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Journey of Love Musical Premiere We started the year strong with sold-out performances of our musical, The Journey of Love, which premiered in Taipei from January 21 to 23. The musical brought to the stage for the first time the life story of Dr. Doris Brougham. A co-production between ORTV and one of Taiwan’s top theater groups, All U People Theater, Heavenly Melody wrote all the music in the musical, and the actors were primarily Heavenly Melody singers and our English teachers. The performances ended with Dr. Brougham encouraging the audience to follow God’s plan and take action to serve others’ needs. The moving performances deeply touched many in attendance and our hearts were greatly encouraged by the positive feedback that has poured in. Praise God! Starting in June, we will be bringing our musical to major cities around Taiwan, starting with Taichung, Tainan, and Hualien. Please pray that God will touch the hearts of all who attend and lead many to Christ.

Joshua Yu, public servant The Journey of Love, which tells the highlights of Doris' life, helped me reflect on my own life. I teared up several times while watching the musical, because every time Doris faced a major fork in the road and decision in her life, her decision was often unexpected, shocking others. She did not choose the option that most people would have. She always used love as her original motive, whether it was leaving her hometown, turning down her suitor's proposal to return to the US, all heartbreaking choices. When facing difficulty, she always said: "Keep hope", "Don't be afraid", "Don't give up", bringing courage to herself and others to face the impossible.

Jehuei Lin, small group leader Last night, I attended the musical and brought a young woman, a non-believer who comes from a broken home. She has tried several times to commit suicide by cutting her wrists. Last night she was moved to ask God to save the souls of non-believers in the audience.

Steve Chuang, musician and Doris’ former music student

Willie Lin, hotel owner and longtime Studio Classroom reader When I was a student, Let's Talk in English magazine would appear on the table at home. I never thought that many years later, I would be fortunate enough to meet and develop a close friendship with Doris. When I first met her inperson, I thought the lady in her 90s in front of me would be dignified and distant, but she was approachable and friendly. I was very surprised when conversing with her, I found her thinking is very young and avant-garde. Watching The Journey of Love musical helped me understand Doris' journey of life. She has always been true to her purpose in life and never forgot her original purpose. Because of love and her wish to share the Gospel, she left her family behind and gave up romance. No matter what obstacles she faced, she always kept a positive attitude and bravely moved forward. This "original intention" deeply touched me. No matter what difficulty I face, I think of Doris' love, courage, and determination. This can lead me to break through challenges.

Thank you for inviting me to the musical. If I didn’t have Doris in my life, I would not have become the person I am today, and my family wouldn’t have the opportunities they have gotten in life. Today, my eldest son is a master conductor in Germany. My younger son plays French horn in the Berlin Philharmonic. I am very grateful to Doris for impacting my life, and in turn, impacting my family.

Doris with her music students. Among her students: symphony orchestra conductor, department chair at the National Taiwan University of the Arts, numerous music professors

A. Wu, working professional Tonight’s musical really touched my heart. Doris’ life story of “follow my Lord” is also my story after I became a born-again Christian. I also saw from the play we need to love people more and share the Gospel with them. All the actors and staff also showed Doris’ spirit of turning difficulties into something beautiful because of God, and the performance was very professional.

Upcoming events Studio Classroom, Ministry of Defense Cooperate in English Studio Classroom and the Ministry of National Defense have signed an agreement where we will provide our English teaching programs on the Voice of Han Radio Network, the military’s radio stations starting March 1. We are thankful we can continue to use English to bless more people in Taiwan.

ORTV Europe Missionaries Ivan and Sharon Tao have returned to live and serve in the UK, as their hearts long to be with the Chinese they have served for years there. They will be ORTV’s representatives in Europe. Please pray for God to use them greatly, and bear much fruit for Him.

Outreach to Nigeria On March 8, Dr. Doris Brougham, Zorina London, and Heavenly Melody will speak and sing via Zoom at a large pastors’ conference in Abuja, Nigeria. Christian leaders from 30 countries will join this conference online. Praise God for technology that helps us equip and bless Christian leaders in Africa from Taipei!

Spring School Rallies Round Island In mid-March, we will start holding school rallies again. We have 25 rallies planned this semester, which will reach more than 16,000 junior and senior high school students. We thank God for giving us the opportunity to go into schools and pray that the students can clearly see God’s love through us.

Friday Night Live Student Testimony Last week, one of our former Friday Night Live students, Elvis, and his wife visited us, and gave an incredible testimony. A few months ago, their 3-year-old daughter fell from their 32nd floor apartment when she climbed over a railing, but survived the fall with only minor scratches. This incident made headline news.Praise God for this miracle and for using Elvis’ family to share Jesus with many through this testimony. Over 20 years ago, Doris prayed for Elvis at our Friday Night Live Bible study, and his life was transformed from being a high school student with no direction in life, involved in drugs and gangs, to one filled with hope and a good future after he accepted Jesus. Today, Elvis is a successful business owner and he and his wife zealously serve the Lord in Taichung.

We Need Support for: Thank you for partnering with us so we can share God‛s love with more people in Taiwan and around the world. We could not do this without your faithful support. Please continue to pray for us and support us.

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