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A Friend for Life

2022 is Studio Classroom’s 60th year anniversary. Back in 1962, as Taiwan opened up to the world, there was a great need for English. We saw the need, and began radio broadcasts to teach English. Teaching English using mass media was a tool for us to reach the masses. Over the years, our media formats have expanded with advances in technology, but our ultimate goal has never changed. Learning English improves learners’ life opportunities. But most importantly, we aim to share the love of Christ with as many people as possible. Thank you for being our partner through the years in changing lives. Here are some stories of the lives that have been changed.

Elvis, Friday Night Live English Bible study attendee, business owner In high school, I got involved in a gang and dabbled with drugs, so I was kicked out of school. Eventually, I ended up in the night school of a private high school known for its low-performing students. I slept through the classes and partied every night. I liked English, so a friend invited me to an English Bible study held by Studio Classroom. One day, I met Doris there, and she prayed for me. She planted the seed of knowing Jesus in my heart, which transformed my life so I could dream again. I became one of only two students from my school who passed the college entrance exam to attend public university. In university, I started going to church and heard a hymn that moved me to tears- Jesus could wash away my sins and give me a brand new life. I accepted Jesus into my heart that day, and my life was never the same again. Hallelujah!

Grace, high school English teacher In university, I started attending Studio Classroom’s youth rallies, and started reading Studio Classroom magazine. I loved the rallies and magazine, and when I became a high school English teacher later, I used it in my classes. My students’ English exam scores improved, but I wanted my students to adopt a positive attitude and be influenced by the positive values the magazine teaches. Last April, I took my high school senior students on their high school graduation trip. On the trip, one of my students committed suicide by jumping off a building. Her death shook our whole class to the core. When we returned to school for the first time after the suicide, I opened Studio Classroom’s magazine to teach that day’s article. The article, “How to Find Your Positive Power”, was just what we needed. My students and I wept. That article comforted our hearts and gave us new hope.

YC, Studio Classroom reader Yesterday evening, my family and I found a baby bird at a corner in front of a restaurant. The poor bird looked like it was just born a few days ago. It cowered at the corner, while many people passed by and looked at it for a few seconds, then walked away. Nobody really wanted to help that poor little life. After considering what to do for a few minutes, my family and I decided to take it home. It was getting late. We worried that a wild rat, cat or other animal would eat the bird for dinner. When I arrived home, I fed the bird soft rice porridge. The bird seemed satisfied and fell asleep. This morning, I got up early and fed it two more times. I looked at the bird and thought -- although I raised birds many years ago in Taiwan, I was still not confident I could take good care of this baby bird. Suddenly, I thought of a lesson about a bird shelter in Vancouver that I had read in Studio Classroom the previous month, then I searched online to find a bird shelter in New Jersey, where I live. To my surprise, we found a similar one and called them at once. We delivered the baby bird to that organization soon after. Now, I am sure that baby bird will get the most professional care from the bird experts. I feel relieved and happy. I’d like to thank Studio Classroom. You taught me not only English, but also a way to help a poor baby bird.

Jean Lin, Missionary to Central Asia, saved at ORTV I grew up in a traditional religious family in Taiwan. Growing up, I often went with my family members to local temples both big and small to ask for peace. In my heart, I always had questions on the value of life. After graduation from the design department of a local university, I had the opportunity to join Studio Classroom as an artist. I watched my colleagues often pray to God and admired their intimate relationship with God. Under their diligent care and guidance, I began to learn how to pray. After a few prayers, I had to admit that there really was a God who knew everything about me, but still loved me as I am. I could not wear a mask when I spent time with Him, but could only honestly admit my weakness, and accept His love. I became the first Christian in my family when I got baptized half a year later. I started out as an Art Editor in the Art Department, but at Studio Classroom, I learned to do planning, radio, TV and hosting programs onstage and offstage. There, God equipped me to be a vessel used by God. Later, I had the chance to accompany Doris on a missions trip to Kazakhstan. On that trip, my main job was to take photos, but that trip was truly life-changing. It deeply impressed on me the importance of having a positive attitude and flexibility when doing cross-cultural missions. A few years ago, God led me to bravely leave my comfort zone and led me to Kyrgyzstan to serve in missions work, where I teach youth from Muslim backgrounds Chinese and English and share my life with them. Thank God for using Studio Classroom to bless many people in Taiwan and overseas Chinese around the world. Through many missionaries and staff who serve the Lord faithfully, it has become a wonderful platform to share the love of Christ with the multitudes and lead many people to Christ.