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Written and Illustrated by Jim Ferretti

Sara sat in a tree, day after day, reading her book.

One day Sara fell and would have smacked into the ground,

if a mighty bird hadn’t swept down and caught her!

The bird flew high and dropped little Sara over the ocean.

Before she hit the water a big fish opened its mouth and swallowed her whole!

n D ow

y sh

in to the fish’s be ll


we n


Until she came to rest (still reading, of course) by an old tire, license plate and dead fish!

Then the fish

And out Sara flew, high into the sky...

Then she was captured by a saucer from Mars!

The door opened and in Sara went, just as she turned another page.

“What is this?” one of the Martians asked. “Oh, it might be dangerous!” the other warned. And back out into space Sara went!

Sara, still reading, did not know that she was now orbiting the planet Jupiter! Round and round she went, that little girl and her book, until she landed on a meteor...

Sara kept on reading as she rode the meteor back to Earth. When she fell off, she landed on the wing of a plane!

“Grandpa!” a little boy cried. “There’s a little girl on the wing of the plane!” But before his grandfather could look, Sara had fallen again!

She landed atop a parachute as she turned another page.

Mistaking Sara for a bird, the skydiver shook her off and once again she fell!

Sara kept reading as she landed in a soft pile of hay. A strange creature came along, picked her up and carried her back to her tree.

The creature carefully placed Sara back on her branch. The little girl kept on reading, unaware of the adventure she just had.

And there Sara stayed until her mother called her in for dinner. Sara climbed down the tree and hurried home. (Still reading, of course!)

The End.

Sara s

a t i n a t re e,

r , e y a a d d i n r g he e t fa

ad y S

r book.

o begins the story of little Sara, the girl who fell!

The Girl Who Fell  

Children's picture book.

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