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The Fastest Way to Grow Your Business

Do you…

…know which of your operations are efficient and profitable?

Are you…

…extracting every penny of revenue from your existing processes?

Can you…

…react quickly to new customer needs and emerging business opportunities?

The answer is probably no…

…unless you recently updated your processes with ORTEC.

Here’s why… Optimize all areas

Deploy only the solutions you need

ORTEC optimization solutions provide real-time

Whatever issue you are facing, ORTEC can help

visibility and transparency over the performance

you optimize it away. For more than 30 years, we

of your company. Whether adding real-time

have helped companies and institutions like yours

execution and proof of delivery to your daily

make informed, fact-based decisions based

operations, integrating outbound and inbound

on thorough analysis, modern technology, and

using a single solution, or mapping how your fleet

the newest optimization techniques. With our

is really being employed within your supply chain,

solutions you can benefit from efficient, real-time,

our experts can help you identify and quantify

real-world control over your resources.

these and other optimization opportunities, and define your overall strategy.



now Wondering what we could do for you? Turn the page now to discover more about how we optimize different worlds.


Optimize your supply chain design

Optimize your tactical routing

ORTEC Supply Chain Design enables you to

ORTEC Tactical Routing enables you to optimize

perform a strategic and tactical analysis to

your store/home deliveries by creating seasonal

determine your best possible supply chain

distribution plans that align fleet size and



You can use ORTEC Supply Chain Design to:

You can use ORTEC Tactical Routing to:

 identify your best suppliers and most profitable

 create optimized, robust master plans for store and home deliveries

customers  respond quickly to changes in transportation

 run what-if scenarios for fact-based decisionmaking support to create distribution models

cost structures  incorporate new markets in your supply chain

 identify the most efficient assignment of product groups and stores to distribution centers

 create a robust supply chain that will accommodate change

 calculate optimal delivery days, territories, and time slots

Optimize your warehouse control

 balance the workload per day and per resource

ORTEC Warehouse Control & Optimization guarantees optimal use of storage capacity

and throughput by enabling the fully automated

ORTEC Routing & Dispatch enables you to

scheduling and execution of single and multi-

optimize your daily operations by dynamic

product pallets.

scheduling of deliveries, resources and loads.

You can use ORTEC Warehouse Control and

You can use ORTEC Routing & Dispatch to:

Optimization to:

 optimize the planning of your transportation

 optimize the intake of frozen and other goods

tasks, while taking into account relevant

and the storage and physical handling of pallets and goods in the warehouse, and the collection

restrictions and constraints  manage and assign your resources to improve

of goods loaded on the trailer  maximize throughput for order picking

Optimize your routing and dispatch

your efficiency  integrate mobile solutions and onboard

“Based on the successful piloting of

processes with high volume output by optimal

computers to easily deal with last minute

ORTEC, with solid cost savings and

storage, retrieval, and staging

changes to orders, and so guarantee the

service improvements, we are happy

 easily buffer night or weekend production

highest level of service to your customers

to announce ORTEC as our partner

peaks, sequencing vehicle loads, time-

 get an enterprise-wide view of your planning

for the transportation optimization

dependent pathways, and cross docking as

solution at Tesco.”




The fastest way to grow your business

and performance  

... The Fastest Way to Grow Your Business

Optimize your business with ORTEC Advanced Planning & Scheduling solutions ORTEC advanced planning solutions enable you make optimal use of all your resources by creating better, smarter and faster plans. Our solutions are designed to handle big data while dealing with all kinds of constraints, criteria, and parameters. You can use them to efficiently plan and control your operations, from multi-year strategic planning to daily planning and execution. But that’s not all. Additional benefits include a better insight into your expected and actual demand, the availability of people and resources to meet it, faster decision making as a result of lastminute changes, and improved communication between all parties regarding the planning and status of your business processes.

Optimize your workforce

Discover the benefits other ORTEC users are

ORTEC Workforce Scheduling enables you to

enjoying: increased customer service through more

create and process accurate shift schedules that

reliable delivers, substantial savings in labor costs,

meet all applicable constraints, criteria, and other

and more efficient freight and truck movements that


help the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

You can use ORTEC Workforce Scheduling to:

ORTEC planning and optimization software can be

 determine cyclical rosters that take into account

easily added to any ERP/TMS/WMS system and is

employee preferences, employee qualifications, and labor regulations  generate crew rosters, workstation assignment, and holiday planning  easily deal with ad hoc planning disruptions resulting from sickness or unanticipated work  support your entire workforce management process

fully embedded in SAP®.

“All in all, the implementation process was extremely swift and I can say that this has been one of the most successful improvement projects of We achieved incredible improvements in productivity and could also deploy our workers more effectively.”

The fastest way to grow your business



ORTEC world wide About ORTEC ORTEC is one of the world’s largest providers of advanced planning and optimization solutions and services. We offer standalone, custom-made and SAPŽ-certified and embedded solutions supported by strategic partnerships. ORTEC has over 1,800 customers worldwide and 700 employees in offices in Europe, North America, South America, and the Pacific Region.

Global and local customers Local and global projects are our daily business and we continuously incorporate best practice techniques from all over the world. ORTEC customers in retail and consumer packaged goods are household names. We work for example for Arla Foods, Velux, DSV, Carlsberg, AB Vassilopoulos (Delhaize Group Greece), Tesco (UK & global), Albert Heijn (NL), Walmart (U.S.) and X5 (Russia).

ORTEC Offices The Americas Brazil United States

Europe: Belgium Denmark France Germany Italy Netherlands Poland Romania United Kingdom

Pacific Region: Australia China Singapore

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