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Final Project: Utopia

CRP 265 Professor Ric Richardson Charles Joslin, Kate Ayala, Derek Jarner, and Oscar Gonzalez

Satellite City Design • We used a satellite city to confront the challenge of designing a Utopia. • Integrated what each group member believed to be factors for a self-sustainable city. • Little town feel in a large city.

Pod Designation • • • • •

Downtown Residential Entertainment Industrial Educational

• Separated area into different pods for focused use. • Certain facilities exist in each pod, such as emergency medical buildings, recycling collection center, and water treatment plant.

Overview of Pods

Downtown • Location of the civic and public buildings • Business Center • Zia Sun Symbol in Central park

• Condos and apartments for downtown dwellers • Small business, eg. food, and drug included

What people have to say about downtown….

Residential • Single and Multi-family housing • LEED efficient with passive heating/cooling • Streetcar and biking/walking paths radiate from center

• Mix of socioeconomic classes • Neighborhood cafes and grocery store, along with a small commercial district for home business.

Entertainment • Variety of business types and sizes • Major shopping district • Major entertainment district

• Professional Sports stadiums located here • Different days of the week designated for sport use.

Industrial • Manufacturing Plant • Solar and Wind Farms • Black waste water recycling plant

• Hard goods recycling plant • Train/streetcar repair station

Educational • All schools from KCollegiate level located here. • Students will have a connection to older and younger classes.

• Promotes mentoring younger students/motivation to learn and stay in school • Smaller sports fields also here.

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CRP - Utopia Project Final  

In this project, our group made a large-scale Sketch-Up model of a "utopia". We didn't have the time frame to make much more detail than thi...

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