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The Swiss Import Promotion Programme presents companies from

Colombia, Ghana, Indonesia, Macedonia, Peru, Ukraine At Health ingredients Europe, Natural ingredients & NuW 2012. Frankfurt, November 13 – 15, 2012 Hall 3, Booth E32 Hall 3, Booth F97


Product Finder3 SIPPO Swiss Import Promotion Programme5 SIPPO Pavilion Colombia Drycol S.A.S.


Ghana Brownana Gh Ltd.


Indonesia Borobudur Natural Herbal Industry


Phytochemindo Reksa PT 


Macedonia Flores


Peru Agroindustrias Amaz贸nicas S.A.


Amazon Health Products


MG Natura Peru SAC


Molinos Asociados SAC


Somerex S.A.


Ukraine Aksion NPP 


Elcor18 Indonesia Pavilion19 Algalindo Perdana PT


Gumindo Perkasa Industri PT


General plan26 2

Product Finder.

Coffee and cocoa

7, 12, 13

Grains Quinoa 


Dried fruits Açaí6

Fruit snacks


Tropical dried fruits

6, 12


covered with chocolate


Pineapple6 Soursop

6, 13

Fruit and vegetable powders



Edible oils


Camu camu Sacha inchi oil

11, 12, 13

12, 13

Goldenberry6 Lucuma13

Essential oils

Peruvian paprika


Passion fruit 

Clary sage



Common sage



13, 16 13

Coriander18 Dill18

Herbal infusions

6, 9, 17

Herbal medicine products

8, 9, 13

Fennel18 Hyssop18 Lavender18 Rose18

Medicinal plants

7, 10

Althea17 Forest fruits

Cat’s claw



Juniper berries

Grade Blood


Huanarpo macho


Rose hip

10 10, 17

Oak tree moss Rhatany


10 13, 16 3

Product Finder.

Natural colorants


Genipa blue colorant extract



9, 13

Nutmeg9 Natural ingredients

Piper bettle





Sacha inchi

Tongkat ali





14, 16 Plant raw material

Natural skin & body care products

8, 13

Nuts and seeds Annatto seeds

Camomile flowers


Lemon balm leaves


Sage17 7, 12

Cashew nuts


Griffonia simplicifolia seeds


Horse chestnut


Sesame seeds


Shea nuts


Voacanga africana seeds 


Salvia17 Processed food Dried cheese


Freeze dried chicken meat


Seaweed products Carrageenan

Herbal extracts Black tea



8, 9

Eurychoma9 Fennel9 Ginger Green tea

8, 9, 13 9, 13

Java tea


Lagoon spurge 


Mangosteen8 4

13, 21, 23 21, 23

SIPPO Swiss Import Promotion Programme. The Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO) is a mandate of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) within the framework of its economic development cooperation. Part of Switzerland’s foreign economic strategy, the programme is conducted by Osec, the official Swiss foreign trade promotion agency. The Swiss Import Promotion Programme connects importers from the European Union, Switzerland and other EFTA countries with suitable suppliers of high-quality products from partner countries. The programme’s principal goals are: • To establish qualified trade contacts between the Swiss and European import economy and SMEs from partner countries • To promote innovative products with high potential on the Swiss and European markets • To keep the Swiss and European import economy informed of new market sources • To enhance the competitiveness of Swiss and European importers through better sourcing opportunities • To strengthen trade institutions and business sector organisations in partner countries in the trade promotion process in order to facilitate trade for importing companies Osec Swiss Import Promotion Programme Stampfenbachstrasse 85 CH-8006 Zurich, Switzerland Phone +41 44 365 52 86 Fax

+41 44 365 52 02 5

Colombia. Drycol S.A.S. Cra. 104 No. 129 B – 16

Phone +57 1 681 84 42



+57 1 681 84 42


Contact: Mr. Andres Ortiz; Mr. Daniel Urbina, Drycol is a Colombian company which has been dedicated to the production of freeze-dried and airdehydrated food since 2006. The company which is based in Bogotá began with a production capacity of 28 kg of water withdrawal in 40 hours. Today, approximately 300 kg of water is withdrawn in 24 hours, involving two processes of drying, dehydration and freeze drying. Drycol offers exceptional products of outstanding quality such as traditional fruit snacks from the tropical region of Colombia, fruit and vegetable powder and herbal infusions. Drycol will present air dried fruits such as physalis and acai as well as borojo and chontaduro fruit powders. The company has a strict quality control policy which respects international norms and standards. The products are GMP – HACCP certified. With a focus on service and competiveness, Drycol ensures to meet customer needs. Products Freeze-dried and air-dehydrated fruits, herbal infusions, dried cheese, dried chicken, dried condense milk Personnel 20 Export Costa Rica, France, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Venezuela 6

Ghana. Brownana Gh Ltd. Ghana Telecom Road,

Phone +233 0 302 33 09 81

Opp. Mount Zion School


New Gbawe, P.O. Box 17752

0233 Accra

+233 0 302 33 09 81

Ghana Contact: Mr. Nana Brown, Brownana is a registered company in Ghana, Accra which specialises in producing and exporting dry, raw, agricultural and botanical products from Ghana, Ivory Coast and West-Africa. The exported products include: dry, raw voacanga africana seeds, griffonia seeds, annatto seeds, sesame seeds, cocoa beans, coffee beans, shea nuts and cashew nuts. In addition, the company also exports medicinal plants, tropical fruits and vegetables. With extensive warehouse storage facilities, Brownana has the capacity to store large amounts of agricultural products for export. By having direct access to the local market, the company is in a good position to serve customers in the short, medium and long term. Products Nuts and seeds, herbs, medicinal plants, tropical fruits and vegetables, coffee cocoa Personnel 10 Export

Germany, Peru


Indonesia. Borobudur Natural Herbal Industry NATURAL HERBAL INDUSTRY

Jl. Madukoro Blok A/26

Phone +62 24 760 68 88

P.O. Box 7078


Semarang 50141

+62 24 760 55 53


Contact: Mr. Hermanto Suganda, Borobudur Natural Herbal Industry is a GMP and ISO 9001: 2008 certified Herbal Industry. It is a leading manufacturer and worldwide supplier of high quality Indonesian “Jamu”, herbal medicines and plant extracts like turmeric, mangosteen, tongkat ali, curcuma, java tea, ginger, lagoon spurge and many more. The company’s services vary from contract manufacturing, private labelling, formula development, custom formulation and custom extractions. It is an exclusive distributor and will manage bulk orders, if required, from the initial extraction through to the finished product. The company supplies raw materials and herbal products for pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, food and beverages, and cosmetic industries. The productions facilities are equipped with high technology extraction facilities for plant extracts, processing and packaging equipment for herbal medicines products. Products Plant extracts, Indonesian “Jamu”, herbal ­medicine products, natural skin and body care products Personnel 340 Export Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Suriname 8

Indonesia. Phytochemindo Reksa PT Jalan Mercedes Benz No. 105

Phone +62 21 867 10 37

Gunung Putri


16964 Bogor

+62 21 867 10 36


Contact: Mr. Patrick Kalona, Phytochemindo Reksa started as a research development division of a pharmaceutical company in 1977 and has built a reputation as a trustworthy supplier for over 35 years. The company now offers high quality extracts, extraction and other services such as production of oleoresin; research, development of extracts for food, beverages and the cosmetic industry. The company also has facilities for the production of capsules and infused teas. Its extensive technical extract knowledge and business experience, combined with the GMP certified facility, is testament of Phytochemindo’s achievement as one of the pioneers in the field of herbal extracts. The company looks forward to increasing its presence and services for its clients with the opening of its new production site. Products Botanical extracts, herbal infusions, herbal medicine Personnel 90 Export Germany, Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Switzerland, Taiwan


Macedonia. Flores Bul. Partizanski Odredi 21

Phone +389 2 311 97 71

Gunung Putri


1000 Skopje

+389 2 322 40 19


Contact: Mr. Dimitar Todorovski, The Macedonian company Flores was founded in 1992 and is 足situated in Skopje. The company deals with medicinal herbs and forest fruits such as juniper berries, oak tree moss and rosa canina and has been exporting them for many years. Flores owns 20 hectares of plantations and exports its organic products to the EU and several Eastern European countries. The company 足collaborates with partners and exchanges knowledge regarding tea, dried vegetables, fruits, juice and essential oils. Products

Medicinal herbs, forest fruits

Personnel 29 Export Europe


Peru. Agroindustrias Amazónicas S.A. Calle Omega N. 79A

Phone +51 1 255 61 45

Urb. Juan XXIII San Borja


Lima 41

+51 1 372 23 64


Contact: Mrs. Isabel Aguilar, Agroindustrias Amazónicas was founded by José Anaya Yábar in order to promote sacha inchi (plukenetia volúbilis linneo). The company is strengthening its investigation, cultivation, production and commerce of oils, proteins and bioactives extracted from sacha inchi. The seeds of this plant are used for the production of their inca inchi oil which is especially recognised for its composition and high nutritional quality. Current scientific studies indicate that sacha inchi oil has a high content of essential fatty acids Omega-3 (more than 48 %) and Omega-6 (36 %). It is highly digestible (more than 96 %) and contains the antioxidants vitamin A and vitamin E. The sacha inchi oil can be used in the nutritional supplements, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. With the organic sacha inchi crops, Agroindustrias Amazónicas is protecting the Amazon and its environment as well as contributing to a better quality of life for the Peruvian population. Products Sacha inchi oil, sacha inchi protein flour, sacha inchi snacks Personnel 17 Export

Japan, France, Switzerland, USA


Peru. Amazon Health Products Camino Real 1801. Mz B Lote 5, Phone +51 1 249 92 86 Parque Ind. San Pedrito I


+51 1 343 14 27

Surco. Lima 33


Contact: Mr. Wallis Winder, Amazon Health Products is a Peruvian company that understands the importance of living healthy, balanced and natural lifestyles. As such, the company believes that given a fair and sustainable approach, the Amazon rainforest and Andean valleys can unfold themselves as a great source of knowledge, wisdom and resources for the world to benefit from. The company follows the principles of Bio Trade including the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, the fair distribution of benefits, and socio economic sustainability. Amazon Health Products runs a socially and environmentally responsible operation of organic plantations and utilises a quality-controlled manufacturing process as a means of providing high value, natural, healthy products from the Amazon to worldwide consumers. The products can be supplied to customers in the form of oils, powders, snacks and bars. Products Annato seeds, annato paste, cacao nibs, cacao beans, camu camu powder, goldenberries, maca powder, sacha inchi oil Personnel 38 Export


Canada, USA

Peru. MG Natura Peru SAC Dos de Mayo 516 Og. 604

Phone +51 1 253 62 73

Miraflores, Lima


+51 1 221 98 03


Contact: Mr. Juan David Escobar, MG Natura was founded in 1999. Since then, the company has dedicated itself to the production of Peruvian natural products like amaranth, camu camu, cat’s claw, maca, quinoa, sacha inchi, yacon and many more. MG Natura offers an excellent customer service and high quality products at reasonable prices. The company works only with genuine products from a known source. Some products are organic, fair trade or kosher certified. Employing the best technology, the company guarantees that processed products meet customers’ needs. By consistently improving its service for its customers, MG Natura is able to export Peruvian natural products to customers all over the world. Products Achiote, aguaje, amaranth, brewer’s yeast, caihua, camu camu, cat’s claw, cocoa, coffee, ginger, green tea, hercampuri, huanarpo macho, jojoba oil, maca, noni, passion fruit, paprika powder, pomegranate, quinoa, rosemary, sacha inchi, shark cartilage, sour sop, soy, starfruit, turmerin, valerian, yacon Personnel 17 Export

China, Canada, France, Germany, Korea, USA 13

Peru. Molinos Asociados SAC Calle 2 Manzana N Lote 4–5

Phone +51 1 719 47 21

Cooperativa Las Vertientes


Villa el Salvador

Lima 42

+51 1 719 47 23

Peru Contact: Mr. Herbert Telge Noriega, Molinos Asociados was established in Lima in 2007 to process tara tree fruit derivatives. By implementing new technologies and effective business strategies, Molinos Asociados has become a leader in the exportation of tara products. Tara trees (Caesalpinia spinosa) are native to Peru. Their fruit, the tara pods, are known as an environmentally friendly source of tannins (50 % Galotanin and 5 % Elagitanin). From the tara seed endosperm Molinos Asociados produces a 100 % natural hydrocolloid of galactomanan origin, known as tara gum. MoliGum® from Molinos Asociados outperforms most other tara gums by being more easily dispersible, having a lower bacteriological count and more consistent characteristics in particle size and viscosity functionalities. The company is halal and kosher certified. Products

Galic acid, tara gum, tara tannin powder

Personnel 50 Export Argentina, Belgium, Brasil, China, Chile, France, Italy, Switzerland


New worlds, new markets. Visit us at BioFach 2013 13–16 February 2013 Nuremberg, Germany SIPPO Pavilion: Hall 4, Booth 538 Discover a range of exciting natural ingredients, fresh fruits and organic products from reliable companies from around the world. All in one place: The SIPPO Pavilion. See you there!

Peru. Somerex S.A. Av. Argentina 4065, Callao 1

Phone +51 1 562 34 02



+51 1 562 21 65


Contact: Manuel Pardo, Somerex is a Peruvian agroindustrial company which was founded in 1945. The aim of the company is to use the Peruvian biodiversity as a source of active natural products for application in the farming, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and textile industries. The commitment of Somerex to its customers is demonstrated by their strict observance to HACCP and GMP and its own quality control regulations, thus, ensuring high quality products. In addition, the company has implemented an environmental care programme (PAMA), guaranteeing that all products are biodegradable. The factory and offices are located in a 10,000 m2 area close to the port of Callao. The company is kosher certified. Products Ecoprol 2000, genipa blue colorant extract, huito, tara gum powder, tara powder, rathany root, rotenone, prophyl gallate, paprika oleoresin, tannic acid food grade Personnel 50 Export Argentina, Brasil, China, Finland, France, India, Japan, Korea, Mexiko, Norway, Spain, USA


Ukraine. Aksion NPP 43 Danilova str.

Phone +380 997 771 302

95006 Simferopol



+380 652 583 574

Contact: Mr Ilya Puida, The company Aksion has been working in the medicinal plants sector for over 15 years. The head office is located in Simferopol. Their main activities are the procurement of medicinal plants and processed products. The company exports its products mainly to manufacturers of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products from Eastern Europe and Ukraine. Aksion pays additional attention to the procurement of wild collected medicinal plants and berries. Some of the company’s main products are camomile flowers, rosehips, herb and roots of althea, salvia, horse chestnut and hawthorn among many others. The company has a powerful drying complex, processing station for raw herbal materials and the greenery for planting stock (peppermint, melissa). Products: Herbal infusions, dried sage leaves, dried ­camomile flowers, dried lemon balm leaves, herb and roots of althea, salvia, horse chestnut and hawthorn Personnel:



Bulgaria, Poland, Sweden


Ukraine. Elcor 18 a Kubanskaya Str.

Phone +380 652 575 621

95022 Simferopol


+380 652 514 197


Contact: Mrs. Irina Eidelman, Elcor is one of the leading producers of essential oils and aromatic raw materials in the Ukraine. All products – essential oils, concentrates, and aromatic waters – are produced exclusively from natural raw materials. The company which was established in 1992 in Crimea is involved in all stages of production, from growing and processing raw materials to preparing the finished product to be shipped to the customer. Products include: lavender, clary sage, common sage, hyssop, fennel, dill, coriander, rose, artemisia, etc. The company has its own modern extraction complex and some stationary and mobile distillation units for the processing of the raw aromatic material. Elcor also has significant expertise in the design and manufacturing of specialised agricultural machinery and processing equipment used in the growing and harvesting of the raw material. Products

Essential oils, concentrates, aromatic waters

Personnel 50 Export Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, China, Czech ­Republic, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, ­ United Kingdom, USA 18

Indonesia Pavilion. Hall 3, Booth F97. Titel • Lauftext Aufzählung

Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MOMAF)


Directorate of Foreign Market Development (DFMD) is a unit under the Directorate General of Fisheries Product Processing and Marketing within the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Republic of Indonesia. DFMD encourages both public and private initiatives to boost foreign exchange earnings from seafood and other aquatic resources. DFMD has a wide range of activities among others: • to promote Indonesian seafood and other aquatic products having high quality standards suitable for international markets • to link Indonesian exporters with both international agencies for import promotion and foreign buyers, or related associations • to support sustainable business of Indonesian exporters As the biggest archipelagic country, Indonesia places seaweed as one of the priority products for development, due to its sustainability and potential for supporting the local economy through extensive employment. Seaweed is a natural raw material which is environmentally friendly, labour-intensive to farm and utilises strict quality assurance systems to produce products like carrageenan and agar. Directorate of Foreign Market Development (DFMD) Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Republic of Indonesia, Mina Bahari 3 Building, 13rd Floor Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur 16 Jakarta 10110, Indonesia Phone: +62 21 351 90 70 ext 6306, Fax: +62 21 352 19 77, Contact person: Ms. Artati Widiarti, 19

Indonesia. Algalindo Perdana PT Jl. Jagaraga 33–35

Phone +62 31 353 21 07

Surabaya 60175


+62 31 353 40 82


Contact: Mr. Johanes Sukantio Thio, Algalindo Perdana with brand name Seatech Carrageenan is engaged in manufacturing refined carrageenan and konjac, as well as blending and compounding binders, thickeners, stabilizers, emulsifiers, clarifying and gelling agents for the manufacture of processed meat, dessert jellies, ice creams, beverages, confectioneries, dairy products, sauces, farinaceous products, petfood, cosmetics, toiletries and other applications.   Carrageenan is a food grade material obtained from Eucheuma, a species of red seaweed, which is the world’s most widely used seaweed product today. It is a wholly natural ingredient that is completely safe for human consumption. Algalindo Perdana is HACCP certified by TUV Nord. Products

Carrageenan, konjac

Personnel 117 Export

China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, USA


Indonesia. Gumindo Perkasa Industri PT Ruko L’Agricola Blok A No. 20

Phone +62 212 942 95 59

Jl Boulevard Gading Serpong


Tangerang 15810

+62 212 942 95 65


Contact: Mr. Adrian Setiadi, Gumindo Perkasa Industri (Indogum™) was established in 1997 and for over a decade has supplied satisfied customers in the food and beverage industries all over the world with proven superior, quality controlled pure semi-refined-carrageenan products, as well as special customer blends. Stringent farming guidelines and selection criteria are adhered to at all times. Only the best carrageenan Eucheuma Cottonii and Eucheuma Spinosum seaweeds are processed at a full 24 hour circle manufacturing plant running with three shifts. The extensive knowledge gained from long experience in serving customer needs and constant on-going routine research and development, enables Indogum both to maintain the best quality products and to develop innovative products and explore new applications. Indogum is 100 % non GMO food grade quality with Kosher and Halal certifications. Products Semi refined Carrageenan Food Grade, blending products Personnel 107 Export Brazil, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam






General plan.

SIPPO Pavilion: Hall 3, Booth E 32 Indonesia Pavilion: Hall 3, Booth F 97 Messe Frankfurt GmbH Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1 60327 Frankfurt a.M. Germany Phone +49 697 57 50 Fax

+49 697 575 64 33 26

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