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KIRBY’S BYLINE By Mayor Gene Kirby

HOT, HOT, HOT! For any residents new to our city, welcome to summer time in Kansas. Fair notice, it can get cold in the winter. We certainly have had a busy summer so far. It began with the Lansing DAZE/ Brew, Blues & Bar-B-Que which ended with a great fireworks show. That was followed by the Lansing Fishing Derby, another event that was well attended. Then we had our city of Lansing Golf Tournament. While we had a slight decrease in golfers, everyone still had a great time. Finally, we had our Lansing Independence Day Celebration. This event continues to grow every year as we had to close the park again when we simply ran out of room for parking. Our latest addition to the event was a Dunk Tank. Our thanks to Century Moving & Storage

and the Storage Box for their sponsorship. We were able to raise over $350 for two great causes - the KU Breast Cancer Center and the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Fund. Thanks also to Leavenworth County Fire District #1 for filling the tank with cold water and keeping it filled. Thanks also goes to Fire Chief Rick Huhn, Police Chief Steve Wayman and Council Members Dave Trinkle, Kevin Gardner, and Jesse Garvey for sitting in. A big thank you to those from the City staff and volunteers for all of their great work. On July 12, I hosted a meeting about the possibility of establishing a not for profit organization. The intent is for people who make donations to the city for various functions to receive the benefit of a tax write off. We do have people and groups who make contributions to the City for a variety of reasons and would like for them to be able to get some additional benefit. We had good discussion and questions. We

have agreed to meet again on Aug. 16 at City Hall in the Community Center at 7 p.m. If you missed the first meeting or would like to attend the next meeting, please join us. If you have any questions let me know. I can be reached at 2409873. We have begun work on next year’s budget. We are all fully aware of where our funds come from - you, the taxpayer. We always keep in mind that we are not the only ones who receive funding from you, but, just like you, our costs increase as well. That being said, we are working towards a no mill increase budget for next year. I would like to remind everyone of the multiple ways to find out what is going on in our City. We have a city website, Facebook page, and a weekly E-blast email. Several of our departments have their own Facebook page. Our special events and all City meetings are advertised in the Leaven-

worth Times. For more information on how to keep in touch, contact Ken Miller, Public Information Officer, at 913-727-5488. We are always working on attracting new businesses to our City. We have noticed an increase in the interest others are showing in Lansing. This type of thing takes time. It does not happen overnight. Rest assured that we are working hard in this area. Things seem to be getting out of hand in our world today. What can we do? What can I do? I am going to try to do a random act of kindness once a day. I will hold a door open for someone I don’t know. I will try to say please and thank you more often. I will work harder at being more respectful, tolerant, and understanding of others different from me. I will say “Hi” to someone I don’t know. Take the time to listen, to understand another point of view. There are a lot of different things we can do, big and small to make our world a bet-

city of Lansing that must be followed. State law says that political signs are exempt 45 days

prior to Election Day, and two days following the election. The city of Lansing, however, will allow seven days following Election Day during the current exempted primary timeframe for the signs to be removed. Starting with the general election, the city will be following the current state statute for the two-day timeframe for removal of signage. Campaign signs will be exempt for the upcoming 2016 general election from September 24th through November 10th K.S.A. 25-2711. Placement of political signs during election period. No city or county shall regulate or prohibit the placement of or the number of political signs on private property or the unpaved right-of-way for city streets or county roads on private property during the 45day period prior to any election and the two-day period following any such election. Cities and counties may regulate the size and a set-back distance for the placement of signs so as not to impede sight lines or sight distance for safety reasons. (July 2015) Campaign signs of up to eight square feet or less (four square feet per side, if doublesided) will be allowed on private property with permission of the

Updates to Lansing’s Campaign Sign Rules The campaign season is upon us and it should be noted that many political signs are exempt from requiring a sign permit.

However, there are laws set by the state of Kansas as well as ordinances and policies set by the

2016 CONNECTION CALENDAR AUGUST August 4...................City Council Meeting August 18.................City Council Meeting August 25.................City Council Work Session

SEPTEMBER September 1 ............City Council Meeting September 5 ............Labor Day (City Offices Closed) September 9 ............Citizens’ Academy Registration Deadline September 15 ..........City Council Meeting September 16 ..........Citywide Garage Sale Registration Deadline September 22 ..........City Council Work Session September 23 & 24 ...Citywide Garage Sale

OCTOBER October 6.................City Council Meeting October 8.................Lansing Fall Festival (formerly Autumn in the Grove) October 10...............Staff Development Day (City Offices closed until 1 p.m.) October 20...............City Council Meeting October 27...............City Council Work Session October 29...............Spooky Center October 31...............Winter Basketball Registration Deadline

ter place. We are all in this together. Join me, won’t you? To our local First Responders, THANK YOU for all you do to keep us safe. I have seen our Fire Department enter a house on fire; our Police tromp through the woods looking for an armed robbery suspect and navigating brush looking for a lost child. I know that you work nights, weekends, and holidays. I know that you have a much greater risk of not coming home than the rest of us. THANK YOU. Mayor Gene Kirby

property owner, without a permit requirement. These small signs will not be regulated or removed by anyone that is employed by or affiliated with the city of Lansing as long as they are not placed on city property, are of the proper size, and placed within the correct exempted timeframe. Campaign signs larger than eight square feet, and up to sixteen square feet (eight square feet per side, if double-sided), may be allowed on properties zoned commercial or industrial with permission of the property owner. There are zoning regulations which may affect the placement of political signs larger than eight square feet, and all of these signs must be placed outside of the right-of-way. Signs sized between eight feet and sixteen feet require temporary election sign permits from the Community and Economic Development Department prior to placement. There is no charge for a temporary election sign permit, however, the property address, the propcontinued on next page

3rd quarter 2016  
3rd quarter 2016  

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