, Medical Technology, Aviation, Measurement Technology, Office Electronics & Data Technology, Other Consumer Products, Telecommunications CERTIFICATION ISO 9001:2008

Who we are MDG International Ltd. was established in January 2012 together with MDG Techniek Holland BV – a company many years present on West European market. We are mixing large experience with local skilled workmanship. Ever since its foundation, quality has always been a key priority which is demonstrated through our quality management and our constancy investment in new technology and machinery. Key to the effectiveness of our business is our in-house developed production control system, which allows us to schedule work, manage production, billing and deliveries and provide fast and accurate estimates. What we do MDG International has the expertise and technology to produce custom manufactured parts in a wide variety of shapes, sizes or materials. Meeting the needs of various industries, our shop is well-equipped with top-of-the line CNC turning and milling machinery. With these we are capable to operate with precision tolerances. Our CNC turning machinery possesses magazine auto bar feeders and can manufacture parts measuring up to 60 mm in diameter and 600 mm in length. We can also chuck individual work pieces measuring up to 300 mm in diameter. Customers Based in EU, most of them in Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium and the Netherlands


TTO TECHNOLOGY EQUIPMENT FACTORY Who we are TTO was founded in Sarajevo in 1962 as part of former company Unioninvest. After becoming privatised in 2000, TTO started operating independently as a technological equipment company. Our palette of products includes a wide spectrum of products from steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and of other materials. All our products are tested according to internationally accepted standards and we are certified ISO 9001:2008. Our strenght are high quality of products and total satisfaction of customers. TTO Technology Equipment Factory Srdana Aleksica 8 71000 Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone +387 33 640 397 Fax +387 33 663 276 or CONTACT Mr Eduard Jahjaefendic PERSONNEL 45

What we do Products made from steel, stainless steel, alloy, for reservoirs, tanks, fences, gates, windows, interiors, exteriors, light construction. Customers Centre Nikic (Montenegro), Servi (Norway), Ustein (Norway), Avanpa (the Netherlands), Plattegronden Veldhuizen (the Netherlands)

CUSTOMER GROUPS Chemical Manufacturing, Food Industry, Ship Building, Finishing Work in Construction CERTIFICATION ISO 9001:2008 15


ALFA 90 D.O.O. Who we are Alfa 90 was established in 1982 and is privately owned to 100 %. We always were engaged in manufacturing since the founding of the company. We offer a wide range of products made of steel. We are very flexible and we can accept new product lines which are made of wire. We are looking for partners in common markets. Our company is certified ISO 9001:2008 by DQS GmbH Germany.

Alfa 90 d.o.o. Magistralni put bb 75270 Živinice Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone +387 35 363 400 Fax +387 35 363 402 CONTACT Mr. Mirzet Tabucic Mr. Dino Tabucic

What we do • all kind of fence panels • gabions • various wire products such as wire baskets for stores • various containers made of wire • any other products which are made of wire Customer Our main customers are construction companies which are fencing industrial objects, schools, hospitals and also individual objects.



Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina – FTC B&H Export Promotion Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina – BHEPA

Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina – FTC B&H Export Promotion Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina – BHEPA Branislava Djurdejva 10 71000 Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone +387 33 566 230 Fax +387 33 566 239 CONTACT Ms. Aida Klemencic

Who we are The mission of the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina is to develop and improve foreign trade, customs and tariff policies of B&H, international fi nance, international transport and communications, as well as to coordinate the activities of the economic development of the country. FTC B&H is an association of B&H companies, producers and service providers of various business sectors, engaged in imports and exports. FTC B&H is a member of ICC, Eurochambres, IRU and other international trade organizations and initiatives. What we do Bosnia and Herzegovina Export Promotion Agency – BHEPA is a national agency operating within the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Their primary role is to assist all B&H companies in developing and expanding export markets by promoting products and capabilities of the country internationally. BHEPA’s clients are primarily individual enterprises that want to start, increase or diversify their export business. 17


The Fostering Interventions for Rapid Market Advancement (FIRMA) project

Who we are The Fostering Interventions for Rapid Market Advancement (FIRMA) project, sponsored by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency (Sida), is a five-year project that began in September 2009 to support sustainable economic growth, employment expansion, and increased household incomes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. FIRMA has principal offices in Sarajevo and Banja Luka.

The Fostering Interventions for Rapid Market Advancement (FIRMA) project Dzenetica Cikma 1/II 71000 Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone +387 33 567 030 Fax +387 33 567 049 CONTACT Mr. Krunoslav Rasic

What we do FIRMA’s overall goal is to help BiH improve «the capacity to cope with competitive pressure and market forces within the European Union», a critical component of the Copenhagen Economic Criteria for EU accession. FIRMA will do this by working with three sectors of the BiH economy: light manufacturing/metal processing, wood processing and tourism. Critical stakeholders include companies, fi nancial institutions, educational institutions, NGOs, and government agencies.


DELING D.O.O. Who we are Deling d.o.o. was founded in 1991 and it started its operation the same year. So far our activities have been directed to: production, performance of electrical installation works, performance of retrofit, designing and engineering. The company owns all the necessary equipment to perform the work (CNC machines, tools) as well as the equipment to examinate and attest all types of installations and plants.

Deling d.o.o. Šići bb 75000 Tuzla Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone +387 35 320 100 Fax +387 35 215 505 CONTACT Mr. Edin Delalić Ms. Dijana Baralić PERSONNEL 180 CUSTOMER GROUPS Energetics, Chemical Industry and Residential-Business Buildings CERTIFICATION ISO 9001, ISO 14001

What we do • Production: Low-voltage distribution equipment (distributive and control cubicles, remote supervision and measuring, devices for compensation of reaction power for rated voltage 0.4 kV and 6/10 kV, compact transformer substation 10 [20]/0.4 kV, measurement modules on medium-voltage, medium-voltage plants metal-clad, rated voltage 12 [7.2] and 24 kV). • Performance of electrical installation works of strong and weak current on electrical energetic plants of up to 220 kV, industrial and public buildings. • Designing MV and LV plants, substations 10 (20)/0.4 kV and 35/10 (20) kV, all electrical installations of strong and weak current, electrical motor plants, control and supervision systems, electrical energetic networks and plants of low and medium-voltage. • Engineering in the field of design, production, installation and putting into operation. Customers Euro-asfalt d.o.o., Malcom d.o.o., JP Autoceste FBIH d.o.o. (all Bosnia and Herzegovina), Rafako S.A. (Poland) 19


MIVIKO D.O.O. Who we are Miviko is a young company which manufactures high quality LV thermoplastic-insulated wires and cables for voltages up to 1 kV. Our cutting-edge production technology allows us to meet the highest standards and demands of customers across Europe. Our products are certified at renowned certification bodies such as VDE and ÖVE, as well as at locally recognised institutes in the SEE region.

Miviko d.o.o. Rastovaca bb 88240 Posusje Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone +387 39 852 333 Fax +387 39 852 334 CONTACT Mr. Goran Bralic PERSONNEL 65 CUSTOMER GROUPS Cable Wholesalers, Construction Sector, Manufacturers of Household Appliances CERTIFICATION VDE, ÖVE, Koncar

With our value chain in place and with 65 fully-trained and highly-motivated employees, most of whom are under 35, we are able to achieve high-capacity utilization rates and produce high quality products, still trying to keep the production costs as low as possible. The fact that Miviko is a rather small company we have turned into our advantage – a personalized approach to each customer and high flexibility in meeting customer’s specific requirements. What we do Conductors, building cables with insulation and PVC jackets, copper power cables, flexible cables for household appliances. Customers Meinhart Kabel (Austria), IFK (Austria), Sonepar Magyarorszag (Hungary), Feszultseg (Hungary), Elektronabava (Slovenia), Kabel Trade (Slovenia), Wellmax (Croatia), TIM Kabel (Croatia), Kabeck Kabel GmbH (Germany), DEHA Group (Germany), Kampe (Greece)


TT KABELI D.O.O. Who we are TT Kabeli’s main activity is the production of PVC and XLPE power cables up to 1 kV voltage. After establishing itself in the Bosnia and Herzegovina market, the company has expanded its sales and marketing operations to the regional market and is now positioning itself in selling its products internationally. The company has secured certifications from VDE Germany, OVE Austria, CEBEC Belgium, Koncar Croatia. TT Kabeli d.o.o. Knespolje bb 88220 Siroki Brijeg Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone +387 39 702 110 Fax +387 39 702 111 CONTACT Mr. Dario Tomic CONTACT Mr. Nenad Kutnjak PERSONNEL 66

What we do Development, design and production of electric power cables up to 1 kV. Customers IFK (Austria), ACS (Austria), Meinhart (Austria), Helukabel (Germany), Kabeck (Germany), FEGA & Schmitt (Germany), Sonepar (Hungary), Feszultszeg (Hungary), Electrocord (Hungary), Tim Kabel (Croatia), Elektronabava (Slovenia), JMV (Denmark), TELEC (Belgium)

CUSTOMER GROUPS Electric Power Service Providers 21



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