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Education The University of Texas at San Antonio, December 2013 Bachelor of Science in Architecture Cumulative GPA 3.6 Center for Career and Technology Education,CCTE Engineering CADD & Architectural Drafting El Paso Community College, EPCC Attended EPCC for 2 Years and Completed Basics

Skills Model Building, Drafting, Construction Documents, Painting Languages: Enlish, Spanish (Written & Verbal) Abilities: strong organizational skills, analytical, independent, organized, detail oriented with ability to multi-task, goal people person, hardworking

Skills & Education

Software AutoCad Revit V-Ray Rhinoceros Google Sketchup Adobe InDesign Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator SketchUp Grasshopper Ecotect Microsoft Office


Remodelation Projects, Cd. Juarez, Chih., Mexico Alpha Chi Honor Society Phi Kapp Phi Honor Society Galveston Historial Foundation, Summer Field Study Association of Builder and Contractors UTSA Chapter AIAS, American Institute of Arhcitecture Students Habitat For Humanity, Volunteer S.T.A.R., Students together Archieveing Revilitalization Lions International, Volunteer, Cd. Juarez, Chih., MExico

About Me The experience of having grown up in two different countries allowed me to gain an interest in the effect of urban and civil studies. The social contrasts of life within the U.S.-Mexico border was present throughout my entire childhood and I understood how and why life was so different in such short distances. I noticed architectural development & design became a direct factor in the quality of peoples’ lives. Public spaces and planning are guides to how people can interact with each other and in turn how they live on a daily basis. The notion that I gre up with, in which I could play a part in the improvement of communities became my drive and motivation to focus in my education and further my knowledge in what I believe could be the key for a better lifestyle, architecture. During my studies I have developed an undestanding of the design process and disciplines that function together in order to create the world and communities that we live in. The presence of an architect in communities is essential towards improving quality of life. Continuing my education and my role as an architect is the best way to prepare me to take a leadership role in education, contruction environment, and the development of communities around the world.

Oscar Siegfried-Veloz 915.321.1211 3711 Medical Dr. Apt. 126 San Antonio, TX 78229

I hope to explore new methods in the approach of architecture and solving design and social challenges.

About Me

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Visitor Center: Concepcion Park

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Mix-Use: Hotel Residence

P 10

Retail StripMall: Terrace Shops

P 16

Adaptive Re-Use: Gallery

P 26

Design+Build: Galveston Porch

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Table of Contents

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Visitor Center: Concepcion Park

Concepcion Park Visitor Center The concept of the building was inspired by natural landscapes and topography. The visitor center erupts from the site to create a haven for bypassers who are surrounded by both urban and rural setting in very short distances. This visitor center is located inside Concepcion Mission Park, in front of the river. The location is an undeveloped area perfect to fulfill the need that a visitor center requires. The design of the building looks to engage bypassers and invite them through the its open floorplan. The breezeway running within the program looks to emmulate the trail that runs through the park, and thus mirror its function.

Northeast Section

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b b









g g





g g


1st floor

2nd floor

g g i

e g












information center


exhibition space




break room




Rotation of the building core within the site for true north/south orientation

Concepcion Park Trail

Creation of breezeway in order to take advantage of wind patterns. (Separation of offices/ visitor center) Floorplane is elevated for wind circulation below.

Roofs are slanted and cantilivered for shading purposes and the shedding of water.


8 9

Mix-Use: Hotel Residence

hotel Residence: Mix-Use Located in downtown San Antonio, at the corner of Richmond and Augusta St., the hotel residence is a mixed use project aimed at transforming the urban environment by adding desirable and accommodating spaces for families and professionals. Re-inventing urban and downtown enviroment is vital to attracting and keeping young professionals and improving the life of all its residents, this project looks to achieve this objective. Transforming downtown environments into vibrant communities is a model that San Antonio is looking to adopt with their 2020 plan. A vital urban lanscape for people to live and prosper withing is an asset the project looks to emphasize. The mix-use offers a combination of one and two bedroom residences with amenities like gym and outdoor/patio and garden spaces. The first floor is dedicated to retail areas from both access streets.

View from Street

Activating Urban Context The main entry and the retail areas of the building generrates a public space as well as articulated ground for effecient circulation. The design of this moment is itended to invite the public into the retail areas.

10 11

1st Floor

North Elevation

2nd Floor

West Elevation

3rd-4th Floor

North Section

5th Floor

West Section


Outdoor Terrace The back of the building features a patio deck which extends from the building itself. This deck lies next to a green area that can be used to enjoy the weather when desired. It is a private feature that residents of the property can enjoy. The main entrance to the building features an atrium which serves as the circulation center of the building. The openness of the lobby allows people to enjoy the grand staircase and multi-story areas.


14 15

Retail StripMall: Terrace Shops

Terrace Shops StripMall This project was developed in order to offer a sophisticated and engaging experience to retailers who are looking to get more from their shopping. The mall is designed with the intention to engage users with the site. The principle design intent was to stay away from a centralized plan and take advantage of the longitudinal dimension of the site. In an attempt to compliment The Ridge Mall which neighbors the site, this establishment offers a pedestrian experience to shopper who are looking for a distinct experience

16 17

Urban Analysis

18 19

Site study consisted of site measurements, topography layers, setbacks, utilities, site access and vegetation. The studies conducted helped clarify how the design process would develop.

Green Study

The immediate arrea around the site is mostly underdeveloped and features many green areas. This being the case I wanted the project to create the slimmest footprint it possibly could. The retail mall had to feature this trend as much as I would, which i why a green roof was used for the building.

Site Analysis

Special consideration had to be given towards ease of access. The major access routes that were studied were I-10 West, I-10 East, Loop 1604 West and Loop 1604 East. These routes helped determine the positioning of signage which is crucial to any retail establishment

Courtyard Six Flags Residence Inn Six Flags

Motel 6 Fiesta Texas

Drury Inn & Suites Cantera

Access Routes to Site

La Quinta Inn & Suites

Traffic Analysis

Major access to site comes from I-10 West ,281 North and Loop 1604 East. These transportation routes were determined by urban development around our site. These roads would lead most the most visitors into the Terrace Shops.

20 21

Green Roof Structure Vegetation Growing Media Filter Layer Drainage Protection Fabric Insulation Insulation Sheething Waterproofing Membrane Roof Decking

2nd Floor

RetailMall Program The retail mall consists of 25 different shops laid out across a linear and open floorplan. All the shops feature views towards a centrally located plaza, where pedestrians can course through. Parking is located towards the back of the mall in order to take advantage of the linear characteristic of the lot.

1st Floor

Floor Plans

22 23


-Lift building footprint from site: in order to achieve an ecological design and reduce damage done to site because of building, the elevated area will become the stripmall’s green roof

-Creation of shops on East and West fronts of site, addition of central plaza for circulation through stripmall -Shifting of site foliage from West end of site towards South where entrance/parking is located

-Green roof set over retail footprint -Enclosing of Stripmall with glazing and load-bearing walls

Terrace Shops’ neighbor The Ridge stripmall The project is developed to become a compliment to The Ridge shopping center and not competition. The green aspect makes the Terrace shops more than a shopping experience but a self indulging time, such as a visit to a park. The ultimate goal is to change how a person views a mall and how it is used.

View towards Ridge

3-d Section Cut

24 25

Adaptive Re-use: 815 Gallery

Abandoned building for Re-Use

2nd Floor

The old building that was utilized for this project sits at the corner of Guadalupe St. and S. Flores St. 815 involves the remodelation of a masonry load bearing structure. The project combines a gallery with a cafe and office space. The expansion design implemented the transtion from the old brick building into the new renovations that were added.

1st Floor + Site Plan

26 27

North Elevation

East Elevation

South Elevation

West Elevation

East-West Section

West Entrance

Structure Detail

Wall Section 1

Wall Section 2

The addition to the old building consisted of extending the exisiting lumber structure to give continuitiy throughout the building. To achieve a modern look, concrete and corrugated metal were used as the other materials.

28 29


An historic alley house constructed around 1880 on the lot of 1117 Market Street was knocked off its original foundation due to the storm surge of Hurricane Ike in 2008. The cottage house was then donated to the Galveston Historical Foundation and placed on the empty lot of 811 Broadway. The growing relationship between the Galveston Historical Foundation and the College of Architecture at UTSA has spawned a series of projects exhibiting the alley house with aporch and stairs constructed by UTSA College of Architecture, a group I had the fortune to be a part of. After the alley house was transported to the new location, the interior of the historic house remained inaccessible as a result of being lifted above ground level. The ongoing collaboration between the Galveston Historical Foundation and the UTSA College of Architecture eliminated this problem through the creation of a new porch and stair, allowing easier access to the house. The 811 Broadway additions were designed and constructed by students during a five-week studio in the summer of 2013, following the design standards of the local vernacular and achieving hurricane safety.

*The house was donated to the Galveston Historical Foundation and lifted to be moved to another lot. *The alley house was transported to its current location at 811 Broadway. *After Ike The alley house knocked off its foundation at 1117 Market Street.

Community Engagement: Galveston Design+Build

The construction Process took a full four weeks in which my group was responsible for the design, logistics, and cosntruction of the porch. We handled everything from ordering the material, budget management, city council approval, and client meetings.

Construction Process

30 31

Oscar Siegfried-Veloz Phone: 915.321.1211 E-mail: “Society needs a good image of itself. That is the job of the architect� Walter Gropius

Architecture Portfolio Oscar Siegfried-Veloz  

Undergraduate Architecture Portfolio University of Texas at San Antonio

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