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This project was an accomplishment by collection. An area of 1500’x1500’ was diagrammed. Included in an overall class effort, students including myself focused on finding information that can potentially be useful and noted it through diagram. Information involved included existing bicycle boulevards, landuse, natural systems, open space, road hierarchies, surface parking, proximity to a school of higher learning, and private property. The above topics were chosen based on personal and societal relevant importance, such as parking within a city, bicycling as a form of reducing carbon footprint, landuse necessities and order, higher education and accessibility, private property, existing greenery within the chosen area, and road hierarchies showing the most populated roads.

1. Highlight of Bicycle Boulevard

5. Road hierarchy, dark to

within Silver Avenue. Entrances

light signifies more to less used

are also shown.

and road width (Lead under

2. Landuse; lightest to darkest

construction at time).

as shown: single family housing,

6. Surface parking darkest,

multi-family, commercial retail,

included are roads and building

and public institution.

footprints for comparison.

3. Natural systems: tree and

7. Building proximity to CNM,

shrub cover as darkest color.

darkest equals closest and

4. Open space in figure block.

lesser thereon.

Building footprint illustrated

8. Private property shown. Bus


routes and stops included.

Oscar Gonzalez

Final Board for CRP 437 project - viewing University and Lead in different ways  

Project was done using ArcGIS (ArcMap), Photoshop, and Indesign. Envisioning different aspects of an intersection and different viewpoints o...