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Why Opt For Knee Arthroscopy


Have you heard about the ACL reconstruction treatment? Why it has a direct relation with your ability to walk or climbing steps? Read the information given below to know more about knee injuries and find out how it can be treated. What is ACL? Human knee is a structure that is supported with four ligaments namely the medial collateral (MCL), lateral collateral (LCL), anterior cruciate (ACL) and posterior cruciate (PCL) ligaments. It has an integral role in the knee stability which also control the back and forth movement of our lower leg. When You Need Knee Arthroscopy? ACL injuries have been increasing on higher rates nowadays. Sudden change in direction or pivot that occur during sports or fitness sessions can result in ACL tear and sprain. Whenever a fracture or injury is diagnosed in the knee’s anterior cruciate ligament, it is essential to carry out the arthroscopy procedures.

What are the main symptoms of an ACL tear? Patients may feel intense pain in knees while walking or movement. Moreover sometimes they can heard a loud sound when they move, which leads to unbearable pain. If not treated in right manner, pain and swelling would continue to trouble the patient, making it extremely difficult for the person to walk or move. What is the treatment for repairing the torn ACL? No need to bother, you don’t have to go for any knee or hip replacement. acl reconstruction can ensure lasting solution for injury, but only if the patient follow the physical therapy and rehabilitation session effectively.

No matter whether it is about knee realignment or hip replacement, don’t hesitate to discuss your concerns in detail with your orthopaedic surgeons so that they can help you with ideal treatments and medications.

Why opt for knee arthroscopy  

Arthroscopy surgery is done by a panel of expert surgeons. We are specialist orthopedic surgeon with surgical interests for knee surgery in...