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Heavenly Melody U.S. and Canadian Tour From September 1-19, Doris and Heavenly Melody traveled to Vancouver and Victoria in British Columbia, and to San Francisco, California to minister. Over 100 made decisions to accept Christ. Gospel pianist Huntley Brown and jazz gospel singer Zorina London joined Heavenly Melody for programs at the Black Repertory Theater and at St. John’s Missionary Baptist Church in San Francisco.

New 2007 Television Programs In September, we began recording 2007’s TV teaching programs. Andrea Brodersen and Billy Leonard continue as teachers with Let’s Talk in English. Vickie Pettis will be filming smaller features for Studio Classroom while Gabriel Harbour and Rachel Sawatzky put in more time as the teachers. Tune in to see our new and exciting changes! Pray that God will use these to reach more people for Him.

Studio Classroom at English Teacher’s Association Conference From November 10-12, Studio Classroom teachers will participate in the annual Taiwan English Teachers’ Association Conference. Over 400 teachers are expected to attend these talks. Doris and Linda Ludwig will speak on “The 3Ms of Teaching.” Rachel Sawatsky will teach about public speaking, and Hazel Johansen will have a presentation on how to motivate students.

Teacher’s Day Visitors for Confucius’ Birthday On September 21, five long-time students of Studio Classroom honored Doris and ORTV with a visit. Each began studying English with Studio Classroom in the 1960s. Jack Fu, former Taipei City Training Center director; Dr. William Hasagawa, highly respected cardiologist in Japan; Springfield Chao, wellknown photographer; Peter Lee, famous writer; and Dean Yen, former National Police Administration head, told how learning English with Studio Classroom has impacted their lives. God receives the glory!

Jazz Singer Gives Life to the Lord On May 25, 2006, jazz singer Zorina London began serving at ORTV in the Music Department. She shares her testimony: I gave my heart to God on January 11, 1992, but later I realized I had not given Him my life. I’ve loved God for a long time but was shaken and broken-hearted to realize I didn’t love God enough! I had only given Him some, not all of me! This showed me how patient and longsuffering God had been with me. God delivered me from drugs years ago, blessed me and blessed other people through me, in spite of the fact that I’d not given my all to Him. How great and merciful He is! Earlier this year God brought me to a crossroads and showed me it was time to give all to Him. If I went on making my Zorina London “Black Pearl of Asia” own choices (which had not been great) and trying to control my own life, then Satan, not me and not God, was controlling me. Doris is the vessel God used and is using in my life to let me know I had to give Him all of me. Sold out for Jesus, I now work full time for God and ORTV. The staff calls me Hei Chen Chu (Black Pearl). I look forward to serving the Lord here. To God be the glory!

ORTV Staff at CCCOWE 7th annual Chinese Coordination Center of World Evangelism meeting in Macau, July 17 – 22, 2006

Christmas 2006 in Singapore From December 23 to 25, Heavenly Melody and Zorina London will travel to Singapore for outdoor meetings among Christmas displays set up on Orchard Road, one of the main thoroughfares in downtown Singapore. These meetings provide an opportunity for all of Singapore to hear the message of the Gospel proclaimed.

Outreach to University Students On September 27, more than 125 Shih Chien University students assembled to hear staff member Troy Peterson address the reality of the Christian faith in his life. More than a dozen asked to have a follow-up time with him to discuss how to have this faith in their lives. Pray for ORTV’s continued outreach through English classes.

Upcoming Events November 10-12

December 5 - 15

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Message from Mongolia In August, former staff member John Mark Derbyshire, who is now a missionary in Mongolia, came to ORTV to receive training in the use of computers. He wrote to Doris: Thank you again for allowing me to come back and use the resources of ORTV. I’ve been able to learn what I needed to know. Because of this, I will be able to help Media Communications of JCS International in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia be more effective in the work God has given us. This skill will make the work of our missionaries and partners easier. We are still praying about starting a Mongolian version of Studio Classroom. I believe in His time it will happen and carry the witness of Christ to the Mongolian people. It’s a great encouragement to see how God uses you and ORTV in Taiwan and around the world. May God continue to bless and keep you.

Taiwan English Teachers’ Association Conference Island-wide “Christmas and You” meetings Large Christmas rallies at the Taipei International Convention Center in Taipei Heavenly Melody Christmas meetings in Singapore


30 - Feb. 4 Taipei International Book Exhibition

May 5

Studio Classroom’s 45th Anniversary Celebration

Staff Tie the Knot English Department staff member Esther Krushnisky and Dr. Tony Liang were married in Taipei on September 23, 2006, and honeymooned in Canada. The following weekend, October 1, 2006, two staff members in ORTV’s TV Department, Avon Tsai and Jeff Chin, were joined in matrimony in Taipei. They went to Hawaii for their honeymoon. Pray for these two couples as they begin a lifetime together. ORTV Board Meeting in Seattle On September 7, ORTV’s North America Board members met in Seattle to thank the Lord for the ways He is using ORTV. They had a good time reporting on ORTV’s ministry around the world in 2006, as well as challenging Board members to pray. Join our prayers by asking God to continue using us to be His channels of blessing. PICTORIAL is published four times per year by Overseas Radio & Television, Inc. ORTV’s mission is to bring the gospel to Chinese people worldwide through mass media communications. Founders: Doris Brougham, Leland Haggerty Executive Director: Simon Hung This Pictorial is also available on our web site:

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ur Christmas theme for 2006, “Christmas and You,” highlights the power of choice. Each of us chooses what Christmas will be for us. Will yours be a spiritual celebration or a materialistic extravaganza? Our staff began the year with lessons on end-time events, and we finish with a Christmas program that continues to make clear the message God gave the world through His son, Jesus. As we look back on 2006, we thank God for all the opportunities He has given us to share His love around the world. We especially thank Him for all those we have seen become part of His family. Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Yours for Asia, Founder/CEO Executive Director Overseas Radio & Television, Inc.

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ORTV Pictorial 2006 Q4  

ORTV Pictorial 2006 Q4