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This fourth issue we look at beginning the new academic year with a bang; we take you on a ride with bikers who fuse danger with funand also dig into the minds of students who believe that there is much more to life than brands. Its all about what you feel and believe in‌enjoy!



Nadira Amarasinghe

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Good bye summer


new year A few ways to help you cope with the first few weeks of the new academic year


issue 3 OCTOBER 2010

Are you Brand Conscious? There is more to life than just names!


Food for thought Grub that’s good for your brain

30 gizmos


get gadgety

An evening with the bikers Meet the youngsters for whom danger means fun

Columns 32

A day in the life of a journalist


How to waste

time productively! Campus suggests sites to surf during those free hours

34 World of wonder


WCMCQ holds annual White Coat Ceremony


he 7th annual White ‎Coat Ceremony at Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar (WCMCQ) witnessed a batch of 40 students entering medical class, who were graduates of the WCMCQ pre-medical programme. The ceremony is considered as a traditional rite of passage ‎where the new doctors-in-training first don the symbolic emblems of their new roles as d ‎ octors.‎ ‎In his ‎welcome address, Dr Javaid I Sheikh, Dean of WCMCQ, lauded the many accomplishments of the students during ‎their premedical years, such as their work in biomedical

Texas A&M University students for Florence conference


research projects conducted ‎through Qatar Foundation’s Undergraduate Research Experience programme and the ‎Hughes Scholars programme at the Cornell University campus in Ithaca, New York. ‎‎Other students were part of the WCMCQ debate team who took part in ‎the 30th World Universities Debating Championship in Turkey, the Education City ‎service learning project in Indonesia, and the Education City Football League ‎c hampionshipwinning team. The ceremony was attended by student’s families and friends as well as WCMCQ staff and was followed by a reception.

hell is sponsoring eight petroleum engineering students from Texas A&M University at Qatar to attend the annual four-day technical conference and exhibition of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) in Florence, Italy. The students include two Qatari males, four females and two American students from Texas A&M’s College Station campus who are currently studying in Qatar. The SPE is a global organisation of oil and natural gas exploration and production professionals. The conference brings together industry experts, professionals and students from around the world to share technical papers covering current applications and future technologies, showcase latest products and services, and attend training courses and networking events. Shell runs a campus ambassador programme in Qatar, under which teams of senior Shell executives work with individual universities in Education City and with Qatar University to form links with students and faculty.

Doha students learn at WCMCNY


ora, 17, and Abdulaziz, 16, high school juniors from Doha and winners of the Doctors of ‎T he Future Scholarship, which included a trip to Weill Cornell Medical College in New York (WCMCNY) for ‎two weeks, received invaluable experience in the laboratory and lecture hall at the college. As part of the scholarship programme, Abdulaziz wrote about how a sudden influx of wealth in Qatar ‎has created an environment where ‘western diseases’ such as obesity and hypertension are starting to ‎flourish. Nora’s essay examined Doha’s transformation into one of the world’s busiest travel hubs and ‎the potential for visitors to introduce new illnesses to the country. ‎During their stay, Nora and Abdulaziz learned basic laboratory skills, including pipetting and ‎antiseptic techniques. Once familiarised with the laboratory, they were able to participate in ongoing ‎experiments, including culturing cells and photographing the various stages of the cells’ growth. ‎


issue 3 2010


NUQ launches first SPJ chapter


tudents from Northwestern University in Qatar (NUQ) became the newest members of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), the largest journalism organisation in the ‎United States. The SPJ, with more than 8,000 members has set up a chapter outside of the United States for the first time in its 101-year ‎‎ history. ‎T he mission of SPJ is to train journalists, advocate for press rights, and raise ethical ‎standards. Through its work, the organisation aims to help improve the quality of ‎journalism. Membership of the SPJ will give the students the opportunity to ‎network with professional journalists, meet other student journalists, learn more ‎about professional ethics,

and receive advanced training beyond the academic c‎ urriculum. To mark the creation of the student chapter, Hagit Limor, a graduate of NU’s Medill School of Journalism and Kevin Smith, current SPJ President and College Professor presented NUQ with its SPJ charter framed on a plaque. The student body then elected ‎its first officers – Shannon Farhoud, President; Zeena Kanaan, Vice President; and ‎Rana Khaled, Secretary. ‎ Limor and Smith said, SPJ is keen to further expand its presence in the ‎international community and would therefore welcome a professional chapter with the consent of Qatari journalists.

CMUQ welcomes Class of 2014


arnegie Mellon University in Qatar (CMUQ) celebrated its 7th Annual Convocation with the official welcome of the Class of 2014. The CMUQ faculty and staff participated in the formal event at the Carnegie Mellon Building in Education City along with an audience of 450, including parents and family members as well as the corporate community and representatives from Qatar Foundation. The Class of 2014 is made up of 42 women and 43 men. Twentyseven students are Qatari nationals, with the remaining 58 students representing 25 different nationalities. Forty-three students plan to

study business administration, 21 computer science and 21 information systems. The convocation ceremony began with the traditional procession of faculty and the new class led by Carnegie Mellon Bagpiper, John Gasper. Student body President Sara Abbas (class of 2012) then welcomed everyone to the event. John Robertson, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, led the traditional presentation of students and candle lighting, unique to CMUQ. Each of the new students joined Dean G Richard Tucker, Ph.D in raising their candle as a symbol of their new journey together as the Class of 2014.


issue 3 2010

Are you Brand

Consc cover story

Dona Fernandes checks out… Shivani Arora, 18, Carnegie Melon University in Qatar When I go shopping I tend to see the style of the product first, and then the brand. Be it dress, bag or shoes. This is because I believe that style is what people look at, at first sight before they form an impression about you. I’m not someone who judges people by what they wear but I am moderately conscious about brands and do distinguish one brand from the other. Although I’m conscious about the styles and changing trends around me I don’t think my friends can ever influence me in the way I dress up. I really think that there is a lot more to life than branded products and it’s fever! People must dress in the way they want and display their own style and taste in clothing.

Salwa Farooq, 15, MES Indian School Qatar According to me, both style and brand name is important. But in the end, it is all about your appearance and never about the name. I believe no one can look at someone who is wonderfully dressed and think negative if they don’t see it branded. I would never judge anyone by what they wear. I would buy something, if that style suits me. To those people who breathe brands day and night, I want to tell them that there is more to life than just names.

. 10

issue 3 2010


There is more to life than just names, according to most of the students interviewed around the universities and schools in Qatar. They know about the brands but are not bound by them. They don’t buy things that their friends buy. They would rather appear in a style they prefer. They want to be known for their own distinctive tastes.

. 11

issue 3 2010

Saif Baif Alnuweiri 17, Northwestern University in Qatar I prefer style to the name of a brand. Moreover, I think that the name of the brand is not very important. Although I’m an average shopper and not the usual brand devotee, I would never give any one the chance to say anything about what I wear and look down on me because I usually wear more expensive clothing than my friends. Style-based shopping work for me because I usually go after a certain look and know what I’m going to buy before I buy anything. I don’t pretend to be brand conscious and or lie about things to appear to have bought something branded because these things are very “fickle” and “materialistic” to give too much attention. Saying that, you might find me at a branded store more likely than at a local store, because in Qatar, there isn’t much to buy at a local store anyway. Finally, I want to tell the brand-conscious folks that a brand doesn’t mean anything. Any famous brand can take a piece of cloth, stitch their name on it and make people pay an extraordinary amount of money for it. People should look for something that works and is durable and not necessarily from a famous brand.

Ahmed Mohamed 20 years, Texas A&M University in Qatar I’m very much into style than brands but I really would never judge any person by what he or she wears. On a more honest note, branded stuff is not that important for me at all. I’m an average buyer but I’m also someone who can never be forced into buying something. I don’t fall to pressure and only I can decide what I wear. I can’t pretend to be brand-conscious here, because I don’t really care about the names of brands or to be honest, I don’t even know them. Sometimes people come to me and they are like “nice shirt or nice shoes, etc” and I just go like “what’s that name again?” So I would wear a brand but not even know its name because I look for style and comfort and not a name. Embarrassing, but true! According to me people wear clothes to cover their bodies, look good and feel good. Not to inform people about who made their clothes or how much their clothes cost.

Patrick Steinhagen 20, Carnegie Melon University in Qatar Both style and brand matters to me when I pick an item to use. Clothes are a means of expressing yourself and projecting an image of who you are (or want to be) and definitely brands are part of that and play a role in projecting that. For me, branded stuff mean a lot, probably more than it is healthy anymore but to be honest I’m an average buyer and I respect people who just don’t care about these things. I will not say I’m the only one who decides what I wear, a lot of circumstantial things matter. I don’t pretend to be brand conscious but sadly enough I usually do care about what I’m wearing, branded or not. If you like to wear brands that’s your choice. If you’re condescending to those who don’t and think you’re better than those who aren’t into fashion as much or just don’t have the financial means, then that’s just pathetic.

Are you Brand

Conscious? Christina Andrew, 18, Northwestern University in Qatar The style of how I appear when I look at myself in the mirror is more important for me than the name of what I’m wearing is. Yet, I do think that brands are pretty important and I would probably be known as a person of brands as there is mostly a difference in style with different brands and products and certain brands are known to have lasting products than others. Honestly, sometimes I am forced into buying things because my friends do so. But only I can be in control of how I finally appear in front of others and vey likely you’ll find me more at the local store than at a branded store. Just because one wears branded clothes doesn’t mean that he or she should expect everyone else to do the same. People have their own choice of clothing and it must not be constrained by anyone else.

. 12

issue 3 2010

Followctions Instru elpful

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g n i n e v e An the h t i w

By Dona des n Ferna

s r e k i b ” h t a e d s i , e m r o f r


. 14

issue 3 2010

” h t a e d s i , e m r o f r e g “Dan pen ber of accidents wthaaidt p a h s t n e Accid g about the numthe past years, Jabikes

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. 15

issue 3 2010

” h t a e d s i , e rm y a t s l l i w t i d n a r u n o u y f f s i o g e n r i a d i w r a e e “Bik way if you ar d instructions that onsibilities an seriously” resp ake it all very and t

at. Sev wn to e o d d d n a le ore sett train m up and washed bikers hope to a l ev e n t f o r w o u the ann now h eral of L o s a il n you k at the fun for r is whe e is ly g g p n p a in a d hat ike rid at think w ords th ing. afely. “B e two w ’t have rac utside a bike s r o e a r id m r e e g to n n th a o f d d o I d e h s n c a en join th ith ea . Risk a y path after ave be lking w cided to n extra me really cross m Ali, says that ikers h is b rs After ta io mall, I de h a ’t A g in e s . n to n y s o il l s u a d a a o lag em.” Y p of y in Los r sever w relate ccau th o y o fo o r h a r e e re d the Vil w g fo o th o t th m e p x n is o r tim Th sit on ining the im g, he s the ne ght for me fo when I s and tra g gnises of ridin bikers ll s on the y o g u s r in fi c p r o e k in e s p r a c r a d ik b e id ti y h n b r s s m wa of the the sou an feel e of the e group of les and c h d n u c I e e n o r “ a helmet r a h . h e e a ” e e , it d t, th s an at in w e engin t bik e stree policie owing and th sion. I s w, wen re nd , start th e it out into th e of foll licies.’ Group is bike a to c e ie h n h ik fr f in ic b o ta r is h u t ea driv r!” h mate ns, w roup po extra s cks. air as I ith an a t fighte structio p. T his helps with ‘g osail tra y traf- the ikers w a stree fety in u ’s a o e s r l H g d e v “ seven b e street off to L e e a fu . e says help oham er on th d in th th h the h ssim M acks. added. followe se to each oth . Ja f tr s y o out into refully throug r id il id tl a a a a ls e ic s s w a y o tr s ca e sign tay clo ached L er bikers Ja rive carefully,” rider for four e, Driving riders s understand th nger. Acm nally re e d th e fi o I o ik t “ e th b o g w a , r tw ith been cordin nd to g of da fic of Eid for a while fo h up w ho has s. T his but ac roads a iker’s warnin thing depends ed , to catc sy road ho w o for racing u b w b ry r e , w e e e v We wait ft home late c fe th e a th “I g ano eir bike ikers, e are a ing on ld in r d le to the b rs, ther e now r’ is: rac es can be he behind anage th them. e g e who ha m m ik g in ti b n d n g r a e a o n c ‘d c s ac ey iled ong th for a lo well th ight. R ground nsider us. Am keep up never fa -riders who is not r on the Losail on how en bike nsible to ld co self has g generation e o ir u it b p e o s e e e w r th v ik r o I a b n in ly h s e a n e e k s ing, u is ts c s th ll o m n a w u y o s e e r r tr a H e v e tr l ex gs d start tell th new e nger.’ it. Oth n in e a u to a h c s s t th e -d T and fee a ir n s f “ ik c s h a o . b e le “I w the rule r who piness et on a hildren g th ace as ‘mind ys follow . “Bike ld bike s. ger to g the hap al life and c a r e a lon a r -o a k e r lw e li e e a a y r n e th a u to 0 d d a arti r me a 35-y past 1 ter, care, an said Mouham y if you life: m now fo bdulsa ashid is bikes for the time in trafto take anged at wa ets,” amad A r for the R g e is h th in h u y tr s o g id y ta d r n s have ch e M ll s been on th it will e wasti e fun especia ities an n a bike o,” say fun and onsibil s not lik has bee ow and I feel s p y is m e time ag s o r o g o te e c h e d r e la in v w e e b r rid on n f you ar-old rides t all f H nger r a 32-ye ars. “I have a s ware o A lot o take i nd bike c. “For me, da um speed a . a s d e g c r n fi a in a ye t th sI maxim y traffi ctions past 13 onsible abou s in ecision me is in heav have gone at a instru fun run y sp n the d ding to r o o I c . d ly.” c d n s a e ver y re e e ger and u t e p n a p th io e a s r t th d d e u , to s l d b k il n , w each se of ris young bikers kmph a n h g.” to things 0 as e it s s in 0 n w le e 3 id a t h f r ib e hen er m r o spons f these .” straigh fill- T make w ed what dang e cando gerous hou rs blood o re as re r n a th e n a t fo d e d a th s v n d k e a k e s a s e for milies n, bre When a rs I was surpris er for me, is We rod aks in betwee eating dinner have fa you. ide “Dang ver r e e of r t. n fo o b g e of the r g d r n in m n I o te wa any bike a rger K d. “I a replies uhama , worried for s in the e day at a Bu elves of in the o a g M g s y in th sa well s, thems end of death,” myself. I am ear one aring” s, they at the r “un-ge d my d fo g r n nk bag e a in id ft ta a n th A o d fr y s r a n t. e a y e v tl s e m d u t , a o e p ents to to forg , hand my par e I tend cording helmets en I rid aid. Ac to s e e m h ti but wh ,” ch l happy ive mu and fee u shouldn’t g o y , Yassin

es first Safety com

. 16

issue 3 2010

f r e g n “Da

” h t a e d s i , e m r o f

The heat wave dwindling, and darkness falling earlier than it has in months can only mean one thing! Summer, is sadly coming to an end.

While you might welcome cooler temperatures in the atmosphere, you will also have to prepare for a spike, as school and college starts and your activity calendars heat up!

good hello new year

bye summer

by a nadiringhe s a r a am

While general tips like start resetting your body clock early and locating and reorganising all your books and stationery before your first day might be useful, these pieces of advice will only help cope with the first few weeks of the new school year. Take a look: here are a few ways in which you can make this entire year a memorable one right from the word ‘go’!

. 18

issue 3 2010

Answer the question

“Why am I here?”


s inane as that sounds, go ahead and answer the question! Why are you where you are? Of course, you are there so you can get into university, or graduate, or get a job. But try and answer the question “why am I here?” in a deeper personal, emotional and psychological sense! Your goals for school or college are going to be different to your best friend’s. So focus on them. If you cannot identify a focal point or a deep ‘gut’ feeling about why you are where you are, then sit down and have a long think! Because without a personal goal you might as well not be where you are!

Do more than you are

expected to do


his works particularly in college. Most colleges have a minimum required load for students each semester, over and above that there is also the general or normal load a student takes. T his semester try for a slightly heavier load. If 12-15 credit hours are what you normally do, take 18 credit hours this semester. Very often we don’t know how much we can handle until we try something new. Many students often work beneath their performance potential only because they have never thought of breaking through the barriers and going for something different. There are loads of plus points to this – an extra class means more knowledge, more activities, more friends and eventually it might shave off a semester or two at the end of your course. Think of how good that will look on your resume – graduating from a four year course in three years!

Set clear goals for each class


Imagine your ideal



nce you know why you are there, try and visualise the ‘ideal’ result of being there. Take a few minutes and jot down exactly what you would like to experience in this new academic year. Describe it in as much detail as possible. You can visualise whatever you want, but let me give you a hint – ‘all round richness of experience’. This may sound all new-age psychology like but in fact it really does help overcome obstacles when you face them. If by some chance you come up against an obstacle or hard time during the school year, and you have a clear vision of what your perfect experience is, it will be easier to identify the steps you need to take to overcome the situation. Real life will definitely turn out different from the image in your head. But here’s the good news: that image will serve as a map to help you see your way around situations.

opefully your basic goal for each class is to pass it! But look beyond that, and you will realise that your goal for each class might be different. There are some classes that you might be in because you feel you absolutely must master the material taught in that class because it will come up later in your career. There are other classes that you just have to get a high grade in to maintain your grade point average, and there are still others that you might want to attend because you desperately need a glowing letter of recommendation from the lecturer conducting it. There are times you will achieve your goals and there are times that you wont. You might encounter difficult lecturers; those who are biased, sexist, racist, lazy or otherwise incompetent; some are worth fighting but some you might need to ignore. Having clear goals will help you decide your course of action.

. 19

issue 3 2010

Learn material the very first time

it is presented

Start your day



efore the groans and rolling of eyes start at this suggestion, we don’t mean wake up at 5am every morning. But we mean sleep only for however long is absolutely necessary. We all know that six to seven hours of sleep is perfectly enough for one to function on. Waking up by 7am even if you don’t have an 8am appointment helps you not only in time management, but it helps boost your metabolism and your energy levels so that you burn all those last night’s pizza calories, not to mention, keeping you on the go right through the day. In general waking up early makes you more productive and helps keep you in control of your workload.

Master memory



here are advanced memory techniques that once learnt can make your life so much more easy. Make it your goal this year to learn these techniques. Once you know these techniques, it will make learning material the first time it is presented a lot easier. It’s a shame that these methods are not taught as part of the normal curriculum but you can visit the following website and learn about the different methods you can employ to remember different varieties of information – http://www.agenebbes. nl/memorymaster/Mainmenu.htm


id you know that if you don’t learn material properly the very first time it is presented to you, it takes up to 50 times more effort to learn it later? Imagine how much time you waste as a result! When students say they are overloaded with studying, they are usually making up for a previous failure to learn material. Ideally there is no need to study outside of a class. Meaning you don’t need to re-learn. You can re-view in order to refresh your memory but you shouldn’t have to relearn the material from scratch if you learnt it properly the very first time it was presented to you in class. At least twice a week ask yourself “am I ready to be tested in this subject?” if your answer is “no” then you are falling behind and you need to catch up fast. Ideally you should be able to answer yes to this question for each subject at least once a week. Start doing this and you will feel the difference in your approach to exams and tests and you will see the difference in your grades.

Have some

serious fun


ounds more like what you had planned for this year? The good news is it’s perfectly acceptable! Challenge yourself in academics but don’t forget this vital point about being young. Don’t throw away your precious leisure time doing nothing. Invest it in whatever you think is most fun. Be it hanging out with friends, playing a sport, or whatever might catch your interest at the time. Remember the phrase “all round richness”, used earlier in the article? That’s the key! Don’t aim for richness only in your academics. Be rich in all areas of life. Live every moment to the fullest and enjoy this year. That way, you might actually be disappointed when summer vacation comes around next year!

(The author is a psychologist & counsellor. She writes for campus and addresses various psycological and emotional issues. if you have questions you wish answered, write in to

. 20

issue 3 2010

By Asha in Toulm


play to Waste 1

Time Productively!

Between that second essay and third quiz of the week, your brain can get a little, well, frazzled. The notes you took four weeks ago suddenly don’t make sense, you start finding random words like “blink” and “kumquat” funny and your mouse starts slowly wandering into the web browser bar to type in every five minutes. Instead of feeling bad about your web browsing distractions, why not use those procrastination powers for good? Here are some time-wasters that won’t make you feel quite so guilty.

. 22

Play a game. Yes, that’s not a typo. In fact, there are plenty of online games that can be good for the world and your brain. is a website that can improve your vocabulary and your social conscience. Answer questions on word definitions and for each one you get right, the site will donate 10 grains of rice to the World Food Programme. Even if you don’t know what percuss means, you can play the game as many times as you want – and those grains can really add up. Similar websites include (donates a certain number of cups of water depending on how well you answer geography questions), (support animals while learning some doggy trivia) and www. (has multiple games to play that reduce your carbon footprint).

issue 3 2010



Check the news. Not only will you have some conversation starters for later, but world events may bring some perspective to your own personal disasters.

For a site that gives you the basics on current events, try or take a current events quiz online at – you can even pick which anchor you want to give the test (Anderson Cooper is particularly persuasive).

Write a letter. It might sound cheesy but writing a letter or note to someone you care about is a great way to switch your mind off while still doing something meaningful.

Especially if you’re looking to engage with someone you’ve been meaning to communicate with for a long time, a handwritten letter can go a lot further than a text or facebook message. Make a handmade birthday card for your grandmother or write a poem for a friend just because – the creative process can also relax you. Don’t really have time? Picking an ecard is a more creative solution for an informal “hi – I was thinking about you” than an email. Try

Learn a new skill. There are tonnes of tutorials and how-tos on the internet.

Check out for free inspirational talks and lectures on topics from “What adults can learn from kids” to “the medicinal properties of music”. Or search www. for something you’ve always wanted to learn, like how to tie a tie or make an origami paper crane. If you aren’t sure what you want to learn, try or both of which feature popular how-to videos that are seasonally themed in a variety of subject areas.






Focus on other academics. If you just can’t pull away from the idea of learning, there are plenty of resources online that you can delve into on a break from your ‘official’ studies.

Practice language skills at or www. Listen to an educational podcast through iTunes U or consider a brief sojourn into a story from www.gutenberg. org where you can download over 30,000 free ebooks.


Now you may not need these sites, you may buckle down, write your paper on time, even a week early in fact, just like you were planning on doing. But, just in case, keep these in mind so you don’t spend your procrastination breaks, er, wasting time.

. 23

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fun n fashion

Contemporary collection by Love Moschino Love Moschino’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection for women draws inspiration from the 80s and archived designs with a contemporary twist. The silhouettes are sleek and comprise of skinny pants, leggings, short skirts, dresses and jackets with lesser bulky shoulder pads. Knitwear items get a stylish update with cartoon prints placed alternately with cloud and chain jacquard patterns. Other prints of python, newspaper, faded link pattern and pop art are detailed with zippers, studs, nautical rings, chains, and zipper pulls. Fabrics used are wools, tweeds and heavier cloth fabrics contrasted with satin and panned velvet. Classic washed jeans are decorated with patches and don a faded dip-dyed velvet look. Colours in the collection include natural hues of camel, brown, grey and powder pink combined with vibrant shades of coral, ochre yellow and teal. A perfect mix of class and style! Available at Emporium and Pearl outlet.

fun n fashion

Fun time at Gondolania Theme Park Gondolania Indoor Theme Park offers a perfect mix of thrill rides, ‎kids rides and attractions, adding a new twist to indoor entertainment and ‎amusement facility. The featured rides and attractions include the flume ride, the spinning roller coaster, drop tower, sky loop, bumper cars and many others. Apart from these rides, the theme park also features a bowling alley, go-kart circuit, ‎canal boat ride and an ice skating rink; and all these fun and excitements are housed under one roof ‎of the Villaggio Mall. The 4D theatre is the latest addition to the Park with amazing effects such as front air blasts, front water spray, neck tickler, under seat ‘poppers’, back poker, audio seat rumblers, etc, all set to thrill the audience. It will feature a different film every week.

Revival of the 70s by Mango Mango presented its new womenswear and menswear collections for Autumn/Winter 2010 at the Çıragan Palace Kempinski in Istanbul. The collection is a refreshing take on British classic country style – trench coats, double-breasted jackets and well-tailored coats, without forgetting both basic and thicker chunky handmade knits. Drawn towards the 70s era, rich textures of tweeds, corduroy and furs, combined with flowing silks and gold highlights, create a contrast between masculine and feminine, giving a new meaning to wardrobe classics. Playing with proportions, this collection emphasises the waist, combines flowing blouses with structured outerwear, and brings longer skirts and wider trousers. A perfect combination between elegant and traditional camel, grey and navy blue forms the base for this season’s colour palette, with hints of more country-inspired tones such as warm browns and winter reds. The menswear comprises the first line City Workers – wool fabrics, tweed on blazers with greys and blues creating a semi-uncoordinated look. While the second line Retro Mountain is a casual and relaxed look with classics like cheviots and checked flannel with shades of green, camel, pumpkin and mustard. A classic revival of the 70s with a subtle touch of nature.

. 26

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fun n fashion

Go trendy with your curls N ow yo u c a n h av e t r e s s e s l i k e yo u r favo r i t e s ta r... Effortless cool

R o b e r t Pa t t i n s o n What does Robert’s hair say about him? He tried, but not too hard. He gives off an aura of effortless cool. This versatile haircut can take him from dressed up and sleek, to a totally unstructured “rockmantic” (rock ‘n’ roll meets romantic) look. To re-create Roberts hair style, the number one thing to consider is movement. Your hair should be able to move, nothing stiff or solid.


If you’ve ever watched Robert off screen, you will notice he runs his hands through his hair a lot. To create a bit of volume, while blowdrying use a small flat brush to push hair in the opposite way it would naturally fall, concentrating the air flow of the dryer on the roots of the hair.

For the casual oomph


Jennifer Garner Jennifer is the embodiment of simple elegance. Her signature hair style is long locks that inspire a playful and casual look. The liquid chocolate hair color compliments her brown eyes and her curls are very touchable and silky.



This look is great for girls on the go, who want to make an effort but don’t have loads of time to spend getting ready. Hair will look best tousled and loose. To steal this style, mist damp hair with leavein conditioner to lock in moisture. Detangle with a wide-tooth comb, use a dab of conditioning gel (I like twin curl by Schwarzkopf) and twist sections of hair two inches from scalp, into mini buns.


Vary the size of the buns (the smaller the bun, the tighter the curl and the bigger the bun, the looser the wave.) for a more natural look. You have two options:

When dry, arrange hair in a tousled fashion. Tap a bit of mattifying dust into the roots for a natural, matt hold. (I adore “Dust it” mattifying powder by Schwarzkopf. This is my all time favorite product!) The trick is to tap the bottle, not shake it like a salt shaker as a little goes a long way. ) It works like magic to create invisible, shine free lift at the roots. This style is perfect for someone who cares about their hair, but wants to appear as though they don’t.



You can sleep on this style overnight, or you can dry hair with a diffuser.

When dry, release buns and lightly finger comb to separate. Finish with a light flexible hold product.

Hillary Kozma

Owner/Master Stylist, Glow American Salon & Spa

. 28

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hether fried, scrambled, sunny-side up or poached, spring for an egg instead of a breakfast burrito. Oregon State University information indicates that choline, a main essential nutrient in eggs, improved the performance of rats on spatial performance tests and improved memory deficits. Florida International University also did a study on a group of 50-80 year olds who reported less memory loss after taking 500mg of choline every day for five weeks.

d like to make a confession. I, ladies and gentleman, am a stress eater – always have been and always will be. I simply knew the first time I reached for that extra large size bag of m&ms in high school when my paper writing took me past 11 pm. It just felt natural, and since then I’ve been getting by with a little help from my friends Mr Gummy Bear, Mrs Kit-Kat and Miss Krispy Kreme. However, while the junk food provides comfort and a way to procrastinate from studying, it’s not that great for my body or mind. But there is cuisine out there that will actually boost your brainpower. Try grabbing one of these snacks instead of the usual energy drink or pop tart.

FOOD Wild salmon


hile it might be harder to find in your school cafeteria or a late night fast food chain, don’t miss out on this ‘superfood’. Wild salmon is one of the best things out there – it’s supposedly good for your skin and body as well as your brain and is chock full of omega-3 fatty acids. A report from the University of California at Los Angeles describes that these acids can increase memory function, improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Green tea


onsider brewing some of the stuff instead of reaching for a Red Bull. A University of San Francisco study detailed that the polyphenols in green tea can increase dopamine in the brain, which consequently improves one’s mood. It also regulates and maintains production of the body’s main fuel, glucose, which can keep your brain running smoothly. A study done at the National University of Singapore over two and a half years indicated that green tea additionally helps with memory retention.

. 30

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rab a handful of these little berries or make yourself blueberry pancakes before the exam. In a study funded by the US Agricultural Research Service, scientists discovered that blueberries increased the birth rate of brain cells in the hippocampus region of the brain which is tied to memory. Professors from the University of Cincinnati performed an experiment giving blueberry juice to humans and also saw an increase in memory and learning performance over time.



his is one perceived vice that you may take advantage of when you’re prepping for a long night. While caffeine is a stimulant and you shouldn’t overindulge, a little coffee can improve reaction time and short-term memory, according to research from the Medical University Innsbruck in Austria.


thought good Grub that’s By Asha Toulmin

for your brain

( D i s c l a i m e r : Eat i n g t h e s e f o o d s w i l l n o t m a k e y o u m ag i c a l ly s m a r t e r – y o u s t i l l d o n e e d t o s t u d y ) .



ut together a study night trail mix with different nuts and seeds (you could also even add in some dark chocolate). Different types of nuts can contain the same omega-3 fatty acids that are found in wild salmon and also contain thiamin. According to a study from the Neuroscience Research Unit of Hôpital Saint-Luc in Canada, thiamin helps maintain brain function and inhibits brain cell damage.

Dark chocolate


erhaps the best tasting thing on the list in my opinion and no, it’s not a hoax. A University of Nottingham professor discovered that flavanols, a main ingredient in dark chocolate, can boost the flow of blood to the brain for two to three hours. The increased flow could potentially help with alertness and performance of specific tasks.

. 31

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get gadgety

QR 400*

USB Drum Kit Laptop Slings Retro style meets modern design in this handy and colorful laptop sling. From QR150 to QR500, you can take your pick of brands, colours and sizes at Virgin Megastore, E-Max or E-Pro.

QR150* 500

It’s rock and roll time. The USB Drum Kit includes six different pad areas (snare, kick & two toms). Simply install the included software, plug your kit in, and let your rhythmical hammered fists of fury fly. Specs include: l Drum mat is flexible and can be rolled up l 2 drumsticks l Custom software (Windows only) l No batteries required! Powered by your USB (1.1 or 2.0) port l Dimensions: 13” x 8” Check it out at if you have QR150 burning a hole in your pocket.

QR 150*

. 32

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Powermat Plug in the Powermat Portable Mat to wirelessly charge up to three electronic devices at the same time (plus another with a USB power port). Lose the cords and tangles; this slim and sleek portable powermat charging mat utilises principles of magnetic induction to quickly and safely power up your different electronics and handhelds. Check it out at for about QR400.

Handheld Vacuum Boring? Maybe. But handy no doubt. For spills and small messes in your car or your room, one of these is a must. Available for QR80 onwards at any of the supermarkets.

QR. 80*

Book Readers & More iPad

The iPad is more than just a book reader. We don’t really need to tell you why you need this... QR2800-QR5000+ approx depending on specs. Available at iSpot, Digitek, Virgin Megastore.


Amazon is upping its game, with a new version of Kindle. If what you need is a straight ebook reader, this is a safe bet.

* Approximate cost

QR. 2800-* 5000

career buzz

A Day In The Life Of‌

By Hanai r Najj

A Journalist 6:00 AM No way I can shut off my alarm and sleep a few more minutes this morning! I am driving all the way to Tripoli for a one-on-one interview with a very well-known Lebanese political figure at 9.00 am sharp!

Hani Najjar is a member of the community of Professionals on, the Middle East’s #1 Jobsite

. 34

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7:00 AM

I’m ready and good to go. Grab an apple and my papers. I still have to rehearse my questions on the way. It’s going to be at least a two-hour drive with all the traffic in Beirut this time of the day.

I am finally there and ready for my interview. I greet the politician (he’s taller than I thought he would be) and we sit in his office for an extensive session of Q&A about his views concerning the political situation in the region in general and Lebanon in particular.

11:00 aM

3:00 pM

1:00 pM

I am in the process of formulating a solid interview version of today’s meeting. I know exactly what keywords to use to make it look juicy and interesting so it shouldn’t take me a lot of time really.

I press ‘send’ and there it goes to my editor’s inbox. I am in desperate need of a chocolate bar, especially if I am still to write another feature tonight. On my way to the lobby, I thank God vending machines were ever invented, grab a bar of Snickers and go back to my desk.

5:30 pM

8:30 AM

I happily wrap up the interview. I thought it was going to drag much longer. I should now run back to the office to formulate a final version to be published in tomorrow’s morning paper.

Grab a tuna sandwich from the newspaper cafeteria and back to my office. Roughly go through my e-mails and respond to the most urgent ones. I should seriously start hitting the gym; I have a terrible back pain!

5:00 pM

I get my thoughts together and I know what I am writing for tomorrow’s social feature. I take out my outline about “plastic surgery in Lebanon: necessity or luxury?” By now, of course, everybody reckons it has become a necessity!!

So I dragged until 8, but I am quite happy with the end result. I send it to the editor, and tomorrow morning, it shall be available to the public eye!!

Want to share a day in your Life? E-mail at:

8:00 pM

8:30 PM I am walking towards my car thinking of the quite hectic day I had, and if I had the chance of doing it all over again...I wouldn’t change a thing. I love what I do for a living.

9:15 PM Finally home. Domino’s pizza delivery guy is there before me. I pay and lay on my couch. I had a long, but fruitful day, and my treat for such days always is a vegetarian pizza for dinner.

11:00 PM I can barely open up my eyes. I drag myself to bed thinking of what to write tomorrow for the social feature. I remember I also have a press conference and a media function to attend the following day. Am I out of ideas or – am I just sleepy?

Want to share a Day in your Life? E-mail at: is the #1 job site in the Middle East with more than 30,000 employers and over 3.5 Million registered job seekers from across the Middle East, North Africa and the globe, representing all industries, nationalities and career levels. Post a job or find jobs on today and access the leading resource for job seekers and employers in the region.

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The Paralympics world of wonder

Early days The Paralympics traces its roots back to 1948 when Dr. Ludwig Guttmann organised a sports competition for British WWII veterans with spinal-cord injuries. The competition took place in Stoke Mandeville, England, and coincided with the Summer Olympic Games. Four years later, in 1952, the competition was held again, and this time athletes from the Netherlands took part — giving the games an international edge. In 1960, the fi rst Olympics-style games created for athletes with disabilities were organised. Open to all athletes with disabilities (not just war veterans), this event took place in Rome — 400 athletes from 23 countries took part. This year, more than 1,350 athletes and offi cials from more than 40 countries will participate. The Toronto Paralympic Games in 1976 expanded beyond athletes with spinal-cord injures to include other disability groups. The fi rst Paralympic Winter Games took place in Sweden the same year. The Paralympic Games have always been held in the same year as the Olympic Games, but not until 1988 were they held in the same cities and venues as the Olympics. Vancouver, British Columbia, was the host of 2010 Paralympic Winter Games. London, England, will host the Paralympics in 2012, and Sochi, Russia, gets the Winter Games in 2014.

Sir Ludwig Guttmann 1899-1980

Created for elite athletes with physical and visual disabilities, the Paralympics are held every two years, following the Olympic Games. This international multisports event focuses on the athletic ability of the competitors. the tenth Paralympic Winter Games for 2010 were held in Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia, from March 12 to March 21.

Sumi, vancouver 2010 Paralympic Games mascot, is an animal guardian spirit with the wings of a thunderbird and legs of a black bear. Amazing athletes Today, the Paralympics include athletes with mobility disabilities, amputations, blindness and cerebral palsy. It should not be confused with the Special Olympics, which focuses on athletes with intellectual disabilities. Crosscountry skiing appeared at the 1976 Paralympic Games inSweden.

What’s in a name? The name Paralympics was originally created as a combination of the words “paraplegic” (people with spinal injuries) and “Olympics.” Because the Paralympic Games have evolved to include other disability groups, the name has been redefi ned and linked to the Greek word “pará,” which means “beside” or “alongside,” and refers to a competition held in proximity to the Olympics.

SOURCES: World Book Encyclopedia, World Book Inc.;;;; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (;;

© 2009 Triefeldt Studios, Inc Distributed by United Feature Syndicate, Inc.

. 36

issue 3 2010

Omer Arbel and Corrine Hunt designed the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic medals. Five sports were on this year’s games programme: alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, cross-country skiing, wheelchair curling and sledge hockey. Sledge hockey Sledge hockey (also known as sled hockey) was introduced as a Paralympic medal sport at the 1994 games in Lillehammer, Norway. The Paralympic sled-hockey competition is open to male athletes with physical disabilities in the lower body.

Alpine skiing Alpine skiing has been part of the Paralympic Winter Games since 1976. This sport allows disabled ski racers to compete in three different medal categories: standing, sitting and visually impaired. Aiming for a medal in the skiracing competition at the 2010 Paralympics, Caitlin Sarubbi, 19, is legally blind and hearing impaired. Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., with Ablepharon Macrostomia Syndrome (extremely rare and disfiguring), she has undergone 57 reconstructive surgeries. Winner of numerous national alpine skiing championships, she is a student at Harvard University.

Instead of skates, players use specially designed two-blade sledges (that allow the puck to pass underneath). Players use two sticks (about one-third the length of a regulation stick). The sticks have metal picks to help propel the athlete and a flat blade for hitting the puck. Kim Dea Jung (No. 26) helped the Korean Ice Sledge Hockey Team qualify for this year’s Paralympics. The qualification tournament was held in Malmö, Sweden. Four teams qualified: Sweden, South Korea, Germany and Estonia.

Wheelchair curling Wheelchair curling debuted at the 2006 Paralympic Winter Games in Torino, Italy. A game of skill and strategy, the sport is open to male and female athletes with a physical disability in the lower body. Alberta native Bruno Yizek is a member of Paralympic Team Canada. The Canadian wheelchair curling squad defended its gold medal in the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Games.

. 38

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