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RATE CARD Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Okla.



RESEARCH 2015-2016


. 91% of students read one or more editions of the Oracle in the fall semester.

. 61% read three or more editions (of 6 editions surveyed).

. 85.1% received the paper at chapel (Oracle staff members hand the newspaper out after required campus chapel.)

. 21.5% of students have visited a website mentioned in an ad.


45.6% have cut out,

saved and used a coupon.

WE ARE TULSA’S CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY Chartered in 1963 by Oral Roberts, ORU celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2015-16! The university, nestled on a 263-acre campus in south Tulsa, serves approximately 3,400 students representing all 50 states and 70-plus nations. About half of the students live on campus, while the other half are commuters. ORU students may elect one of more than 60 undergraduate, 13 graduate or two doctoral degree programs.

AWARD-WINNING NEWS ORGANIZATION 2015 Great Plains Journalism (eight-state) finalist, Newspaper of the Year 2015 Oklahoma Collegiate Media Association: Best University Newspaper among four-year universities; multiple first place awards including: interior page design; feature writing; general news writing and reporting; column writing; cartoons; and, news photography. 2015 International Association of Business Communicators: Bronze Quill award for Research Innovation in ORU Student Media-sponsored Netflix uses and gratifications study.

. 63.1% have used a

discount from an advertiser by showing an ORU student I.D. card.

. 27.5% have attended an event they would not have otherwise attended after seeing the event in an ad.

. 30.9% have purchased a product and/or service featured in an ad.

. 47% of ORU students have used an insert contained in the Oracle. Self-study conducted by ORU Comm Research


PUBLISHING DATES Oral Roberts University · Oct. 24, 2013 Tulsa, Okla. · Vol. 48, No. 5

Lennon’s Letter Is the letter from John Lennon to Oral Roberts authentic? PAGE 10

Painting by Vanessa Sweet

Fall 2015 • Friday, Aug. 21 #Throw-back Edition/Welcome New Students • Friday, Sept. 4 • Friday, Sept. 18 • Friday, Oct. 2 • Thursday, Oct. 23--featuring 50th Anniversary Celebration Week • Friday, Nov. 6 College Weekend • Friday, Nov. 20 Spring 2016 • Friday, Jan. 15 • Friday, Jan. 29 • Friday, Feb. 12 Valentine’s • Friday, Feb. 26 • Friday, March 9 Easter (3/27) • Friday, April 8 • Wed., April 20 Graduation

DISPLAY AD RATES Open Rate Full-page Ad: $550 Half-page Vertical: $300 Half-page Horizontal: $300 Quarter-page: $150 Eighth Page: $75


Oracle Circulation: 3,500 per edition (unaudited) Distribution: Approx. 1,800 papers are distributed directly to students, faculty and staff after campus chapel. Another 700 papers are distributed to campus rack stands at ORU including the Mabee Center, SAGA (cafeteria) and Aerobics Center. The balance of about 1,000 papers is distributed to off-campus hotspots, ORU’s CityPlex and 40 south Tulsa businesses.

Spot color is available on selected pages for an additional charge: • Single spot + Black: Add $100 • Two Spots + Black: Add $200 • Four-color Process: Add $300 Ask your student sales representative about special promotions which may include color!


Advertising rates are GROSS RATES and discounts may be applied but NOT combined: • 15% for Recognized Agencies • 15% for Churches • 15% for ORU Students, Faculty, Staff, Schools, Clubs and Alumni • 15% Pre-payment--Payment must be received by the publishing date.

Double Discounts

*NOTE: If you are receiving a special package rate or promotional discount, the 15% rate may not be compounded (no double-discounts). First-time advertisers or customers who have not advertised with us in the last 12 months will need to prepay the first ad in the contract.

Preferred Placement

Ad placement within the paper cannot be guaranteed. The back page is available to full-page, full-color advertisers and available on a first-reserved basis.


A contract or insertion order and PDF of the advertisement or the ad’s individual elements (e.g. photos, logos, etc.) must be received in the Oracle office one week prior to publication.


For ads designed by student designers, an ad proof will be sent via email. Ads submitted digitally ready do not require a proof. Advertiser assumes responsibility for approval, changes or corrections which must be received two days prior noon to publication and via email to:

From our advertisers: “The Oracle offers us a good return on our investment.” “We’ve seen growth in our new customers--people we haven’t seen before in the store.” “Students love a good deal, and we advertise these in the campus newspaper.”



The finished paper size is 11.5” wide by 12” high. No full bleed is available. - Full-page Ad: 10.25” wide by 11” high - Half-page Vertical Ad: 5” wide by 11” high - Half-page Horizontal Ad: 10.25” wide by 5.25” high - Quarter-page Ad: 5” wide by 5.25” high - Eighth-page Ad: 5” wide by 2.375” high

Color Policies

Color quality and reproduction cannot be guaranteed. There may be discrepancies between how your ad looks on a computer and the actual print color. Pantone spot colors can be estimated, but are CMYK values of cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

Technical Specs

We prefer ads in Acrobat (.pdf) format. If you are unable to convert your file, you may send the ad in its native file (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Microsoft Word, etc.) In most instanc-

es, we will be able to read the original application. If you cannot send us your ad in any of the file formats listed above, we will rebuild the ad using our font library.


The Oracle is not responsible to obtain usage rights for ads including submitted photos, fonts, logos or artwork.


ORU students and faculty attend chapel services on Wednesdays and Fridays during the fall and spring semesters. Corporate worship includes a time of praise and music, announcements and Bible study. The worship service broadcasts on KGEB, Ch. 23 in the Tulsa DMA. The Oracle newspaper staff puts the paper directly in the hands of students, faculty and staff as they exit Chapel.


Advertise your business, products, service, event, business or ministry on the Oracle’s website. It’s the go-to place for latebreaking campus events, indepth coverage on printed stories, video logs (vlogs) and more! Size: 252 pixels x 210 pixels Interstitial Ad Rotation • Your ad will run with other advertisers in an ad loop for the calendar month. (A pro-rated package for narrower media flight is not available at this time.) One hyperlink to your business website, Facebook page or special offer is available. Please provide hyperlink on the contract. Online Rate Monthly rate: $75. This amount is billed on the 10th of each month. No guarantee on gross impressions. First-time advertisers or customers who have not advertised with us in the last 12 months will need to prepay the first ad in the contract. Graphic Specifications Digital specifications and graphic design services are available with your signed Oracle contract. Extensive design and photography services are an additional charge.

PREPRINTS/INSERTS Inserts are distributed on campus only and will be included in 2,000 on-campus copies.

To schedule: • Submit one sample to our office with your completed contract. You may do this by email, fax or mail. • Once approved, print and ship 2,000 + 3% allowance for spoilage (2,060) to: ORU Student Media, c/o Oral Roberts University, Shipping and Receiving Department, 7777 S. Lewis Ave., Tulsa, OK 74171. Material must be received one week prior to publishing date at the ORU Shipping and Receiving dock. If supplied locally, please make arrangements with your advertising sales representative to pick these up from your place of business or area printer. The Oracle assumes no responsibility for mistakes, shortages of preprint insertions resulting from poor printing, inconsistent cuts, folds and improper banding or skidding.


20-POSTER SHOWING The Oracle staff will design, print and post 20, 11” x 17” posters across campus. Showing is for one calendar month. Sorry, no discount for pre-printed posters. Rate: $100

PREPRINT SPECS Maximum folded (finished) size of insert is 11.5” X 12” or smaller. Will accept up to 24-page tab for insertion at no extra charge.

Insertion Rate Insertion of 2,000 preprints into one edition: $175.00 net Preprint Discounts There is no discount for preprints.


Twitter and Facebook We have a combined 3,400+ Facebook fans and Twitter followers! They rely on the Oracle for late-breaking news and event info. Advertisers may purchase Facebook and Twitter fan pushes (dings) with a current Oracle print, Oracle online, poster showing, or special event contract. Just ask for a package price.



Oral Roberts University · Feb. 7, 2014 Tulsa, Okla. · Vol 48, No. 9

Up in the air

Drew Wilson III and teammate Sean Glover reach for an offensive board during a recent game. The Golden Eagles are trying to revive a season in the balance.

Photo by Austin St. John

Any order placed by the advertiser constitutes an acceptance of ORU Student Media’s Advertising Policy. Promotion of ideas, products or services which would adversely affect the integrity and credibility of ORU Student Media or, deemed distasteful to its audiences and/or in conflict with the mission of Oral Roberts University, will not be allowed. All advertising, whether insert, display or online content or other form is subject to approval. ORU Student Media does not accept ads for any type of alcoholic beverages, credit cards, research papers, abortions, contraceptives, dating services, tobacco or gambling. ORU Student Media will not accept any advertising which requires the reader to send money to obtain further information on the product. Other category exclusions may apply.

Political Advertising

Cancellation Policy

Ads canceled within one week of the print or post date will be charged in full. Written notice by email, fax or letter is required. Cancelled contracts will be short-rated, calculated per the contract rate card. A charge of $30 will be applied for ads created at customer request and then canceled.

ORU Student Media may accept paid political advertising by candidates, but specific guidelines must be followed. Candidates must have met the requirements for candidacy. Candidates may advertise in a 60-day window from a primary election and/ or a 45-day window from a general election. This includes, but is not limited to, candidates running for federal, state, city and county offices. Print: Political advertisements must be labeled in 18 point Arial Bold at the top of the ad: “PAID ADVERTISEMENT. DOES NOT IMPLY ENDORSEMENT BY ORU.” Attack ads on an opponent will require the advertiser to provide proof of the claim/s. Political ads must meet other ORU Student Media Advertising Policy requirements. Streamed Ads: Political ads must include a voice-over disclaimer in the first three seconds to include: “PAID ADVERTISEMENT. DOES NOT IMPLY ENDORSEMENT BY ORU.” Attack ads on an opponent will

require the advertiser to provide proof of claim/s. Political ads must meet other ORU Student Media Advertising Policy requirements.


Advertorials (ads appearing to be news or editorial) must be labeled in 18 point Arial Bold at the top of the ad: “PAID ADVERTISEMENT.” Streaming ad content may not leave the impression the advertising is news, weather, or other regular feature of the station. Any content which implies such reference will be subject to modification to include an initial three-second disclaimer “This is a paid advertisement” or other change/s.

Hold Harmless Agreement

The sole responsibility for the content of an advertisement lies with the advertiser, who unconditionally agrees to hold ORU Student Media harmless should a claim arise. The advertiser pays for any and all expenses incurred as a result of publication of an ad. ORU Student Media is not responsible for any losses or damages caused as a result of an advertisement. ORU Student Media’s liability is limited to the amount paid for the portion of the ad containing the error and a make-good or credit adjustment made to the portion of the ad in error. Adjustments will be made to the first-run edition of the ad only. ORU Student Media is not responsible for errors when copy is submitted after deadline, when a proof, copy or production has been approved by the advertiser (signed or unsigned) or when “camera-ready” copy or commercial spots containing errors have been supplied by the advertiser.


For More Information ORU STUDENT MEDIA LR 175 7777 S. Lewis Ave. Tulsa, OK 74171 (918) 495-7080


National Advertisers

National advertisers may provide an Insertion Order (IO) to contract with The Oracle. The IO number will appear on the client’s or agency’s billing statement. Local Advertisers Local advertisers may utilize the advertising contract on the last page of the Rate Card. IOs or ad contracts should be sent to: MAIL: Oral Roberts University c/o Student Media 7777 S. Lewis Avenue Tulsa, OK 74171 FAX: (918) 495-6345 EMAIL:


Accounts are billed on the 10th of each month and must be paid in full within 30 days of the invoice date. For display advertisers, two tearsheets per ad will be mailed within 30 days following publication. Request additional tearsheets by emailing or calling the office at (918) 495-7080.

Unpaid Balances

BALANCES--Advertisers with unpaid balances after 30 days may not place any additional advertising until the advertiser’s bill is paid in full. Unpaid balances after 60 days will accrue an annual 15% interest. This amount will be charged at 1.25% interest per month. Thanks for keeping your account current.

ORU Student Media Rate Card  
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