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GL AM style profile

A much treasured vintage clutch

Shoes from Kobe Husk

Bridget Radomski Photographer Coming from the famous indie style and cultural scene of Melbourne, Bridget brought the best of independent Australian designers in her wardrobe when she recently moved to Doha. Creative and edgy, Bridget injects a fresh burst of fashion energy to our city. Your style: I tend to wear a lot of

independent designers, most of them from Down Under. Australians, especially those of us from Melbourne have a very indie and hipster vision when it comes to fashion and culture. I like to always keep a look out for emerging designers that are not available everywhere, unlike mass market brands. I wear a lot of black and keep to loose-fitting tops paired with tight bottoms. I love layering as well which works great for the weather in Melbourne and also here in Doha, to keep on the modest side of things. When it comes to footwear, I have always worn flats because of my height and have only recently started wearing wedges. I am really hard-wearing on my shoes so I will spend more money on shoes and bags because I need to get more wear out of them!


Favourite brands: My favourites that I

constantly keep a close tab on are Alpha 60, Claude Mouse, and Trim Paee – all Australian. I will always follow what their latest looks are and kind of integrate all of my favourite items to create my own personal style. I personally really love Australian designers as they tend to lean on the creative and experimental side – sometimes really androgynous with lots of simple and easy to wear cuts as well as amazing jackets.


First impressions of Doha’s fashion scene: A lot of people here dress for the

weather and at the same time still stick to certain restrictions to be modest. Although sometimes you feel that it does kind of cramp your style to adhere to certain guidelines, but I guess everyone has somehow adapted their own style to the community here.

Bag from Kiwi designer Deadly Ponies

Outfit-1: Tom Ford glasses, color-block top from Alpha 60, wedges from Kobe Husk – a Sydney brand. OUTFIT-2: Blue top from Life with Bird paired with Black Milk leggings.

A ruffled scarf to spice up any outfit

Convertible hooded vest from Alpha 60

OCTOBER 2012 / 41

Glam October 2012  

September was a happening month for GLAM! With all the fashion majors highlighting their new collections, the Paris Fashion Week, London Fas...

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