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Vehicle Routing and Dispatch

An Advanced Planning Solution for Dispatch and Execution of Vehicle Routes

Safeguard the cost effectiveness of your operations...

The challenge ORTEC Routing and Dispatch Transport and logistics is a dynamic environment. One in which punctuality, reliability and customer focus are paramount. One in which businesses face the relentless challenge of meeting ever-rising customer expectations. And all while customer loyalty is more and more difficult to Planners and Dispatchers

KPI’s and Planned vs actual


Our solution

ORTEC Routing and Dispatch PDA/MDT ERP/TMS/WMS

ORTEC Routing and Dispatch is an advanced transport management application that can help you stay ahead of the game by meeting these challenges full on. It can help you safeguard the cost effectiveness of your operations in a highly competitive industry. It can help you strengthen collaboration between business units and within the supply chain, so you remain cost efficient. And it can help you do so with a proven, fit-for-

Tracking and Tracing

Planning and optimization in Transport and Distribution

growth solution that makes a priority of delivering a rapid return on your investment. How can we promise this? First, we have years of experience working with a multitude of transport and logistics companies. Second, no one else can match our commitment to delivering the best routing product for the industry. Our customers include retailers, shippers, fourth party logistics providers (4PL) and logistics service providers (LSP). They know that our solution caters for every transportation requirement: lessthan-truckload (LTL), groupage, bulk/liquid (compartmentalized), container trucking, intermodal, network providers, distribution, and express. They know that ORTEC Routing and Dispatch is a powerful tool that delivers a competitive advantage that goes beyond the capabilities of what ERP, TMS or WMS systems can provide.

Plan Process input



Capacity Planning

Vehicle Routing and Dispatch

Route Scheduling  

Resource Assignment

Dispatch & Follow up

Management Reporting

...with a proven, fit-for-growth solution that makes a priority of delivering a rapid return on your investment Unique features

 A true multi-user, multi-environment, real-time planning and

dispatch application in a 24/7 environment

 Combine batch planning optimization with real-time execution

 Embedded optimization techniques with multiple options for

decision support (pick up delivery, distribution rounds,

 Centralized, scalable architecture supports both midsized local

multi-modal route generation, resource assignment, compartment

distribution companies and the large, multi-site operations of

assignment and optimal cleaning locations). These features are

logistics service providers, 4PL companies, shippers, and

displayed in batch plan mode as well as proposal mode.

and dispatch


 Flexible resource planning (i.e. truck, trailer, driver, chassis,

 Handles all logistics requirements: intermodal, LTL, container


 Scheduler functionality to take business variables into account,

trucking, network providers, car transport, and parcel express.

 Real-time event management with alerts for violated restrictions,

issue/event messages, and KPI monitoring

keep track of resource status, locations and orders, and

ensure that total multi-day planning is responsive while remaining


ORTEC Routing and Dispatch



Real time feedback mobile devices Planning/completion


Actual/recalculated data

Status/ Actual data

Adapt to events Invoicing Financial completion

Re-spin planning/ completion



Online tracking application

Vehicle Routing and Dispatch



“Our productivity has grown immensely, yet we still perform our scheduling activities using the same number of planners”

Additional features The ORTEC scheduler and optimizers also incorporates a huge range of business requirements, including:  Congestion pattern analysis that takes account of traffic

 Integration facilities turn ORTEC Routing and Dispatch into an

information to improve ETA accuracy.

operational planning dashboard. The ORTEC dashboard

 Flexible approach to time restrictions

combines all types of information and can receive and send

address, tariff, ferry sailing time, resource and other data. ORTEC

 Respecting regulations on driving time.

Routing and Dispatch also integrates with mobile devices

 Regulations on distribution of axle weight.

to share text messages, GPS positions, planned actions, and

 Hazardous route restrictions and length, width,

confirmations data.

 Separate integration layer - ORTEC Message Hub - facilitates

(also incorporated in the optimizer engine).

height and weight route restrictions.

 Cross-docking and consolidation of transport orders.

seamless integration between ORTEC Routing and Dispatch and

 The ability to incorporate compartment planning.

your existing architecture or ICT environment.

 Support for intermodal transportation.

 Road network editor enables you to update map data with useful

 Fleet cleaning and maintenance schedules.

information such as temporarily blocked roads, road designation

 Synchronous or asynchronous import and export of xml

changes (two-way to one-way), and new roads not yet shown on

the map.

files via SOAP web services, if required.

ORTEC Routing and Dispatch user interface



Vehicle Routing and Dispatch

“We generate more business with less capacity using ORTEC Routing and Dispatch”

 Audit trail of changes and security levels: System security levels

 Subcontractor payments using deviation reports: ORTEC Routing

can be set to restrict multiple users from viewing and changing

and Dispatch can store sub-contractor agreements for planned

certain data or planning information. Security levels can also be

routes as baselines and then use actual execution information

used to permit access to modify the GUI (graphical user

to produce reports that highlight any deviations. This enables you

interface). Any system changes made by users can be tracked

to add deduction fees for delayed delivery times, etc., or to

via an audit trail.

allocate bonuses where appropriate.

 Integration of Tactical Routing results: A useful feature of our

 GPS-based tracking and ETA recalculation, plus comparisons of

products is the seamless integration that makes it possible

to share data between solutions. ORTEC Tactical Routing allows

 Web client: Special solution to push real-time data to remote

you to create territories and distribute delivery routes evenly.

locations with limited network capacity so they have the same

The result of this tactical calculation can be entered into a

level of planning functionality as the rest of your locations.

timetable for operational planning purposes. Daily orders are

automatically assigned to territories or to the ‘milk rounds.’

planned routes versus actual routes driven.

“Now that all trip information is passed on automatically, and we have an overview of all statuses 24 hours a day, our service and quality level has also increased!”

Vehicle Routing and Dispatch



Your Benefits

Results + Horizontal collaboration increases because business units can share orders and resources. + Centralized planning reduces the number of empty miles leading to lower CO2 emissions. + Regular updates ensure you are always running the latest, innovative IT solutions,

business features, and optimizers.

+ Centralized deployment brings cost savings through having to maintain just one application

with a single interface between ERP/TMS applications and in-vehicle devices.

+ Transport costs decrease as a result of reduced distances, reduced driving time,

and increased vehicle utilization.

+ Less time required to plan and dispatch. + Route planning and vehicle costs are more transparent. + Greater capability to meet short-term requests (e.g. rush orders). + Quick simulation of alternate planning scenarios. + Results overview in graphical and tabular form. + Improved customer service with automatic inclusion of restrictions, such as delivery slots. + Strong ROI cases and references from the US, Europe and Asia Pacific.




Vehicle Routing and Dispatch

Our software solutions

SAP Integrated:

ORTEC Load Building for SAP ERP

Certified add-on to logistics optimization in SAP ERP with integrated carton, pallet and load space optimization, plus route planning and optimization

ORTEC Warehouse Execution for SAP WM

Certified add-on to Warehouse Management in SAP ERP for picking planning and control, including paperless picking

Windows applications:

ORTEC Load Building

Carton, pallet and load space optimization, plus order picking

ORTEC Routing and Dispatch

Route planning and optimization with a primary focus on real-time route planning and dispatching in a multiuser environment

ORTEC Route Scheduling

Route planning and optimization for logistics and field services

ORTEC Tactical Routing

Territory and delivery day optimization including individual route sequencing and the creation of trips while optimizing the utilization of resources

ORTEC Service Planning

Route planning and optimization for field services

Vehicle Routing and Dispatch



ORTEC world wide

About ORTEC ORTEC is one of the largest providers of advanced planning and optimization solutions and services. Our products and services fully optimize fleet routing and dispatch, vehicle and pallet loading, workforce scheduling, delivery forecasting, logistics network planning, and warehouse control. We offer stand-alone, custom-made and SAP速 certified and embedded solutions that are supported by strategic partnerships. Our 700 employees support over 1,800 customers worldwide from offices in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia Pacific.

The Americas United States Brazil

Europe: Germany France The Netherlands Belgium Italy United Kingdom Eastern Europe Scandinavia

World Wide: Australia Africa China

Want to learn more about our solutions? Contact us at:

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