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ONE WISH UNITES COMMUNITY Outside. That’s all Penelope thought about while in isolation from the world. he s ent the first t o ears of her ife in the hospital,” said mom, Jessica. he ear o as ia nose ith a rare oo disorder. She’s endured more than 50 blood transf sions an hos ita sta s. he mo ie ra e ot s thro h a ot of a s said Jessica. “Merida and her horse.” Dreams of chasing the wind and touching the s on her o n horse e ame intert ine ith Penelope’s visions of the open air. As Penelope grew stronger, so did the dream. he s no a e to a o tsi e. mi estone that meant her heartfe t ish to ha e a on o come true. Make-A-Wish® re on as ri en to f fi a ish as imaginative as the little girl who dreamt it. What happened next would unite the town of Aumsville. “A horse needs a fence,” said Brandon Smith, owner of Smith Fence and Field. “As we do in the o ntr nei h ors ta e are of nei h ors. o i e o ers firefi hters an hi h s hoo foot a a ers oine for es ith mith. o ether the onstr te a fen e an orra . omm nit mem ers ha e in ri in ear an a es of ha . ear e er thin o n ein onate . n in ene o e s horse a . “This is bigger than we ever imagined,” said Jessica. “It’s incredible.” of it e ride.

to her

ish a the a she


t on ast a eamin ene o e o e e es ith a . n that moment she ne this as her faithful companion and a wish come true.

I wish to have a pony Penelope, 3, Aumsville blood disorder

“A horse needs a fence. As we do in the country, neighbors take care of neighbors.” ~ Brandon Smith of Smith Fence and Field

VOLUNTEERS MAKE IT POSSIBLE Penelope’s wish to have a pony transformed the lives of everyone involved. For Joel, it underscored why he volunteers for Make-AWish® Oregon. “I get to be a part of bringing positivity and kindness into the lives of others,” he said. Joel was Penelope’s volunteer wish granter. This year, he’ll grant his 100th wish. For him, there’s nothing more rewarding than helping to make a child’s most cherished dream a reality. “Seeing kids, and in turn their parents, smile and for et a o t the i t of me i a ro e res for a while is worth its weight in gold.” Joel is one of more than 390 people who volunteer their time and talents to support Make-A-Wish Oregon.

What do our volunteers do?

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Erin is a wish mom who now volunteers as a wish granter. She also serves as chair of the Make-AWish Oregon Walk For Wishes® Committee.

Dannon is a volunter wish granter who sits on our Emerging Leaders Board. He also involves his o ea es from he ro er om an at various Make-A-Wish Oregon events.

Chris is a volunter wish granter who sits on our Walk For Wishes Committee. She also involves her former colleagues from Alaska Airlines at various Make-A-Wish Oregon events.

ort nities to o nteer an e fo n in e er omm nit a ross re on an ar o nt Washington. For information on how to get involved contact:


In her darkest hour, Danielle found purpose. “I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at age 16,” said Danielle. “At first, it was scary.” The teen confided her fears to a nurse, who revealed that she had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, too. “She said, ‘if I can beat it, you can beat it.’” It was a revelation that brought hope and encouraged the teen to study medicine. But the cost of college, on top of medical bills, was an enormous obstacle. “I wished to have a college scholarship,” said Danielle. “It’s what I wanted more than anything.” Make-A-Wish® fulfilled that dream. Danielle fought cancer and won. She went on to nursing school and now works at Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel in Portland, where every day she cares for children in the oncology department. “I understand where they’re coming from in ways that others can’t,” said Danielle. “I tell them they are lucky they get a wish, that Make-A-Wish changed my life. We share experiences and talk real life.”

MORE THAN MEDICINE ishes are o erf . or man a ish mar s a t rnin oint in the fi ht a ainst a critical illness. Doctors, nurses and other hea th rofessiona s sa a ish or s in a s me i ine sometimes an t. ish i es i s the stren th the nee to hea an the ho e the nee to fi ht har er. hat is h e are on a est to rant the ish of e er e i i e hi i in in re on an ar o nt Washington.

89% of healthcare referral so r es s r e e sa that the ish e erien e in en es ish i s h si a hea th

96% of healthcare referral sources observe increases in wish kids’ emotional health

of arents s r e e fe t the wish experience gave them the o ort nit to e a norma fami a ain

I wish to go to the Iditarod Michael, 11, Oregon City genetic disorder

I wish to be a model

Kristin, 18, Lake Oswego cancer

I wish to go to DisneylandÂŽ Resort Dexter, 3, Milwaukie congenital heart disease

I wish to go see a rocket launch Alexei, 5, Springfield cancer

I wish to go to Aulani a DisneyÂŽ Resort & Spa Isabel, 10, Salem autoimmune disorder

I wish to go to the Bahamas I wish to go to Monster Jam Joshua, 4, Portland congenital heart disease

When you give miles to Make-A-Wish

Krue, 12, Klamath Falls muscular dystrophy

regon you make wishes take ight.


regon needs nearly 1 million fre uent yer miles each year to send

kids to their dream destinations around the world. In the lives of

1 , those miles transformed

local children who traveled by plane on their wish ourney.

I wish to go to London Sabrina, 18, Vancouver autoimmune disorder

I wish to go to Japan

Sebastian, 17, Oregon City cancer

Did you know? You can leave miles to Make-A-Wish Oregon in o r i . onsi er atin o r i to in e this designation.

I wish to go to France Haley, 15, Salem neurological disorder

I wish to see Hobbit houses in New Zealand Lily, 13, Jefferson leukemia

I wish to go to Thailand Zoa, 13, Eugene blood disorder

To donate your airline miles visit miles

WISH IT FORWARD Jacob’s wish to meet Stan Lee altered his life. “Make-A-Wish made the impossible possible,” said the ear o . as fa e to fa e ith m reatest hero of a time an it as itera e on e ief. The experience of meeting the famous comic book creator compelled Jacob to be a part of the Wish It Forward® program. remem er fee in so f fi e an e ite a o t m future,” he added. “I want to help change people’s lives in the a m ife as han e .

fami ies ith the raising funds.

Jacob shares his wish story with corporate partners

The Make-A-Wish Oregon Wish It Forward initiative provides a growing number of wish recipients and their ort f t re ishes thro h a o a o nteerin an

atform to s

a e t e er o ort nit to he ma e more ishes ome tr e for i s ho nee it the most sai a o . hen a ish is rante no matter ho i or sma it ma seem it han es how a child sees the world,” said Jacob.

Discover how YOU can Wish It orward. RAISE ITAL BE A


Jacob leads a team at Walk For Wishes®





For more information email:

CONNECT WITH US Join the conversation online and help us transform lives, one wish at a time.

Join us on FACEBOOK /ORWish Follow us on TWITTER /ORWish o o s on om an ma e a

ish ore on

a e ish re on e i ates this ne s etter to the ish hi ren ho ha e asse a a in the ast ear. t is o r honor and privilege to serve such courageous children and their families.

Together, we create life-changing wishes for children with critical illness. ABOUT OUR CHAPTER han s to the enerosit of h n re s of o nteers an onors the s e ia ishes of more than ha e een f fi e sin e the re on ha ter e an in . f ea h o ar s ent in fis a ear se for ro ram ser i es ents for f n raisin an three ents for mana ement.

A special thanks to Disneyland® Resort, Walt Disney World® esort an in-kind support of making children’s wishes come true.


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o a hi ren ents ere


for their generous

Sincere thanks to Lithtex Printing Solutions for discounting its printing services for the production of this newsletter an to ra e am for he in esi nin this ne s etter.

o o s on /makeawishoregon


a e en e Oregon, Volume 33

s ri e to o r e visit

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A LEGACY OF HOPE Robert and Lois Steinseifer found unwavering love on a blind date while atten in re on tate ni ersit . he t o ere marrie si e a es. n that time the tra e e aro n the or to ether an raise a o in fami . In their death, the couple sought to make a difference in the lives of local children. The Steinseifers named the Make-A-Wish Foundation of re on as the enefi iar of their harita e remain er nitr st. his ift is the ar est in ha ter histor . “We are so inspired by the generosity of Robert and Lois,” said Make-A-Wish Oregon CEO Laila Cook. “Their vision to give back will ensure that we are able to grant unparalleled wishes to every child in our community.”




o too an ma e a anne ift s h as a e est in o r i trust or life insurance designations, to ensure the continuation of our work.


eferre ift an a so he o a an e o r finan ia oa s an o r harita e interests a hi e ossi a hie in si nifi ant ta enefits. o o more than he rant ishes o reate a e a that i im a t o r ish i s for ears to come.






ou can receive a charitable income tax deduction for the full fair market value of securities. At the same time avoid capital gains taxes on appreciated stock.



f o are ears or o er o an i e to from o r ire t to a e ish re on itho t ha in to a in ome ta es on the mone . o r harita e ro o er an satisf a or art of o r re ire minim m istri tion for the ear. f o o ease a

i e to ta

ith someone on o r e e o ment team a o t ma in a ift or emai ma i ore on. ish.or .

*Please consult with a tax professional to determine which options are right for you.

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 3460 Portland, OR

Make-A-Wish® Oregon

Also Serving Clark County, Washington 2000 SW 1st Avenue, Suite 410 · Portland, Oregon 97201 503-292-2280 · 800-934-WISH

A COMPANION TO KEEP HER WARM One moment changes everything. For Tymina, it was the instant she cradled Rocky in her arms for the first time. “He’s so cute,” exclaimed Tymina. “I don’t want to let him go.” The 9-year-old wished to have a puppy to keep her company in the hospital. “She’s been talking about this for years,” said Tymina’s mom. “To see her dream come true is amazing.” The Boston Terrier comforts Tymina when she is in pain and cuddles with her when she’s cold. I wish to have a puppy Tymina, 9, Portland blood disorder

“One of the side effects of her disease is that she’s always cold,” she added. “To see them together like this, is just over-the-top amazing.” Together, they now get through the hard times.

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