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This will be our third year of holding our annual Lansing Fall Festival along Angel Falls Trail, and we think it is starting to really hit its stride. Do you like music? There will be three times as much music as ever before, at three different spots along the trail. Do you like magic? There will be twice as much as last year. How about activities for kids? We got you covered. And admission is still FREE. On Sat., Oct. 14, Lansing will have its annual Fall Festival at 900 Ida Street, next to St. Francis de Sales Church, along Angel Falls Trail. The event will run from 10 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. and will include some of the fan favorites you have seen in recent years. There will be food, beverages, pumpkin crafting, craft vendors, artists, and a petting zoo (featuring Lil’ Milton, Lansing’s favorite micropig).


he takes classical music and transfers it into something that is bluegrass, yet altogether new. You will see John accompanying Sky giving his folk/rock a bluesy edge, and Sky accompanying John, too - not an ordinary concert event.

Better Than Ever!

Sky Smeed will be returning to perform this year. Sky is a true midwestern troubadour, and one of the hardest working musicians around. He will be performing songs off of his new album Lunker Bass. However, this year he is bringing a friend along. John Svoboda is another Lawrence-area musician doing his own thing, and will be promoting his new album too. So, essentially, this will be a Double CD Release Party for Sky and John as John promotes his unique vision of “No Bow Ties,” in which

It’s mid-July as I write and the heat is on – so I start with a request to keep in mind good thoughts for City em-

ployees and contractors who work outside in the summer. Lansing has several ongoing infrastructure projects, includ-

By Mayor Mike Smith

PRESORTED STANDARD US POSTAGE PAID Permit No. 28 Leavenworth, KS 66048

2017 CONNECTION CALENDAR AUGUST Aug. 2............Voter Registration Reopens Aug. 3............City Council Meeting Aug. 17..........City Council Meeting Aug. 21..........Solar Eclipse Aug. 31..........City Council Work Session

SEPTEMBER Sept. 4 .........Labor Day (City Offices Closed) Sept. 7 .........City Council Meeting Sept. 8 .........Citizens’ Academy Application Deadline Sept. 15 .......“Lansing City Limits” @ Jake’s Place Sept. 21 .......City Council Meeting Sept. 22-23...Citywide Garage Sale Sept. 28 .......City Council Work Session Sept. 30 .......Coffee with the Administrator

OCTOBER Oct. 2...........Volunteer Recognition Dinner Oct. 5...........City Council Meeting Oct. 14.........Fall Festival @ Angel Falls Trail Oct. 17.........Voter Registration Deadline Oct. 18.........Advanced Voting Begins Oct. 19.........City Council Meeting Oct. 26.........City Council Work Session Oct. 28.........Spooky Center @ Activity Center

But, wait, did we say a Double CD Release Party? This event will actually be a Triple CD Release Party as a talented young artist named Leah Marie will be having her own CD Release Party down by the falls in our new area Buskerville.

Busk - To play music or perform entertainment in a public place, usually while soliciting money. Buskerville will feature musicians, magicians and various artists. The beautiful scenery around the falls feels like a natural place to give all of this creative talent a home. Local harpist Wujeong Duncan will set up by the bridge to play a variety of popular songs. Also, we will have local classical guitarist Chris Foster, (continued on next page)

ing work on the Desoto Rd. Bridge and the 9-Mile Creek Sanitary Sewer project. There’s also smaller maintenance-type projects, all of which require a lot of effort from the men and women who build and fix things. We thank them. I want to also belatedly thank all Lansing residents who voted in May’s sales tax election. As you know, it passed and will allow the City to fund continuing improvements to Desoto Rd. as well as Kenneth W. Bernard Community Park and other parks facilities. Commitment from our citizens allows Lansing to continue its orderly growth and development. We hosted several City events in the late spring and early summer – Lansing DAZE and the Brew, Blues and Bar-B-Q was a great success (as we have come to expect.) It was the second year hosting it out at Kenneth W. Bernard Community Park, and it is clear to me that KWB is the best location for the event. The fact that we are getting closer to adding a new water line to service the Park will make it an even better location for our events – including our Independence Day

Mayor Mike Smith Fireworks show. Again, we had a huge crowd and I am proud to say I witnessed the patience of those folks who had to wait to leave the Park after the show. Another great City event – and a special thanks to Fire District #1, our Community and Economic Development and Police Departments for running things so well. As we head into the fall, I ask that Lansing residents continue to stay engaged. Whether it is becoming active in our community by way of volunteer city boards, or coaching our youth teams, or attending our City events – it adds to the overall vibrancy of our community.

FOR MORE INFORMATION - CHECK OUT WWW.LANSING.KS.US Fall Festival 2017 (continued from page 1)

along with the destructable Ben Rassum and Emma Huskey. These last two performers will actually be performing at our Lansing City Limits Music Series on September 15 - so make sure you check them out there too. Feel free to check out our musicians at Reverbnation or YouTube, and keep an eye out on Facebook at Lansing, KS Happenings and KC Destinations for links to some of their music.

Sky and John will be at the Lil’ Critters Amphitheatre, near the petting zoo and pumpkin crafting station. Keep an eye out for multi-talented magicians Reggie Gray and Josh Theno. Also, new this year will be A Deere Place Fall Funzone, which will feature fun stuff for the kids. There should be plenty of foods and beverages, plenty of crafts, and plenty of good people along the trail.

Stay all day or just come for a while, but don’t miss this unique Lansing experience. There will be some parking available at 900 Ida (St. Francis de Sales Church), but there will be plenty of parking available along West Mary Street, with a shuttle running from Lansing Elementary School to the church parking lot.


Tim Vandall

has been vacant for over a decade, staff is working hard to outline the benefits of starting a business in Lansing. For instance, in other areas, new buildings need to conform to the size of the lot or might be next to an undesirable location; Town Center is a blank canvas, which can allow developers to build the most cost effective building and possibly help decide who your future neighbors will be. Our council believes that once we are able to get the initial businesses in Town Center, further development will increase. We hope to have good news to share later in the year.

By City Adinistrator Tim Vandall

Football season is just around the corner! You might not realize it by looking at me, but I was actually a defensive lineman on my high school’s team. One of my most vivid memories was playing defensive line during a scrimmage my junior year, and I was “pancake blocked” by an offensive lineman. I was vociferously scolded by our line coach, not necessarily for getting “pancake blocked,” but for not fighting to get back up. I learned a valuable lesson that day; even when things are tough, never stop working and trying to make a difference. In Lansing, we have a core group of governing body members and employees who are consistently working hard to make a difference for our citizens. We have had a renewed interest in some key areas in Lansing. Staff has been having recent discussions with businesses who are interested in the Town Center area. Although the area

Our council and staff are also working hard to be responsible with your tax dollars. The City has published a property tax decrease of .25 mills. This will be the second straight year we have lowered our property tax rate. As you receive your tax bill later this year, be sure to look at the breakdowns, as your valuation and other taxing entities can also affect what you pay. Additionally, in 2015, we had originally approved a wastewater rate study that called for a $5 user fee increase on sewer bills this year. After reviewing bid prices on recent projects, our council scaled back the $5 increase to $3. Although it is still an increase to your sewer bill, the council’s action saved every resident in Lansing $24 dollars per year. Another cost saver people might not realize is that we offer a senior discount on trash costs. If you are over 65 and provide a valid ID with your birthdate to the City, we can lower your trash bill $2.50 per month, saving residents over 65 $30 dollars per year.

Mayor’s Christmas Tree Before you know it the holiday season will be upon us. The City Clerk’s Office is gearing up for the 2017 Mayor’s Christmas Tree Program. This is a program for Lansing families in need during the holiday season. The City Clerk’s Office accepts applications from families starting in October, verifies residency and income eligibility status, and promotes the program through Angel Tree Tags and donation jars at various locations in Lansing. This program provides participating families with nonperishable food items, a gift card for groceries, coats, clothing and toys for the children. We have also been very fortunate that Lansing Correctional Facility has been able to provide many of these children with bicycles through their Bike Program. Last year, the employees of the city of Lansing were generous in devoting their time to baking delicious cookies and cakes for the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Program Bake Sale which took place during the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony to raise funds for the program. The Mayor’s Christmas

Tree Lighting Ceremony takes place the first Sunday in December each year, so mark your calendars! The community is invited to participate in the ceremony which includes music, entertainment, the tree lighting, and caroling before ending the night enjoying baked good items and hot chocolate. If you would like more information about the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Program or the Lighting Ceremony, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 913-727-3036 or by email at Sbodensteiner@

The City has also been working hard on improving our infrastructure. As you all know, we have been in the midst of improving our sewer lines for well over two years. Our current sewer line project is about 75% complete. We had compliance issues with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment several years ago and once the current project is complete, we should be in much better shape. Another infrastructure project we’ve discussed extensively is DeSoto Road. Public Works Director Jeff Rupp has been working hard on this complex project. While making DeSoto Road a modern three lane road will have great benefits for drivers, we are beginning to see dividends as interest picks up for development in the area. We recently had a new residential subdivision plat sub-

mitted in that vicinity and we believe more growth in that area is on the horizon. We are always working hard to inform and engage our citizens. We will begin a quarterly series called Coffee with the City Administrator on Saturday, September 30. This will take place at 8 a.m. in the Lansing Community Center. These informal get-togethers will have no agenda, but instead, will allow citizens a chance to ask questions, speak their minds, and talk about their priorities. Coffee and doughnuts will be provided! Be sure to swing by at 8 a.m. on September 30. Let us know your priorities so we can work hard and make a difference for you.

About the new

Lansing City Limits Music Series… We are super excited about a new event that we have created - the Lansing City Limits Music Series. This is a concert at Jake’s Place, at the Great Life/Leavenworth Golf Club. There will be food and alcoholic beverages available and, for only $5, you will be able to see three talented local and regional acts at 7 p.m. on Fri., Sept. 15. Feel free to come a little early to try out some items from the menu at Jake’s Place. We have a great space for the concert out by the upper and lower decks, in back of the club house. We hope to hold the Lansing City Limits Music Series on a regular basis, with different events each having a different theme. This upcoming night of alternative music will be sponsored and hosted by Debbie Deere, State Representative for District 40. We will kick off the night with the unique stylings of a young new talent from the KC area named Emma Huskey, who will be performing some modern songs with her beautiful voice and ukulele. The next opening act is an enigmatic solo artist known as the destructable Ben Rassum. (Yes, that is how he spells “destructable.”) He plays very catchy and fun alternative rock music (he plays all of the instruments and sings on his recordings). His music is certainly all his own, but would be considered similar to such artists as Beck or They Might Be Giants. Now, the music of People Watching, our headliners, has a more bluesy and progressive alternative rock feel, moving from hypnotic to extremely catchy - sometimes within the same song. Three of the members of the band are with Laven Electric, LLC and last year hooked up with Michael Connell, percussionist. Brothers Lance and Luke Laven (bass and keyboards, respectively), along with singer/lead guitarist Monty Sheckels, felt like they had the right match to begin performing and recording again after a hiatus. That cohesiveness can be felt on their newest release FM/PM. Watch for much more from these guys, they already have a devoted following and are just now perfecting and recording an extensive list of their own material. They are already a distinctive voice in area music, and I feel like Lansing is catching them at just the right time. You can find out more and listen to music from People Watching at:

You can listen to music and watch videos from the destructable Ben Rassum at:

Children from The Deere Place get creative with ceramic painting during a special storytime with Miss Emily.

Lansing Community Library UPDATE By Library Director Terri Wojtalewicz

Thank you to all who have supported library programs this summer by attending the programs the library offered! Because of you, we had record breaking attendance. We have our last program for the summer on Aug. 21 from 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Community & Economic Development, Public Works, and the Library will host a “Picnic in the Parking Lot” for the solar eclipse. We will close off the library parking lot for the community to view the eclipse. Lansing is in the path of totality and we will have a prime spot to view it. So pack a picnic lunch, grab your chairs and watch the eclipse with us. We hope to see you at this once in a lifetime event. We could not have had such a great summer program without our wonderful sponsors. We would like to thank each business, organization, and person who helped make it happen. Please thank the businesses for their support when you stop by their locations. The “1000 Books Before Kindergarten” is an ongoing program families can join at any time. We have a few children who have already reached 400 and 500 books and oh so close to reaching 600 books. Stop in to get a sheet to record your books. It can be the same book 1000 times or 1000 different books. Be sure to check

Facebook and our website for special 1000 Books events being planned for the fall. It is a great way to read together and have fun as a family. If you haven’t seen the butterfly garden that the Leavenworth County Master Gardeners has planted at the library, we invite you to come by. We have had several butterfly sightings and it is a treat to watch them. The group offers workshops at the library on various topics that will be posted on social media and the website. The most

recent ones were on topics such as building a raised garden, vegetable gardening, and butterfly gardens. The Lego Contest is coming soon! Be on the lookout for the details on the website and Facebook for this year’s theme!

To keep up to date on all the exciting things going on at the library, you can register for our monthly newsletter on our website and follow us on social media.


At Angel Falls Trail Oct. 14, 2017

Trailhead Level ($500)

Large Logo on Sponsor Banners and t-shirts for sale to the public. Dedicated sponsored area along trail (Buskerville, Little Critters Amphitheatre) Name listed in social media posts & post-event thank you advertisement in local newspaper. Also, a free booth at the event to promote your business. Watershed Level ($250) Name on Sponsor Banners and t-shirts for sale to the public. Name listed in social media posts & post-event thank you advertisement in local newspaper. Also, a free booth at the event to promote your business. Busker Level ($100) (Busk: To play music or perform entertainment in a public place, usually while soliciting money. busk er n.) Name on Buskerville banner and in social media posts. Musicians, artists and writers who perform or provide services for the public during the event in the Buskerville area will be given a free booth to promote their art. If you are interested in sponsorship, please call 913727-5488 or email Sponsorships due by Mon., Sept. 11, 2017.

Children from The Deere Place get creative with ceramic painting during a special storytime with Miss Emily.

Lansing Now Part of Nextdoor Social Network By Ken Miller, Public Information Officer In June, Lansing partnered with the neighborhood-oriented social network Nextdoor to increase information flow to our residents. To date, more than 200 verified Lansing-area residents use the free platform, which allows neighbors to share information with other neighbors privately. According to Nextdoor, more than 1,500 public agencies in the U.S. use the social media program, with a focus on community engagement, crime prevention and emergency preparedness. Nextdoor says the uses are many:

The Jacobson children are participating Rebecca Savidge of the Community and in the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Economic Development Department brings farm animals to storytime. program at the library.

The Kansas City Zoo came to show off "perfect pets." This event was sponsored by the Friends of the Lansing Community Library.

• Quickly get the word out about a break-in • Organize a Neighborhood Watch Group • Track down a trustworthy babysitter • Find out who does the best paint job in town • Ask for help keeping an eye out for a lost dog • Find a new home for an outgrown bike • Finally call that nice man down the street by his first name is the link potential users can access to become a part of the five neighborhoods that make up the Lansing and nearby area. Once an account is created, you will be connected automatically to surrounding neighbors who use Nextdoor. While the city of Lansing can post messages for everyone in the City to see, messages that neighbors post just for their neighborhoods, or direct communications between neighbors, is not viewable to City staff. If you have any questions about Lansing’s use of Nextdoor, please call my office at 913-727-5488.


WARD 1 NEWS Councilmember Gene Kirby

Hot enough for you? Sorry, I couldn’t resist the urge to ask. I spend a

WARD 4 NEWS Councilmember Tony McNeill

We sincerely hope that everyone has had a safe and enjoyable summer so far. Hope you had the chance to make it to Lansing DAZE and the July 1 Fireworks at KBP – both were great events and well-attended. If you weren’t able to

fair amount of time outdoors at work and this question is asked frequently. If you are new to the area, welcome to the Land of Oz in the summer time. If you are not, you know the drill. I would like to take this opportunity to again thank the City Council for appointing me to return to my old Council seat. We have a great group working together for you. Good news, bad news. The bad news is the City sales tax will increase 0.45% beginning Oct. 1, 2017. The good news -

we will now be able to move forward on some desperately needed projects. The big one is improving DeSoto Rd. While it will be painful once the work begins, it will make for easier and safer travel along that road. We will also be able to make improvements not only to Bernard Park but other parks as well. Our Parks and Recreation Advisory Board has already started putting a working list together. We have been working on the budget for next year and are planning on

a slight reduction in mill levy. We have also made a slight reduction to the planned increase to your sewer bill. We are always looking for ways to reduce the burden on our residents. Future economic development is always on everyone’s mind. I can assure you that our City Administrator and Community/Economic Development Director are working hard on this. They continue to reach out to business owners and developers. We have been close a few times but due to circumstances

beyond our control, things have not worked out. There is only so much we can do as a City. We cannot force property owners to sell. Don’t forget that our Parks and Recreation Dept. has a lot of different sports activities going on year round. The same can be said of our Library. They too have programs year round and do a great job. I urge you to contact both to see if there is something of interest to you and your family. We also have two new groups starting up and

make it hopefully you’ll be able to attend next year’s events.

ent views when it comes to priorities for our City, but we are your representatives and would certainly like to hear what your priorities are as a resident of Ward 4.

Regular City Council meetings are held the first and third Thursday of every month, and those meetings along with any scheduled work sessions are open to the public. Any resident can attend the Council meetings, so if you are interested in sharing your opinion in person, please consider attending one. If you are too busy to attend in person, then please just send us an email or give us a call and voice your opinion on the budget or whatever else is on your mind. Also, if there is something on the upcoming agenda that you feel strongly about, please let us know prior to the actual meeting. You can al-

ways call us or shoot us an email. We don’t mind discussing issues after we vote on them, but we would much rather you call before we actually vote so we can make a more informed decision. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact myself or Gregg Buehler at: or

For the City Council, summer is one of our busiest times of the year…as it is “annual budget” time. We are very aware of the current tax increases associated with the building of the new high school, and the rate increases with the wastewater utility – so we are holding the line on taxes and actually proposing a decrease in the Mill Levy this year. Feel free to contact us with any questions or input you may have concerning the budget – your input is always helpful and welcome. We all may have differ-

Soon summer will draw to an end and our schools will begin ramping up, so please be aware of the children walking to school or waiting at the bus stops. The City has put an emphasis on getting our curbs and sidewalks repaired to help ensure the safety of those children having to walk to school, and have included in our plans the construction of sidewalks in neighborhoods that currently do not have them.

The city of Lansing is doing another survey to learn more about how readers access their quarterly Connection newsletter. Please answer the questions below and return to

O Digitally, through an email or newsletter from the city of Lansing O Digitally, through a link on Facebook or Twitter O I have not read the Lansing Connection

For an online version of this survey, put into your Internet browser.

3. If you currently read the newsprint version of the Connection but in the future that option no longer existed, would you look for the Connection online? O Yes O No O Not sure

Connection Survey City Hall, 800 1st Terr., Lansing, KS 66043

1. In 2017, have you read the Lansing Connection, a quarterly publication from the city of Lansing? O Yes O No O Not Sure

As a reminder, the City’s Public Information Officer sends out a weekly “eBlast” via email, and the city also has a Twitter feed and Facebook page. These are all great ways to stay connected. If you are interested, you can access any of these via

looking to get people more involved in helping to make Lansing a great place to live, Friends of Lansing, Kansas and Lansing Community in Action. Both groups have Facebook pages and welcome your involvement. If you would like any more information about these groups, let me know. I can be reached at Enjoy the rest of your summer and stay cool. Ward 1 News Council Member Gene Kirby

the City website Public-Information. Ward 4 News Council members Tony McNeill and Gregg Buehler

WARD 4 NEWS Councilmember Gregg Buehler

4. Lastly, we would like to know what other Lansing city communication tools you use to keep up with City news. Please fill in the circle next to the tools you have used: O Lansing City Website O Lansing Facebook Page O Lansing Twitter Feed O Lansing’s Nextdoor Social Media Posts O Lansing Friday E-blast newsletter O Lansing Email News Releases O LGTV- Ch. 2 Government Access Cable Channel

5. Do you have any other comments to share ... ?

2. In what format was the Connection? Check all that apply: O Newsprint, delivered to my residence O Newsprint that I picked up at a location other than my residence



Fireworks Show a Hit Despite Postponement By Ken Miller, Public Information Officer Fireworks fans had to wait an extra day, but the 2017 Lansing Independence Day Show was well attended by area residents, vendors as well as pyrotechnicians. The show was delayed because of wet grounds at Kenneth W. Bernard Community Park, being pushed from Fri., June 30 to Sat., July 1. Fortunately, the City’s contract with vendor KaPOW Fireworks stipulated the rain date, and almost all of the food and entertainment vendors were also available the following day. Based on parking availability, attendance was at capacity by 10:05 p.m., when the fireworks were shot. The city of Lansing initiated a parking fee for the first time this year – charging each vehicle $1 if arriving after 7 p.m. According to City Administrator Tim Vandall (who helped collect the fee from motorists), many people arrived before 7 p.m., and those arriving after 7 p.m. understood why the City was collecting the money. “If we can get folks to arrive early and enjoy the food and entertainment in advance of the fireworks, it’s a win for the vendors, the City and most importantly, residents attending the show,” said Vandall. For the second year in a row, the City also provided a shuttle bus from Lansing High School to KWB Park. Nearly one hundred people took advantage of the free service, which ran about every thirty minutes before the show, and then took two busloads of people back to their vehicles after the show.

In October, the Lansing Parks and Recreation Dept. will be conducting registration for youth in grades 1 through 6 for the winter basketball program. Registrations will be taken Oct. 2 - 31, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Lansing Activity Center, 108 S. 2nd St. in Lansing. Participation fees are $45 per registrant, due at the time of registration. Non-residents are welcome to register at an increased registration fee of $50. Registrations made after Oct. 31 may not be accepted. If late registrations are accepted, a late fee of $10 per participant will be assessed.

Assistance is available for qualifying individuals. Visit our website to download the information flyer along with the application for the Scholarship Program, or call the Parks office for more information. All Scholarship requests must be received no later than Fri., Oct. 13. Refunds for this program will NOT be offered after the uniform/equipment order is placed on Nov. 13, 2017. For more information about this program, call 913 727-2960 or email:


SIGNS IN STREET Community & Economic Development RIGHTS-OF-WAY Update

When it comes to any activity in street rights-of-way, the city of Lansing’s foremost concern is always public safety. Our second concern is cost effective maintenance.

Signs, other than official traffic signs, are not allowed in public rights-of-way. They are a distraction for drivers and, as such, are a safety hazard. While looking at these signs, drivers’ attention is neither on traffic nor on traffic signs, signals, or pedestrians. The unauthorized non-conforming signs also make it difficult for road crews to perform maintenance in the rights-of-way, and create an added expense to the city when personnel must be dispatched to remove them.

Lansing has great energy right now: We have welcomed several terrific new businesses to the Lansing community this year, and we are seeing exciting things happening at our existing businesses. In late 2016, Lansing joined the other communities in Leavenworth County to offer

no interest loans to our businesses, and this beneficial program is called Grow Leavenworth County. When this program began, it offered up to $45,000 no interest loans. Grow Leavenworth County recently expanded to now offer up to $75,000 no interest loans. Lansing busi-

nesses interested in more information can visit or call the Community & Economic Development Department at 7275488 or email

In jurisdictions where non-conforming non-traffic signs are allowed, they often accumulate in large collections in areas, and as such, are of very little benefit to the business advertiser, real estate agent, political candidate, or citizen advertising garage sales or specific merchandise. In addition to distracting drivers, they create an appearance of clutter that is not in keeping with the image the city of Lansing wishes to promote. City code provides for these various types of signs to be located on private property within certain guidelines, so there is no compelling reason to place them in the public rights-of-way. City sign policy calls for unauthorized signs in the right-of-way to be removed by city staff and immediately disposed of. For signs that are allowed on private property by the City Code, if in doubt about the limits of the public right-of-way, be sure to place the signs behind sidewalks or utility lines, as these are typically located near the edge of the road right-of-way. If no sidewalks or utility lines are present, place signs a minimum of 16 ft. behind the curb from the center of two-lane residential streets with curbs, 30 ft. from the center of local residential streets without curbs, and 50 ft. from the center of other streets. Best of all, contact the Lansing Public Works Department for assistance in determining where the right-of-way line is, and for the code criteria for the type of sign intended. With the publication of this article, we ask for the help of local citizens, business owners, political candidates, church and civic groups, associations, and others to keep our streets safe by not placing your signs in inappropriate, unsafe locations. With our combined efforts, we will be able to continue to provide a street system that is reasonably safe and convenient for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. Thank You Richard Fairbanks Code Enforcement Officer

Special guests:

Come celebrate new CD Releases for Sky & John. No bow ties!

Sky Smeed and John Svoboda with Wujeong Duncan and Chris Foster plus Leah Marie

Leah is celebrating a new CD release too!

with the destructible Ben Rassum and Emma Huskey

900 IDA ST. next to St. Francis de Sales 10:00 A.M.—3:30 P.M.

New this year, A Deere Place Fall Funzone, and, by the falls... Buskerville Featuring Lil’ Milton at the petting zoo & pumpkin craftin’ near the Little Critters Amphitheatre Keep an eye out on the trail for Reggie Gray and Josh Theno for magic, juggling and balloons More info: 913-727-5488,, and Lansing, KS Happenings on Facebook


Lansing Information...

Mobile & on the Go! GoLansingKS! ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢

NEW Face, NEW Exhibit Lansing Historical Museum Update . . . By Site Supervisor Leah Palmer

The Lansing Historical Museum welcomes Leah Palmer as the new museum site supervisor. Leah, who comes to us from Kansas City, Missouri, took over operation of the museum in late May. She has a Master’s degree in History from UMKC and museum experience from several area institutions. Most recently she worked as the weekend and volunteer manager for the Wornall/Majors House Museums, a non-profit that preserves and interprets two antebellum homes in Kansas City, and at the National Archives in their traveling exhibit department. She is excited to take on this new challenge and to help preserve and share Lansing history with the community. As well as a new site supervisor, the museum has a brand new exhibit—and it’s all about Lansing history! Locals will find plenty to spark their nostalgia

here, from photos of Lansing Rural School to items from the old downtown stores. Come by during normal museum hours to see the new exhibit, and while you’re here say hi to the new museum supervisor.

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City’s Twitter, Facebook & Nextdoor Page Update

TOP: The new Lansing history exhibit BOTTOM: Leah Palmer, new museum site supervisor

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Lansing now has a NextDoor Presence for Neighborhoods! Lansing’s Facebook Page now has more than 2,600 Followers Lansing’s Twitter Feed has more than 730 Followers Links to City Videos Check out Photos from city staff and the community City Job Opportunities Announced Updates from Lansing and KDOT Tweeted Instantly! “Like” our Library, Parks, Police, Museum and Happenings Facebook pages, too!

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Local Time and Temperature Instantly! City Council Meetings Rebroadcast Six Times Per Week Legislative Forums Historical Documentaries about Lansing and Leavenworth County Get your Local Weather Forecast Cool Music to Get Your Day Started Complete Program Guide on

Lansing Voters Approve Sales Tax Increase By Ken Miller, Public Information Officer Using a mail-in ballot process, Lansing voters narrowly approved a sales tax increase in May. The City will impose an additional 0.45 percent citywide retailers’ sales tax, making the total sales tax paid by patrons at Lansing retail businesses 8.95 percent. The 0.45 percent sales tax increase would terminate 20 years after it commences on Oct. 1, 2017. According to City Council members and staff, a portion of the revenue will be used for upgrading Desoto Road, one of the main north/south routes through Lansing; revenue generated by the increase will also be used to pay for in-

frastructure improvements at Lansing parks, including Kenneth W. Bernard Community Park. Even with the increase to 8.95 percent, Lansing’s sales tax is still lower than Shawnee (9.6 percent), Leavenworth (9.5 percent), Tonganoxie (9.25 percent), Bonner Springs (9.25 percent), the Unified Government of Wyandotte County (9.125 percent) and Edwardsville (9 percent). Nearby shopping districts also have sales tax rates significantly higher than 8.95 percent. Atchison and Basehor would have fractionally lower sales tax rates. Statewide sales tax rates available at: pdf.

3rd quarter 2017  

Lansing, Kansas Connection for the 3rd Quarter of 2017.

3rd quarter 2017  

Lansing, Kansas Connection for the 3rd Quarter of 2017.