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Candidature for

BSSS Local Public Officer "LPO"


Curriculum Vitae 1- Personal data a) Information Name: Osama fag el-nour kotb Age:

23 years old

Date of birth: 27-8-1989 Grade: 6th grade Address:

Banha – Ahram

Mobile no.

: 01019931152

E-mail: Position: SCOPH member

b) Languages

Arabic English Deutsch French

Native Very good Good Some expressions

2- Attendance - National SCOPH meeting attendance 2011

- National SCOPH Congress in SCMSA port said.

- Attend SSS End-Term GA as BSSS representative.

3- Activities a) SCOPE – standing committee on professional exchange - Contact person worked in July 2012

b) SCOME- standing committee on medical education

- ISSH "Influence of Study on Student Health"

c) SCORP- standing committee on human rights & peace - Autism celebration 2012

- Human rights declaration festival 2012

- Ambassadors of Dialogue "World Peace


d) SCORA- standing committee on reproductive health & AIDS - AIDS peer education - FGM training 2011

- 2 Run for cure "breast cancer awareness & celebration"

e) SCOPH- standing committee on Public health - Hepatitis B vaccination 2011 - Local coordinator of mental health 2011 - Hy5 "Hand hygiene" - Smokingologist Attendance in MSSA 2011 Anti-smoking TNT from WHO & MOHP 2012

- Healthy kids initiative from Nestle with Ashank ya balady

- Have the training

- Giving the training

f) BSSS Organization of BSSS annual Ramadan eftar 2012

Task force member "July 2012 exchange" Sharing in welcome party 2012-2013

4-Trainings National trainings  Project management  Negotiation Local training  FGM training  AIDS peer education training  Presentation skills  Fund Raising

5- Skills  Presentation skills  Leadership  Computer skills  Team work & cooperation  Communication skills  Wisdom  Good listening

6- Hobbies o Playing Football o Swimming o Reading o Internet Browsing o Playing Chess

I'm so honored to introduce myself for you as BSSS LPO candidate. I've joined BSSS since 2 years, during this period I worked in most of SCOPH projects and participated in all BSSS activities in all committees. I had the honor to represent BSSS in the last GA as SCOPH representative. I've a lot to do for BSSS specially SCOPH. I think that I've the experience to do that and of course by your help I can. I want to keep BSSS nationally represented and for sure I'll do that specially that our NPO is from BSSS aiming to keep this society always in high level. Thanks for all and I hope that I can gain your trust. Thanks, Osama fag el-Nour kotb

National o Represent BSSS in most of national events and projects. o Working on taking the responsibility as national coordinators for some of national projects. o Try to share in national task forces and national teams o Stick to national deadlines o Having good relations with other LCs

Local 1- Support new ideas to be realistic projects.

2- “Clean home, clean school …. One step and it will be clean “

3- Implementation of more local projects and working on being creative.

4- Working on yahoo group with creating Facebook group for easy communications between members.

For members 1- Motivating all SCOPHian members to be more active. 2- Attracting new members through SCOPH projects & by our members & making good use of all BSSS events and projects. 3- Qualification of SCOPH members to take the responsibility of being local officers with proper hand over 4- Activation of the idea of online meeting for saving efforts and time in certain time “e.g. exams …” Making it easy for national online meeting as it is already being done before.