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Sauvignon Blanc, Estampilla de Genio, 2012/13 Central Valley, Chile (1) 12% vol

Straightforward and easy drinking with plenty of ripe fruits.  Btl £13.95 250ml £4.90 175ml £3.90 125ml £2.90 2.

Pinot Grigio, La Umbra, 2012/13 Dealurile Transilvaniei, Romania (2) 13% vol

Floral, fresh and aromatic with zesty fruit and long lasting aromas of green pears and juicy nectarines. Very easy drinking.  £14.50 250ml £5.00 175ml £4.00 125ml £3.00 Btl 3.

Unwooded Chardonnay, Rocheburg, 2011/12 Western Cape, South Africa (2) 14% vol

Light, fresh and easy, young Chardonnay with not an ounce of oak to confound the bright purity of lemony tropical fruit. An exceptional wine.  Btl £14.95 250ml £5.10 175ml £4.10 125ml £3.10 4.

Chardonnay-Viognier, Laurent Miquel, 2012/13 Languedoc, South of France (2) 13% vol

Melons and peaches are suggested in this soft southern wine: its lifted bouquet and supple flavour are quietly sensual. Btl £16.50 5.

Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie ‘Bleu’, 2012/13 Loire, France (1) 11.5% vol

Traditional, classic Muscadet meets the modern day with this quirky bottle design and colour. Full and nicely balanced on the palate with a lingering finish makes for a superb aperitif or accompaniment to shellfish.  £17.95 Btl 6.

Sauvignon Blanc, Aroha Bay, 2012/13 Marlborough, New Zealand (2) 12% vol

Benchmark New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with all the classic notes this style of wine is famed for - crisp zesty character, gooseberry fruit, grassy notes and utterly delicious. Btl £19.95 7.

Rioja Blanco, Marques de Caceres, 2012/13 Rioja, Spain (2) 12% vol

Buttery short-crust smooth wine. Dry and rounded, but not oaky. Good white Rioja with individual character and texture in a class of its own.  £19.95 Btl 8.

Gavi La Battistina, Araldica, 2012/13 Piemonte, Italy (2) 12% vol 

Brilliantly bright and fresh with charming poached pear and peach fruit flavours. Zesty acidity with a hint of minerality on the finish. Btl £20.95 9.

Riesling, Whitehaven, 2010/11 Marlborough, New Zealand (3) 12.5% vol

Crisp, vividly appetising aroma of tropical limes and gooseberries. Flavours intensely fruit-driven, always fresh, with a long staying finish.  £24.50 Btl


Mâcon-Lugny Les Genièvres, Louis Latour, 2011/12 Mâconnais, Burgundy, France (2) 13% vol

Bright favourite from the Latour stable, with fresh grassy notes, plenty of tropical fruit and a firm roundness. Good ripe Chardonnay, with a touch of age, from one of Burgundy’s most durable producers. Btl £24.95


Merlot, Santa Helena, 2012/13 Central Valley, Chile (C) 13% vol

Soft, ripe, rounded and packed with plummy spice and red fruit flavours. A very gentle texture supports plenty of blackberry, bramble fruit. A real over-performer.  £13.95 250ml £4.90 175ml £3.90 125ml £2.90 Btl 12.

Shiraz, The Paddock, 2012/13 S E Australia (D) 14% vol

A delicious, cracked black pepper aroma gives way to a chocolate and spice flavour in the mouth. A big warm, soft, juicy Aussie.  £14.95 250ml £5.10 175ml £4.10 125ml £3.10 Btl 13.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Domaine de Montaubéron, 2009/10 Côtes du Thongue, South of France (C) 12.5% vol

Full of plummy, generous fruit with varietal character notes of cassis. Solid rich weight with a grippy style reflective of its location. Btl £16.50 250ml £5.50 175ml £4.30 125ml £3.30 14.

Rioja, Finca Mónica, 2009/10 Rioja, Spain (C) 14% vol

Classic Rioja with ripe fruit and elegant oak character. Smooth and tasty wine, sweet tannins and long finish. Btl £16.50 250ml £5.50 175ml £4.30 125ml £3.30 15.

Malbec, Avanti, Bodegas Borbore, 2011/12 San Juan, Argentina (C) 13.5% vol

Fully ripe, intense and glossy. It is bright and silky with vibrant hedgerow fruits and layers of subtle berry and spice flavours.  £17.50 Btl 16.

Côtes du Rhône, Auguste Bessac, 2011/12 Rhône, France (B) 13.5% vol

Young and well-ripened, this Rhône red is wonderfully easy-drinking with light berry fruit style.   £17.50 Btl 17.

Beaujolais, Collin Bourisset, 2011/12 Burgundy, France (A) 12.5% vol

Ripe strawberry and red cherry aromas; soft fruit, open palate with light soft tannin and elegant balance of acidity. Delicious wine to drink throughout the year. Btl £19.50 18.

Salice Salentino, Agricole Vallone, 2009/10 Puglia, Italy (D) 13% vol

Glossy, dark fruit aroma with a hint of caramel. The palate is all fresh, supple flavours and smooth delivery, with a positively elegant finish. Brilliant.  £20.95 Btl


Irreverente, 2009/10 Beiras, Portugal (D) 13.5% vol

Smoky, black and powerful and packed with herbal notes and hedgerow flavours. It is invigorating and full of vitality with a bright edge of spiced berries.  £21.50 Btl 20.

Rioja Reserva, Faustino V, 2005/06 Rioja, Spain (C) 13.5% vol

Big fruit and oak characters in a chunky rustic romp. Old style Rioja entertainment.  Btl £29.00


Pinotage Rosé, Steenbok, 2012/13 Western Cape, South Africa (2) 13% vol

Authentic tint of blue haunts this delightful pink. Alert aroma of cherries is softened to summer fruits in a superfresh, nearly dry palate. Btl £14.95 250ml £5.10 175ml £4.10 125ml £3.10 22.

Zinfandel Rosé, Cougar’s Moon, NV California, USA (3) 10% vol

Medium sweet rosé, displaying classic strawberry fruit flavours. Btl £14.95 250ml £5.10 175ml £4.10 125ml £3.10


El Miracle Cava Rosé Brut, NV Spain (2) 11.5% vol

A cherry pink Cava displaying elegance and ripe red fruit aromas. Intensely fragrant with a patisserie note on the finish.  Btl £19.95 24.

Prosecco Extra Dry, Ponte, NV Italy (1) 11% vol

Clean, dry and crisp, with a creamy finish.  Btl £22.95 25.

Camel Valley Brut, 2011/12 Camel Valley, Cornwall, England (1) 12.5% vol

Superb golden sparkler with elegant fizz and full, ripe flavours, packed with elderflower and hedgerow notes, yet truly brut.   £43.50 Btl


Laurent Perrier Brut, NV Champagne, France (1) 12% vol

In the top rank of Champagne houses, their style is light and elegant. Real finesse tops yeasty, fresh bread undertones and taut apple and citrus fruit. Great complexity and absolute purity. Btl £48.50

WINE GUIDE White & Rosé: 1 (dry) › 9 (sweet) Red: A (light & soft) › E (full bodied)

Old School Bar & Kitchen Wine List  
Old School Bar & Kitchen Wine List  

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