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KIRBY’S BY-LINE By Mayor Gene Kirby

PRESORTED STANDARD US POSTAGE PAID Permit No. 28 Leavenworth, KS 66048

The changes have been plenty since our last Connection newsletter. We are now experiencing changes in the weather. Gone are the dark, cold days of winter. The threat of snow storms and blizzards has passed. No more sub-zero wind chills, blasts of arctic air, or bone-chilling northern winds. Spring is here and with it the changes we all look forward to. Green grass, flowers and trees in full bloom. Longer days filled with warmth and sunshine. Life is full of changes. Some we eagerly await and others we dread. Change is inevitable, whether we are ready for it or not, but life goes on - we go on. Some changes we control, others we don’t - we can’t. We are undergoing big changes here in the City as well. I fully understand that there are those who disagree with these changes.Yet, there are those who are ready for those same changes. Decisions have been made and elections have been held. As many of you are aware, the City Council decided earlier this year to go in a different direction with regard to the City Administrator position. A search is currently underway for a replacement for this top staff position. We have been making steady progress and hope to have this position filled very soon. We have a very strong field to choose from and I feel confident we will get someone to fit the bill. I want to take this opportunity to thank Mike Smith for his 30-plus years of service to the City. Mike started out as a police officer and through hard work and dedication, made his way to the top staff position in the City. Mike has been involved in numerous other activities, including many years as a volunteer football coach. Mike has been instrumental in many of the positive changes the City has experienced. To him, we owe our thanks. Now it is time to move forward, to put aside our differences. We all need to work together to continue to grow this city. It will take all of us to pitch in where we can, do what we can do, to continue to make Lansing a great place to live, work and to raise our families. Just as some things change, others don’t. We had another successful Lansing DAZE/ Brew, Blues and Bar-B-Q. Our City Fishing Derby will have taken place as well. I hope you were able to experience these great events - a chance to get out and enjoy this place we call home. We will continue with our Independence Day Fire Works Show at Kenneth W. Bernard Community Park. It’s a great time for the entire family. Be on the lookout for further information. Meanwhile, work has begun on replacing Gamble Road, a much needed improvement. Work is currently underway for Sanitary Sewer/Wastewater improvements. The annual budget season is upon us as well. We will work hard to get you the best value for your money. It is a busy time in Lansing, Kansas. Let’s all work together. Gene Kirby

2015 CONNECTION CALENDAR MAY May 7 . . . . . . . .City Council Meeting May 9 . . . . . . . .Lansing Fishing Derby May 21 . . . . . . .City Council Meeting May 28 . . . . . . .City Council Work Session

JUNE June 4 . . . . . . . .City Council Meeting June 5 . . . . . . . .City of Lansing Golf Tournament June 13 . . . . . . .City Strategic Planning Session June 18 . . . . . . .City Council Meeting June 25 . . . . . . .City Council Work Session

JULY July 2 – City Council Meeting July 3 – Independence Day Observed; City Offices Closed July 3 - Lansing Fireworks Show July 9 – City Council Work Session July 9 – Extra Trash Allowed for Collection July 16 – City Council Meeting

AUGUST August 6 – City Council Meeting August 20 – City Council Meeting August 27 – City Council Work Session May 28 – City Council Work Session

Food and Fun!!

11th Annual Brew, Blues & Bar-B-Q Cook-Off

LANSING DAZE CELEBRATION Thirty-three BBQ teams and thousands of people made their way to the Lansing DAZE Festival and 11th Annual Brew, Blues, & Bar-B-Q CookOff on Fri., May 1 and Sat., May 2. The big BBQ winners included Grand Champion Caveman Cuisine and Reserve Grand Champion Burnt at Both Endz. The People’s Choice Champion was Boxer Q BBQ. This year’s event featured Kansas City Blues Band Blue 88, Country Rock Band County Road 5 and a

Caveman Cuisine is your 2015 Brew, Blues and Bar-B-Que Grand Champion – award presented by City Councilman Gregg Buehler.

spectacular fireworks display on Friday. Acoustic vocal trio Rock, Paper, Scissors headlined Saturday activities, as did the Kansas City Barbeque Society-sanctioned BBQ competition. The event also featured a variety of family-friendly activities. The Festival included a craft show, car and cycle show, children’s inflatable rides, and a child seat safety check lane sponsored by the Lansing Police Department. The Kiwanis Club served breakfast at the Lansing Elementary School and a Quilt Show took place at the Lansing Activity Center.

Burnt at Both Endz is the Reserve Grand Champion for 2015 at the Brew, Blues and Bar-B-Que in Lansing – Councilman Gregg Buehler presents the award.

FOR MORE INFORMATION - CHECK OUT WWW.LANSING.KS.US 11th Annual Brew, Blues & Bar-B-Q Cook-Off Cont. “Overall, the level of BBQ participation and the large number of kids running around enjoying themselves made this one of our best events ever,” said Lansing Economic Devel-

opment Director Stefanie Leif. “People were having a great time, and many said they really look forward to coming back next year.”

Lansing Community Library Update By Library Director Mike McDonald Councilman Gregg Buehler presents a plaque and carving set to the People’s Choice Champion, Boxer Q BBQ.

BBQ Entrants bring their smoked meats to the judging area during the Brew, Blues and Bar-B-Que competition in Lansing on May 2, 2015.

BBQ Teams wait for the results to be announced on May 2, 2015 at the end of the Brew, Blues and Bar-B-Que Contest in Lansing.

Some of the activities for kids at the 11th Annual Lansing DAZE and Brew, Blues and Bar-B-Que on Sat., May 2, 2015.

Join us for

Lansing’s Independence Day Kickoff Celebration FRIDAY, JULY 3, 2015 Join us for the fireworks show at Kenneth W. Bernard Community Park in Lansing. The celebration begins at 6pm with inflatable rides for the children along with barbeque, cotton candy, drinks, and more. The fireworks display begins at approximately 9:30pm. Turn West on 4-H Road off Main Street/US 73/K-7 Highway. Drive approximately 2.5 miles to the KWB Park entrance. FREE ADMISSION For more information, call 913-727-5488.

When you hear the words “Lansing Community Library,” what is the first image that comes to mind? For many, the answer is often “books” or “movies” – and we certainly have plenty of each available for checkout! Public libraries today, though, are so much more than a place to check out books and movies – they are places for discovery that encourage and foster lifelong learning. Your community library is no exception in this pursuit as we strive to identify and develop programs and other opportunities for all ages. Generally speaking, I believe our programs for children are strong and we continue to look for ways to better serve our young adult and adult patrons. If you believe there is an unfilled need that the library could address, please let us know and we will explore our options. In the meantime, I would like to share with you some recent developments and upcoming activities. The Friends of the Lansing Community Library held their Annual Book Sale in April at the Parks & Recreation Activity Center. Sales for the 3-day event were over $2,100! Missed the sale? Don’t fret! The Friends’ Book Sale Nook is an on-going book sale in the library and proceeds benefit children’s programming at the library. (Great job on the annual book sale, Friends, and thank you for all that you do for the library.) A new Teen Book Club has formed at the library and new participants are welcome to join by signing up at the circulation desk. Members will come together at the library every three weeks or so to discuss their latest selection. In between these sessions, members may continue the conversation via the club’s discussion group on In today’s smartphone world, it is important for young adults to hone their face-to-face interpersonal communication skills too. The book club offers an opportunity to articulate ideas and share them with peers in a safe environment. In the past, the library has hosted Lego competitions where individuals use their own Legos to create a submission. The library is happy to offer a Lego Club. (“Thank you” to the Friends of the Library for the materials!) This informal club will meet every Wednesday throughout the summer at the library beginning May 20. Our friends from Human Animal Bond, Inc. (HAB) have partnered with the library to offer a new form of Read to the Dogs twice a month throughout the summer. Children grades K-7 may sign up for 15 minute sessions. Bring your own book or choose one from the collection. A reservation is required and more information on the program may be found on the library’s calendar (see link below). If interest is strong, perhaps the program will become a mainstay at the library. The Summer Library Program kick-off is scheduled for Saturday, May 30. Patrons may register for the summer library program during the event, which will include a performance by magician Reggie Gray. This year’s program is full of fun activities, events, and reading challenges for children and young adults. Adults will enjoy events geared for all ages and are encouraged to participate in the reading portion of the program. New software adds ease to the registration process and allows participants to track progress towards their goals. A new calendar – available at – enables patrons to quickly identify events of interest and, if necessary, register immediately. For a complete list of upcoming programs, please visit the library at or on Facebook. For more information, contact Youth Services Librarian Terri Wojtalewicz at 913727-2929 or by email at On behalf of the library staff and board, THANK YOU for your continued support of your community library. If you have any questions/concerns about the topics discussed here or other aspects of the library, please do not hesitate to contact me. Mike McDonald, Library Director 913-727-2929


WARD 1 NEWS Councilmember Kevin Gardner

Since Tony and I write a joint column, I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to everyone who supported me during the election in April. It is an honor to represent Ward 4 on the council, and I am humbled to have your trust and confidence. I look forward to serving you and the City during the next term. - Gregg We sincerely hope that everyone has had a safe and enjoyable spring so far. We have been out and about in the neighborhood and are very impressed by how well the yards are being maintained. The majority of the neighborhood really looks nice; thank you all for your efforts. We would like to remind everyone that according to our City Code 9-320 – Bush and Lawn Trimmings: “No grass trimmings shall be blown or deposited on any public street, sidewalk, or in the drainage ways or banks of drainage ways.” Although it may appear to be a harmless act, this can and does have a negative affect our storm

Congratulations to Councilmembers Andi Pawlowski, Jesse Garvey and Gregg Buehler on their reelections. I look forward to gaining more knowledge and insight on making our City a better place to live. Part of making Lansing a better place includes maintenance, improvements, and additions to our infrastructure. Improving and adding to our existing infrastructure is one of our current focus points. It is an expensive program and we are fortunate to have department leaders on staff who are dedicated to following the right steps and making the right

choices to keep the City moving forward in a safe, efficient, and productive way. Another focus point we currently have is the annual budget. I was just beginning my term last year as we were finishing up budget discussions, so this time I hope to be better prepared as a councilmember. I have learned this past year that the department leaders and their staff do an immense amount of work to provide the council with enough information to discuss and make decisions on how to move the City forward. As I speak about the department leaders, I think the citizens should know that this past

water system and over time will lead to additional repairs. Currently, the City does not have a storm water utility (another tax) to fund these repairs, and we are certain that most of our residents would like to keep it that way. So, if you see someone who might be unknowingly violating this code, please help get this information to them. For the Mayor, City Council, and City Staff, late spring and summer represents the timeframe for planning the City’s annual budget. This past year we had several large project plans developed to repair or replace our aging wastewater infrastructure over the next few years. During this budget cycle, we will be working on the options for funding these important improvements. While we are very aware of the current tax increases associated with the building of the new high school and the rate increases with the wastewater utility, we still need your input when it comes to ap-

proving the City budget. Any time there is a group of people trying to make decisions on important issues, there is certain to be differences of opinions. We were elected to be your voice in the City government, so please let us know how you feel about the issues. Once the 2016 proposed budget is posted on the City Website, please take a little time to review it and provide us your input. Additionally, feel free to attend the council meetings when the budget is being discussed to express your opinions to the Mayor and the rest of the City Council members. The City’s Public Information Officer has begun sending out a weekly “eBlast” email. This email covers upcoming events, city office closures, holidays, trash delays, as well as other useful links. If you are interested in receiving this this URL will take you to the sign up page: http://www.lansing.

years, so kudos to those who did the original installation. When I was accepted onto the council about a year ago, I mentioned it was an honor and privilege to be part of this group. That feeling has doubled in the past year. As we deal with issues and challenges, everyone has a voice when the council makes decisions. As we move into the future, I hope to make myself as much of an asset to the city as the other council members do. Thank you, Kevin Gardner

WARD 4 NEWS Councilmember Gregg Buehler


Councilmember Tony McNeill

4/Email-Blast-List-RequestForm-38 You can also access the sign up page from the City website: Don’t forget the Lansing Independence Day Celebration will take place on July 3rd at Kenneth W. Bernard Community Park. Regular Council meetings are

held the first and third Thursday of every month and are open to the public. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact either of us at: or

Habitual Violators Beware!

Chief ’s Corner

By Code Enforcement Officer Tim Dossey

By Steve Wayman I would like to take this opportunity to bring up a couple of crime prevention issues that I believe all residents should be aware of. 1. If you park your vehicle outside your residence at night, please remember to lock the vehicle. Do not leave items in your vehicle that you consider valuable: credit cards, cell phones, money, cameras, checkbooks, etc. These are common items that individuals will want to steal. Also, if you have a remote garage door opener and you leave it in a vehicle that you park outside, you have given someone the ability to access your garage and your house at the push of a button. 2. If you see anything that looks suspicious, please call the police department and report it. Give us a chance to come and check everything out to make sure all is OK. 3. At night before you go to bed, make sure you check and see that your garage door is shut. Officers patrolling neighborhoods overnight do try to make contact if they see an open garage door to make sure everything is OK. 4. When you see an officer driving

year some of the staff has had to double their work load for a period of time and have done so without adversely affecting either position. This says a lot about the people, their abilities, and their dedication to the city. Ken Miller, Steve Wayman and Tony Zell are three reasons why we have a city that is periodically recognized as a great place to live. This year the Activity Center will get a new basketball floor installed. We have wanted to do this project for a while and are now able to complete it. It should be noted the existing floor outlived its projected life by about 40

through your neighborhood stop and talk to them. Get to know the officers with the Lansing Police Department. Ask any questions you may have and let them know of any concerns you may have. If they cannot answer your question, they will get the answer for you. 5. Part of the animal licensing process does include cats. Though we do not speak a lot about cats getting animal tags, it is listed in the city code that they need to be properly licensed within City limits. The cost is $15 if the cat is not spayed or neutered and $7.50 if the cat is spayed or neutered.

The city of Lansing has adopted Habitual Violator language in the City code. If you are an absentee landlord who doesn’t make sure the grass is mowed, beware! If you have a pool and don’t maintain it - with mosquito larvae being the only swimmers, beware! If you have a dead tree hanging over the neighbor’s house and aren’t working toward a resolution, beware! We at the City will do everything we can to work with you and help you comply with codes. However, persistent negligent behav-

ior may lead to a citation or an abatement. Hopefully that will work, and we can all get along with our business. However, if we have to issue another citation or perform another abatement in the same year, additional fines will be added to the costs. Then you will be placed on the “Chronic Nuisance” list, which will cost the offender even more and everyone will know about what the offender has done. So, habitual violators, beware…

FOR MORE INFORMATION - CHECK OUT WWW.LANSING.KS.US The Lansing Community Library and the Lansing Parks & Recreation Department present:

Programs All programs are on Thursdays at 10 a.m. Lansing High School Auditorium 220 Lion Lane. PERFORMANCES FOR 2015: JUNE 18 – Eric Vaughn (magician) JUNE 25 – Kevin Horner (ventriloquist) JULY 2 – Brandon Draper (musician/bongo drums) JULY 9– Jason Divad (juggling) JULY 16 – Abracadabra Extravaganza (magic) Punch cards will be available May 18 through June 18. Punch cards are $5 and will allow five admissions to any of the shows throughout the summer. Punch cards may be purchased at the Lansing Community Library or Parks & Recreation Department. Call 913-727-2929 or 913-7272960 for more information. Patrons without a punch card may pay at the door on the day of each event. Individual admission is $2 per person. Children two years of age and under will be admitted free of charge. Punch cards are non-refundable and will not be replaced if lost.

Weather permitting, the Parks and Recreation Dept. was scheduled to host the 14th annual Lansing Fishing Derby on Sat., May 9, 2015 at Kenneth W. Bernard Community Park. The City also planned to unveil a memorial plaque to honor former Mayor Billy Blackwell after the derby. Several hundred people usually attend the event, during which volunteers and city staff help young anglers bait hooks to attempt to reel in the big one. The scheduled short ceremony will highlight the unveiling of a plaque naming the lake at the Park for former Mayor Billy Blackwell, who passed away in 2014.

Fall Sports Registration Information The Lansing Parks and Recreation Department will be taking registrations for fall sports on the below listed dates. Specific program information follows: YOUTH CHEERLEADING: Registrations will be taken June 1 – July 31. Youth 5 – 12 years of age on Aug. 31, 2015 are eligible to participate. This program will be cheering at the Parks and Recreation youth football games. Participation fees are $70 per youth for Lansing residents, which include the complete uniform. Non-residents are welcome to register for the increased fee of $80 per youth. YOUTH FOOTBALL: Registrations will be accepted June 1 – July 15. The participant’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE must be provided at the time of registration. Fees: 6 – 7 years old (flag) - $50 (Non-Resident $60) 8 – 11 years old (tackle) - $95 (Non-Resident $105) **Age guidelines set forth by NEKAA ** Uniform and equipment rental fees are included in the registration fee.

If you have questions about your child's division placement, please contact our office at 913.727.2960

YOUTH SOCCER: Registrations will be taken June 1 – July 31. Cost is $35 per youth for Lansing residents. Non-residents are welcome to register for the increased fee of $40 per youth. Registration fees include a jersey and socks. Please see division chart for participant eligibility. Season of play for fall activities will be late August through October. Registrations will be accepted between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday at the Parks & Recreation Office, located in the Lansing Activity Center, 108 S. 2nd Street. Late registrations may not be accepted. If late registration is accepted a late fee of $10.00 per participant will be assessed. Assistance is available for qualifying individuals. Please visit our website to download the

information flyer along with the application for the Scholarship Program, or call for more information. All scholarship requests must be received by Fri., June 26. Refunds will NOT be offered after the uniform/equipment order is placed on: AUG. 12, 2015 Registration forms are available online at: For more information on any of our programs, call 727-2960 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. You can also email at:

Through July of 2015, Lansing’s engineering contractor, Monarch Engineering, will be inSTREAM CHANNEL specting stream channels in the City to determine the location of obstructions that might contribute to flooding. The Contractor will access both public and private property occasionally to INSPECTIONS make stream channel observations. Monarch Engineering representatives will have identification and a letter explaining their tasks with them at all times. BEGIN IN For more information, contact Public Works Director John Young at 913-727-2400 or by LANSING email at

FOR MORE INFORMATION - CHECK OUT WWW.LANSING.KS.US Dealing with Trash and Yard Waste: or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Deffenbaugh By Code Enforcement Officer Tim Dossey As summer approaches, Lansing residents will be busy cleaning up their yards from seasonal storms and maintaining the quickly growing grass and shrubbery. City code requires that property owners in residential areas maintain their grass. It is unlawful to harbor noxious weeds or permit growth of vegetation over 12 inches which may harbor vermin or become a fire menace. Community-based code enforcement asks that property owners follow city codes and report violations, particularly those that are safety-related. City code requires property owners to remove excess grass clippings, brush, and downed limbs and trees from their property in a timely manner. Grass clippings and leaves are not allowed to be placed in the streets, alleys or in drainage ways and should only be placed temporarily in the right-of-way, using some of the following guidelines. By code, items should only be placed beginning at 6:00 p.m. the night before trash service.Yard waste may also be disposed of at the Leavenworth County Transfer Station, 136 E. Gilman Rd. The city of Lansing wants to remind everyone of some basic rules from our waste and recycling contactor, Deffenbaugh Industries:

• Yard waste should be placed in cans marked as “yard waste” or “YW,” or in biodegradable bags. All limbs should be bundled with biodegradable twine and no longer than 4’ in length. • Bags/containers should not weigh more than 65 lbs. • Eight bags/cans of yard waste are allowed weekly from March 1-Aug. 31. Twelve bags are allowed weekly from Sept. 1-Dec. 31. • Additional bags/containers of yard waste require a bag tag, available for purchase at City Hall. • All trash should be bagged and placed inside the 95 gallon cart provided by Deffenbaugh. • Trash bags that will not fit into the cart require bag tags, which are available for purchase ($1.25) at City Hall. Ten tags may be purchased for $12. • Additional carts are available for $5.00 per month. Construction, demolition material, or other large and/or heavy items should not be

set out with regular trash. There is an additional fee for these items. Please call 913631-3300 to schedule a special pick up. Customers are allowed one free bulky or large item pick-up per year, and more than one item can be included in a bulky pick-up. Bulky items should only be placed in the right-of-way the evening before scheduled pick-up, and it is recommended to schedule it at least a week in advance. Customers may also take materials to the Leavenworth County Transfer Station. For questions regarding fees, call 913-727-2858. Deffenbaugh will not pick up items if the rules are not followed. Not maintaining your property, or following the rules for disposal of debris and waste, is a violation of city code. The city of Lansing’s trash service and the rules involved, may be different than it used to be or different from other cities’ policies. However, learning, and then, subsequently, following the rules eventually becomes second nature. Community-based code enforcement is not only about following minimum nuisance codes. It’s about treating neighbors with respect, educating others, showing pride in the city, and using common sense.

So, stop worrying and learn to love Deffenbaugh! If you have questions, please call. For questions about city codes regarding health and warfare, please contact the Public Works Department at 913-727-2400. For more information regarding trash pick-up, contact the Lansing Finance Department at 913-727-3233. Residents can also call Deffenbaugh at 913-631-3300 or email

Large Trash Items Need Special Handling Do you need to dispose of an item that is too large to fit into your trash cart? Each household is provided one complimentary bulky item pickup per year. Residents should call 727-5000 to schedule this pickup. Items that can be picked up include, but are not limited to: • Small appliances (not containing CFC’s or Freon) • Furniture • Swing sets—must be disassembled

• Carpet—cut in four foot lengths, rolled and tied • Large pieces of glass—must be broken down and boxed. For safety, please mark container as “broken glass” • Paint—must be dried in cans with lids left off All bagged, boxed or bundled items must be less than 65 lbs. Items that can NOT be collected include, but are not limited to:

• • • • • •

Car batteries, parts, or tires Wet paint, oils, or automotive fluids Solvents and all other household hazardous materials Fireplace ashes Appliances containing Freon or CFC’s Large quantities of remodeling or construction debris—such as sheetrock, concrete, and wood. • Yard debris—such as: dirt, rock, soil, tree limbs, etc.


Yard Waste

* All trash should be bagged and placed inside the 95 gallon cart provided by Deffenbaugh. * Trash bags that will not fit into the cart require overage tags, which are available for purchase ($1.25) at City Hall. * Additional carts are available for $5.00 per month.

* Yard waste should be placed in cans marked as “yard waste” or “YW”, or biodegradable bags. * Bags/containers should not weigh more than 65 lbs. * Eight bags/cans of yard waste are allowed weekly from March 1 - August 31. Twelve bags are allowed weekly from September 1- December 31.

Recycling * Recyclable materials should be rinsed and placed inside the 65 gallon cart with the yellow lid. * Recycling is unlimited, so additional recycling may be place in bags or boxes and marked as “recycling”.

Contact Information * Residents with questions or concerns may contact City Hall at 913.727.3233 or * Contact Deffenbaugh at 913.727.5000 or

Mark Your Calendar!! July 9 - Residents may place up to 6 additional trash or yard waste bags out for pickup. These additional bags will not require bag tags.


13th Annual Golf Tournament Friday, June 5, 2015 1:00 p.m. Shotgun Start (lunch begins at 11:30 a.m.)

Great Life Golf & Fitness-Leavenworth Country Club Lansing, Kansas 455 W. Eisenhower Road

x Four-Person Scramble x $75 per player before May 16 x $80 per player after May 16 x Fee includes green fees, cart, prizes, and lunch

x There will be 2 Flights x Prize opportunity on every hole

Hole in One-$100,000

x Appropriate golf attire required

(one person one chance)

x Please mail payment with entry no later than May 30

Putting Challenge-$5,000 (one person one chance)

Please mail team member names, contact name, and payment to Lansing City Hall 800 First Terrace Lansing, KS 66043 Make checks payable to the City of Lansing Call (913)727-5488 for more information. Thank you for your participation!

Player 1 ________________________________________ Player 2 ________________________________________ Player 3 Player 4 Captain

Phone #

Email _________________________________________

FOR MORE INFORMATION - CHECK OUT WWW.LANSING.KS.US Sewer Rate Increase Effective June 1, 2015 billing statements, residential and commercial customers will see a $1.25 increase to the base charge and an increase of $.45 per unit for wastewater fees. Based on an independent consultant study, a recommendation was made to adjust Lansing wastewater (sewer) “Per Unit” rates (with one unit defined as 750 gallons of wastewater usage), and corresponding “Base Fee” rates for both commercial and residential accounts. Incremental increases were scheduled for 2013 through 2017. New Residential Sewer Rates** Base Charge $15.75 + $4.75 for each unit 2 Units 3 Units 4 Units 5 Units 6 Units

... ... ... ... ...

$25.25 $30.00 $34.75 $39.50 $44.25*

7 Units . . . 8 Units . . . 9 Units . . . 10 Units . .

$49.00 $53.75 $58.50 $63.25

*New Residents will be charged 6 units ** This does not include the amount billed for trash service The June 1 billing will also reflect the new usage averages. Once a year, the city averages each household’s actual water usage for the months of December through March and adjusts the usage for the year. Residents may request a re-averaging at any time during the year by bringing in 3 consecutive water bills.

Please contact the Lansing Finance Department at (913)727-3233 if you have any questions.

Wastewater Infrastructure Projects By Wastewater Director Anthony Zell It’s been a busy few months for the Wastewater Utility and projects have continued through the winter. The new interceptor sewer for the Lansing High School and surrounding properties is approximately 75% complete. Crews continue to work on the project as weather allows and should be wrapping up in the next two months. The contractor hit a large amount of rock on the project, which necessitated some unexpected blasting. A big thank you to all

the homeowners and residents for your cooperation and understanding during construction. The Utility is also busy with the final stage of easement acquisition for the 7Mile Creek Action Plan project. This project entails the replacement and upsizing of approximately 12,000 feet of sewer lines. This project will reduce inflow and infiltration and provide for uninterrupted service for the foreseeable future. Once all easements have been acquired, the contract will be bid, and construction will begin this summer. The construction cost estimate for this project is $5.2 million. The 9-Mile Creek Action Plan is currently under design and includes the replacement and upsizing of the city’s other major interceptor sewer that runs to the south from the wastewater treatment plant. This project will also reduce inflow and infiltration and provide for future growth. It is anticipated that this project will be under construction in 2016, at an estimated cost of $3.5 million. In order to pay for these upgrades, the City has hired a private engineering firm to reevaluate the sewer rates for the next five to ten years. The contractor is busy reviewing past usage records, budgets and the sanitary sewer master plan to determine fair and equitable rates for the residents and commercial businesses in Lansing. In closing, don’t forget to call Kansas One Call for a utility locate before digging on your property. The City provides this service free of charge to all properties in Lansing to protect the infrastructure and for your personal safety. If you have any questions regarding these projects, your sewer service, or the importance of the One Call system, please contact me at 913-727-2206 or


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New Site Supervisor Takes the Helm at Lansing Historical Museum Jennifer Myer was hired in April to she continued instructing youth educalead the Lansing Historical Museum. tional programs and led adult educaShe was born and raised tional workshops for in Topeka, Kan. Jenthe Military Child Ednifer attended the Uniucation Coalition. versity of Kansas and While overseas, she earned undergraduate also volunteered with degrees in Anthropology Army Community and Oboe performance, Services, Family focusing in classical anReadiness Groups, tiquity and musical arcommunity theaters, chaeology. and homeschooled her After University, she three children. Jenworked as an instructor nifer is excited to have with community youth the opportunity to educational programs on work with the city of Jennifer Myer Fort Jackson, and soon Lansing, to preserve took on the position of program direc- the City’s past and create exciting protor for extracurricular classes. After grams to promote the city’s history earning a Master’s in Business Admin- throughout the community. istration, she moved overseas where

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New Economic Development/CVB Director

Welcomed to Lansing Stefanie Leif On February 25, 2015, Stefanie Leif joined the city of Lansing as the Economic Development/Convention and Visitors Bureau Director. Stefanie has more than 14 years of community and economic development experience. She holds both Bachelor of Arts and Master of Public Administration degrees. Stefanie grew up on the east coast, living in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Florida. She began her career in Vermont as a regional land use planner, and in 2002 she relocated to the mountain resort community of Ketchum/Sun Valley, Idaho, and spent the next nine years working for both the city of Ketchum and Blaine County as a land use planner and Planning Manager. She worked with numerous developers of multi-million dollar com-

mercial, residential, and mixed use projects, facilitating the development entitlement processes for city or county approval. Projects included the review process for a 400 unit planned unit development that included transfer of development rights, water rights issues, and complex environmental issues, the entitlement process for a new base lodge and amenities at Sun Valley Ski Resort, and several new high-end hotel projects. In 2011, Stefanie relocated to Kansas to be closer to family in the Kansas City area. She spent the past four years working as the Community Development Director for the city of Atchison, Kansas. In this role, she managed the City’s building inspection and permitting, code enforcement, economic development, and planning and zoning functions. Accomplishments from her time in Atchison include successful recruitment of a new manufacturing plant and headquarters for a food processing company, several business expansion projects that required incentives, and a large scale demolition program removing the most dilapi-

dated and unsafe structures and positively improving neighborhoods. Stefanie also served from 2013-2015 on the Board of Directors for Team Kansas (formerly the Kansas Cavalry) as the Deputy Regional Commander for the Northeast Kansas Region, leaving the Board due to the move to Lansing and outside of the region. She also served as the Vice Chair of the Atchison Workforce Development Council, a council of the Atchison Area Chamber of Commerce. Stefanie and her husband have two children and reside within the city of Lansing. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors riding horses, walking, hiking, and camping. She is excited about the recent move to Lansing and the opportunity to work with dedicated City officials, staff team, and community partners to further the economic development progress in the community.

2nd quarter 2015  
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