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Mongolia Renewable Energy Futures & Green Development 4 June 2013, Ulaanbaatar As part of the 2013 World Environment Day events sponsored by the Office of the President of Mongolia & the United Nations Environment Programme

Монголын Сэргээгдэх Эрчим Хүчний Хэтийн Төлөв & Ногоон Хөгжил 2013 оны 6 дугаар сарын 4, Улаанбаатар

ORRO.CO Brought to you by ornstein + römer ltd. and in partnership with the Government of Mongolia, the United Nations Environment Programme, the Ministry of Environment & Green Development of Mongolia and the Ministry of Energy of Mongolia For more information contact:

Mongolia Renewable Energy

‘clean energy is necessary to allow future generations new choices’

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‘an innovative event supporting Mongolia’s energy goals’

Green Development

Mongolian Renewable Energy Futures & Green Development developed for the UNEP 2013 World Environment Day

Mongolia Renewable Energy Futures & Green Development is a completely new kind of event, one that explores the relationship between renewable energy and green development in Mongolia where there is a potential to redefine rational and sustainable growth. As part of the United Nations Environment Programme’s events to promote the 2013 World Environment Day, Mongolia Renewable Energy Futures & Green Development will demonstrate to the world Mongolia’s commitment to the environment and clean, renewable energy. Our Keynote addresses from distinguished local government officials, senior industry executives and influencers from throughout the region will reveal and promote emerging green energy development opportunities. At Mongolia Renewable Energy Futures & Green Development, new initiatives will be conceived and deals will be done. You will have the chance to connect with partners and share novel ideas for the energy sector. This immersive event showcases the value of transformative thinking in new growth markets. Participants will leave this event with practical advice and working tools to apply a creative approach to energy. Mongolia’s rapid economic growth combined with its commitment to clean energy make it an ideal host for Mongolia Renewable Energy Futures & Green Development. The Gobi Desert has already been identified as a strategic global warehouse for renewable energy, both wind and solar. A rich debate has begun in Mongolia on how to sustainably develop these resources. This event sits at the nexus of energy and green development, where leaders create solutions to energy challenges to support sustainable growth. This first-of-akind conference in Ulaanbaatar will give its partners and sponsors a strategic voice and input into the development of Mongolia’s Green Economy. To assist the debate, Mongolia Renewable Energy Futures & Green Development has attracted an active international audience of financiers, suppliers and sector leaders to share concepts and learn about the local opportunity. Our event is differentiated by theme and design to make the experience valuable, interactive and fun. We look forward to seeing you in Ulaanbaatar in June.

ORRO.CO Ornstein + Römer LTD was founded by Ornstein LTD and Managing Director, Christopher Römer. These entities share a common belief that creativity will insure a sustainable future for the next generation. We facilitate the “ideas of the future” through our events.

ORRO.CO Speakers: S.OYUN Minister Ministry of Environment & Green Development JIGAR SHAH Partner Inerjys, former CEO of the Carbon War Room E.ZORGIT Ecology & Environmental Policy Advisor Office of the President of Mongolia R.BADAMDAMDIN President Mongolian Wind Energy Association M.ANGARAG Head of Renewable Energy Division Ministry of Energy T.SUKHBAATAR Chairman Mongolian Energy Association R.MYAGMAR Head of the Executive Office National Committee T.NGUYEN Resident Representative for Mongolia International Finance Company B.ALTANGEREL Director National Renewable Energy Center JIM DWYER Executive Director The Business Council of Mongolia B.NAMKHAINYAM Professor National University of Science & Technology D.ACHIT-ERDENE President Mongolia International Capital Corporation

New Influential Speakers being added everyday!

03 June 2013

04 June 2013  Mongolia’s renewable energy day governmental invit ees global thought leaders

(international arrivals)

05 June 2013 World E nvironment Day

Registration: Registration:Meet Meetatatbuses busestotoleave leavefrom fromSukhbaatar SukhbaatarSquare Square

We are here! One great day, many events… International renewable energy delegates arrive in Ulaanbaatar

0730  Off-site Visits

Corporate CorporateBreakfast BreakfastMeetings Meetings

Government & Media tour of the $120M Salkhit Wind farm or green development in Ger Districts.

Many thanks to New Friends!

1200  Return to Ulaanbaatar 1215 1215GTL GTLLuncheon Luncheon 1215 1215Invitee InviteeBreak Break

Sponsor Sponsoropportunity opportunitytotodiscuss discuss projects with projects withGTL GTLdelegates delegates

Registration: Registration:State StateHouse, House,north northside sideofofSukhbaatar SukhbaatarSquare Square

1400  Welcome Keynote Address Keynote Address from UNEP & Mongolian Government Keynotes Mongolian MongolianTechnology TechnologyDemonstration DemonstrationI I

Welcome Welcomeatatlocal localHotel Hotel

1800  Early Registration 1900  Social Time UB UBConnection ConnectionCocktail Cocktail Cocktails Cocktailswith withinternational international delegates delegatestotoopen openthe theevent. event. Artistic displays! Artistic displays! * Details subject to change.

*Please join us for the GTL after-event to celebrate this unique day and UNEP activities

1445  Energy Futures Fireside Chat Featuring International Keynote Jigar Shah & Local Leaders

1515 1515 Coffee Coffee+ +Exploration: Exploration:a atime timetotonetwork networkand andreflect reflect

1535  Panel I Wind Energy Opportunity Mongolian IB driven panel where local dignitaries review local wind energy 1600  Panel II Solar Energy Opportunity Mongolian II IIreview local solar energy BCM curatedTechnology panel whereDemonstration local dignitaries Mongolian Technology Demonstration

1640  Closing Keynote Address

Closing Address from S.Oyun, Minister of Environment & Green Development

1900 1900Environment EnvironmentEvening Eveningin inSukhbaatar Sukhbaatar Square* Square*

Sponsored Sponsoredbybythe theMinistry MinistryofofEnvironment Environment&&Green GreenDevelopment Development

With international and domestic press staff invited, and Government & UNEP VIPs participants

Global Thought Leaders Luncheon  Salon on Renewable Concessions The Global Thought Leaders (GLT) Luncheon is your unique opportunity to review Mongolia’s extensive renewable inventory and new government concessions with those people who will drive these projects in Mongolia. Key addresses will be delivered by M.Angarag, Head of Renewable Energy Division at the Ministry of Energy, and Jigar Shah, Renewable Energy Capitalist. Staff members form the Renewable Energy Division who specialize in concessions will be in attendance to answer questions about pending new projects as well as local leaders in the Mongolian renewable energy sector. This five star closed luncheon is being hosted by ORRO.CO at in Sky Lounge at the Blue Sky Hotel and is not to be missed by businesses that will participate in the Mongolian renewable energy sector.

Mongolia Renewable Energy Futures & Green Development As part of the 2013 World Environment Day events sponsored by the Office of the President of Mongolia & the United Nations Environment Programme, ORRO.CO is managing this unique energy conference at the Mongolian State House. Global Thought Leaders will have reserved access to join other governmental invitees and press and hear discussions on the future of Renewable Energy in Mongolia. Keynote address will be delivered by the Minister of Energy and the Minister of Environment & Green Development. Additionally, there will be technology presentations, panels and a first-of-kind fireside chat with UNEP’s Achim Steiner & Jigar Shah.

Off-site Visits 1  Media Tour of the Salkhit Wind Farm On a first-come, first-serve basis, Global Thought Leaders can participate in the governmental sponsored media tour of Newcom Group’s Clean Energy $120M Salkhit Wind Farm. Visitors will get a first look at this internationally renowned 50 megawatt renewable energy project which will provide Mongolia’s central grid with approximately five percent of its energy needs. This eco-friendly plant, 70Km from the City, will save Mongolians 150,000 tons of coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 180,000 tons annually. This tour is scheduled for the morning of June 4 th, and ORRO.CO transportation will take participants from Ulaanbaatar to the Wind Farm, with a return for the luncheon.

Off-site Visits 2  Tour of Ger District Green Development Working with the Office of the President of Mongolia’s National Committee on Reducing Air Pollution in the Capital, Global Thought Leaders can participate in a tour of Ulaanbaatar’s famed Ger Districts where the government is concentrating efforts to abate pollution. A Ger is a traditional Mongolian portable tent that is still used today and these districts are expanding significantly as many families have left the countryside in search of job. Innovative projects include gasification and coking infrastructure pilots to reduce air pollution, as well as greening and education outreach. This tour is scheduled for the morning of June 4 th, and ORRO.CO transportation will take participants from Ulaanbaatar to the district, with a return for the luncheon.

Closing keynote address The Leader of the Civil Will Green Party, S.Oyun, was elected as minister of Nature, Environment and Green Development of Mongolia.S. Oyun, is a prominent Mongolian politician. She has been a Member of Parliament of Mongolia (State Great Khural) since 1998. In 2003, Oyun was selected as a Young Global Leader (YGL) by the Davos World Economic Forum (WEF). Oyun was born in Ulaanbaatar in 1964. In 1987 she finished her studies in geochemistry at the Charles University of Prague. In 1996 she earned a PhD in geology from the Department of Earth Sciences at University of Cambridge. Afterwards, she began working for a multinational mining company called Rio Tinto.After the murder of her brother S. Zorig, a Mongolian pro-democracy leader, in November 1998, she entered politics. She won the by-elections in her brother's constituency in Dornod, the birthplace of their father Sanjaasuren. In March 2000, she founded the Civil Will party. She also served as the Vice-Speaker of Parliament (between 2004-2005) and the Minister of Foreign Affairs (between 2007-2008). Besides Mongolian, Oyun speaks Russian, English, and Czech. On the issue of clean energy funding, Dr. S.Oyun stated “Generally, it is more preferable to support projects and programs that fall within the Ministry’s scope of operations and objectives. We do not have to accept and initiate projects just because they are coming as donations; we have to prioritize our own goals. In my opinion, the question of water management, reforestation, and pollution eradication should be the top of our goals. Also, we will also place great importance and priority on global warming and its accompanying rules and regulations” . – The UB Post, October 2012

Partnering to promote environmental awareness

“Our government has shown its commitment to positive environmental actions, not just with words but with concrete action,” said Mr. Tulga Buya, Vice Minister of Environment and Green Development, “so we seized the opportunity to host World Environment Day with both hands” * Jigar Shah speaks to the Carbon War Room’s Creating Climate Wealth conference in 2010 (Inerjys).

international keynote address Jigar Shah founded SunEdison, a company that developed a way to build corporate and government solar installations by securing agreements to purchase the resulting electricity. His financing model for SunEdison is credited with pioneering the recent acceleration in solar panel installation. In 2009 it was acquired for $200 million. His most recent positions include CEO of Richard Branson's nonprofit climate-change initiative the Carbon War Room, where he serves on the board, and President of the Coalition for Affordable Solar Energy. Today, Mr. Shah is a partner at Inerjys, a $1 billion fund that invests in clean energy via growth capital and project finance. Mr. Shah, an expert on clean energy funding and a world renowned global speaker, will address the liquidity challenge for Mongolian clean energy projects and technology. Mongolian banks have extended limited credit to clean energy projects. Private equity, both local and foreign, has receded and the Clean Development Mechanism offers little financial leverage with record low carbon trading levels. Come hear how some of the world’s experts are using creativity to open this liquidity trap. On the issue of clean energy funding, [Shah] argues that the choke point is not in developing new breakthrough technologies, as some investors believe. Rather, he says, it's in finding "breakthrough deployment" models that would move technologies into widespread commercial use. – Technology Review, June 2012 On the issue of recent US solar tariffs, Mr. Shah stated, “[W]e remain concerned about the growing global trade war, which will only hurt American solar industry jobs, growth and consumers,” - Forbes, October 2012 Fireside Chat: ORRO.CO is working with its keynote speakers to introduce its fireside chat concept

* Jigar Shah speaks to the Carbon War Room’s Creating Climate Wealth conference in 2010 (Inerjys).


Nomadism (and in particular nomadic herding of livestock) and Buddhism are the two most important influences on Mongolian culture. While most Mongolians are now settled into urban areas, a significant number of citydwellers nonetheless continue to live in gers, traditional round wood and felt tents that were specifically designed for the nomadic lifestyle. Mongolian cuisine is influenced by the country’s herding tradition, and thus based largely around meat and milk products. Traditional staple dishes include a variety of mutton dumplings such as buuz as well as khushuur, which are deep fried meat pies. Popular traditional drinks include milk tea and airaig, a lightly alcoholic fermented mare’s milk.

* The content for this page was derived from the groundbreaking THE REPORT Mongolia 2012 For those with serious interest, a copy of this report can be purchased at www.oxfordbusinessgroup/country/Mongolia

National Government

Having ended decades of communist rule in 1990, Mongolia is governed by a mixed president-parliamentary system. Candidates for the presidency are nominated by the single chamber, 76-seat parliament, known as the State Great Khural, and elected by popular vote for a maximum of two four-year terms. The president acts as the head of state and chief of the armed forces and is obliged to appoint as prime minister the candidate presented to him by the parliamentary majority.


Given the large size of the country, the weather varies significantly. Generally, the climate is an extreme continental one, thanks to its landlocked status and distance from the sea. In Ulaanbaatar – one of the coldest capital cities in the world – the coldest month on average is January, where temperatures fluctuate between a daily average of -32°C and -19°C .

Natural Resources

Mongolia is administratively divided into 21 regions, known as aimag, with the capital city, Ulaanbaatar, operating as an independent municipality. Each province elects a local khural to parliament and is sub-divided into administrative regions (sums) that have local representative bodies.

Agriculture, and particularly herding – around which many of the country’s traditional activities and the semi-nomadic culture is centered – are important contributors to the economy. However, the scale of the activities is primarily focused at the national level. As a result, it is the mining and extracting sector that is emerging as the key driver of both exports and foreign investment.


Rising Tide

Local Government

The current estimated size of Mongolia’s population is just under 3m (growing at an annual rate of 1.49%), making it the 134th-largest country by population. Its small population, combined with Mongolia’s vast geographical size, makes the country the least densely populated nation in the world.

Mongolia’s commodities surge is expected to boost the country’s other industries, many of which are small now but should benefit from GDP growth rates as high as 20% annually. The banking sector, for example, is as of yet too small to service the mining sector’s massive capital requirements, but an influx of mining money will provide liquidity through other channels.

Mongolia: able to reimagine clean energy “…our blue planet is dauntingly browning…Mongolia can offer the solution. Mongolia can produce clean and renewable energy and offer it to the world.” President Elbegdorj

2011 GDP Growth: 14.9%17.3% Annual energy consumption growth : 8%-10%

Promising Opportunities for Solar Projects Promising Opportunities for CCS Projects Promising Opportunities for Wind Projects

Grassland conversion & Biomass harvest (42%)

Promising Opportunities for Hydroelectricity

Industry (1+%)

Fuel Combustion (57%)

CO2 emissions by sector 1994 – Institute of Meteorology & Hyrdology (by%) CCS Success is leveraged on its ability to focus on concentrated CO 2 sources (Li et Al. 2009)

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Mongolia renewable energy furtures & green development - 04 June 2013  

Mongolia Renewable Energy Futures & Green Development is a completely new kind of event, one that explores the relationship between renewabl...

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