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Open Source Alliance News Network Issue 2… Presented by the Open Source Alliance.

Note from the Editor in Chief Hello friends, allies, and those good people of CyberNations, I feel that I need to explain some things before we begin. As you know, today is September 11, 2009. Eight years ago today, In 2001, Al Qaeda, a terrorist organization led by Sudan Hussein, set forth a plot to kill hundreds of people, perhaps in the thousands, we will never really know. 9/11 was an important date, not only in the States, but in the entire world. Within hours of the World Trade Center collapse, an international War on Terror was launched. This issue is dedicated to those who lost their lives, and their family to 9/11 and also to the men and women of the Earth’s many armed forces organizations, and their families. In those times when things look their darkest, much like they are now, it is those few who rise up to the challenge to confront it, who ultimately sacrifice themselves to save not only their family, but the billions of people who they have never met, and will never, it is they who will truly save us all, for they are better people than us. They are the sole reason humanity has continued to exist, from The Battle of Thermopylae, the Gunpowder plot, to the D-Day invasion, these soldiers are the real heroes.

9.11.01, the 911 call no one wanted to hear… The following is dedicated to all of the troops, for Al of them, from America, and all other countries.

I do not know just how many 911 calls were made that day; I don’t think anyone does know. Both way, there are things more clear than others, and we’ll focus on those.

12:00 AM, the United Nations International Day of Peace Begins.

7:45 a.m.: Mohammed Atta and Abdul-Aziz Alomar board American Airlines Flight 11. I imagine that at this time I was just stepping out my door to wait for the School Bus. 8:14 to 8:20 a.m.: American Airlines Flight 11 goes off course and is hijacked. I was probably just saying the Pledge of Allegiance at this time. 8:46:26 a.m.: American Airlines Flight 11 impacts the north side of the North Tower (1 World Trade Center) of the WTC between the 94th and 98th floors. American Airlines Flight 11 was flying at a speed of 490 miles per hour (MPH). At this time, just minutes after actually, my principal entered the room to interrupt my first grade teacher, none of the students knew what he said, nor would we have known anything about it, but she immediately broke down and began to cry. She switched on the TV and we watched the tower linger in the air. We watched for what seemed like hours, but truly could have only been thirty minutes or so, as the World Trade Center wavered. Smoke puffed from the crater like an old man with a pipe. Flames rippled through the floors of the tower, (perhaps 80-110th) after an infinite amount of time, the tower shrieked, and it fell. I had no idea what had happened. My teacher bawled. I can’t remember what happened next. I think we were released early. But I know now what happened. On September 11, 2001 multiple planes were hijacked, two directed towards the Twin Towers, one to the Pentagon. In my research, I find that there is a large persona out there who believes that Bush not only knew about it, but had planned it. I myself do not believe this. I think, I believe, that a terrorist organization known as Al Qaeda did this. I remember seeing people jumping from the towers, they were flaming. I was told later, that they jumped because they could not bear the agony of the fire eating away their flesh. It would have taken less than 15 seconds for them to have burnt to death. Since the terrorist attacks there have been thousands of soldiers die. Since 2003 approximately 50001 soldiers have been killed in Action. This is dedicated to all the men and women serving in the Armed Services. To those who are about to, those who are, and those who will Rock, we salute you. We hope to see you home soon. *It is unknown exactly how many soldiers have died total at the time of publication.

The Price of Freedom By: Prime Minister Fang

This is not an easy topic for me; I have many a feeling about war and especially USA wars. But I am not here only as PMF, I am here as a reporter, and report I shall. Report on what you ask? Today I report on the cost of American Freedom… I am not here to say whether or not the cost is justified, or if the money and loss of life has gone in vain. That is not my place; my place is to inform you, the reader, of this situation. First a little background… On September 11 of 2001 the World Trade Centre in New York City had planes flown into them by religious extremists. The entire world watched as the towers fell. The president at the time was a man named George W. Bush. He rallied the country and before too long we were at war. At 1 Number may be outdated at time of publication; it is unknown EXACTLY how many soldiers have died.

first it was Afghanistan, the US government said it was the home of the terrorists. Soon they changed their minds, and it was Iraq. I could go on but no one knows for sure why we went to Iraq, and the government changed their story so many times it was hard for an American to keep up. So now it’s September 2009, 8 years later. What has this freedom fighting cost us? (Disclaimer, the totals below are not all the same because of different times gathering info, some sites have a tally, others update it every so often)

Figures at a glance: Total Cost for all US wars since 2001= $900,726,585,964 (more since I wrote this) Total cost per taxpayer= $6755 For example in my home state of Wisconsin, in the capitol city of Madison here are the figures: Total cost of war since 2001= $533,680,960 Cost of War in Iraq= $400,397,445 Cost of War in Afghanistan= $133,283,515 (The link is below, look up your state and home town to see how much you’re spending)

If you are like me you may wonder what else we could have done with that money, here are some interesting facts I found…

WAR COSTS IN PERSPECTIVE With $872.6 billion, the cost of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan so far, the United States could fund... ...a year's worth of health care for 117 million Americans ($7,439/person) year of public elementary school for 116 million children ($7,500/child)

...four years of public university tuition for 35 million students ($6,185/student) ...145 billion mosquito nets to help stop malaria in the developing world ($6/net) ...4.6 billion laptops to promote literacy in the developing world ($188/laptop)

If you had an expense account that let you spend $1 million dollars per day... would take 2,391 years to spend $872.6 billion, the cost of Iraq and Afghanistan so far. The cost of Iraq and Afghanistan laid out end-to-end in $100 bills... ...would extend 846,157.6 miles – or just short of 34 times around the Earth's circumference. The conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost each American family of four $11,458. Wow, and what’s more, we are not done yet. There are other ways our government spends money to, on war like things, like this stat… Proposed U.S. spending for FY2003 for nuclear weapons activities totals $16,458,000,000. That equals: 2,380,755 children in Head Start programs 7,052,535 235,114

kids with healthcare units of affordable housing

313,635 salaries for elementary school teachers While it may not be the same money they are spending on war, its money the US could use better. Money they are currently spending on nuclear weapons activities. Wow, that’s a lot of stuff they could do instead. Now this is monetary, I am only talking in dollars here. I can’t stress enough the un-measurably high price of losing a brother, a son, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a husband a member of your family, forever, for a country, for a president, for me…

At a glance…

This is total deaths for the coalition of the “willing”. We thank you all. It shows me that not only Americans are paying for freedom; it’s a worldwide thing we all have paid for Also I didn’t find much on what it was costing other nations, in monetary sense. Sorry guys… For OSANN I am PMF, signing off.

Resources: History of 9/11 Cost of war Casualty List Nuclear stat/what we could have bought War costs in perspective

War with the Rogue By Yoinkinator

Last week, an OSA student was attacked by a rogue, who created havoc and damaged the student’s nation. The rogue was given a full 24 hours to explain and give back what he had taken, but he decided to attack another OSA student. Able members of the OSA were called upon to hit this rogue, including the New Carthage Empire, ghostman725, and myself. The attacks on the rogue began on August 27, 2009 with several cruise missile strikes and bombing campaigns, followed by ground attacks to loot his riches and place him in anarchy. The next day, a total of 14 attacks severely damaged the rogue’s infrastructure and almost completely wiped out his remaining troops. The desperate rogue offered peace agreements, denied by the OSA. We sent message after message stating why we had denied the peace agreements, and the rogue responded with: “are u guy’s sick u have no identity of your own and u are influenced by other nations.” After receiving this message, I quickly responded and told him to contact Nolissar about our terms. The terms were given to him by Nolissar, but the rogue gave no reply. Soon afterward, the rogue sent me a message stating his surrender to the OSA and then launched the remainder of his forces towards our nations. After a while, we began thoughts of peace, until I received this message: “come on yoki attack… I will think you are a true fighter if you can kill all my soldiers.” This angered me and the others who were given a copy of this message. Therefore, we were given the order to ZI this rogue’s nation. Shortly afterward, we completely decimated his nation and nearly destroyed his military, infrastructure, and technology. We are still attempting to destroy the remainder of his empire, though the seven days are almost up. We will make sure this rogue respects the OSA and will continue this game with knowledge of the superiority of the OSA.

The War of the Monolithic Corporations By, Chronopolice Greetings comrade, as you may well know, there’s a covert war raging in our world today. Stand down comrade, no need to bear arms. This is a different kind of conflict, one that deals with this thing called money. Let’s get right down to business.

A Chinese philosopher once said, “If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril.” Well we will both be in peril if we don’t know who or what we’re dealing with. Multinational corporations; remember that, you will be hearing a lot of that phrase for the duration of this briefing. We can also call it transnational corporation or multinational enterprise. Which name you pick, the same principle applies the so-called MNCs. Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible. Some say that the first modern multinational corporation is the Dutch East India Company way back in 1602. They can influence governments and regional markets. Some even say that they make wealth that exceeds the national outputs of small countries! It sounds preposterous but after hearing me out, you will change your mind. Now, where were we? Ah yes, you might be looking for examples. Why there’s one right outside this very room! See that store that has a sign ‘McDonalds’? It is a prime example of an MNC that provides food. The one just across the street is called Kentucky Fried Chicken. Same deal except they serve more chicken dishes. Even coffee shops have been occupied by the vicious MNCs! Starbucks is the most popular one so far. I brew my own coffee so I do not know how good or bad their coffee tastes. You can see all of these three entities in every street corner around the world. I might be over exaggerating but now you have an idea how far their clout spreads. It might be safe to say that every product or service that you can think of has an MNC behind it. Governments around the world are competing to provide the best business climate for these MNCs to settle in. They can provide a sizable employment opportunity for a lot of people and they can help give economic opportunities for them. They also provide new product or service options for potential customers. I would keep a closer eye on these purported benefits since it conflicts with why they do business. Remember my pupil; they are in this for the money. Well, this ends our brief discussion about these multinational corporations. Remember to keep your eyes peeled and watch your back.

-source Wikipedia

OSANN Exclusive Interviews: President Nolissar By Prime Minister Fang

OSANN: Just to get started, how did you get involved with OSA?

Nolissar: Well a group of good friends, who had mostly been in MHA, had for various reasons, left that alliance over a period of time, most ending up in SNAFU and TPF. We had kept in touch and often mused about how we would run an alliance if we were in charge. At some point, we started to think, “hey why don’t we start our own alliance”, and as it seemed like a reasonable idea, and something we could probably pull off we spoke with the government of SNAFU and got their okay to start working on putting OSA (which didn’t have a name at that point) together, while many of us were in that alliance, and about 2 weeks later, after securing a Generals Protectorate for TPF, OSA began its existence on Planet Bob with 11 members. So I've basically be involved from OSA from its conception, gestation, birth and now it's growing up phase, somewhat by chance, but mostly because OSA is a group of people whose company I enjoy and to whose gaming experience I feel I am able to contribute something of value. OSANN: How long have you been president? Nolissar: I’ve been President for the entirety of OSA’s existence, over six months now. The initial government positions were decided on between the founders, and somehow, I ended up as president, though there was a point when I thought it might well have gone to Outremer, who would of course, have been an excellent choice, he’s one of the best and smartest people I know in CN. OSANN: What would be some of your more famous/well known achievements? Like bills passed, treaties signed?

Nolissar: Well, I probably wrote about half of the Source Code, which took form over about a week with ALL of the founders contributing something. Our working draft was quite literally a colourful mosaic of a piece as each collaborator was given a different colour to make their suggestions, mine being blue, if I recall correctly. Beyond that, I supplied the majority of the text for OSA’s PIAT with SNAFU, and the text for the latest amendment to NOIR, the Black team unity block. I’ve also written most of the “laws” though most of them have been other people’s ideas that I’ve simply put into legislative format for them. I also, with Chris, who need a major shout-out, as he did do a huge amount of work, set up the OSA forums, which I consider pretty important. Beyond maintaining a “presence” on the forums, and our IRC, a lot of my work is “behind the scenes” answering peoples’ questions, offering advice to members of the government on a problem or program ect. OSANN: Will you run again, if so on what platform? If not what are your plans for the future?

Nolissar: Yes, I will be running again, and should I be elected, it would be my final consecutive term allowable under the Source Code. As to by platform, I don’t want to give too much away, before the election starts to as not to place any other candidates at a disadvantage. OSANN: What are your day to day activities at OSA? What do you do the most?

Nolissar: I would say my internal and external correspondence make up the largest part of my CN activates. This means responding to my PMs on several forums, posting responses to topics on various forums, following up with people on IRC, answering questions from OSA members and foreign governments, giving advice and guidance to the other members of our government, and trying to ensure that OSA has a strong profile in NOIR. I would also included maintaining an IRC presence and talking with OSA members, listening and learning from them, as well as helping and encouraging when I can, is also an important part of my role in the alliance. After that, as best I can, I try every day to read all the new posts/topics on the OSA forums and skim the main CN forums special sub forum for alliance announcements. After that, I probably visit the OSA Forum’s admin CP every other day or so, to do masking, and other administrative tasks. Though all that, plus my “real life” keep me rather busy I still occasionally find time to do some CN related math and work on the guides for our masters courses, which are sadly, and mostly due to me, rather behind schedule at this point, though I’m working on it I promise! OSANN: We have talked about your future, what of OSA’s future? What do you see?

Nolissar: I see great things: more members, more technology, more nukes, more wonders, more friends and allies, more games in the arcade, more guides, more software; in short more of everything, but especially more fun! I also think that the initiative started by Descartes regarding creating a unique OSA mythos, philosophical school and communicative style will take greater hold, in part thanks to initiatives like this publication.

Well thank you very much Mr. President sir, the readers will enjoy our talk I know I have! Join us next time for another…

OSANN Exclusive Interview


Quieting the damn thing down The 360's heat issues are well known, but they don't mean the box has to quite as noisy as it is. That's down to Microsoft using the cheapest fans it can get its hands on, which make an awful racket and are quite a distraction when you're watching a movie. If you're prepared to neuter your warranty, you can

replace them with near-silent third-party jobs, such as the Talisman WhisperFan. Go to real extremes with a complete replacement case, the Lian Li XB-01. Unfortunately, neither of these will silence the roar of the DVD drive, but once the upcoming dashboard update introduces installing games to the console's hard drive, that'll be less of a problem.

The Towel Trick Bit of a controversial one this, at least as long as you count "possibly burning your house down" as controversial. What it is, is a short-term fix for the infamous red rings of death, the mournful LEDs that announce your 360's death. There are various theories about why it works, but the important thing is that, for some people, it does. The way to do it is to wrap the console in a towel or two - ensuring all sides of it are covered - then turn it on and leave it running for 10 minutes or so. Then turn it off, remove the towels, turn it on again and pray. If it's worked, it'll only stay alive for a few hours, but doing this a couple of times may be enough to get you through those long, lonely days while you wait for Microsoft to collect and replace your dead Xbox. Again though, it's dangerous - it could damage the console further, and could cause enough heat to set stuff on fire.

I have much more.

Happiness and Cyanide

Wasteland Chronicles: Chapter 2 By Thomas Bates III (Jack Ryan) and the staff at

Abandoned Mines-Central Illinois Raiders. Everywhere. He pulled his wife and child behind him as the raiders approached. The invaders fired, throwing him back. One of them grabbed his wife, another his child. The raiders took his family and dumped him, half dead and naked, striped of his armor, he heard a scream, gunshots‌ Robert Murray awoke in a cold sweat. He wiped his eyes and breathed deeply. Murray sat up in his bead, he leaned down and started a small fire. Robert stood and flexed, and grabbed his recon armor. He had stripped the armor off a dead Brotherhood scout, and he had tweaked it over the years. He pulled on his overcoat and started to clip on his weapons. As he walked the three paces to his workbench, he took out a handful of bottle caps and a lunchbox, he quickly built a mine and slipped it into one of his oversized pockets. Then he reached under and took out his modified Double-barrel shotgun. He had modified it several times, the two larger barrels were for the buckshot, but the third slim barrel shot .

308 cal, sniper rounds. The shotgun had a small 6- shot magazine, able to shoot three times before reloading, but that wasn’t really a problem, it stopped most things in one or two shots. And the sniper was three shot. He clipped his scoped .44, seven shot, onto his hip and pulled on his composite recon helmet. He opened the wooden door to the tunnels and started out. As Murray crawled out of his mine safe house he scanned the area. He looked at the pip boy he had recovered from the Vault 34 ruins, and read over the coordinates of the Old Lincoln Library, where he was supposed to meet his next client. When Murray lost his family, he had sealed himself off in the ruins of an old mine under Springfield, he had mines all over that place, and whichever route became unavailable, there were at least two more for it. He started out, holding his side arm in his hand, and walking silently. Murray rolled up a pant leg and activated a Stealth Boy, activating a stealth field. As he walked invisibly through the wastes he came upon a house. He knew it well. It was where he had kept his family, and where they had died. Robert took out the Bottle cap mine and put it right inside the door, then fled the house.

As Murray approached the Library, he saw several guards, all wearing combat armor, he approached silently and walked past, into the large atrium area, in the center was a man in a pre-war suit. “Welcome Mr. Murray, as you know, you will not be told anything of your mission other than what you are to find, understood? I thought so.” The Ghoul continued, “You are to find me a special sniper rifle, it was custom made before the war as an assassination rifle, it holds four rounds per clip, .308 cal., your to find this rifle and take to Acropolis, you will give it to Sentinel Clark. You will then come back here. Alone. As usual, here is half of your reward, 2000 caps. Your dismissed.” Without a word Robert left, 2000 caps in his pack, and started towards the only place a Government made rifle could be, the National Armory, in Gateway City, luckily, the Brotherhood didn’t even know it existed. *** Acropolis Two Days Later “Sentinel Clark,” Elder Roswell addressed, “We need you to infiltrate a secret pre-war bunker outside of Scott AFB, we do

not know what is in it, but we know it was covert, deep black, possibly an anti-Chinese outpost in case of invasion, we really have no idea. But, there is one curious anomaly, there is no security of any kind. No bots, turrets, soldiers, just scientists. There should be no resistance, maybe a raider or two, but there is one defense, a plethora of computer locks, not the usual bobby-pin wimp either, finely tuned computerized locks. The scribes have come up with this,” The Elder handed the Sentinel a small keypad with a screen; “It should enter randomized codes, cutting them down until it gets it right. It’s the best they can do without actually seeing the system. Go in, sweep the area, and come back here.” Elder Roswell sat down in his chair and rubbed his forehead. “We have suspicions that a ghoul has sent someone here, I have no idea why, but there must be some reason.” “I understand, by the way, how are the Vault people?” “Fine, they’re fine, not sure what they’re doing at the moment. They’re idle.” Covert Bunker, Near S-AFB One Day Later.

Robert Murray examined the strange lock on the metal door. It was some kind of Optic device, probably scanned retinas at one point Murray thought. He raised his arm and used his modified pip-boy to scan the lock, and then the lock lit up with a green hue. Numbers scrolled across the screen and the same happened with the pip boy. One at a time numbers lit up and moved to a separate area. The door growled, groaned and then fell back, as Murray stepped in it closed behind him. Before Robert there was another short hallway, another computerized lock, and a dead body. Murray examined the body. The eyeballs had been burned out of their sockets and his skin had boiled, result of an Atomic blast. Murray took an ID card from the body and held it to the scanner. The door made similar sounds as the first and opened. This time revealing a small foyer area with a desk and a large door behind. A rigged shotgun was aimed at the larger door, and bent over the desk was another body, this one had decayed almost naturally, except for the long claw marks down it’s-formerly her- back and ribcage. At first examination it would seem as just a rough night for an odd personality, but the burnt edges and purpled skin. Deathclaws. Murray crouched and disarmed the trap, and opened the door, activating a stealth boy at the same time. As the door slid open a large, dragon-like creature leapt through the door and onto the body, ripping it to shreds,

Murray sidestepped and watched as the creature devoured the body. Murray slid a grenade under the Deathclaw’s feet. The animal picked the object up and looked at it. As the creature examined the odd ball, he stalked into his former location, where several other deathclaws stood. The ball was passed around, until it met a smaller deathclaw, who swallowed the thing. Murray detonated his homemade time-bomb and watched as the deathclaw exploded, sending its family to the floor, dead. Robert looked at the lab; several dead bodies were strung out in randomness. To the far left was a suit of T-45d power armor, damaged beyond repair and covered in Deathclaw remains. A large pressurized chest sat at the far end of the otherwise empty room, and examined the lock. As his pip-boy began to work on it, he heard beeping noises. The pipboy was useless on this mechanism, he stepped back, closed and locked the door behind him and began to manually decode the sequences. Sentinel Clark crouched next to the door and examined the boot marks left by a recent visitor. Clark ran the opened the panel on the lock and hooked the keypads line into the lock’s. The device ran through a cycle and began humming, the door opened with the usual noises of pressurized doors opening, and Clark stepped into the blackened hallway as the door shut behind him. He examined the second lock and then looked at

the body, he saw no identification cards, so opened the panel and patched in his lock pick device. Murray tampered with the lock more, with no result. He heard a pressurized door open behind him and turned around. Robert quickly took out one of his customized weapons, this one a burst assault rifle, silenced, and positioned himself behind the tallish chest. He propped his weapon up and waited silently… Clark examined the dead secretary and noted the deathclaw markings, especially some of the more poisonous looking ones and pulled out his favorite weapon, an assault rifle he had designed himself, five round burst with an extended magazine. He put his back to one side of the door, and opened it. Murray watched as the door opened, no one appeared immediately, but he waited, and soon a head appeared. Murray fired, the bullets narrowly missing the power armored soldier. Clark pulled his head back and called out, “Brotherhood of Steel Sentinel Clark, I assume you were sent by a Ghoul?” “It’s none of your business who I was sent by, now get out.” The low voice was harsh and scratchy.

“I’m here to sweep area, not to take any caps or whatever you’re here for.” Clark returned. “Ohhh? And what is it I’m here for?” The voice asked. “I have no idea… let’s stay neutral, you don’t have to tell me what you want wastlander, just stay out of my way.” “I suggest you loose the tone and calm down, I could care less about the computer system, and the mainframe is right over there, leave this chest alone and you can scan it, just drop your weapons and slide them over here.” “I don’t think so, why don’t you just let me scan it?” Clark asked. “I promise you, it is of no concern to you.” Clark stepped out and aimed at the man, neither shot, but both wanted to. As Clark sidestepped his way to the mainframe, a beep came from Murray’s pip-boy. The chest depressurized and revealed three shelves. The top held the Assassin Rifle; the other two were stacked with ammunition for it. “Not too shabby… What does your boss intend to do with it?” Clark asked. “Actually, I am to take it to Acropolis and give it to you.” Murray answered.

“Really? Curious, wonder why.” Clark took the Sniper from Murray’s hands and slung it across his back, “Why don’t you come with me to Acropolis, I’m sure we can figure this out.

Lincoln Library The Ghoul peeled back his mask and revealed his smooth skin. “Mr. Jackson, your reports for today.” A guard said as he handed him a packet of paper. “Has my mercenary friend returned?” Mr. Jackson asked. “No, the tail we sent has tracked him to the Acropolis, he was with Sentinel Clark.” “Ensure the outer grounds are fortified, I feel we may have a betrayal on our hands.” “Yes, Sir.” Acropolis Next Day

The Shadow Squad, Sentinel Clark, Robert Murray, and Elder Roswell sat in the Meeting Hall. This, “Elder Roswell said, “looks like to the work of Mr. Jackson, we’ve tangled a few times, he used to be a raider in the Fire Clan.” Robert Murray shuddered. The Fire Clan? Murray thought, that’s the clan that attacked my home… The ones who killed my wife… Robert Murray began to shiver and he fell out of his chair. His sight darkened and he blacked out. One Month Later Robert Murray awoke, and his head ached. His vision slowly returned and he sat up in the small cot. “Good Morning Mr. Murray.” Elder Roswell spoke slowly, “Don’t move too fast, and don’t worry, the man who killed your wife is here, ready for you.” “How long…What happened?” “You went in to Cardiac Arrest, and then you lost consciousness, you were out for a month. In that time we sent in Shadow Squad and took down Jackson’s operation, it was the SS’s first fully geared assault, and it was a success, Mr. Jackson

is in a prison cell waiting for someone to talk to him, we decided to let you have him.” Murray walked to the Cell, limping slightly and took a tire iron from a desk. Robert opened the cell and threw Jackson against a wall. “Now listen... Huh, ummm, w--” Jackson stopped short as Murray slammed the tire iron into Jackson’s stomach. He fell to his knees and regurgitated orange goo onto the floor. Murray continued to beat the murderer until he had several broken bones and within an inch of his life. “What?” Jackson gasped, “Don’t have the balls to kill me?” “I already have, you’ll die in a few hours from shock, with as much suffering as possible. I do hope it’s painful you murderer.”

Batman: Arkham Asylum Review Thomas Bates III (Jack Ryan)

The story kicks off with Batman hauling the Joker to Arkham Asylum, Gotham’s premiere location for psychiatric care. Soon, when Batman is denied access, of course, Joker escapes into the Asylum with his favorite lady’s help, Harley Quinn. The Batman is trapped inside the madhouse with many of the criminals he put there. Some of the criminals you encounter: 


Harley Quinn




Killer Croc

Poison Ivy

Titan Joker

With Cameos by: 


Two Face (Doesn’t Appear)


Mr. Freeze (Doesn’t Appear)

You start out in Arkham’s Intensive Care unit, and you’ll work your way from there, to the Botanical Gardens, Arkham Mansion, and even an emergency Bat Cave.

With Oracle helping you along the way, your journey is very enjoyable, with over 200 Riddler Challenges (As I count, 240, as I’ve found them all), and many different challenges for you, I definitely recommend this game. But, yes there’s always one, there are some issues. The fights can get slightly monotonous, the base enemy, a Blackgate Inmate is usually your only challenge, needless to say, and they’re not very smart. Sometimes though, there are High Security Threats, Orange jumpsuit-wearing enemies with knives that can be truly irritating at times, but still, not much of a threat. The criminals toting the stun buttons are usually the most annoying, and the guardkillers who have decided to pick up Assault Rifles, are also a tad harder. I also thought Bane should have been quite a bit different, he was basically just a Titan Henchman with a different skin, and the Killer Croc fight was also easy. However, I thought that the fight with Poison Ivy was very well thought out, and the Titan Joker was enjoyable too. With the great voices from the cartoon, such as Mark Hammil as Joker, and Kevin Conroy as Batman, the voice work stays true to the cartoon, while evolving to something much better.

The game play mechanics are easy to learn, and the game starts slow to help you adjust, a truly helpful intro to anyone attempting to play for the first time.

Challenge Mode is very enjoyable, I especially like the Predator challenges, the stealthy effects take a lot from The Dark Knight’s Sonar effect, adapting it for some truly amazing help throughout the game.

I pre-ordered the game, and picked up on release, beat it in three days (on easy for the first time), and plan on playing it through a couple times. I greatly encourage you to go out and spend the 60$ for it. However, may I suggest that you stay away from the PC version, as it has been through a somewhat lengthy delay, there will be bugs, and most PC’s won’t have the stones to run it. The 360 version is amazing, and for you Ps3 owners, congrats, you get to be the Joker in Challenge Mode. BTW, if you want, add me on Xbox LIVE: ODST 394.

!!!Warning, Mature content, may not be suitable for all ages!!!

Deadbolt: The

scariest band in the

world… By, PMF

The first time I heard this band I knew I needed to hear more. This was just the thing I was looking for, the reason for music. I have since calmed a bit and consider myself a fan, but not obsessed. Over the years they have made several albums like Tiki Man, Voodoo Trucker, Zulu Death Mask and their newest I Should Have Killed You. They would be classified as alternative, in the style of rock-a-billy, with a voodoo twist. It’s an acquired taste and many have said a little goes a long way. But don’t say that to the diehard fans that continue to come to their shows and buy their albums. Deadbolt may not be for younger people. They don’t swear much, if at all. They sing about imaginary things and in the end most find it funny rather than scary. A steady groove with a rhythm like a freight train, a deep menacing voice

sings about his adventures with swamp witches and Zulu warriors. Hard to find so don’t go rushing to Best Buy or ITunes for the album. I wasn’t able to get a full real album until I saw the show. I couldn’t find an album anywhere, in any format. So when people ask I always say Deadbolt is my favorite band. I may not listen to them as much anymore, but when I do it always feels cool again. AND NOW VIA YOU TUBE…

Deadbolt: Voodoo Trucker: v=QmskQLLDlNk&feature=related

Psychic Voodoo Doll: v=TfFEmZXE2_Q&feature=related

Truck Driving S.O.B.:

Down in the Lab (video): v=0MPvc7R04xk&feature=related

Ghost Riders in the Sky (video): v=hDa9HGYgrjE&feature=related Hope you enjoyed it, send in requests and I will do a different band/artist every issue! PMF.

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Edward “Riddler” Nashton holds Mayor Hostage! This riddle found on the scene:

“You approach two talking doors. One door leads to the City of Truth, while the other door leads to the City of Liars. You do not know which door is which. You are able to ask only one question to determine which door is which. The door that leads to the City of Liars always speaks lies, while the door that leads to the City of Truth always speaks the truth. You want to go to the City of Truth. What question do you ask to determine which door leads to the City of Truth


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