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Oxfordshire Sexual Abuse & Rape Crisis Centre

Annual Review • 2015-2016

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Introduction OSARCC has been providing support to women survivors in Oxfordshire for more than 37 years. 2015-2016 marked a year of significant growth and achievement, allowing us to support more survivors than ever before. This report celebrates our successes: supporting survivors, campaigning for change, and working to prevent sexual violence. These successes are a direct result of the dedication and passion of our volunteers, supporters, trustees, and staff who embody our values and stand firm in their commitment to ending violence against women and girls. As a service user aptly stitched on our anniversary quilt, ‘women together are strong’ and it is this willingness to work together to provide support, empower one another, and challenge myths and stigma which is at the heart of OSARCC.

To have a voice, to and be believed and understood, is priceless and more valuable that words can ever express. OSARCC service user

Lisa Ward Director


Vision, mission and aims Our vision

Our aims

For women and girls to be free from the fear, experience and stigma of sexual violence and supported when it does occur.

We have set ambitious aims for the next few years to ensure both delivery of our mission, and that we continue to grow and develop as an organisation:


To provide a diverse range of effective services that meet the needs of women and girls in Oxfordshire who are affected by sexual violence.


To raise awareness of the prevalence and impact of sexual violence and the need for specialist services to support survivors.


To challenge and change public attitudes about sexual violence in Oxfordshire and beyond.


To explore the gap in services for male survivors and those survivors with complex gender identities, and seek to create a strategy to address this lack of provision.

Our mission To support women survivors of sexual violence, promote and advocate for their needs, and work towards the elimination of sexual violence.


Core values l

Non-directive We do not try to influence survivors to take any particular action, nor do we try to impose our views on their decisions. We help service users to explore their options, in a way that does not pressure them to choose any specific path.






Free All of our services are free of charge in order to be accessible to all survivors.

Women-led We believe that sexual violence is both a cause and consequence of the inequality and discrimination that women face. We are therefore committed to challenging such discrimination in our work, to running our services for women and by women, to delivering our services in a safe, women-only space, and to working within a feminist empowerment approach.


Whatever a survivor tells us is confidential to the organisation within safeguarding limits.

Committed to good practice We strive to ensure the best quality service at all times and work in line with the Rape Crisis England and Wales National Service Standards.

We aim to empower survivors to make their own decisions and to support them in whatever way they need. l

Challenging discrimination We are a non-directive and non-judgmental organisation, but we will challenge discrimination in any form.

Non-judgmental We do not judge survivors or other OSARCC members on their decisions.




Belief We believe what survivors tell us. Furthermore, we firmly believe that sexual violence is never the fault of the survivor and we actively seek to challenge this myth.


Support services Telephone helpline and email support Providing listening support, information, and signposting to women survivors of any age, and supporters of survivors. Support is delivered by volunteers who undertake more than 60 hours of training.

Support groups Providing face-to-face support for women survivors over 18, in closed groups of 8 women over 12 weeks. Groups are delivered on a semi- structured model and are tailored to meet the needs of the women accessing the service.

Independent Sexual Violence Advocacy (ISVA) Providing practical and emotional support to women over the age of 18 around the criminal justice system, housing, health and finance.

Counselling Providing one-to-one support to women survivors over the age of 18. Counselling is provided by volunteer counsellors who have undertaken both counselling training, and OSARCC’s internal training.


0800 783 6294 01865 726295

Service provision How many people have we helped?

Hours of support provided 31% increase


2014/15 2015/16


How many people use each service? Counselling Support groups Email ISVA Helpline

Counselling: 60 hours

9 60 sessions

Support groups: 52 hours

15 35 sessions

ISVA: 558 hours

62 343 emails sent 85

Email: 171 hours Helpline: 269 hours

3711 contacts

266 879 calls 7

Who we supported Age range

Presenting incident

Area 13 to 17 years: 12 18 to 24 years: 45 25 to 34 years: 62 35 to 44 years: 25 45 to 54 years: 26 55 to 64 years: 26 65 to 74 years: 11 Childhood sexual abuse: 88 Domestic violence: 7 Rape: 112 Sexual exploitation: 3 Sexual violence: 54 Stalking and harassment: 1


* Figures given where known


oxfordshire (unspecified)


cherwell West Oxfordshire


outside oxfordshire





vale of white horse


south Oxfordshire


Outcomes Feel more in control of their lives

Better health and wellbeing

More able to access further support

More able to develop and maintain positive relationships

More able to assert their rights

Satisfaction (excellent or good)

Support groups














Helpline & Email







Note 1: 100% of service users felt able to have positive relationships at the start of accessing support groups. Note 2: 92% of service users felt able to have positive relationships at the point they accessed the ISVA service. Counselling service has not been running long enough to collect data.


It was like being heard by somebody for the first time, someone I could trust, who would listen to me and understood what I needed, gave me options and put everything in place I had asked for. It was like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, finally being able to trust a professional and know that they would keep to their word. The fact they have as much or as little involvement as you want is perfect, because you are in control again for the first time, they let you make the decisions and support you on your journey. It is also very comforting to know that should I need further assistance in the future, I can get back in touch. ISVA service user, 2015


OSARCC was an invaluable support for me, it was the first time I felt understood and heard - they supported and accepted me without question and without explanation. It was a relief to finally feel surrounded by people who ‘got’ what I was going through, and the thoughts and feelings I was having. I got more from the groups that I was expecting – I felt reassured that my feelings were normal and that things would get better (and they have). I am very grateful to OSARCC for this kind, warm environment that made me feel safe and understood.

Support group service user, 2015

When I first came for counselling I was reluctant to open up and talk about my feelings. The counsellor has been there to listen and help me work through issues that go much deeper than what I thought. Having thought counselling would be a waste of time I now realise it’s important in getting over a traumatic event. I’m so

grateful to OSARCC for providing such a valuable service. Counselling service user, 2015

It was all about me which was lovely. Someone at the other end with a kind voice… and gave me time to speak and I could let off some of my anger. I would talk all day if I could, it felt so comfortable. I wasn’t judged, felt empowered. I was believed. Helpline service user, 2016

It feels good to be listened to and believed. I also appreciate the reactions to what I say, the encouragement, the questions that guide my reflection; it makes the difference with writing in a diary.

Email support service user, 2015



Volunteers support OSARCC in a range of ways, including work on our helpline and email support services, counselling service, and through outreach and fundraising.

This year:

manner, care and knowledge base that each

but was deeply impressed with each training day both in content and the professional


61 volunteers contributed to OSARCC’s frontline work.


60% of volunteers have been with OSARCC more than 18 months.


100% of volunteer training sessions rated as a minimum of four out of five.

women extremely seriously. This is reflected


Additional training provided on trauma, Mental Health First Aid, and providing support over text.

educated and dedicated young women who

In addition, we recruited six volunteers this year to join our fundraising group which is responsible for raising funds and increasing our profile through community events. A particular success this year was a charity abseil, which raised over £3000.


I had absolutely no idea what to expect,

trainer brought to the sessions… It is obvious that OSARCC takes sexual violence against

through its training staff, a group of highly deserve nothing but upmost respect and

admiration for the vital service that they offer. OSARCC counselling volunteer, 2015

Training As well as our specialist support work, OSARCC also aims to improve the responses to survivors in our wider community though our external training programme. This year: l

200 professionals trained in sexual violence awareness and responding to disclosures of sexual violence.


30% increase in the number trained in 2014/15.


Bespoke training for midwifes and midwifery students at our local hospitals.

• “

Has greatly improved my

awareness – lots to reflect on

in my practice. Hopefully I will have

better skills when the time comes.

Excellent training, thank you

for an informative and secure environment to learn in.

Training attendees, 2015-16


Campaigning and media Over the last 12 months, OSARCC has undertaken significant media work gaining both national and local media coverage. The highlight of this was the joint work with Thames Valley Police, Oxford University Student’s Union, and Rape Crisis (Wycombe, Chiltern and South Bucks) on the #ConsentIsEverything campaign. This campaign sought to target perpetrators and potential perpetrators of rape by sending them clear messages about consent. We also continue to be involved in advocating for improved services for survivors and working in order to prevent sexual violence. In order to achieve these goals OSARCC sits on the following forums and working groups:



Oxfordshire Sexual Violence Working Group


Thames Valley Police Serious Sexual Assault Working Group


Oxfordshire Domestic Abuse Champions Network


Kingfisher extended team (working on Child Sexual Exploitation)

The campaign is quickly

picking up traction with more than eight million uses of the

#ConsentisEverything hashtag in under a week. PR Week

Working with schools This year we have expanded our outreach work into local schools. We worked with over 500 young people, either in workshops or assemblies, to discuss the legal definition of sexual consent, how we can know if we have consent, and where support can be accessed if needed. 86% of workshop participants rated the workshop ‘good’ or ‘very good’. Over the next 12 months we have plans to expand this work, raising awareness amongst a greater number of young people.

Things participants learnt:

“ “

Knowing it’s okay to say NO!

[Consent is] necessary in all

situations and all relationships.

Knowing how many different

people and support groups there are

to talk to if this situation occurred.

very good


Successes The increased uptake of our services this year proves that our work is needed now, more than ever. We have proactively engaged with our local community and worked hard to ensure holistic service provision, offering a range of different services based on requests from our service users. This year we were externally verified as meeting the Rape Crisis England and Wales National Service Standards, which represent recognised standards of best practice and quality across the Rape Crisis network and which have been mapped against other quality assurance frameworks. We were extremely proud to win the ‘Valuing Volunteers’ Award for the South East region at the Lloyds Bank Foundation Awards, and to be a finalist in the ‘Charity and Community’ category at the Oxfordshire Business Awards. This is indicative of the ongoing commitment, skill and dedication our volunteers and staff have brought to the organisation in order to provide robust volunteering opportunities for women in our local community.


Support our work Fundraise We are always looking for people to join our fundraising team. From organising abseils to running pub quizzes, we can offer flexible roles to suit your needs. We can also provide support if you’d like to organise a one-off event on our behalf.

Volunteer Volunteers are the beating heart of OSARCC. We train helpline, email and counselling volunteers twice a year through our in-house training programme. Contact us to find out more.

Spread the word We always need more people to help spread the word about our work. If you are able to distribute leaflets and posters on our behalf, please let us know.


Finances Total incoming resource has decreased to £174,268 during the year compared to £212,690 the previous year. Resource expenditure has increased to £198,768 from £130,658. This is due to receiving money in the 2014-15 financial year to spend in 2015-16 and an increase in the number of services provided. Our current free reserves equate to 3.5 months running costs for our 2016-17 budget. A full copy of our Financial Statements can be found on the Charity Commission website.

Income: £174,268


Expenditure: £198,767 n Donations: £26,085

n Support groups: £26,482

n Government and local authority grants: £105,470

n ISVA: £62,010

n Training income: £4,470

n Volunteering and outreach: £67,690

n Trusts and foundations: £29,037

n Counselling: £37,443

n Interest: £229

n Fundraising: £2,657

n Other income: £8,978

n Governance: £2,486

Thank you OSARCC would like to thank everyone who contacts us for helping to inspire and inform us in the work we do. We would also like to thank the following for their contributions to our funding and for supporting the ongoing operation of our services, without which we would be unable to provide support for survivors in Oxfordshire: Ministry of Justice Rape Support Fund Home Office CSA Fund Oxford City Council South Oxfordshire District Council St Michael’s and All Saints Charities The Big Lottery Lloyds Bank Foundation Allen Lane Foundation The MacTaggart Third Fund Oxford University Colleges Oxford University Students’ Union Thames Valley Police Crime Commissioner Doris Field Charitable Trust Souter Charitable Trust First Give and the students at Didcot Girls’ School

Future Building Fund Sainsbury’s Bank - John Allen Centre Marlborough Charitable Trust Bicester Ladies Circle John Wiley & Sons Nightshift Magazine Thames Valley Police Our partner agencies in Oxfordshire and across the UK Staff Team Management Committee Members Service Users Clinical Supervisors And all others who have donated money or time to the ongoing running of OSARCC.

Finally, our work would not be possible without the commitment and dedication of our volunteers. We cannot thank them enough for their continued support over the past year.


Contact us If you need support you can contact us in the following ways: Telephone helpline: 01865 726295 / 0800 783 6294

Monday 6.30pm – 9pm Thursday 6.30pm – 9pm

Friday 11.30am – 2pm Sunday 6pm – 8.30pm

Email support: For information on ISVA/Counselling/Support Groups: / 01865 725311 For administration, volunteering and media enquiries: / 01865 725311

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OSARCC Annual Review 2015 - 2016  
OSARCC Annual Review 2015 - 2016