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Since February, much of the world has ground to a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of our planned activities were put on hold. At the same time, the pandemic forced us to seriously think about how to spread the Gospel more effectively using digital tools, and how to more effectively provide English and music products to our audience anytime, anywhere. In Taiwan, due to early intervention, effective government policies and a strong public health system, our daily life is almost back to normal. In early June, the government will allow public activities again. We look forward to a busy summer of outreach through English activities and the release of Heavenly Melody’s new music album: Renewed. Renew is our word for 2020. This year is ORTV’s 60th anniversary. We are deeply thankful for everything God has done in the past decades. At the same time, our prayer is God will renew our hearts and minds so we can be new wineskins to receive new wine, new vision, and new strength so we can impact this generation even more effectively with the Gospel as Jesus is coming soon! In Christ, Dr. Doris Brougham and the ORTV Family

Heavenly Melody Releases New Album: Renewed

Heavenly Melody released their Chinese album at the end of May. The album is titled Renewed, and the theme is we need God to renew our minds so we can receive new anointing and strength to overcome every challenge in this rapid-changing world. May God use this album to challenge many! Share HM’s new song with your Chinese-speaking friends!

EVENTS and NEWS SC -Ministry of National Defense Cooperate in English learning

Each year, around 2,500 junior and senior high school students visit our headquarters. Through these office tours, our teachers are able to interact with the students and share our testimonies and values. After a break of 4 months due to social restrictions, we are excited to resume our office tours in June!

In April, Studio Classroom and the Ministry of National Defense (MND) continued their second year of English cooperation. Studio Classroom’s popular programs will continue to be broadcast on CTS’ military TV channel. The agreement was signed by Dr. Doris Brougham and MND’s Lieutenant-General Jian Shi-wei. May this cooperation allow us to raise the English level of Taiwan’s military personnel, and give us opportunities to share the love of Jesus with them.

To accommodate the many student activities, Christian leaders’ training and staff morning devotions, we renovated our 4th floor chapel to a multi-functional space so we can host more events. We pray that more than a renovated space, our hearts and minds are renewed daily.

Studio Classroom Camps are Around the Corner! For the 4th consecutive year, we will hold 2 kids’ media camps and a camp for underprivileged teens from multiple schools on Taiwan’s East Coast in July and August. Through these camps, we hope to raise the students’ English level and media skills. But even more, our hearts’ desire is to share the love of Jesus and positive values with all who come.

Studio Classroom Supports New Taipei City’s Pandemic Learning Program In February, Studio Classroom was invited by New Taipei City government to participate in the city’s digital learning resources program for the pandemic: “No Halt to Learning, Digital Learning Resources All in Place: Activating IndustryAcademia-Government Partnership.” We provided magazines, an app, and test practice materials for the city’s students. We are glad we can play a part in ensuring that learning can continue uninterrupted during the pandemic.

“Decoding Studio Classroom”: A Special Exhibition at NKUHT In March, Studio Classroom and National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism (NKUHT) collaborated to create a special exhibition “Decoding Studio Classroom” at NKUHT Library. The exhibition period was from March 2 to April 30. The exhibition covered Dr. Brougham and Studio Classroom’s history and contributions to raising Taiwan’s English level, and Studio Classroom’s technology evolution from a 2-page handout and radio program to Studio Classroom’s current multimedia offerings including using virtual reality (VR) to enhance students’ learning experience.

ORTV Missionary Corner: Bangladesh Judy and Winston continue to serve the Lord faithfully in Bangladesh, which has been in lockdown since March and more than 1,000 new COVID cases are confirmed daily. Although the church cannot meet physically, they continue to conduct online daily Bible studies for church members. As factories have closed due to the lockdown, the poorest of the poor struggle to feed their families. Thus, the church is donating rice, potatoes, oil and other basic necessities on a weekly basis to 4 hard-hit communities. Pray that COVID-19 can be brought under control soon in Bangladesh to prevent further suffering, and that those who receive the church’s food supplies can have soft hearts to receive the Gospel.

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