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Name: Osama Ali Al-Shahrani

TVTC intensive English for college graduates. Class: Zeta class ,Room B203 field of study:

Computer_ Technical Suppo

Student ID: 1069840948 Email:

Personal Information Name: Osama Ali AL-Shahrani Place of Birth : Abha Data of birth: 1990 \ 1411 Marital Status: Single Address :, Jeddah - AL-Salama District– Sari Street Telephone : 6920730 Mobile : 0557055844 Email : Nationality : Saudi

Qualifications: Secondary school, General average 85,40% (Jeddah college of Telecom & Electronics) Filed of study : Computer _ technical Support. Grade of Very Good 4.21. Cisco Academy Certificate for network. IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software . IT Essentials: Network Operating Systems . CCNA Exploration. Network Fundamentals . .

Name: Osama Ali Al-Shahrani Date: 31-12 Term: Two Week: six " Theme: presentation about my family" _________________________________________________________________

I'd like to tell you about my family. I've six people in my family. I've two brothers and two sisters. I'm youngest one in my family. My brother is a soldier. My family name is AL-Shahrani. My family is small. They're live in Abha. My uncle aunties and cousin live in Jeddah and also the following cities in Saudi Riyadh and Dammam. My father is retied of municipality and my mother doesn't work. My favorite hopes are travel and shopping. What I love most about my family are how we each other and they're friendly. Thank you for listing to these brief descriptions of my family.

NAME: Osama Ali

26-Dec- 2011

Week 12 HW: Using the Correct Form of a Word _____________________________________________________________________________ Description

Use the correct form of the words in parentheses to complete the sentences.

1 I think you owe him an apology for not doing the work on time. (apologize)

2 They were furious when they heard the news. (fury)

3 She expects to hear from Dan soon. (expectation)

4 When I started working here, the department was very disorganization . (disorganization)

5 My boss was unaware of the problems in the office. (unawareness)

6 When you can't speak a language well, it is common to feel great frustration. (frustrate)

7 Her constant questions are very irritating. (irritate)

8 We had a misunderstanding , but everything is fine now. (misunderstand)

9 We communicate many things nonverbally. (nonverbal)

10 Personal independence is a culture value of the United States. (culture)

NAME: Osama Ali


Week 13 HW 01: Choosing Appropriate Words


Use the words in the box to complete the sentences below.










1 Dan committed a robbery and was sentenced to three years in jail.

2 The brochure explained that the program was meant to help children.

3 I was appalled when the man was condemned to death. I thought the penalty was too harsh.

4 We had no money, and I couldn't find a job. Robbery was my only option.

5 An inmate

at the prison started the riot.

6 It is an discontinued for murderers to go free.

7 The open-24-hours policy was outrage after the robbery.

Name : Osama Ali Al-Shahrani

Term: Two

Week: 1

Simple present tense

Wake up Get up Take a shower Make breakfast Eat breakfast Get dressed Leave home Drive to work Commute to work Take a bus Ride a train Get to school Go to class Attend class Take notes Take a test Do your homework Go to bed

Date: 29-Nov

Name : Osama Ali Al-Shahrani

Term: Two

Date: 15-Dce

Complete the sentence with Near - by - next to - beside - across from – opposite I sit near the wall. Ali home's is by Marhba store. The chair is next to the table. My teacher is beside the board. The car is across from the traffic light. The building is opposite the sea.

Below: means in a lower position. Under: also means in a lower position but, it might means that one things covering another. Above: means in a higher position. Over: also means in higher pos Between: in the middle of 2 things. Among: in the middle of 3 or more things. # The woman is wearing a scarf over her head. # I can't see your face well under that big hat. # What word is that over the sign? # The balloon was high above our heads.

Name : Osama Ali Al-Shahrani

Term: Two

Date: 12-Nov

Writ the tips to learn English outside of class:

Desire Practice and exercise. Listen to native speaker. Listen to music. Speaking by the phone. Learn grammar and vocabulary. Don't be worried. Make a sentence. Talk with yourself about what are you doing. Have a fun

Name : Osama Ali Al-Shahrani

Term: Two

Date: 16-Dce

"Travel In Kingdome of Saudi Arabia "

1) The Kingdome of Saudi Arabia should be the best in the development of transportation by 2015.

2) The Kingdome of Saudi Arabia covers a large area. Therefore everyone needs a means of transportation for moving and travel.

3) In the future we will have bridges, railways, ports, airports and highways.

4) The topography and nature in Kingdome of Saudi Arabia is very bumpy, there are many mountains and big dearest.

Name: Osama Ali Al-Shahrani

Term: Two

Date: 29-10

Aunt: sister of one of your parents. Uncle: brother of one of your parents. Nephew: son of your brother or sister. Niece: daughter of your brother or sister. Cousin: son and daughter of your aunts and uncles. _____________________________________________________________ How make question. How many cosine do you have? Who lives in your house? How big is your family? How many relatives do the people have? D o you have any cosine? Do have any niece or nephews? How many nieces do you have? ___________________________________________________________ When you get married, how many kids do you want? When I get married, I want to have three kids.

Name : Osama Ali Al-Shahrani Term: Two

I wake up. I drive the car. I got dress. I got to sleep. I drink coffee. I wash my hand. I sweep the floor. I eat. I cool the hair. I cook. I watch TV. I wash dishes. I wash cloths. I exercise. I shave my face. I write. I take shower. I turn on the light. I iron. I go shop. I open the window.

Date: 9-10

Name : Osama Ali Al-Shahrani Term: Two

Date: 9-10

Preposition About _ before_ from_ Above_ behind_ in_ After_ beneath among _ beside_ into_ around _ between_ like Off _ oven _ through _ to _ up _ upon _ along _ With _

at _ down _

near _


Phrases We will be back to study after holiday. I'll go to my house by car. There are some books under the table.


Name : Osama Ali Al-Shahrani Term: Two

Date: 29-10

Writ and correct I am study English. I am studying English. End the course at 4:40 pm. The course ends at 4:40 pm. I like the swimming. I like swimming. I am eating lunch 3 clock. I am eating lunch at 3 O'clock. I am calling my friends for messenger. I am call my friends on messenger. _________________________________________________________________________

Fill – in the blank A- Teach

B- Teaches

I–A It - B We- A You-A She - B They - A He – B ______________________________________________________________________________ 1- I am

2- where is the bank?

3- It is

4- We are

5- You are

6- Where are Ali and Nawaf?

7- She is

8- They are

9- He is

10- My name is

Name : Osama Ali Al-Shahrani Term: Two

Date: 28-Nov

Sentence Formulas

Single Subject Subject – Verb Subject – Verb – Object _________________________________ Compound Subject Subject 1 - Subject 2 – Verb – Object __________________________________ Compound Verb Subject - Verb1 – Verb2 __________________________________ Compound Object Subject – Verb - Object1- Object2

Name : Osama Ali Al-Shahrani Term: Two

Conversation Ali – Hello, good morning.


Good morning.

Ali – how are you today? Ted – I am OK, but I feel a little sick. Ali – Did you miss class? Ted – No, I went to English class today. Ali – Did you bring you Zeta book? Ted – Oh, I forgot. How much does it cost? Ali – it cost 20 R.S Ted – Ok, I'll buy it today or tomorrow. Ali – I hope you feel better. B ye Ted – thanks. Bye .

Date: 29-10

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