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Sample Survey Questions as well as Answer Types With an free survey tool online and online survey, you want to use them to understand the characteristics of visitors on your web site, or review some business-related concerns. Creating a concentrated and effective questionnaire will successfully assist you and properly pinpoint the info that you’re can be searching for and/or instead, help you discover other facts that needs to be addressed to better your decision making in your business or life alone. Developing a list of questions should be a well-thought process. So to better you chances of creating the right questions, the types and samples of questions and answers are listed below: The Dichotomous Concern Have you ever purchased a product or service online? Yes No

The Multiple Selection Questions How did you learn about our services? T.V. Radio Newspaper Friend Facebook E-mail Magazine Internet

Other: _______________

Rank Order Scaling Position a "1" beng the most reliable, a "2" being the next best. __ Audi __ Volkswagen __ Mercedes __ BMW\

The Ranking Range Your experience with our hotel service was: Very pleasurable Somewhat pleasant Neither pleasurable nor uncomfortable Somewhat uncomfortable Very unpleasant

The Semantic Differential Scale Might you claim our website is:

(7) Incredibly Desirable (6)

(5) (4) (3) (2) (1) Very Unpleasant . The Staple Scale On a range of +5 to -5 with +5 being "great explanation of Hyatt Hotel services and -5 being "inadequate explanation of sevices," (+5) Explains well (+4) (+3) (+2) (+1) Groundbreaking (-1) (-2) (-3) (-4) (-5) Improperly Illustrates

The Steady Sum Questions The following question asks you to divide 100 points between a set of options to show the value or importance you place on each option

With regards to the new Apple laptop, tate the following by importance: Easy to Use __________ Display capabilities __________ Availability of customer service __________ Cost and value __________ Features and softwares __________ Total 100 points

The Open-Ended Questions (If the respondent shows they did not find what they were looking for ...) What can we do to better our service plan?

Sample Survey Questions aswell as Answer Types