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IMPORT PROMOTION Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) works on behalf of the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO to connect importers in Switzerland and Europe with reliable suppliers in selected partner countries. OFFICIAL PROGRAMME

We connect The Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO) provides you with access to numerous markets in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. We offer vast industry expertise and an extensive partner network. SIPPO also connects you to exporters offering new market sources. We build trust We have carefully selected the suppliers we work with. They are admitted to the program only once they’ve completed a thorough application process. Suppliers fulfil Swiss and EU standards and their products are of high quality. Through our matchmaking services at trade fairs, buyer missions or study tours, you can get in touch with these potential business partners directly.


EVE BĂ„CHTOLD T + 41 44 365 52 74 3


CRAFT VILLAGE Facts & Figures Craft Village is a privately owned company that makes silk products in their own workshop, as well as buying products from weaver groups of skilled artisans from rural provinces in Cambodia. They support the families of the weavers by paying fair prices for their products, thereby helping them to achieve a sustainable income. The company is dedicated to preserving cultural traditions and improving the skills of producer groups through the delivery of effective training programmes. Craft Village #28B, Street 612z Sangkat Boeung Kak 2 Khan Toulkork 12152 Phnom Penh, Cambodia Phone +855 16 20 65 96 PERSONNEL 3 CONTACT Mrs. Naiseng Lang

Products & Services The company designs, produces and exports high quality silk scarves and other accessories made of silk. They develop their own collections of contemporary designs inspired by traditional weaving patterns and international trends. All products are hand-woven with AZO-free and natural dyes. Mission & Vision Craft Village provides their customers with eco-friendly products and actively supports local artisans. People are their main motivation, with nature being their inspiration.


KRAVAN HOUSE Facts & Figures Established in 2003, Kravan House has its own workshop and a retail store located at the Riverside in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. They source from a network of home-based groups of disabled craftsmen and women, such as landmine victims and disadvantaged groups, to enable them to increase their income from handicraft production.

Kravan House #13 St. 178 Sankat Chaychum Nak Khan Doun Penh, Phnom Penh Cambodia Phone +855 12 73 17 70 PERSONNEL 64 CONTACT Mrs. Hok Thanan

Products & Services The company designs and produces colorful accessories such as bags, clutches, wallets and silk jewelry. They are particularly well known for their high quality, soft silk scarves with floral accents. Supplying various boutiques in Phnom Penh, Kravan House has also exported to Europe, Australia, Japan and the USA. Mission & Vision Kravan House helps disabled Cambodian craftsmen and women to improve their standards of living, so that they can become better integrated into society. 5


LADY PENH DESIGNS Facts & Figures Lady Penh Designs is a fashion and homewares design house with its own silk weaving and sewing workshop. They also source additional products from village based weaver groups and are proud to support women who produce hand-woven textiles. The company introduces new product designs to rural communities.

Lady Penh Designs #373 Eo, Sisowath Quay Group 3, SK Chey Chumneas Kan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Phone +855 12 280 006 PERSONNEL 19 CONTACT Mrs. Sitha Mak

Products & Services A broad range of high quality fashion accessories, bags, scarves, silk dresses and home textiles are produced by the company, who are well known for their plain soft silk scarves and organza scarves, which can be produced in any color. Mission & Vision Lady Penh Designs supports women and families in Cambodia by fully involving them in the production of its collections, whilst consistently ensuring a dedicated customer service. Striving to help the local community in Phnom Penh to excel in their traditional weaving techniques, the company also aims to educate visitors to their shop and take their designs abroad to become ambassadors for Cambodian silk weaving traditions and crafts.


VILLAGEWORKS Facts & Figures Founded in 2001, Villageworks is a non-profit member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). Villageworks organizes and inspires artisans living in rural villages to produce quality handicrafts for the global market, demonstrating care and respect for fair trade principles, whilst focusing on supporting local women. The organization is known as “Shining Eyes” because each artisan produces handicraft items with passion, pride and enthusiasm. Villageworks 118 Street 113/330 Beoung Keng Kong III Phnom Penh, Cambodia Phone +855 23 215 732 PERSONNEL 16 CONTACT Mr. Bunnak Norm

Products & Services A wide range of handicraft products such as silk accessories, silk and cotton scarves, bags made of recycled material, table decoration and home textiles are offered. Villageworks also produce hand-woven fabrics made of natural fiber according to customer specifications. Utilizing our extensive export experience, we consolidate large shipments on behalf of other fair trade oriented Cambodian craft producers by air or sea. Mission & Vision Villageworks generates valuable work and sustainable income for producers and provides “a good meal on their table through trade”. Every cent earned is given to the villagers. 7


EXPORTEXA Facts & Figures Established in 2004, Exportexa has become renowned for its high quality in fabrics for home furnishings. Located in Barranquilla, Colombia, they are a textile company operating in the domestic and international markets.

Exportexa CALLE 43 # 46–158 Barranquilla, Colombia Phone +57 53 493177 PERSONNEL 37 CONTACT Mrs. Zaide Salebe Madero

Products & Services The company works with cotton and poly cotton fabrics in varied textile materials for home furnishings, with hammocks being their speciality. Fulfilling customer needs is always a priority and the requirements to export to the European Union are consistently fulfilled, reflecting the effort the company places on best value and the professionalism of the people working with Exportexa. Mission & Vision Exportexa is committed to satisfying customers with products of an excellent quality and design, whilst remaining environmentally friendly and socially responsible.


MILENA CORRALES Facts & Figures MC Designs was established in Barranquilla in 2007, specializing in high quality, hand-made home décor and accessories made by their own qualified artisans. The company is proud to support social causes through the «Casa de la Esperenza» foundation.

Milena Corrales Carrera 65 No. 80–84 Barranquilla, Colombia Phone +57 53 552133 PERSONNEL 21 CONTACT Mrs. Milena Corrales

Products & Services Exclusive and original designs are offered, which are made by hand to an excellent quality and are based on current trends and customer needs. Elaborate tabletops and decoration are created in MDF and finished with resin. Mission & Vision MC Designs has a vision to offer an attractive alternative in hand-made home décor and accessories, providing great quality and originality at competitive prices. 9


CELIA CARPET Facts & Figures Celia Carpet was established in 1986 in Palembang, in the south of Sumatra Island. They specialize in woven wood and natural fibre carpets and have become pioneers in hand-made natural carpeting. With over 20 years of experience in producing top quality carpets, the company now also produces a variety of interior articles such as doormats, trivets, coasters and wall coverings. Celia Carpet Jl. Rajawali no. 858 G Palembang, Indonesia Phone +62 71 1379079 PERSONNEL 350 CONTACT Mr. Alvin Prayudhi

Products & Services Celia Carpet often works closely with architects and interior designers in order to meet their requirements for natural, unique and elegant flooring. The company has exported their products to more than 20 different countries, regularly supplying many hotels and villas in the Maldives and Bali. Mission & Vision Celia Carpet provides high quality natural carpets of special and unique design, whilst striving to build upon their close business relationships with interior designers, architects, buying agents and furniture stores.


DEKOR ASIA Facts & Figures Dekor Asia is manufacturer and exporter of indoor and outdoor furniture and crafts made out of boat reclaimed wood, combined with metal and other materials. Since 1997, the company has designed, manufactured and exported their products, which are all hand-made and finished by skilled craftsmen.

Dekor Asia Karang Nongko RT 10 Bantul Street 4th Km Panggung harjo Sewon bantul Yogyakarta Indonesia Phone +62 81 22797567 PERSONNEL 75 CONTACT Mr. Bambang Wijaya

Products & Services Dekor Asia is located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, with 75 factory workers and more than 100 suppliers and farmers, who supply the company with reclaimed boat wood, bamboo and recycled paper. The company manufactures mosaic products such as photo frames, mirrors, gifts, tableware, bowls, placemats, coasters, general homeware and handicrafts for everyday use and interior decoration. Industrial Design is their latest sector and within this market, products have been exported to the USA, Europe, Israel, Australia and the Middle East. Raw materials such as reclaimed wood, recycled papers and bamboo, which are sustainable and eco-friendly, are widely used. Mission & Vision Dekor Asia serves the high-end and high volume markets as well as individual retail outlets. On request, they also pack gift items in attractive natural materials such as pandan, vetiver, water hyacinth, mending and agel. Minimum order restrictions apply. 11


HAPE ART Facts & Figures Established in 1999, Hape Art utilizes hand woven and classical fabric made out of natural fibers such as water hyacinth, mendong grass, coconut stick and recycled materials including newsprint, magazines and plastics. As an eco-friendly company, Hape Art has developed a history of helping the environment by using natural materials to create premium products. Hape Art Jl. Hasanudin, Sugihwaras III No. 3&9 Pekalongan 51125 Central Java, Indonesia Phone +62 285 429 414 PERSONNEL 215 CONTACT Mr. Hasan Hasibuan

Products & Services Supported by talented and experienced craftsman, their product range includes placemats, dinner sets, mirror and wall decorations, cushion covers, curtains and beautiful, functional boxes. Placing great importance on product design, Hape Art uses hundreds of designs and themes based on customer requests for any season or special occasion. All design consultations are free. As testimony to their high quality products, several renowned international companies are loyal customers. Mission & Vision Hape Art shows its appreciation for the environment by only producing eco-friendly products.


WAYRA Facts & Figures Wayra is a Peruvian family enterprise founded in 2003 by Mercedes Benavides. In November 2011, Mercedes’ daughters, Ines and Elsa, took over the day-to-day management of the export company. In Quechua, the native language of the Incas, Wayra means “wind”. This word reflects the spirit of the company and represents its ability to move with changing market dynamics and the requirements of clients. Wayra Andes Textiles Peru SAC Calle Bolognesi 494 Lima 18, Peru Phone +511 44 63 775 PERSONNEL 17 CONTACT Mrs. Ines Vizquerra

Products & Services Wayra specializes in custom and private label production of hand-made textiles using natural, luxurious fibers such as alpaca wool, cotton, wool and other Peruvian blends. Products include throws, bed blankets, pillows, shams, sweaters, gloves, shawls, scarves, hats and many other hand-knitted, handloomed and hand-crocheted products. Wayra works within fair trade rules in regions that include Lima, Moquegua, Puno, Huancavelica, Junín, Trujillo and Cerro de Pasco. Customers include the world’s largest and most recognized brands in apparel and home accessories from the USA, Europe, Russia and Asia. Mission & Vision The company is committed to sustainable development and work with more than 2000 artisans in the highlands of Peru, particularly in mining communities based 3800 meters above sea level. 13


GIA LONG (LAVANTO HOME DÉCOR) Facts & Figures Lavanto Home Décor is a trademark for interior decorations manufactured by Gia Long Fine Art Joint Stock Company. The company offers professional home décor manufactured by resin and fiber glass composite from Vietnam.

Gia Long (Lavanto Home Décor) 63 Ly Chinh Thang Street Dist. 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Phone (08) 3848 3045 PERSONNEL 105 CONTACT Mr. Tran Viet Tien

Products & Services Embodying modern styles and designs, Lavanto products bring fine art into every home. Their impressive product range includes stylish sculptures, paintings, ornaments, flower vases, lamps, mirror frames, clocks and much more. Materials used include poly resin, composite and foam. Mission & Vision With over 10 years of experience and prestige, Lavanto Home Décor believes in “Non-stop Creation” satisfying even the most demanding of customers with stylish and luxurious goods.


MSAFINA Facts & Figures Established in 2007, Msafina Home is a Vietnamese handicraft manufacturer that sells a broad range of home products from indoor decorative accents, outdoor furniture and bathroom accessories to kitchenware, baskets and storage items. Offering highly refined designs and great quality at reasonable prices, their style is simple, pure and natural and the materials used give the products their unique and contemporary look.

Msafina 6/FL, Kinh Do Bldg 292 Tay Son, Dong Da, Hanoi Vietnam Phone +84 46 6806698 www.msafinahome.trustpass. PERSONNEL 6 CONTACT Mr. Bach Lai

Products & Services The functional and decorative home products are made with eco-friendly materials and include bamboo, rattan, water hyacinth, sea grass, fern, wood, horn, ceramics, lacquer and combinations of these materials to add a natural accent to client’s homes. Products are partially crafted by hand in innovative shapes and with a rich variety of decorations. All products are manufactured with great care for people and the environment. The simple and natural styles with unique finishes continue to inspire customers from the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Brazil, Israel, Australia and Japan. Mission & Vision At Msafina Home, home is where our hearts are. The company is pleased to supply eco-friendly home products that will enhance the ambience of any home and the quality of daily living. 15


THIEN THUONG Facts & Figures Thien Thuong Trading Manufacturing Co. Ltd was established in 2001 and is a leading company in the production and export of wooden handicrafts. Thien Thuong has exported their wide product range to the USA, UK, Belgium, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Dubai and several Asian countries and is now expanding their market to Europe, the Middle East and South America.

Thien Thuong 1128 Street 31E, Lot C An Phu Ward, District 2 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Phone +84 86 2818105 PERSONNEL 51 CONTACT Mr. Vuong Dinh Sac

Products & Services Thien Thuong specializes in the manufacture, trade and export of high quality wooden sailing boats, vehicles and planes. All products are based on real life models such as HMS Victory and the Titanic. Hundreds of beautiful models of all shapes and sizes can be supplied to a size that matches customer requirements, ranging from 30 cm to 500 cm in length. Mission & Vision The stunning and inspiring wooden handicrafts are made to help customers see the historical value of the objects through modern life.


WOAC – WORLD OF ART CRAFT Facts & Figures Established in 2001, World of Art Craft (WOAC) creates lacquer-finished home décor products and furniture. Their design and development team continuously strive to create innovative products, offering a wide range of transitional and contemporary collections made of wood, ceramics and poly-resin fiberglass.

WOAC – World of Art Craft Tan Uyen District Phuoc Hai Quarter – Thai Hoa Town Binh Duong Province, Vietnam Phone +84 650 362 6424 PERSONNEL 102 CONTACT Mrs. Huong Dang Thi Van

Products & Services WOAC applies traditional and modern technology in their lacquer-finished process, combining the efforts of artists and skilled teams to transform simple objects into stunning and exotic products. Their high-end and unique range of vases, wall art, home accessories and furniture brings a truly luxurious appeal to home decoration. Mission & Vision When it comes to art and design, no detail is too small for the company and their focus is always on ensuring the finest products of the highest quality. 17


MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY Directorate General of Small and Medium Industry (DGSMI), under the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, has missions of creating competency-based of human resources, accelerating the growth of industrial entrepreneurs throughout Indonesia, promoting technology transfer for SMI production, promoting market expansion for SMI products, promoting added values for SMI products, promoting expansion on capital access for SMI, all toward Indonesian SMI with global competitiveness.


BALILUNA Facts & Figures Baliluna was established in 1992 and is located in Bali Island, the island of a thousand gods, in Indonesia. The company began by producing wooden handicraft for a local market in an area of Bali renowned for its tourism. Since 1999, they have expanded to export high quality wooden handicraft products worldwide. Due to their commitment to introducing innovative new design ideas, whilst constantly keeping up to date with handicraft trends, Baliluna’s products continue to improve. Baliluna no. 77 JI. Gurita IV 80223 Denpasar Bali (RI) Phone +62 361 7430384 Fax +62 361 8474305 PERSONNEL 122 CONTACT Mr. Roy Christian Wijaya

Products & Services The company specializes in the manufacture and supply of wooden handicraft products ranging from houseware, home décor, gifts and souvenirs. The company only uses legal wood, combined with ethnic art carvings created by master craftsmen to make highly innovative handicrafts. All custom orders and special design requests are widely welcomed. Mission & Vision Baliluna manufactures and supplies high quality handicrafts, ensuring on time delivery and affordable wholesale prices. In addition, they seek to build strong, long term business relationships with all of their valued customers. 19



Bidadari Kayun Jl. Raya Mas No. 47 Mas–Ubud–Gianyar 80571 Bali Phone +62 361 973091 Fax + 62 361 974741 PERSONNEL 55 CONTACT Mrs. Komang Ayu

Facts & Figures Established in 1993, “Kayun”, which means heart in Balinese, has always been part of a long history of Mas village wood craftsmanship traditions originating from the 18th century. With a spirit of excellence, the company believes that art should bring the heart of a tree and people together. When creating their works, they always begin by looking at how nature has created trees before working with these creations of nature to produce truly magnificent and customized products. Every creation reflects natural harmony and the very soul of nature can be heard and felt within their artworks. Products & Services Originally working on the design of artworks for various temples in Japan, Bidadari Kayun quickly evolved from a local craftsmanship shop to a customized furniture and design firm that serves many large creative projects around the world. These projects range from offices, hotels and resorts to a selection of high end, private residential projects. All “heart touching” wood products are available in custom designs, dimensions and finishes and are created in a variety of woods such as Teak, Suar and Mahogany. Mission & Vision Bidadari Kayun thrives on challenging the division between fine and functional arts to provide an elevated view of nature’s vibrant intensity. Each of their unique products reflects earthly beauty.


COCOCRAFT KREASI Facts & Figures Cococraft Kreasi Gemilang was established in 1997. Based in Surabaya, East Java, a year after they were established, “COCOCRAFT” was trademarked. The company began by selling handicraft, furniture and interior décor products from a local market and after a few successful years, products began to be sold in foreign markets.

Cococraft Kreasi Jl. Ngagel Jaya Selatan 167 60283 Surabaya Phone + 62 31 504 1005 Fax + 62 31 504 2476 PERSONNEL 79 CONTACT Mr. Yudi Oentoro

Products & Services The company specializes in natural materials or green products that are considered to be eco-friendly. Their main product range consists of handicraft, furniture and decorative material made from coconut shells, sea shells and various other natural materials that are readily available in East Java. As well as standard products, they also produce customized items that adhere to the customer’s own design and have supplied furniture and interior decoration for several hotel and apartment projects. Mission & Vision Cococraft Kreasi Gemilang embraces local and natural materials to create distinctive, unique products that always maintain their great quality. They focus on core market segments in the residential and commercial sectors. 21


GANGGA SUKTA Facts & Figures Established in 2000, Gangga Sukta is a handicraft manufacturer and exporter that has steadily grown and expanded into many markets including Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Germany and the Netherlands. Products & Services Gangga Sukta produces imaginative and fantastically varied decorative accessories, home accents and handicraft made from Albesia wood and other materials. Gangga Sukta Jl. Raya Andong No. 18 Br. Ambengan Peliatan, Ubud 80571 Bali Phone + 62 361 970434 PERSONNEL 20 CONTACT Mr. Putu Gede Widnyana

They are a manufacturer, wholesaler and buying agent for Bali and Indonesian handicraft products, offering the best possible quality for wholesale distributors, retailers or individual buyers. Most products are sufficiently dried by a special Kiln Drying System to ensure high quality for their customers. Handicraft includes creative cat, giraffe, camel, zebra, mask, wall decoration, gecko, leaf album, figures and abstract designs. Mission & Vision The excellent team at Gangga Sukta always develops designs and motifs to fulfil precise customer needs and their stringent quality control standards mean that every product is inspected. Their vision is to offer excellent designs and high quality to capture the market in which they operate.


HOME FASHIONS Facts & Figures In 2011, a young man called Erry Mahardhika started his own business manufacturing and exporting rattan basketware and furniture. With his love and passion to develop good products, matched by the right price, the company continues to grow its client base and works hard to expertly fulfill market demands.

Home Fashions Jl. A. Yani No 10 Desa Gobang Kecamatan Plumbon 45155 Cirebon Phone +62 231 320 474 PERSONNEL 9 CONTACT Mr. Erry Mahardhika

Products & Services Home Fashions manufacture and export rattan and other natural fiber products. Their product range includes baskets for every type of purpose, such as laundry baskets, firewood baskets, storage baskets, planters and bicycle baskets. They also produce rattan furniture for patios, living rooms and dining rooms. Mission & Vision The company philosophy is simple. Home Fashions create good quality products of the correct design and taste, whilst offering fair prices to all clients. 23



Nuansa Kayu Bekas Dk. Wonosari, Desa Sambirembe Kalijambe PERSONNEL 50 CONTACT Mrs. Rani Permata Sari

Facts & Figures Nuansa Kayu Bekas was established in 2000 as an accent furniture company. In 2010, they created a new collection named WWW? (Why Waste Wood?). WWW? resulted from the fact that leaving unproductive waste wood to decompose at landfill sites releases the same amount of carbon as those emitted at disposal burning chambers. WWW? material uses all available unproductive wood, which is waste wood that will be disposed of from old wooden houses, boats and trucks, as well as wood from non wood producing factories and naturally fallen trees. This wood is sorted into various dimensions and assembled for furniture construction. Products & Services Located in Sragen, Central Java at a 7000 sq. m. facility, with a production capacity of 20 containers per month, the company currently produces 12–15 containers on a monthly basis. As a handcrafted accent furniture company, they employ 200 local workers. Their globally exported products have been transported to Europe, the US and various Asian countries since the company began. Mission & Vision Nuansa Kayu Bekas cares about the environment and the green concept deeply. They are committed to continually developing and providing green products made with recycled and/or sustainable material.


SANGGAYA INDOCRAFT Facts & Figures Sanggaya IndoCraft is a rattan baskets manufacturer located in Tangerang, in the Banten Province of Indonesia. Established in 2000 and supported by 85 skilled people, employees truly work together like family to grow the business and produce custom designs for customers. The company is very open to working in partnership with suppliers, agents and retailers as a valued member of their team.

Sanggaya IndoCraft Duta Bintaro D1 No. 28 Kunciran Pinang 15144 Tangerang Phone +62 21 70566889 PERSONNEL 80 CONTACT Mrs. Lanny Sanggaya

Products & Services Products include various rattan baskets as homewares, including baskets for the garden and bicycle baskets. Rattan is the strongest of all plant fibers and is also the most durable and flexible. Several types of rattan are used for different finishings and all materials are water-based. Mission & Vision Sanggaya IndoCraft cares about customers and puts their heart into the company. They’re committed to providing great quality products at competitive prices, in order to grow and thrive. 25


TRI MARGAJAYA HUTAMA Facts & Figures Established in 1980 in Surabaya, East Java before moving to a new factory in 1991 to expand the business, Tri Margajaya is based in Tangerang, Banten Province. In 1992, the company began producing stoneware and became an exclusive sales distributor for one of the largest department stores in Indonesia.

Tri Margajaya Hutama Jl. Palm Manis IV No. 62 Gandasari Jatiuwung 15137 Tangerang Banten Phone +62 21 5918563 PERSONNEL 25 CONTACT Mrs. Lydia Kusuma Hendra

Products & Services Specializing in earthenware bodies and home decorative ceramic products, table giftware, promotional and industrial items, their designs are specific and unique. Flatware is manufactured by semi machine, whilst three dimensional and embossed products are made by natural press casting. All products are brightly colored, food graded and hand painted. These hand painted decorations are used for porcelain, stoneware and glassware. Products hold high commercial value and are patented under the brand ecoXeramiX. Customers own designs are always welcomed too. Mission & Vision Tri Margajaya Hutama values its customers and always encourages positive communication and team work. In addition, due care and attention is given to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and close relationships between suppliers and customers are fostered, leading to growth and enhanced commercial value for both parties.


VERSAGUNA Facts & Figures Versaguna Hospitality provides beautifully designed products and solutions of the highest quality for the hospitality industry around the world.

Versaguna Jln. Pos Pengumben No. 1A Kelapa dua–Kebun Jeruk 11550 Jakarta Phone +62 21 5480 308 PERSONNEL 200 CONTACT Mrs. Yennas Chandra

Products & Services Products include an extensive collection of home accessories, including placemats, floor mats, bath mats, vases, baskets, wall art, bathroom accessories and candle holders. These items can be used for living rooms, bathrooms, food & beverage environments and spas. Individual furniture pieces such as chairs can also be used as decorative items for lobbies. All products are made from high quality, unique and natural materials. Specially designed for each client’s specific need, accessories reflect on the client’s hotel concept, image, identity and desired customer experience. Mission & Vision The creative design and production teams at Versaguna Hospitality are constantly generating new ideas, designs and manufacturing methods to offer a completely new and unique customer experience, which is well matched to each client’s hotel concept. 27




We open doors We hold the key to an established portfolio of reliable SMEs with high quality products in our partner countries. Through our industry expertise we open doors to niche products and new market opportunities. We inform We offer you direct, reliable and comprehensive information all around import and keep you up-to-date about current trends and innovative products with high market potential. We connect We connect you with our extensive network of carefully selected suppliers from our partner countries that fulfil Swiss and EU standards. Our matchmaking services put you in direct contact with potential partners at trade fairs, buyer missions and study tours.


We support We support you in your search for the best suppliers with quality products of your interest. For home accessories we collaborate with export-oriented SMEs from Ghana, Indonesia, Cambodia, Colombia, Peru and Vietnam.

“The home accessory manufacturers presented to the market are innovative and reliable. Thanks to Switzerland Global Enterprise we found new suppliers that comply with our requirements.” GABY MEGNA Möbel Pfister AG


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