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Carrollton, Texas Orthopedic Physicians and Surgeons

Orthotexas, Carrollton Is The Leading Group Of Orthopedic  Surgeons, Physicians, Occupational Therapists And Spine  Surgeons.

Get Comprehensive Treatment For Various Orthopedic  Problems Like Arthritis, Spine Injury, Back Pain And  Impaired Functioning Of Hip, Knee, Foot, Ankle,  Shoulder, Elbow.

Specialties   Physical Therapy   Sports Rehabilitation and General Orthopedics   Hand Therapy   Custom Splinting   Functional Capacity Evaluations   Work Conditioning   Aquatic Therapy   Alter G   Nutrition Therapy

Doctors/Â Physicians

Carrollton TX Location 4780 North Josey Lane  (N. Josey Lane and FM 544/Parker Rd) Carrollton, TX 75010

Call OrthoTexas At: (972) 492­1334

Visit OrthoTexas At:

Orthopedic Physicians and Surgeons in Carrollton, Texas  

Get comprehensive treatment for various orthopedic problems like Arthritis, Spine Injury, Back Pain and Impaired Functioning Of Hip, Knee, F...

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