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portfolio maria ortiz masiĂ

hi, my name is Maria Ortiz, architect graduated at the Universitat Politècnica de València. I would like you to see a small resume of my projects, both academic and professional. I would love to have an oportunity in your studio, to learn and become a great professional in the field. best regards,

housing group academic projects

housing group located close to the river shore. there was just housing in the programm but they had a huge variety. 34 houses for 2, 3 or 4 people, that should dialogue with the preexistence of the lot.

restaurant in ‘el tremolar’ academic projects

restaurant located in the natural space of ‘el tremolar’ (alfafar), close to the natural park of ‘la albufera’ the tilt roof references the traditional local architecture, made with tiles, but read into a contemporary way.

urban intervention in ‘la fe’ academic projects

site approaching exercise. urban intervention in the area of the old ‘la fe’ hospital, in Valencia. the main idea of the project is to break with the monotony of the place creating a series of squares, roads and zig-zags that invite the user to walk in and enjoy the city.

housing block academic projects

the project takes place in the previous analyzed area. this project is a small housing block of 1,2 and 3 bedrooms with 5 commercial spaces in the ground floor, that orient to a big square. the faรงade plays with the metal slats that being sliding panels, give flexibility and change to the faรงade, besides protecting from the sun.

corporate architecture design projects

parametric furniture, biegen vs spannen (bend vs tighten) the concept was that a base line can create different furniture elements, depending on the way that it moves. that line was materialized in rhinoceros, creating a ‘waffle structure’ that was later cut with a cutting machine and build in carton, creating real parametric furniture.

moosgummi in kontext

this workshop project pretended to create a module that could be multiplied spacially in any directions, creating different forms that could be applied in architecture or design of diferent objects. the base module was a 90x90mm sauare, that should be cut and folded to find a base layout.

hort de les monges restoration project

this is a resume of a large restoration project made with 5 more people, of a house in Valencia’s orchard. a first analysis of the building, both hystorical and formal, was made. a graphic survey was laterd made including the whole building: façades, ground floor, first floor, interior elevations, ceilings tiles and details, constructive and material layouts and structural and material degradation and study. the finality was the complete analisys of the studied building and apply a specific restoration and applying a new programm for the building, in this case, a mix housingstudio, minimizing the original building.

current state

current state

encontro final degree project

the project was developed in the Faculdade de Arquitetura da UFMG, en Belo Horizonte, Brasil. it was a really special project located in the edge of the ‘morro das pedras’ favela and the formal city, in a transition environment and where the building should addapt to both realities. the project embraces the main building together with the spaces surrounding, creating a set of spaces to meet, make sport, dance, create, buy and sell... and also to create small spaces of commerce to improve the economy of the favela’s inhabitants. the result is a mixed cultural and education bulding , with glass and corten steel finishes integrated in an organic pattern. Infograply is made by Miguel Leal.

examples of work collaboration in internships

collaboration in v-architekten. regionale schule in Neubrandemburg. collaboration with plans and model. also took part in other projects as well as competitions in models, plans and conceptual ideas. images property of v-architekten.

collaboration in Brito.Rodriguez earth pavillion collaboration in concept, plans, model and visualization. also took part in other projects and developed constructive details. images property of Brito.Rodriguez.

Sydney vacation house freelance projects

Sydney Vacation House was a contest made for [ACCA] Architecture Competitions. The project was to design a house near Bondy Beach (Sydney), made from shipping containers. Mi路ra路dou路ro, an elevated place or structure affording a wide view for observation; corridor, gallery or pavilion to enjoy the view. That is its name. And as a miradouro, the house is projected to have a privileged view of the fantastic landscape.

curriculum vitae personal data_ name maria ortiz masià birth date / place september 20th,1988 / valencia nacionality spanish contact +34.622.89.27.89

profesional experience_ from september 2013 january 2012 to june 2012 january 2011 to august 2011 february 2010 to july 2011

freelancer and co-founder of RedLamp.archdesign internship in Brito.Rodriguez Arquitectura (lisboa), with FARO Global internship in v-architekten gmbh (köln) architecture’s web blog administrator of Pencil (

academic formation_ august 2012 to february 2013 academic exchange in belo horizonte (brasil), with PROMOE EAD, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais september 2010 to july 2011 academic exchange in köln (germany), with Erasmus Fakultät für Architektur, Fachhochschule Köln septiembre 2006-julio 2013 architecture degree ETSAV, Universitat Politècnica de València

languages_ spanish, català mother languages english, german, portuguese fluent in speaking, writing and comprehension

technical knowledge_ good knowledge microsoft office, adobe photoshop, adobe indesign, adobe illustrator, autodesk autocad, archicad, vectorworks, sketchup, artlantis basic knowledge rinoceros, autodesk 3d studio

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