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Life In Oregon


Volume 17 • Number 5

December 2009-January 2010

Sponsored by Oregon Right to Life, Oregon Family Council, 40 Days for Life, Precious Children of Portland, and radio stations KPDQ and KBVM. Since the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade ruling in January 1973, more than 51 million American babies have been killed by abortion! These innocent ones received no funeral, no burial, and no memorial, yet their shortened lives are as precious as those who lived. They deserve to be Sponsored by: remembered. Please join us to remember the lives of these innocent children lost to abortion, as we call upon our nation and its leaders to give children at every stage of life the protection they deserve. Promotional consideration provided by: For more information, please visit or call 503-463-8563.

Abortion and health care reform Michelle Maynard, PAC Assistant Director

It was near midnight on Saturday, November 7 when the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Affordable Health Care for America Act (HR 3962). The final margin of victory was a narrow 220-215. Oregon’s delegation overwhelmingly supported the bill, with only Congressman Walden voting no. Congressmen Blumenhaur, DeFazio, Schrader and Wu all voted yes. An hour before HR 3962 passed, the House debated the pro-life

Stupak Amendment, which would ban federal dollars from paying for abortions. Named for its chief sponsor, pro-life Congressman Bart Stupak (D-MI), the Stupak Amendment has been a lightning rod of debate. For months, pro-life groups have raised awareness that the proposed health care reform plans expand federal funding of abortions. Congressional leaders and abortion organizations repeatedly denied this fact. In his Joint Session to Congress President Obama joined in the denial stating, “And one more

misunderstanding I want to clear up – under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions.” Yet, abortion funding was in the bill. In a letter to Congress, National Right to Life wrote, “page 110 of H.R. 3962 (lines 1-7) explicitly says that ‘nothing in this Act shall be construed as preventing the public health insurance option from providing for . . . coverage of services described in paragraph (4)(A).’” The ‘services’ described in paragraph (4)(A) are elective abortions.” Abortion forces in Congress originally tried to ignore pro-life

objections, but eventually began to offer compromise bans that were worthless. The Stupek Amendment was the only true federal funding ban. The Stupek Amendment language is very simple. It states that the federal public option insurance plan cannot cover abortion. In addition no federal funds or subsidies can be used to pay for abortions with the exceptions of a mother’s life being in danger, or situations of rape or incest. The amendment doesn’t limit private insurance plans from covering abortion or prevent women

from purchasing supplemental abortion coverage with their own money. There are no restrictions on states’ use of funds. The abortion-protecting and promoting community is terrified of this simple amendment and reacted with hyperbole and hysterics. Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO), Co-Chair of the Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus said, “If enacted, this amendment will be the greatest restriction of a woman’s right to choose to pass in our careers.” “Reform” continued on page 8

Rallies in other communities • Coos County: Saturday, Jan. 23. “Stand Up for Life” from 2 to 3 pm. Meet at Commercial and Anderson Streets or on Hwy. 101 and Broadway. 541-347-9280. • Curry County: Sunday, Jan. 24. Rally and candlelight vigil at 4 pm at the Curry County Courthouse in Gold Beach. 541-247-2218. • Douglas County: Sunday, Jan. 17. Meet at 2 pm at Mercy Medical Center statue in Roseburg and walk to Roseburg Adventist Church. Bring new or gently used baby items. 541-673-4556. • Eugene: Saturday, Jan. 23. “Celebration of Life” rally and walk from 10:30 am to noon at St. Paul’s Catholic Church, 1207 Satre Street. 541-747-1079.

• Jackson County: Sunday, Jan. 17. Rally at 1:30 pm at the Jackson County Justice Building in Medford. Music by Cascade Christian HS. 541-830-0679. • Josephine County: Sunday, Jan. 17. Meet at 1 pm at the Josephine County Courthouse in Grants Pass. At 1:30 pm, march to Riverside Park. 541-479-9827. • Klamath Falls. Friday, Jan. 22. “Stand Up for Life” rally from 12:15 to 1 pm at the Klamath County Courthouse. 541-273-0953. • Malheur County: Sunday, Jan. 24. Meet at 7 pm at the Nazarene Church in Vale. 541-473-3980. • Salem: Friday, Jan. 22. Candlelight vigil from 6 to 7 pm at the Salem Planned Parenthood Clinic, 3825 Wolverine NE. 503-585-7856.

Oregon Right to Life 4335 River Road N. Salem, OR 97303

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December 2009-January 2010

40 Days for Life campaign saves babies Tamra Johnson This was the third 40 Days for Life campaign in which I have been an active participant. Each campaign has saved more babies than the last. This year’s was nothing less than a miracle! Our local campaign took place at the Lovejoy Surgicenter, where many of my friends have had abortions. They are living with and trying to deal with the hole in their hearts and souls caused by their “choice.” At this center, abortions are done six days a week. As you can imagine, it is a very busy place. We stand at the front, side and rear entrances holding non-graphic signs, hoping to make eye contact with people entering the center. Our hope is that they will receive a bag of helpful information from us and hear about other options they and their children can live with. Catholics and Protestants, young and old, stand

together praying for not only the men and women walking into the clinic, but also for those who work inside. We know of at least four babies who were saved from abortion during this effort. On Friday, October 6, the last day of the campaign, my friend, Cheryl, was holding a sign that said, “I regret my abortion.” A woman entering the clinic with her boyfriend stopped and looked at the sign sadly. Cheryl, who had not previously interacted with people entering the clinic, was able to speak with the woman. Following their conversation, the woman said she couldn’t go through with the abortion, pulled away from her boyfriend and ran back to her car. Both the boyfriend and the center’s manager tried unsuccessfully to get her to change her mind. This was Cheryl’s first time to participate in the 40 Days for Life campaign. It takes a lot of courage to hold such

a bold sign on the street in front of everyone. I know, as I hold a sign with the same message. On the last day of the campaign, we participated in a Life Chain event on NE Martin Luther King Avenue, where one of the largest Planned Parenthood facilities is currently being constructed. On both sides of the street, for 17 blocks, we had men, women and children standing for life together. More often than not, drivers were honking, giving us the thumbs up sign and thanking us for being there. Nationally, 580 babies were saved, seven abortion clinics closed their doors, and eight clinic workers quit their jobs – including the director of a Planned Parenthood facility in Texas. After my participation in this recent 40 Days for Life effort, I am convinced that hearts are being changed and lives are being saved! Praise God!

Pro-lifers support life on the sidewalks outside Portland’s infamous Lovejoy abortion clinic. Four babies were saved during their 40 Days for Life campaign in October and November.

Mission statement

A policy of peace

Oregon Right to Life, an affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee, is Oregon’s most established and comprehensive pro-life organization. Our membership includes people from all walks of life, from various political, social and economic backgrounds who share the common desire to protect innocent human life from abortion, infanticide, euthanasia and destructive human research such as embryonic stem cell research and human cloning.

Oregon Right to Life opposes any form of violence to fight the violence of abortion. We have a strict policy forbidding violence (or illegal activity) by our staff, directors, officers, and chapters. Our commitment to the well-being of all human life requires that we respect the inherent value and dignity of all people. Accordingly, as we condemn abortion and euthanasia, we likewise condemn the deliberate destruction of another person’s property or the act of inflicting bodily harm in any form on abortionists or other pro-abortion workers.

from the Director Handwriting on the wall


The handwriting is on the wall Atteberry, and it reads “death panels.” When ORTL Sarah Palin warned of death panels Director in the government health bill, she had it right. Signs of them becoming a reality are everywhere. Two studies published in November’s New England Journal of Medicine claim to “prove” that aggressive end of life care is “not always for the best.” The studies found that a majority of dementia and kidney dialysis patients are suffering from “futile care.” (“Futile care” is now arbitrarily defined as care that does not give patients a “quality of life” that is worth living.) The authors recommend a health policy where “futile care” patients are only given palliative care until death. President Obama endorsed this concept when a woman asked him if her 99-year old mother would be able to get a pacemaker under his health plan. He answered, “Maybe [she’s] better off not having the surgery, but taking the painkiller.” (The mother, who received the pacemaker, is now 105.) Decisions for end-of-life care should be left to individuals, not to bureaucrats running a government health plan. Two friends of mine received kidney dialysis. One, after taking treatment for a time, decided to stop dialysis, asked for comfort care, and died peacefully. The other arranged his life to accommodate the treatment and was happy to receive it until he died of other causes. Each patient made his own treatment decision. Those who plot the new government health plan know that up to 11 percent of the health care budget is spent on end of life care and they are determined to cut that amount. Our British friends have lived with government health care for years and proved that cutting the budget means sacrificing lives. The latest information from the UK details the National Health Service’s “death pathway”, the Liverpool Care Pathway. In this scheme, patients diagnosed at the “end of life” are deprived of any life-saving medication or procedures and receive only palliative care. Errors in diagnosis happen often, and patients who might have recovered with proper treatment die. At the other end of life’s spectrum, British officials recently denied medical treatment to a premature 22-week old baby (who was born breathing on his own and moving his arms and legs), who died simply because he was two days short of qualifying for health services. In two highly publicized cases, Oregon Health Plan officials denied cancertreating drugs to terminally ill patients, but offered less expensive assisted suicide drugs. Robert Reich, President Obama’s economic advisor, warns, “If you’re very old, we’re not going to give you all that technology and all those drugs for the last couple of years of your life. It’s too expensive.” LifeWe in must Oregon an official publication of Oregon to Life, stopisPresident Obama’s health plan! Our lives Right may depend onInc., it.

a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the unborn and the sanctity of human life. Life in Oregon is mailed six times per year to 50,000 households. The subscription rate is $5 per year.

Life In Oregon/Oregon Right to Life 4335 River Road North, Salem, OR 97303

Phone: (503) 463-8563 • website: • e-mail: Gayle Atteberry, Executive Director • Cindy Rahm, Editor Printed by Western Oregon Web Press, Inc. • Reprinted by Permission 

December 2009-January 2010


Political Forum What a difference a year makes

Oregon election 2010 Lois Anderson, PAC Director

Last December, we were still shell-shocked from a devastating election. American voters had elected the most pro-abortion presidential candidate in history. With pro-abortion majorities in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, along with super-majorities in the Oregon legislature, Democrat leadership had all the power and all the cards – and they knew it. In a meeting with a Republican congressional leader, President Obama even went as far as to say, in effect, “We won. You didn’t. Get over it.” The Oregon Right to Life political office launched the ObamaWatch feature in Life in Oregon and, frankly, we had a hard time keeping up. The blistering speed with which President Obama dismantled pro-life gains in the federal government at times left us speechless and discouraged. When the Oregon state legislature convened in January, there was nothing stopping them from pushing through whatever they wanted. We didn’t know what they would come up with, but figured that tax-funded, embryodestroying research, along with investigating and regulating pregnancy resource centers, was on the list. Then a funny thing happened on the way to political hegemony. A bailout or two, surging unemployment and a rant by a guy on cable television, and the tea party movement was born. While the tea party phenomenon centered on the financial issues facing families, employers, state governments, and the nation’s capitol in D.C., it has affected the pro-life movement as well, especially in relation to the health care debate. In the Oregon legislature, the fiscal crisis fueled by growing unemployment overshadowed the effort to fund destructive stem cell research with tax dollars. The excellent outreach by pregnancy resource centers across the state educated many legislators about the important work done at their facilities. As a result, the dangerous legislation designed to close these significant ministries was not even introduced! During the summer, the tea party rebellion focused on the health care bill in Congress. The ongoing spectacle of overcrowded town halls, with citizens rightly demanding that their congressmen read the bill, left politicians running for the exits. Even before the summer, we were beginning to see the awakening of many pro-life citizens who were ready to take action. January’s Roe v. Wade rallies, Camp Joshua, and our annual conference all had record participation. We launched a new program called Life Team Coordinators because so many people called to ask, “What can I do?” Then came the polls. Beginning with Pew Research and followed by many other polling firms, all revealed an unprecedented shift in opinion on abortion resulting in just over half the country identifying as pro-life. While encouraging, it remains to be seen how a fired up political base and shift in pro-life sentiment may make a difference in electoral politics. Still, we live in Oregon, a place hostile to life issues, preferring a culture of death. The 2010 elections are months away, but the future’s beginning to look bright.

In 2010, Oregon will elect a new governor, ten state senators and all 60 state representatives. There were significant losses by pro-life candidates in 2008, however early signs indicate that the 2010 ballot will include quality pro-life men and women across Oregon willing to engage in the battle for the legislature. The governor’s race has yet to shake out as candidates have moved in and out of the race, so watch for more developments in that

race after the beginning of the year. In the congressional races, the contest in U.S. Congressional District 5, a seat currently held by freshman Kurt Schrader, looks to be the most competitive. Schrader is pro-abortion. State Representative Scott Brunn has announced he will challenge Schrader for his congressional seat. Bruun, first elected to the Oregon House in 2004, and twice re-elected, was the target of a fierce and sustained attack in

2008 over his pro-life voting record. Although his legislative district voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama, Representative Bruun won re-election. Having to battle in a tough political environment has given Bruun the experience to attract the support he needs in the upcoming election. Overall, while the political landscape remains volatile, 2010 has the potential to be a building year for the pro-life cause in Oregon.

New Jersey and Virginia elect pro-life governors The off-year gubernatorial elections in the states of New Jersey and Virginia were closely watched contests that received a lot of national attention. Pundits and political insiders are combing through campaign strategies and election results for clues about what these elections may say about the political future. In these two states, two pro-life Republican candidates won hard-fought elections in states that were won by

Barack Obama in 2008. Many political observers believe that signs may point to a bright 2010 for pro-life candidates. Governor-elect Chris Christie of New Jersey and governor-elect Rob McDonnell of Virginia were both supported by National Right to Life’s Political Action Committee. NRLC-PAC was active in both campaigns, providing grassroots support and helping turn out the pro-life vote. During the campaigns, both candi-

dates were attacked for being pro-life, drawing from a familiar playbook of attempting to paint candidates who want to protect unborn children as extreme. The majority of voters in both states rejected these arguments. As national polling continues to show, there is a pro-life shift going on in the U.S. If this trend remains steady or improves at all, it could greatly impact the results of next year’s midterm congressional elections.

Pro-life youth leadership camp March 21-24, 2010 – Salem, Oregon Open to students ages 16 to 21 Keynote speaker – Alan Shlemon

Shlemon trains students to persuasively defend the unborn in their everyday interactions. For more information about Camp Joshua, or to apply online, go to Call 503-463-8563 for a free promotional brochure and DVD.


December 2009-January 2010

Oregon Right to Life at work!

PORTLAND: The Portland Women’s Show is one of Portland’s largest trade shows. ORTL’s booth is always a big draw among those who attend the event each year.

PORTLAND: The state Roe v. Wade rally at the Pioneer Courthouse Square in January was the largest gathering of pro-lifers in Oregon’s history. The crowd was estimated at 7,000.

Oregon Right to Life’s goal is to change the hearts and minds of Oregonians in favor of life. This page offers examples of the many activities we are involved in as we work toward fulfilling this goal. If you would like to schedule a speaker or booth for an event, please call the office at 503-4638563.

SALEM: Francis Kaufman was the highest bidder for an AKC English Springer Spaniel at Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation’s annual auction held in October.

SALEM: Fairgoers at the Oregon State Fair in Salem each summer find our educational booth, complete with fetal models and an array of other information, a popular spot for families and children.

WILSONVILLE: Our annual conference in April draws pro-lifers from around the state. Attendees can choose from among many informational seminars presented by experts in the fields of medicine, law, religion and ethics.

FLORENCE: Pro-life members of Florence Right to Life picket the local Planned Parenthood clinic two days each week.

EUGENE: Approximately 20 Eugene pro-lifers meet monthly to stand for life by holding signs at busy intersections in the city.

LAGRANDE: Union and Baker County Right to Life chapters, both newly formed, held their first ever Education Foundation Gala Dinner at the LaGrande Country Club in October.

ONTARIO: Malheur County Right to Life’s fair booth took second prize in the Malheur County Fair last summer.

MEDFORD: Jackson County Right to Life hosted another successful county fair booth in July. Jackson County’s booth was one of 24 educational pro-life booths statewide.

December 2009-January 2010


Educating for Life Woman to Woman Show

2010 ORTLEF essay, drawing and oratory contests

LouAnn Edwards, Program Director

Essay/Drawing theme: Human Beings Matter

What an exciting year for the Woman to Woman Show! Our cable access talk show has hosted an amazing array of guests who have inspired us with stories of hope, healing and love for the unborn and all vulnerable human beings. Men and women have bravely faced television cameras to share the pain of a past abortion, along with the lies that go hand in hand with what some people call “choice.” The good news is that many of them now pray and work for the pro-life cause! The dedication of these compassionate soldiers for life is truly inspiring. One man, who works in a busy retail store, recently decided to wear a baby feet pin at work. One by one, fellow employees and customers inquired about the pin’s meaning and asked where they could get one. At last count, seven fellow employees are faithfully wearing pins and the man has given so many to customers that he now orders them by the boxful! Our guests have included doctors, hospice workers, and representatives from pregnancy resource centers, homes for pregnant and parenting moms, camps and performing troupes for kids with disabilities. Families have shared their beautiful children. We’ve seen little Anna, who has Down Syndrome, play the violin, and watched Dan and Jenny, two developmentally delayed teens, recite their lines from a musical production. We plan to invite more families with a message of encouragement for those facing a challenging diagnosis during pregnancy. One mom confided that she and her husband were pressured nine times by doctors to have an abortion. They resolutely stood firm and proudly brought home little Emmy, who has spina bifida, and who won the hearts of everyone in our studio. These stories must be told to Portland and the world. Will you help us? We have a great need for new people of all ages to join our production crew for taping one Saturday a month in Gresham. We also need help with transporting guests, hot meals for the crew, internet research, posters, phone calling and a host of other odds and ends. Oh yes, we need guests. If you, or someone you know, would make a good guest for our show, please call the office (503-463-8563) or email

• Drawing contest – grades K through 12

Media scholarship winner Audrey Engle, an English Literature major at Corban College in Salem, is the winner of the Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation’s $2500 Media Scholarship/Internship. The scholarship is awarded to pro-life students preparing for careers in writing, journalism, graphic design, web design, television, film or radio. Audrey plans to use her skills in writing and research, along with her experience as an intern at the state capitol, to educate and advocate for pro-life issues.

• Essay contest – grades 5 through 12 • Oratory contest – high school juniors and seniors To participate, contestants must first enter a local competition. For information regarding contest requirements and to identify the coordinator of your local contest, please contact the ORTL Education Foundation at 503-463-8563, or go to Local contest deadlines vary. State contest winners will receive cash prizes. The first place winner of the oratory contest will receive an expense paid trip to compete in the 2010 national contest in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

‘Short’ film contest The Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation is sponsoring a pro-life film contest. The contest is open to both amateurs and professionals. Amateur contests are divided by age groups: adult (ages 18 and older), youth (ages 11 to 17), and junior (ages 10 and under). There are two contest categories: “short film” (three minutes or less) and “commercial film” (30 seconds or less). Submissions must be in DVD format only and should include length of film, name of producer (individual, family, organization, etc.), and contact information (address, phone number, and email address). The contest deadline is April 10. The first place winning film will be shown at the annual Oregon Right to Life Conference on April 24, 2010 and will also be broadcast on cable access shows. For more information, please contact Carolyn Wendell at 503-463-8563 or

Avoiding taxes and saving lives Uncle Sam has provided us with a great year-end opportunity to change hearts and save lives. Individuals can name charities, such as Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation or Foundation, as beneficiaries of their IRAs, 401(k)s, or similar tax-deferred retirement plans. This can save a substantial amount on your personal taxes, as explained below. Also, during 2009, donors who are age 70 and/or older may make tax-free lifetime gifts to a charity. These provisions passed by Congress allow dedicated pro-lifers to support our mission of “Changing Hearts and Saving Lives” by preserving assets accumulated over their lifetimes and directing them to ORTLEF or When someone receives a distribution from most retirement plans, that distribution is taxable to the recipient as ordinary income under federal and Oregon laws. Generally, that amount is 25 to 45 percent in combined federal and Oregon income taxes.

Also, when someone dies, retirement plan assets are included in their estate. If a person has a taxable estate, combined estate and income taxes can reduce the value of these assets by as much as 70 percent. However, retirement plan assets for which a charitable organization is designated as a beneficiary escape this tax burden completely! Naming the Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation or the Foundation as a beneficiary of a retirement account is relatively simple because these types of assets pass outside the scope of wills or living trusts. Designating beneficiaries such as ORTLEF or Foundation only requires the completion of a short beneficiary designation form provided by the plan administrator, such as the employer, bank or brokerage firm. It is not necessary to contact an attorney or revise a will or living trust. With regard to lifetime gifts, the

following requirements must be met in order for them to be tax-free: 1. Funds must be transferred by the IRA directly to the charity. 2. The donor must be 70 and/or older at the time of the transfer. 3. The charity must be a qualified public charity such as ORTLEF or Foundation. 4. The donor may not receive anything of value from the charity. This applies only to IRAs. Gifts from other types of retirement plans must be rolled over into an IRA before the tax-free lifetime gift can be made. Donors may transfer up to $100,000 during 2009 from IRAs to charities and not pay any federal or state taxes on that amount. What a great way to save lives and support women in crisis pregnancies! For more information, please contact Lynda Harrington, our development director, at 1-800-524-9271 or email


December 2009-January 2010

Happiness index suffers as abortion exploits women Maria Vitale, editorial columnist As I paused at a bookstore coffee shop counter to order an Italian soda, a provocative magazine cover caught my eye. One of the weekly news magazines of record, Time [10/26/09], advertised a piece on the state of the American woman. Looking up the article later online, I discovered that, since 1972, the female high school dropout rate has been cut in half, nearly half of all medical and law degrees are earned by women now, and half of all Ivy League schools currently are headed by women. Still, Time notes some setbacks: women earn 77 cents for every dollar earned by men; women only make up about 10 percent of all civil engineers; and women pay more than men for their health insurance. Perhaps most telling of all is this line from Nancy Gibbs’ Time article: “Among the most confounding changes of all

is the evidence, tracked by numerous surveys, that as women have gained more freedom, more education and more economic power, they have become less happy.” Could it be that at least part of their unhappiness lies in the fact that women live in a culture that does not necessarily revere mothers? That they exist in a society that often tells women that the best prescription for what ails them is an abortion? 1973’s Roe v. Wade decision was billed as a way to guarantee women’s rights – but what about the right to be free from the coercion to abort their offspring? Scientific surveys have confirmed that most women are having abortions they don’t want. Is that a mark of women’s freedom? As writer Frederica Mathewes-Green famously stated, “No woman wants an abortion as she wants an ice cream cone or a Porsche. She wants an abortion as an animal caught in a trap wants to gnaw off its own leg.”

Given the fact that more than 50 million abortions have occurred [in the U.S.] since 1973, an astounding number of American women are post-abortive. The effects of abortion can be devastating: an upsurge in drug and alcohol abuse, an increase in depression, and a greater likelihood of psychiatric hospitalization. It can be years before a woman makes the abortion-unhappiness connection, but that does not negate the fact that the debilitating effects of abortion are there, attacking her body and mind. Any of the negative consequences of abortion can lead to unhappiness. As long as the abortion industry is permitted to exploit women, their happiness index is likely to suffer. And so will their souls. [Ms. Vitale’s column can be found at The Time article can be found at www.,28804,1930277_1930145,00.html]

2010 Oregon Right to Life Conference Human Beings Matter More April 24, 2010 • 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Austin Ruse President, Cathloic Family and Human Rights Institute

Holiday Inn Airport 8439 NE Columbia Blvd. • Portland, OR 97220

Workshops for teens and adults! Adults $40; Student $25 registration prior to April 16. Register online at or call 503-463-8563.

Say NO to health care that funds abortion! In early November, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a health care bill by a narrow margin of 220 to 215. An hour earlier, the House passed the Stupak Amendment, which would prohibit federal dollars from paying for abortion. The pro-life amendment passed by a wider margin (240-194) and with bi-partisan support. The bill now goes before the U.S. Senate. (For more complete information, read the story on page one.) Oregon Right to Life is asking pro-lifers to contact both of their U.S. Senators and tell them that they DO NOT want them to support a health care bill that would allow federal tax dollars to pay for abortions. • Senator Jeff Merkley 202-224-3753; • Senator Ron Wyden 202-224-5244;

Wanted: New board members The Oregon Right to Life Board of Directors is accepting applications for two at-large directors. Applications must include name, address, contact information, pro-life resume and reasons for wanting to become a board member. The deadline for applications is December 31, 2009. In January, ORTL membership will elect two board members for a two-year term. Mail applications to Oregon Right to Life, 4335 River Road North, Salem, Oregon 97303. Applications may also be emailed to ortl@

Alaskan cruise raffle winner

Scott Klusendorf – Mr. Klusendorf, President of Life Training Institute, travels throughout the U.S. and Canada debating, lecturing, and training others in pro-life apologetics. Austin Ruse – Mr. Ruse, President of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM) at the United Nations, is an author, lecturer and television commentator.

Action Alert

Scott Klusendorf President, Life Training Institute

Congratulations go to Kathleen Harrison for winning this year’s ORTLEF raffle drawing for a 7-day cruise for two to Alaska! Money raised at ORTLEF’s annual auction and raffle drawing is used to fund ORTLEF’s many activities aimed at educating and changing hearts and minds regarding issues including abortion, stem cell research, and end-of-life issues.

December 2009-January 2010


Life Notes Director of Planned Parenthood facility quits Abby Johnson, the director of a Planned Parenthood facility in Bryan, Texas, home of Texas A&M University, resigned her position on October 6 following a change of heart – she calls it a “spiritual conversion” – after watching an ultrasound of an abortion procedure and realizing that abortion destroyed the life of the baby. Local pro-life advocates, who had been gathering to pray outside the facility for several years, applauded Johnson’s courage to quit the abortion business and publicly announce her reasons for leaving. Johnson appeared on Fox News’ Huckabee show on November 7 to discuss her resignation. A transcript can be found at www.lifenews. com/state4556.html. Johnson explained that Planned Parenthood pressured her to increase profits by performing more and more abortions. “Abortion is the most lucrative part of Planned Parenthood’s operations. There’s not as much money in family planning as there is in abortion,” she said. Following her departure, Planned Parenthood went to court to get a restraining order against Johnson and Coalition for Life, the group that originated the 40 Days for Life campaign. A judge ruled against Planned Parenthood. Although abortion numbers are declining nationally, Planned Parenthood’s numbers continue to rise – from 289,750 in 2006 to 305,310 in their recent annual report. [, 11/2/09; www.;]

British scientists use patients’ own adult stem cells to help avoid hip replacements Doctors at Spire Hospital in Southampton have treated six patients, candidates for hip replacement surgery with their own adult stem cells. The trial resulted in success in five of the six patients, who are saying they are able to walk again without pain. The doctors used purified cells from bone marrow extracted from the back of the patients’ pelvises. Patient Carl Millard told the London Telegraph that he can walk normally and without pain. “I feel great. If this can prevent people having to have a hip replacement, I think it is wonderful.” This technique could prove helpful to hundreds of thousands of patients who need hip and knee replacement surgeries every year. This research is another example of the dozens of success stories treating patients with adult stem cells. Research using embryonic stem cells (which require the destruction of life) has never been tried on humans because animal research has revealed problems including tumor growth and immune system rejection issues. []

Man carrying sign with pro-life message killed outside high school James Pouillon, 63, was shot and killed while carrying a sign protesting abortion outside an Owosso, Michigan high school. A local pro-life advocate described him as “just a nice, elderly gentleman who was disabled, used an oxygen tank and wore leg braces.” In the spot where Pouillon stood was an oxygen tank and a sign with a photo of an unborn child and the word “Life.” Officials have determined that Pouillon’s pro-life stand was the reason he was targeted. Harlan Drake has confessed to the killing. His trial will follow court mandated mental health evaluation and treatment. Major media outlets were slow to report the shooting. Pro-life

groups are upset that it took President Obama more than 48 hours to issue a statement condemning the shooting, though he quickly condemned the shooting of late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller in May. While a number of pro-life groups issued statements the day of Tiller’s death, only a few pro-abortion groups issued late statements condemning the murder of Pouillon. [; html;]

Oregon laboratory discontinues service to abortionist Oregon’s largest private medical laboratory, PeaceHealth Laboratories, recently made a decision to discontinue their service to abortionist Peter Bours. Bours’ website states he is “recognized as one of America’s best abortion doctors.” While his main clinic is in Forest Grove, he spends two days a week at his facility in Eugene. A pro-life protester at Bours’ Eugene clinic noticed a PeaceHealth courier making a stop at the clinic and complained to PeaceHealth. PeaceHealth Laboratories CEO Ran Whitehead said that performing lab services for Bours’ abortion clinic was not in line with PeaceHealth’s mission. Whitehead explained, “When we learned we were providing services to an abortion clinic, our mission and values guided our decision to discontinue services.” A Eugene Planned Parenthood official complained about the decision, saying Bours is the only doctor in this part of Oregon who performs second-trimester abortions. [The Register Guard, 11-11-09] To contact PeaceHealth and thank them for their decision, visit

Britain abortion numbers lead Europe Even though France has a larger population, Great Britain recently overtook that country in the number of abortions done annually. Based on statistics by the European Union’s statistical arm, Eurostat, England, Scotland and Wales showed 219,336 abortions. According to the London Telegraph, Britain also leads Europe with the highest number of teenage abortions done on girls under the age of 20 (48,150). As it stands, the annual number of abortions done in European Union nations in 2007 was equivalent to the populations of the 10 smallest countries in the EU. Britain now ranks sixth in the world in annual abortion figures behind China, the United States, Russia, India and Japan. [www.]

20 percent of women using RU 486 suffer complications While Planned Parenthood and the abortion drug’s distributor insist it is a “safe” abortion option, a new study in Finland revealed that 20 percent of women using the abortion pill RU 486 suffered at least one significant complication. Nearly four percent reported two or more complications. The study, “Immediate Complications After Medical Compared with Surgical Termination of Pregnancy,” appeared in the October 2009 issue of the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology. Researchers studied all abortion patients’ inpatient and outpatient visits within 42 days following an abortion. They found that 15.6 percent of those undergoing chemical abortions hemorrhaged, 1.7 percent experienced infection, and 6.7 percent had incomplete abortions (most requiring “surgical re-evacuation”) In fact, using RU 486 results in an eight-fold increase of hemorrhage and an incomplete abortion rate five times higher than with surgical abortion. []

New CDC report shows abortion numbers, pregnancy rates dropping A recently released report from the Centers for Disease Control shows the number of abortions, the abortion rate and the pregnancy rate all declining from the period 1990 to 2005. There were 6,408,000 pregnancies in the United States in 2005 – resulting in 4.14 million live births, 1.21 million induced abortions and 1.006 million miscarriages. Abortion rates (abortions per 1,000 women) also declined. In 2005, among married women, seven out of 1,000 women got an abortion (down from 11 per 1,000 in 1990); among unmarried women, 31 out of 1,000 women got an abortion (down from 48 per 1,000 in 1990). The report also showed that women between the ages of 20-24 have the highest abortion rate, followed by women between 18-19, and then women between 25-29 years of age. The abortion rate among teenage girls also continues to decline. While black women have much higher abortion rates compared to white and Hispanic women, rates are declining among all races. The pregnancy rates for 2005 was estimated to be 103.2 per 1,000, about 11 percent below the 1990 peak of 115.8 per 1,000 women. The pregnancy rate for teenagers fell 40 percent during the period from 1990 to 2005 – to 70.6 pregnancies per 1,000 women ages 15 to 19. This rate was the lowest since 1976. Rates for live births and abortions has also gone down among teenagers. [ html;]

Millions march in Spain In October, nearly two million people marched in the capitol city of Madrid to protest an effort by the government to expand the nation’s abortion laws. That number is between three and four percent of Spain’s population – the equivalent of nine to twelve million Americans gathering in Washington. President Rodriguez Zapatero recently approved a draft bill that would legalize abortion up to the fourteenth week of pregnancy. The government also said that parental notification or consent will not be required for abortions on minors. People from across the country walked behind a huge banner that read “Cada Vida Importa” (Every Life Matters). Former Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar and actor Eduardo Verastegui, who stared in the movie “Bella,” joined the marchers. The Parliament is expected to begin debate on the bill soon. Abortions in Spain have doubled in recent years, from 54,000 in 1998 to 112,000 in 2007. []

Washington: 16 die from assisted suicide Washington became the second state (Oregon was the first) to legalize assisted suicide. Since last March, when the law went into effect, 28 people have requested assisted suicide drugs; 16 of those patients have since died. The executive director of Compassion & Choices, a supporter of the measure, insists the deaths have been “safe, legal and rare.” Dan Kennedy, the director of Human Life, a pro-life group that opposed the measure, disagrees. He says, “Those diagnosed as terminally ill in Washington State now have a target on their backs as a result of assisted suicide. Instead of providing loving care, effective pain management, and fulfillment at the end of life, Compassion & Choices plays on fears and depression.” Pro-life advocates in Oregon point out that abuses of that state’s law include lack of reporting safeguards and a lack of proper psychological evaluation. Oregon cancer patient Barbara Wagner learned that Oregon health officials would pay for her suicide but not for medication to treat her cancer. []

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December 2009-January 2010

It’s Free. It’s Easy. It Makes a Difference.

Believe it or not, one out of every four abortions are paid for with your tax dollars. Believe or not,toone out of everytax four abortions areactually paid foruse withsome yourof taxyour dollars. But now, itthanks a remarkable break, you can taxes But now, thanks to a remarkable tax break, you can actually use some of your to help prevent abortion rather than pay for them. Here’s how it works:

taxes to help prevent abortion rather than pay for them. Here’s how it works:

The Political Tax Credit.

The political Politicaltax Taxcredit Credit. The allows a married couple to give up to $100 to aThe qualified political committee cancouple give up $50up – and political tax credit allows –singles a married totogive to then receive pennypolitical back when they file their Oregon return. $100 toevery a qualified committee — singles cantax give up The deadline year’s political taxpenny creditback is December 31st. to $50 —for andthis then receive every when they fileIf you don’t respond by then, the same amount of money will simply go to their Oregon tax return. The deadline for this year’s political the state government. A portion of which goes to pay for someone’s tax credit is December 31st. If you don’t respond by then, the abortion. same amount of money will simply go to the state government.

Respond Today.

Respond Today. Send your check of up to $100 for couples, Send your up topayable $100 fortocouples, $50 for check single of people, $50 Oregon for single people, payable Right to Life PAC. to Oregon Life N. PAC. 4335Right Riverto Road 97303 4335Salem, River OR Road N. Salem, OR 97303 or donate online at or donate online Thank You Thank you.

For more information about Oregon Right to Life PAC or the Political Tax Credit call 503-463-8563 or visit Your Free Gift yo Oregon Right to Life PAC Political Action Committee p Yes, here’s my Political Tax Credit contribution to help Oregon Right to LIfe PAC. River Road North I understand I can4335 get the entire amount back on my Oregon tax return up to Salem,orOregon $100 for married couples up to $5097303 for single people. Enclosed is my political Tax Credit gift of:

p $50 p $100 p_____ Other

Please make checks payable to: Oregon Right to Life PAC 4335 River Road N. • Salem, OR 97303 Contributions to ORTL PAC qualify as a tax credit on your Oregon tax return, but are not deductible on your Federal tax return.

Name & Occupation:

Spouse & Occupation:








Spouse Employer



To Charge: p Visa p Master Card p Discover

This donation would qualify as a credit on your Oregon tax return but is not deductible on your federal tax return.

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omposite receives M.J. Murdock matching grant The Standupgirl Foundation has been selected by the Murdock Trust as a recipient of a $20,000 matching grant to encourage adoption among pregnant teens. Recognizing that teen pregnancy, and the resulting consequence of children raising children, is a problem that impacts society at several levels, the Foundation is launching a pro-adoption website called will help allay young women’s fears regarding adoption so that they might seriously consider adoption in a confidential, safe environment. It will include testimonies from birth mothers who have placed their babies for adoption, as well as testimonies from adoptive parents and children who have been adopted. Donations of $100 or more will be matched by the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust. Checks may be written to the Foundation, 4335 River Road North, Salem, Oregon 97303.

After a hot floor debate, the amendment passed by a solid margin and with bipartisan support. The final vote was 240-194. As expected, Oregon Congressman Walden supported the amendment; Congressmen Blumenhaur, DeFazio, Schrader, and Wu all opposed the measure. Some have criticized the pro-life movement and pro-life U.S. Representatives for supporting the Stupak Amendment. “They say the health care bill would have died without amendments and blame the bill’s longevity on pro-lifers.” This argument is erroneous. The Stupak Amendment was an important fight for the pro-life movement. Rejecting it would not have stopped the bill.”By its passage, pro-life House Representatives have the upper hand in stopping any pro-abortion bill that comes from the Senate. The amendment’s passage was a victory which reduces the likelihood of a pro-abortion attack on the Hyde Amendment.” It was also the right thing to do. House Republican leader, John Boehner (R-OH) explained, “You don’t play politics with life.” Planned Parenthood immediately reminded President Obama of his campaign promises. In an email to the President they wrote, “You campaigned on a promise to



put reproductive health care at the center of your health care reform plan. Now it’s time for you to make good on that commitment.” NARAL Pro-Choice America’s Communications Director Ted Miller said, “We will hold those lawmakers who voted for this measure accountable for abandoning women and capitulating to extreme factions of the anti-choice movement.” After the vote, Rep. Stupak issued a statement. “Today all members of Congress were afforded the opportunity to vote their conscience and represent the wishes of their constituents on the issue of federal funding for abortion,” Stupak said. “Passage of the Stupak Amendment does not impose a new federal abortion policy; it simply continues what has been the law of the land since 1977.” After the House passed HR 3962, the U.S. Senate took up the bill. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) immediately bowed to the pressure of abortion proponents, removed the Stupak Amendment and replaced it with yet another phony ‘ban.’ Doug Johnson, legislative director for the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), explained, “Regrettably but predictably, Reid rejected the bi-partisan Stupak-Pitts language.” Johnson continued, “Instead, Reid has sought to please the militant minority that demands funding of



Card #

abortion through federal programs, even though substantial majorities of Americans believe that abortion should be excluded from government-funded and governmentsponsored health programs.” In addition to removing the Stupak Amendment, the Senate reinstated language that specifically pays for abortions with federal funds. On Saturday, November 21, the Senate voted to begin the floor debate on the bill, removing yet another roadblock to this antilife bill. The Senate is expected to begin floor debate on November 30. Pro-life Democrats have already spoken against amending the bill. Rep. Stupak stated, “We won [in the House] because [the Democrats] need us.” He continued, “If they are going to summarily dismiss us by taking the pen to that language, there will be hell to pay. I don’t say it as a threat, but if they double-cross us, there will be 40 people who won’t vote with them the next time they need us - and that could be the final version of this bill.” If the Senate ultimately changes, and passes, the bill, it will then go to a conference committee where members of the House and Senate will form a compromise bill to be voted on by both bodies. If the joint bill passes, it then goes to President Obama for his signature.

Life in Oregon  

Life in Oregon publication put out by Oregon Right to Life - Dec. 2009 - Jan. 2010

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