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President’s Foreword There are 1.2 billion people in India and more than half of them are young. The power and need of young people to bring about the needed change is more than ever. And the generation which grew up hearing about the power of youth & its importance in the making of a better future knows it well. Our time is now. This single fact has been inspiring young people in AIESEC in India for the past 30 years. What started as a humble dream in 1981, has grown from strength to strength in the 30 years, with the support, love and dedication of its partners and members. But most importanty it has achieved this scale and impact because of the reason it exists – Empowering young people for peace and fulfillment of human-kind's potential! For the last three decades, AIESEC India has been doing and practicing what is usually only talked about a lot around the country – creating youth leaders who are ethical, purposeful, entreprenerial & responsible. And its not been easy road, but there are factors that have contributed to getting us where we are. The first is India the country itself. India, which exists and exbhibits two extremes of simplicity and complexity in everything with such boldness and pride. A country of contrasts and continuosly choosing between the two India's. But it makes up with its diversity, amibition, opportunity and size. Even though survival to someone from the outside may look challenging, someone who spends enough time & energy to go beyond the challenges will truly experience the joy of existence here. We inherit a marvelous, incredible and mystic country, and we wish to make it life-changing for anyone who comes here. And that's what we have been doing by providing hundreds of opportunities to internationals through AIESEC to come and discover India. The second factor has been how the organization AIESEC India has evolved and cultivated a culture of excellance. The passion, dedication and commitment of its members is unmatched. AIESEC India has pioneered change and innovation consistently for years and continues to do so today. AIESEC India is the first AIESEC country in the network to achieve the milestone of delivering more than 3000 AIESEC exchange experiences in a year, giving 600 young Indians the opportunity to gain international work experience and 2400 internationals the chance to experience India. It currently exists in 20 cities of India, with 21 active Local Chapters & 5 expansion chapters consisting of over 3600 members and 900 leaders, providing all of them experiential leadership development. It continues to grow more than 50% across its organizational goals. With these statistics it not only represents the largest operations and scale for an AIESEC Entity in the world, it also represents an opportunity to realize and showcases a living possibility for what AIESEC can be and what it can achieve with passion. It is also the only country to have hosted an International Congress twice within five years. AIESEC 2010 was created in India in 2005. In 2010, again, the AIESEC network came together in India to chalk a path to AIESEC 2015. The third and the last thing is what connects India and AIESEC India is the simple demographic of youth. Every young Indian grows up seeing things that need change, and the need for a young person to get invovled. But also sees competition and opportunity for a better life for oneself. And its easy to get confused as you can imagine in a country as big and crazy, not only in size but people & opportunity. Which also means its easy to take the path which everyone is taking. Leadership & entrepreneurship, as much as they come naturally to us, are really just words till you discover you are made for the road less travelled. And that's what truly makes AIESEC's existence for me truly special in India. We are seeing signs like younger people entering politics, the rise of the young entrepreneur and increasing impact of non-profit organizations run by young people. Its promising, but I believe what is happening here in AIESEC India, is producing generations who will propel and lead the change for nation from the front and its not possible without a global mindset today for which there is not better place. Thus, it's the relevance of AIESEC in a country like India where youth is the largest demographic, and need for everything that AIESEC offers so high, that inspires all of us to take the movement forward. And now, when AIESEC has coined a BHAG for itself to: Engage and develop every young person in the world, we have accepted the challenge to do just the same in India. On behlaf of AIESEC India, a sincere gratitude to all our partners, supporters & alumni for making and helping AIESEC India be what it is today. This report is a summary of our impact and achievements in the year 2010, as we close our mid-term ambition of AIESEC 2010 and look to the future and take a step towards AIESEC 2015. And becoming a global youth voice, the first choice partner across sectors and continue to create responsible & entreprenerial leaders! Best regards,

Manveer Singh Grewal President 2010/11,AIESEC India

1980: AIESEC India started in Mumbai with a Major event “Monsoon Magic” attended by over 1000 students.


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Global Exchange Performance


AIESEC India Impact


Why AIESEC Talent?


AIESEC India Initiatives


Global Community Development Programme


AIESEC Experiences Delivered


Global Internship Programme


International Congress, 2010


30 Years of Activating Youth Leadership


Global Alumni Congress, 2010


Partner With AIESEC


Our Network


Our Partners


National Leadership Body, 2010-11

1981: AIESEC India got registered as a not-for-profit organization. At IC in


Denamrk, we got the Norman Barnett Award for being the “best upcoming country in the network”

About AIESEC Our Values Our values provide a way for the collective leadership of AIESEC to encourage common norms of behaviour across our global network. Activating Leadership We lead by example and inspire leadership through our activities.

Our Approach AIESEC members live an integrated development experience. This involves leadership opportunities, international internships and interacting with a global network to support their development.

Demonstrating Integrity We are consistent and transparent in our decisions and actions. Living Diversity We seek to learn from the different ways of life and opinions represented in our multicultural environment. Enjoying Participation We create a dynamic environment created by active and enthusiastic participation of individuals. Striving for Excellence We aim to deliver the highest quality performance in everything we do.

Acting Sustainably We act in a way that is sustainable for our organisation and society.

1982: Ratan Tata , Ram Tanreja and Keshav Mahindra were added on the National Board of Advisors. 1985 : Then Prime Minister, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi attended the Asia Pacific Conference hosted by AIESEC India.


AIESEC 2O15 AIESEC 2015 is the midterm ambition defined by AIESEC globally at AIESEC International Congress held in Hyderabad India in 2010.The midterm ambition is the flux of the vision statements which came from the 650 delegates of the International Congress. AIESEC 2015 explains how AIESEC wants to be seen in 5 years from now. Our BHAG is “Engage and develop every young person in the world�

The 2015 statements can be summarised by the 2015 Wheels: Global Youth Voice, First-Choice Partner and Creating a Positive Impact. Global Youth Voice: To be the most credible youth voice by growing our physical and virtual reach. First Choice Partners: Across all sectors by being ? recognized for our ability to develop responsible and entrepreneurial leadership. ? Positive Impact:Having cross generational impact by living high quality AIESEC experience and by enabling a collaborative environment. ?

The AIESEC Experience

Engagement: In this phase, young people are introduced to the world of AIESEC through different engagement channels. They will learn about the WHY, HOW and WHAT of AIESEC and it will empower them to pick the path to kick start their AIESEC Experience

Experiential Leadership Development: The main programmes of the organisation are delivered here. This is the leadership development centre where the members can learn and gain everything from the global leadership network of AIESEC. Life-long Connection: A life long connection will ensure positive change throughout an AIESEC members life. In this way, AIESEC presents each of its alumni platform for continuous growth, enabling them to make a constant positive impact on society.

1989 : AIESEC India won the Best Country award at the Asia Pacific


Conference held in Australia

Global Exchange Performance AIESEC facilitates more than 13,000 international internships in over 110 countries for our members and partners. These internships span a multitude of fields including working with NGOs and community-based organisations, interning in a small or medium scale enterprise to develop its business overseas, working on human resources and financial practices in large firms, teaching language and specialised technical and engineering internships. These internships provide an opportunity for young students and recent graduates to work in their field of interest while in another country, to gain a rich cultural and professional experience

Region Wise Exchange Split 2009/10 saw a 54% growth in international internships facilitated. This growth is mainly due to an increasing number of short term internships in the development and non-profit sector. The Asia Pacific and Central and Eastern Europe regions are the primary contributors to this growth.

AIESEC Internships span a number of industries and sectors. They are primarily concentrated in the development sector with many positions dealing with NGOs and community-based organisations. AIESEC has seen an increase of internships facilitated in the technical sector as well as growth in the telecommunication, biotechnology, teaching and university administration sectors. Most internship candidates in AIESEC are between the age of 20-26 and mainly come from backgrounds of international business and economics, language studies and social

1991 : AESEC India acquired its National Office in Mumbai. Hosted Asia Pacific Exchange and Leadership Development Seminar in Goa. Also crossed 100 exchanges mark for the first time.


AIESEC India Impact

Why AIESEC Talent?

AIESEC India Initiatives In a country as diverse and complex as India, it is not surprising that people here reflect the rich glories of the past, the culture, the traditions and the values relative to geographic location and the numerous distinctive manner, habits and folds that will always remain truly Indian. We realize the responsibility and the need to change and evolve. AIESEC India has contributed to the global exchange growth in the recent past immensely. This shift in our scale and operation has brought about the need to pioneer change in the quality of AIESEC experiences we are providing. In 2010 we have already delivered more than 3000 AIESEC exchange experience and will continue doing so in larger numbers for we believe we inherit a marvelous, incredible and mystic country and wish to make it easier and truly life changing for a person to come and experience it. Discover India is an initiative of AIESEC India to attract more students towards India and enabling us to deliver best of the experiences.


The Objective was two dimensional, to develop leaders through Transformational Leadership Development & Functional Leadership Development.

The concept of Advantage India is to Increase exponentially, the Technical Traineeships delivered for a diverse and relevant exchange growth and focus on building huge international relations by promoting an enormous, centralized, hub of information and talent of Technical exchange participants to create demand. Doing surveys and collecting information from various countries to understand the specialized skill-set required in countries.

A Professional Training Organization, Yellow Spot, delivered a session based on strong personal reflection, the self and making your own future, and the Second was a session on Design Innovation, by a company called Kareer Kraft.

A p p o i n t i n g Te c h n i c a l Traineeship coordinators to create demand of Indian Technical Talent and to facilitate effective

AIESEC India LEAD 2010Learn->Engage->Activate->Develop was first run at National Conference 2010


1993 : AIESEC India got its first Full-Time National Committee 1998 : AIESEC India made its strategic plan to ensure Sustainability

Global Community Development Programme International internships are the most intense learning experience we offer and link together our global network. This programme encompasses cross-cultural positive impact through working abroad for social and community development projects that lead to self development and skill enhancement for the member undertaking the programme

Project Genesis HIV/AIDS remains one of the world's most significant public health challenges, particularly in developing countries. HIV/AIDS is the world’s leading infectious killer claiming disease till date with a tally of more than 27 million lives. An estimated 2 million people are infected with this deadly disease every year. We aim to “To curb the spread of the HIV/AIDS epidemic by equipping the present generation with the right knowledge and motivation”

This programme offers internships that contribute to the professional development of a member and assist them to specialise in a certain field of work. They are normally long term in nature and involve working on diverse business projects and organisations.

We managed to impact more than 70,000 people under Living with HIV/AIDS campaign. Major contributors in this campaign were the local offices based in Hyderabad, Baroda, Chandigarh, Delhi

2001 : Over 35 companies participated in Outgoing Exchange event called ‘Return of the Intern’ 2002 : AIESEC India expanded into United Arab Emirates


2003 : National Exchange Partnerships and Subsystems for quality of AIESEC


Experience introduced.

Experiences Delivered

Global Community Development Programme Breast cancer awareness is an issue that although addressed by a variety of initiatives, hasn’t yet managed to touch the very soul of India. AIESEC Delhi University attempts to change that and thus presented ‘Discovering Hope‘ a cultural programme that bent away from the conventional. Localists the variety of theme based performances, AIESEC Delhi University strived to spread awareness about breast cancer and the need to empower women, through a medium that the youth associates with. Impact Week by AIESEC in Delhi IIT was an initiative to increase awareness about various social issues pivotal to our society. Series of events were organized in the month of December 2010 to create social awareness. Awareness Day: In the two parallel drives AIESEC members went to various old age homes and Hope village to stage plays and hold discussions with the localists to spread awareness amongst them. They also organized a global village which involved AIESEC interns from 10 different countries thereby providing a holistic interactive platform for the youth to interact with them and create cultural awareness. Impact week concluded with the Environment day With the fresh vision of AIESEC as a whole “to engage and develop every young individual in the world”, AIESEC Chandigarh introduced AIESEC Beta, a project wherein AIESECers delivered Leadership Seminars to students of in tri-city schools so as to enable students to start inculcating leadership values in themselves since a young age. The seminars were delivered to as many as 30 schools in Chandigarh engaging around 4500 students in a span of 3 months.

2004 : Won the bid to host the International Congress 2005. Mrs. Naina Lal Kidwai


was added on the National Board of Advisors.

Global Internship Programme This programme offers internships that contribute to the professional development of a member and assist them to specialise in a certain field of work They are normally long term in nature and involve working on diverse business projects and organisations.

Global Entrepreneurs Program After its launch in 2008, Global Entrepreneurs Program has been successful in delivering life changing AIESEC experiences to the students of India.

Work Abroad Program Work Abroad Program aims at providing professional opportunities in management and technical fields for recent graduates and working professionals. Short term and long term internships are available across IT, sales & marketing, HR, etc which allow you live and work in another country & gain professional & personal skills while experiencing another culture .

Global Entrepreneurs Program (GEP) is initiative by AIESEC India to develop young leaders through international internships by providing them a vast number of opportunities to work in international development projects over summer and winter vacations across Europe, Africa, Latin America & Asia. So far we have sent more than 700 students on exchange abroad to work on the socially relevant issues and gain experience of working in an professional work environment.

2005 : Hosted the International Congress 2005 at Agra. AIESEC India completed 25


years of existence. AIESEC vision for 2010 was made at International Congress 2005 and Mrs. Meera Sanyal was added on the National Board of Advisors

International Congress 2O1O After the very successful International Congress 2005 that was hosted by India in the year 2005, AIESEC’s 62nd International Congress in August 2010, in India, 700 young leaders from 107+ countries along with 60+ global business houses and 45,000 virtual participants converged to celebrate youth leadership and diversity. The conference was slated to be free India’s largest international congregation of young people. For the last 61 years, this annual summit has brought together young leaders, global business houses, organizations and individuals from different parts of the world. It was hosted by AIESEC India in Hyderabad in the last week of August.

International Congress 2010 was special in so many ways. It saw the biggest Youth to Business Forum held at Indian School of Business Hyderabad and the launch of AIESEC 2015 vision, both of which are huge achievements for the organization. It won’t be wrong to say IC 2010 was a path breaking achievement for AIESEC and would rank among one of the best conferences ever delivered.

The AIESEC International Congress, every year, sees coming together of some of the most powerful brands and young leaders from the world over making it one of the highly anticipated youth conferences in the world. This year AIESEC’s global partners such as Vale, Husvarna, TCS, Microsoft, DHL, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Alcatal Lucent, Artemisia gave workshops to the global plenary.

2006 : Won UBS Excellence award and Norman-Barnett Bharath Bhasin award for the Best Initiative project ‘Eureka’. AIESEC India vision 2010 was made at National Strategic Conference held at Vizag. Mr. B. Muthuraman was added on the National Board of Advisors


3O Years of Activating Youth Leadership AIESEC in India was started by a group of students wanting to create a positive impact on the society by propelling global youth leadership. In 2011, we celebrated 30 years of the existence of this organization that has been activating leadership in the nation and creating leaders of tomorrow today. On 30th April we engaged all our stakeholders in array of activities ranging from global leadership workshops to an Alumni hall of fame and eventually concluding with a grand celebration i.e. the National Stakeholder's Summit

It provided an unique platform for the Youth and the business world to bridge the gap by coming together to discuss Global Trends that affect our society, education system and the way we do business. India Youth to Business Forum included panels and workshops attended by youth from across the top colleges of the country, business leaders, experts and online participants. . Hosted by Mr. Kiruba Shankar, the event had workshops on Social Entrepreneurship by Intellecap, Marketing your Innovation by Groupon, Transformative Education by I.E. Business School, Media and Youth-The Connect by The Economic Times and Future of technology by AOL India. The event was attended by 200 students from all over country.

Powered by

National Stakeholders’s Summit was held in Mumbai on 30 April 2011 and in Delhi on 7 May 2011, it witnessed the veteran supporters and partners of AIESEC India including the prestigious National Board of Advisors coming together to share and celebrate this 30 year old legacy. We will also recognized key alumni who made a huge impact in building and strengthening this association which now stands strong as being the pioneer leadership organization in the country. Keynote speech was given by our key supporter and National Board of Advisor Mr. Adi Godrej, Chairman, Godrej Industries. There was a panel discussion on Building a Young and Enterprising India; panelists were Mrs. Meera Sanyal, Ms. Devita Saraf, Ms. Nandini Sardesai, Mr.Harindra Singh, Mr. Shree Kumar & moderated by Ms. Abha Bakaya and was attended by our key alumni and major corporate partners. Digital Partners

Magazine Partners

2007 : Crossed 1000 exchanges mark for the first time, won the UBS Excellence


and ING Global Excellence award for the year 2006-07. Hosted Asia Pacific Exchange and Leadership Development Seminar and International Development Congress and expanded into AIESEC Mauritius

Global Alumni Congress, 2O1O AIESEC Alumni number more than 800,000 and are in key business, political, and non profit leadership roles across the world. The AIESEC Global Alumni Congress 2010, hosted by AIESEC in Delhi University was a three-day networking event, in Hyderabad, from the 27th-29th of August that brought alumni together to reconnect and reminisce. It was a part of the 62nd AIESEC Annual International Congress - India's largest international youth leadership summit.

As one of AIESEC's principles is to create a network and build contacts, the theme of Global Alumni Congress 2010 was “Building Bridges�. It was based on the theory of the three degrees of freedom, i.e. each AIESECer is connected in way or another. This conference aimed to make the alumni realize these connections.Some of the main highlights of GAC were India Night, Youth to Business Forum and the various interactive sessions planned for the alumni. India Night was the first manifestation of India's incredible heritage and emerging economic mainstay for most of our delegates.

Our Alumni

2008 : Bid for International Congress 2010, won UBS Global Excellence and ING Global Leadership award at International Congress 2008, launched Global Entrepreneurs Program.


Partner With Us Our partnering Organizations contribute significantly to our learning and development. AIESEC members engage continuously with organizations to learn more on topics of business, society and world issues. Our partner organizations, literally thousands from all sectors, look at AIESEC as a way to support the development of youth and to have access to some of the top leaders from around the world. With a network of over 90 countries, AIESEC is providing student and recent graduate talent to various organizations for short-term project needs and building a long-term leadership pipeline. The AIESEC platform provides various opportunities for organizations to attract and engage university students and recent graduates. The AIESEC talent programs provide organizations with opportunities to:

What our Partners say about us :

2009 : Won bid to International Congress 2010 at Hyderabad, won UBS Global


Excellence and ING Global Leadership award at International Congress 2009,

Our Network

Our Partners AIESEC India National Board of Advisors

National Exchange Partners

2010 : Hosted landmark conference International Congress 2010 at Hyderabad in


August. Won Best Country award for the year 2010 at Asia-Pacific Exchange and Leadership Development Seminar held in Vietnam in 2011.

National Leadership Body, 2O1O-11 The Leadership team that steers this amazing AIESEC Country forward, lives in Mumbai, is driven by values, passion & ambition to continue to keep AIESEC India an exciting and growing organization

Manveer Singh Grewal President AIESEC India From Chandigarh Age : 24 Aastha Govil Head - Alumni Relations From:Delhi Age :21

Apoorv Bamba Director Communication From:Delhi Age : 22

Aayush Sharma Director Outgoing Exchange From:Jaipur Age : 22

Abhijit Sunder Vice President Finance From:Chennai Age : 21

Dwij Vasavada Vice President Business Development From : Baroda Age : 22

Tushaar Bhatnagar Vice President Talent Management From Chandigarh Age : 22

Gaurav Julka Director Incoming Exchange Non Corporate and Edudcation From:Baroda Age : 22

Vikram Jain Director Incoming Exchange From Chandigarh Age : 22

We all joined AIESEC while we were still pursuing our degrees in college and a found a way to compliment our education with amazing practical leadership and management experience in this immensely powerful and progressive organization. Today we lead the top young talent in the country comprising of 3500 members from over 24 cities providing more than 800 leadership opportunities.


AIESEC India | Annual Impact Report, 2011  

AIESEC IndiaÞs Annual Impact Report for the year 2010-11. This report contains articles about the impact AIESEC India has had in India. All...