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Imagine a new way to learn, to teach, to live. Oregon Virtual Education is proud to offer Oregon students, parents, and school districts a new way to approach learning. As an online public charter school, ORVED is part of the growing trend to use online education to give students increased flexibility in schedules while still offering rigorous academic coursework. Our Program Created by Oregon teachers for Oregon students in Oregon schools, ORVED is a public school with parttime and full-time options. We enroll students in grades 6-12. Students attending ORVED come from all over the state and have a variety of educational backgrounds. Some students attend ORVED part-time for one or two classes to provide more flexibility to their “brick and mortar” school schedules, while others decide to attend ORVED full-time, taking five or more online classes each semester. Are you a band student who also wants to take chemistry but can’t fit it into your busy band schedule? We can help! Do you want to take a class or two over the summer? We can help! Are you a home schooled student who wants to learn at home but still earn a diploma that is recognized by the state and by colleges and universities? We can help! Our program is designed to meet individual student needs. Our teachers work with students and parents to provide the best possible education in the best possible learning environment. For students attending ORVED full-time, we provide an academic advisor who will work with the student and parents to plan each year’s learning. The parents, students, and advisor work together as a team to bring each student to graduation. What makes online learning a good fit for you? Do you want •

Flexibility to take a class at any time, any where?

The ability to move through a class at your own pace?

The support of a teacher who works with you one-on-one?

Access to challenging classes and coursework?

Coursework that is tailored to your individual learning needs?

The ability to learn without distractions?

If you answered “Yes!” to the above questions, then online learning may be a good fit for you! ORVED meets students where they are – online – and provides them a high-quality, flexible learning environment tailored to meet their individual learning needs.

We have over 50 teachers and 300 different courses, including •

Comprehensive courses based on national Common Core standards

Electives courses

Honors and AP courses

Vocational courses

What makes ORVED teachers special? Our teachers are highly-qualified, Oregon certified teachers who are experts in their subject areas. Every ORVED teacher has a master’s degree – and a number of the teachers have doctorates! They are recognized as leaders within their traditional schools and have brought their expertise to online learning. They remain connected and involved with “brick and mortar” schools so that they have training in the latest education techniques that make them best suited for working with students at all levels. What does the ORVED curriculum look like? We use several different instructional learning platforms, but each provides students with interactive and engaging lessons designed to make learning interesting.

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