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DISCOVER PERU’S HIDDEN TREASURES AT WTM 2013 Peru Pavilion, Stand LA500, November 4–7 Are you looking for inspiring and sustainable tourism partners who make a difference? Feel the difference and have a look at the SIPPO companies at the World Travel Market 2013.






We open doors We hold the key to an established portfolio of reliable SMEs with high quality products and services in our partner countries. Through our industry expertise we open doors to niche products and new market opportunities. We inform We offer you direct, reliable and comprehensive information all around import and keep you up-to-date about current trends and innovative products and services with high market potential. We connect We connect you with our extensive network of carefully selected suppliers from our partner countries that fulfil Swiss and EU standards. Our matchmaking services put you in direct contact with potential partners at trade fairs, road shows and speed marketing sessions.


MIRJAM MOINE T +41 44 365 52 76

We support We support you in your search for the best suppliers with quality products and services of your interest. We collaborate with SMEs committed to fair and sustainable tourism from South Africa and Peru.

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ANDEAN LODGES Who we are Andean Lodges operates through an association between two high Andean communities: Chillca and Osefina, and a group of Peruvian investors. Together, we have created a hiking route in the vicinity of Mount Ausangate situated south east of the city of Cusco, in Southern Peru.

ANDEAN LODGES Av. Jose Gabriel Cosio, 307 – Magisterio Cusco Peru Phone +51 84 224 613 Mobile +51 84 953 759 819  CONTACT Mr. Juan Carlos Flores

What we do This initiative offers a lodge to lodge hiking experience, at an altitude of over 4,800 m above sea level, with incredible landscapes, a great variety of flora and fauna, and the warmth of the communities’ inhabitants, which will all turn your adventure in the Andes, into an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the comfort of the four, sustainably operated mountain lodges, which are strategically located to give you splendid views of the different faces of the Sacred Mountain.

The Product: • Lodge to Lodge trekking • Acclimatisation programs • Tailor-made tours • Machu Picchu • Cusco City Tour • Sacred Valley Tour

What makes us different • As a result of their contribution in work, land value and direct investment, the communities of Chillca and Osefina are partners in the company, holding 20 % of its shares. • The benefits generated are used to improve education and quality of life in these communities. • We have created 24 full-time and over 60 part-time jobs, and we have opened a market for alpaca meat and finished products. • We have the highest mountain lodges in the World. • Our hiking circuit is located in the vicinity of the snowcapped Mount Ausangate (6,372 m.a.s.l.), one of the Andean world’s most important areas, from traditional, spiritual and mystical beliefs.


PRODUCTS & SERVICES The Lodges: • The four highest lodges in the world, located along our exclusive hiking circuit • Each lodge has a capacity for 16 guests in seven double, two single rooms • Private bathrooms with hot water • Open fire place in the living room area • Illumination with candles, solar lamps


ANDEAN ORIGINS Who we are Andean Origins is a Peruvian tour operator specialising in tailor made tours in Peru, acting as a professional and reliable travel consultant and partner.

ANDEAN ORIGINS Bernardo Tambohuasco 207, Officina 101 Wanchaq, Cusco Peru Phone +51 84 254 853 Mobile +51 984 908 966 CONTACT Mr. Mario Canessa PRODUCTS & SERVICES • Tailor-made tours for individuals or groups all over Peru • Culture, adventure, nature, customised and special interest tours • “Off the beaten path” tours • Trekking tours • Cruise tours in the Amazonas • Fly & drive • Combinations with other countries in the area

What we do We offer special and creative itineraries for our clients and we suggest the best possible trip alternatives. We carry out continuous research on all kinds of services, and look to provide the best quality and price deals in hotels, transportation and skilled guides, new areas and routes leading to spectacular sites. What makes us different We have 36 years of continuous experience in the incoming tourism market in Peru and South America. We try to establish in advance, our client’s preferences and interests. We offer our extensive experience and knowledge to make each trip a most positive, unforgettable experience. Our main goal is our clients’ satisfaction, as we understand the value of a great holiday. Whether it maybe relaxation or learning about the different aspects of our nature and cultural heritage, we can assist. Sustainability and respect for the cultural character of our destinations is mandatory for us.



CAJAMARCA TRAVEL Who we are Cajamarca Travel is a Peruvian tour operator with over 20 years of experience. We have offices in the most important cities of the country. The company is an active member of APOTUR (Peruvian Association of Inbound Tour Operators), APAVIT (Peruvian Association of Travel and Tourism), the Chamber of Commerce and Production and CARETUR (Regional Chamber of Tourism), among others. Cajamarca Travel had been appointed as official tour operator of The Birding Rally Challenge Nor Amazonian 2013, the world event for birding. CAJAMARCA TRAVEL Jr. Dos de Mayo Street Nº 574 Cajamarca Peru Phone +51 76 340 670 Mobile +51 976 638 486   CONTACT Mrs. Perla López Vargas PRODUCTS & SERVICES • Specialized tours in North Peru • Tailor-made trips all over Peru • Bird-watching tours • Expeditions • Cultural tours • Classic tours • Specific interest tours PERSONNEL 10

What we do We design and operate tailor-made tours for groups and individuals, which we customise by considering the specific interest of each group or passenger, to make the experience unique. Therefore, it is the customer who decides which services he wants to receive. Our services are aimed at people seeking authentic experiences in Peru full of ancient cultures, biodiversity, food, traditions and live culture. What makes us different Cajamarca Travel’s philosophy is to showcase Peru in an unconventional way. We believe in sustainable tourism and our goal is not just to visit a city or area. We are convinced that it is better to discover a beautiful place by building a good relationship with locals and by being part of their life. We strive to take care of every detail of the route, and we want our customers to live authentic experiences in each moment: from charming accommodations, a modern four wheel drive off road to tasting typical food and sharing traditions and unique activities.


CHASKA TOURS Who we are Chaska Tours was founded in 1999 with the vision of offering customers an unforgettable and personalised travel experience throughout Peru. We specialize in tailor-made tours, adventure treks, cultural adventures, ecotourism, and mystical tours. We visit tourist and non-tourist locations alike, allowing us to enrich each traveller’s experience with knowledge, emotion, adventure and insights into the cultural diversity of Peru.

CHASKA TOURS Calle Garcilaso 265 Office 6 – 2nd floor Cusco PERU Phone + 51 84 240 424 Mobile + 51 984938146 CONTACT Mr. Pieter Ane Roos Rocio Valcarcel PRODUCTS & SERVICES • Machu Picchu and Amazon Rainforest (8 days) • Andes Experience (8 days) • Lima, Arequipa, Colca Canyon, Titicaca, Machu Picchu, Amazon (15 days) • Discover Peru (20 days) • Highlights of Peru, ethical & humanist travels (16 days) • Classic Inca trail to Machu Picchu (4d/3n) • Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu (5d/4n) • Lares trek to Machu Picchu (4d/3n) PERSONNEL 8

What we do 1 We create tailor-made travel itineraries with a variety of activities, such as archaeological, mystical, cultural, ecological, ethnic, gastronomical and adventurous. 2 We surprise travellers with details that are outside the itinerary and that offer a holistic view of local culture to enrich the travel experience. 3 We are concerned with boosting the local economy, visiting non-tourist locations, and indigenous communities and providing work for indigenous people. What makes us different Although we are a travel agency and we want our customers to visit many places of cultural, ecological, and ethnic interest, we also care about sustaining the local culture so that our business does not impact or harm the indigenous populations in Peru, their worldview, knowledge, or values. That is to say, we do not contribute to the distortion of their habits, behaviour, customs or traditions. Likewise we care about the preservation of the environment and the revitalisation of the local economy.


GIARDINO TOURS Who we are Giardino is a Peruvian Tour Operator with 18 years of experience. The company has established clear principles by offering our best services to our customers in conjunction with supporting Peru’s people and resources by helping communities in different ways. Giardino promotes tourism’s positive aspects within the region while giving you Peru’s best hospitality.

GIARDINO TOURS Jerusalen 604-A Arequipa Peru Phone +51 54 200 100 Mobile +51 959 299 950 CONTACT Mrs. Lourdes Perez Wicht PRODUCTS & SERVICES • Classic and customised programs to all Peruvian main destinations • Arequipa: City and countryside tour, Gastronomic Experience tour, “Get involved” tour • Colca Canyon: 2, 3, and 4 day excursions in combination with transfer to Puno, “Share a day with a Villager” activity in Coporaque • Puno city and Lake Titicaca programs:  1, 2 and 3 day excursions to the Islands on Titicaca lake • Cusco City/Machu Picchu programs. 1, 2, 3, 4 day excursions • Amazonas: Programs in our Amazon areas and natural reserves from 3 to 9 days   PERSONNEL 18

What we do Giardino focuses on service quality and personalised assistance. Safety and fair trade with our partners make our tours an enjoyable experience for visitors. Besides our “standard” tours throughout Peru, we organise tailor-made trips based on customer’s interests and needs. Based on your choice, your individual program with us will include visits to all main attractions: from a day or more with local people, gastronomic taste programs, hiking and much more in the wonderful surroundings of Peru. What makes us different Giardino is known as a reliable and a fair business partner who adheres strictly to legal and fair principles of work. Quality services characterise us! Our staff consists of Peruvian professionals that value sustainable tourism and are committed to take the social responsibility of our industry accomplishing various activities including: Annual cleaning and reforestation campaigns; Educational and Christmas campaigns for local people; Providing recycling bags and containers in tour buses, hotels, and at visitor attractions; Annual Public Health and eye care campaigns; Restoration of the Coporaque library and others.


MACHETE TOURS Who we are Machete Tours started as a small specialist eco-tourism operator in the magical environment of Manu Biosphere Reserve. From these humble beginnings in the year 2000 Machete Tours has grown into a major Peruvian Tourism operator, covering the length of breadth of the country with diverse and creative itineraries.

MACHETE TOURS Calle Triunfo 392 Office 217 Cusco Peru Phone +51 84 224 829 Mobile +511 992 987 202 CONTACT Mr. Ronald Rengifo PRODUCTS & SERVICES • Colca Canyon: 3 or 4 days trekking • Inca Trail to Machu Picchu: 2 or 4 days trekking • Llamac to Cajatambo – Cordillera Blanca: 7 days trekking • Jungle trekking • Camping tours • Peru Classic programs of 13, 16 and 19 days PERSONNEL 5

All our guides have an excellent awareness of the natural environment, and all staff undergo extensive first aid training. Similar qualities are also required of our excellent support staff including cooks, drivers, muleteers and porters. What we do Machete Tours is an eco-tourism company running enlightening and entertaining cultural, wilderness and activity tours in Peru. We specialise and provide high standard and expertly run experiences in our eco-tours and eco-expeditions. What makes us different Machete Tours believes in and is committed to using Eco-tourism as a tool to encourage the protection of the natural environment. Rubbish disposal – following on from our environmentally sensitive working policy, all rubbish carried out of trekking, natural and protected areas and disposed of by the safest possible means.


TERRA EXPLORER PERU Who we are We are a tour operator specialising in luxury adventure trips, with headquarters in Cusco city. What we do We offer new routes and a personally created and organized itinerary, enabling our clients to avoid the crowds and experience Peru in a unique way. Our high quality service and comfort is assured in our deluxe camps. TERRA EXPLORER PERU Santa Ursula Urbanization D-4 Wanchaq, Cusco Peru Phone +51 84 237 252 Mobile +51 984 709 872 CONTACT Mrs. Patricia Málaga PRODUCTS & SERVICES • Classic deluxe Inca Trail • Adventure deluxe Inca Trail • Adventure deluxe family trip • Cotahuasi rafting expedition • Apurimac rafting expedition • Multiactive in the Andes

What makes us different • Our founders design and personally operate each single journey. • We create itineraries according to your preferences and specific needs. • We have the best camping equipment available and have a network with leading hotels of Peru. • We are an eco-friendly organization. • We work and give social support to local communities of the Andes.


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