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Metropolitan British Police Virus – How to Remove Ukash Virus Overview PC users who stand accused of a crime against “Copyrighted and Related Rights Law” by Metropolitan British Police do not have to be afraid of being arrested and being deprived of freedom for several years, simply because the lock-down message is forged by cyber criminals aiming at large amount of easy money. Metropolitan British Police virus was firstly detected in the year of 2011. Here’s its first version:

The refined interface with simplicity added with famous anti-virus programs such as Kaspersky, bitdefender, Avira, together with the displayed IP address, browser version and so on reinforce the

authenticity of Metropolitan British Police message. Most law-abiding citizens would definitely submit the non-existent ransom which is 100 pound, without excluding the possibility that victims are threatened to fulfill the submission simply due to the reluctance to lose the data stored on the target machine as what Metropolitan British Police virus claims that “if the penalty is not paid, all the data will be removed from your PC!�. The amount of different version of Metropolitan British Police virus can be different. Just take the most three flagrant versions for example:

From the above attached screenshots, it is clear that more titles of national departments are added onto the lock-down message, namely Police Central e-crime Unit, Cheshire Police Authority, Serios Organised Crime Agency, Interpol, to convince PC users that it is actually issued by the related department and it is obligatory to

hand over the required ransom. Greedy as its cyber criminal is, the amount of ransom increases when each new version released. As a matter of fact, those multiple titles happen to reveal its real property as a virus for it is not clear as to which department takes responsibility of the violation and ambiguity is not allowed in the law processing. Common feature of various versions of Metropolitan British Police virus can be also found that first payment method is always Ukash, an electronic money system offering convenient money transfer online. With its conveniency and security, Ukash was awarded Queen’s Awards for Enterprise. Nevertheless, it has been taken advantage by cyber criminals like the one who created Metropolitan British Police virus to ensure the money will be collected in a quick manner. There is another benefit for adopting Ukash to commit cyber crime is that such payment doesn’t support the reimbursement. Even when victims finally realize the lock-down message is a virus after the submission, the only chance to get back their hard-earned money is when the cyber criminal being arrested. But in fact, few cyber criminals were known to be successfully put into prison.

How Metropolitan British Police Virus Affects Computers Learning from the preceding paragraphs, it should be clear that Metropolitan British Police lock-down message is displayed by virus and the ransom should not be transferred as required within the time period so fix on the message. Let’s now get to figure out how Metropolitan British Police virus affects computers in this section for a better prevention in the future since cyber criminals endeavor to evolve such ransomware and create new versions to keep confusing wide range of PC users, hunting for a chance to get easy money. Among various known dissemination routine adopted by virus like Metropolitan British Police virus, affecting through vulnerability on browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and even Safari) as well as web apps including toolbar, cookie, search engine is the most commonly used way for propagation. With computers connected by networks nowadays, spreading Metropolitan British Police virus through networks is the most efficient way to

gain huge fortune. Besides, little attention has been attached on good PC practice, coupled with the unawareness of reinforcement on website, Metropolitan British Police virus manages to gain the chance to initiate its aggressive infiltration when accident click is made on spam commercial advertisement to automatically download virus or downloading vicious applications/ programs without knowing the malicious property. Here’s the conclusive list of dissemination routine that Metropolitan British Police employs for its infiltration: • • •

Exploiting vulnerability on installed programs, open resource code, browsers, web applications and so on. Affecting or paying porn sites to load the malevolent code of Metropolitan British Police virus. Affecting emails to distribute a mass of letters that encompass link/ attachment directing to download Metropolitan British Police virus to contacts of the victim.

Metropolitan British Police Virus Ruins Computers Damaging computers virus. To do so is know it is a virus related department

is not the goal of Metropolitan British Police just to threaten victims, especially the ones who instead of the genuine accusation issued by the into submitting money as soon as possible.

To gain as much money as possible, Metropolitan British Police virus is programmed with sophisticate commands and codes to be capable of implementing the below listed villainous conducts: •

Modify registry entries in the database; randomly add/ delete values under directories concerning system configurations of, such as startup, Windows protected zone, firewall, anti-virus program, Safe Mode, etc.. Numerate all detected catalogues and overwrite the mostly used item with its malicious code after transferring the original content to its self-made file, convincing that the important data is gone but can be retrieved as soon as the submission is complete.

All these result in unmanageable situation where some Safe Mode cannot be enabled, System Restore and Repair My System are disabled, F8 functional key become inaccessible. Apart from the damages that are seen when Metropolitan British Police virus is locking up the whole computer, there are damages that will be seen even after the successful removal of it due to the randomly modified database giving rise to vulnerability that can be easily exploited by today’s virus. The truth is the residual virus can also be introduced in by Metropolitan British Police virus after it resells the collected information to other spammers for lucrative profit. To remove Metropolitan British Police virus before it disables all build-in functionality that are supposed to assist in the quick removal and before it causes more virus affections, the manual steps below will be helpful. Be noted that computer knowledge as well as skills are required to go through the instruction hereinafter.

Remove Metropolitan British Police Virus from Windows and Mac Windows Step One: Log into Safe Mode with Command Prompt. Windows 8 • •

Please press Alt,Ctrl and delete key together to get into another blue screen with options. Please hold shift key and click on power button at the same time.

• • • •

Select Troubleshoot with arrow keys. Then select Advanced options. Hit Restart button at the right bottom of the screen. Tap F6 to get into safe mode with command prompt.

Windows 7/XP/Vista • • •

As the computer is booting but before Windows launches, keep tapping “F8 key” continuously. You will get into “Windows Advanced Options Menu”. Highlight “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” option with arrow keys and press Enter key.

Step Two: Create a new user account from through command. • • • •

You will see a flashing slash/line behind “System32″. Type ‘explore’ there followed by Enter key. You will then be taken to a new desktop. Created a new user account with administrator right.

Step Three: Remove Metropolitan British Police virus in the newly created user account; start with disabling related startup items Windows 8 • • • •

Restart the computer normally and log into the newly created user account. Enable Search Charm bar to type ‘Task’ followed by Enter key. Find and tick related items. Press ‘Disable’ option to remove Metropolitan British Police virus.

Windows 7/XP/Vista • •

• • •

Restart the computer normally and log into the newly created user account. Hold Win key and R key together to launch Search/ Run box.

Type ‘msconfig’ followed by Enter key. Find and tick related items. Press ‘Disable All’ option to remove Metropolitan British Police virus.

Step Four: Modify database to help remove Metropolitan British Police virus. Windows 8 • • • •

Type ‘regedit’ in Search charm bar followed by Enter key. Press and hold Ctrl+F to search for Winlogon. Locate key labeled Shell in the right pane. Right click on it and replace it with ‘explorer.exe’.

Windows 7/XP/Vista • •

Put ‘regedit’ in Run box followed by Enter key. Press and hold Ctrl+F to search for Winlogon.

• •

Locate key labeled Shell in the right pane. Right click on it and replace it with ‘explorer.exe’.

Step Five: Show hidden files to remove Metropolitan British Police virus. Windows 8 •

Open Windows Explorer by clicking on Windows Explorer application from Start Screen.

Select View tab on Windows Explorer window to tick ‘File name extensions’ and ‘Hidden items’ options.

Navigate to Roaming folder and Temp folder respectively in Drive C to remove files with abnormal name, such as serial numbers with random letters.

Windows 7/XP/Vista •

Open ‘Control Panel’ from Start menu and search for ‘Folder Options’.

Tick ‘Show hidden files and folders and non-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’ item under View tab and then click ‘OK’. Navigate to Roaming folder and Temp folder respectively in Drive C to remove files with abnormal name, such as serial numbers with random letters.

Macs • •

Open safari even when it still displays the counterfeit message by Metropolitan British Police virus. Click on Safari menu to choose ‘Reset Safari’.

• •

• • • •

Tick all given options when another window pops up. Press ‘Reset’ to confirm the change.

Click on the search icon on the right-up corner of the screen. Type safari (the browser that has Metropolitan British Police virus) on the search box. Choose safari by clicking on it once. U.S.A. Cyber Crime Investigations virus will be gone by now.

Attention: Most of the information given on Metropolitan British Police lockdown message is fake. However, that the data will be removed is real. Don’t submit the money for this reason, because, according to the reports by numerous victims, the cyber criminal will not unblock the computer after receiving money. Anti-virus programs are unable to remove Metropolitan British Police virus, which should draw the attention to victims since it employs the advanced Trojan technology to bind its fatal components to system items; which is why Metropolitan British Police virus keeps coming back regardless of the fact that some detected infections have been removed by security utilities. Manual removal way is the most efficient way to help regain operational computer though, it requires computer skills, experience as well as circumspection to avoid any deviation and mistake that would also impose damage to computers. If there’s no better choice has been found than manual removal way and no professional skills, use the recommended professional services to regain back a clean and functional computer in a few minutes.

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