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New College Commemoration Ball 2010

Designed by Orrin Ward

Contents Committee Acknowledgements General Information The Corrupt Coterie The City Gates The Inferno The Gardens The Cave of the Golden Calf Heddon Street The Attic Dances of Death Duff Cooper’s Drawing Room Lady Diana’s Boudoir The Vault The Persian Party Cabaret Club The City Limits Breakfast Sponsors Order of Events Map

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Committee President Rollo Hoare Treasurer Jennifer Dick Secretary Marjolijn Scherpenhuijzen Creative Director James McNiven Young Assistant Creative Alex Clibbon Music Eleanor Beaudry


Food and Drink Felicia Jennings Shaan Sahota

Marketing and Sponsorship Cordelia Shackleton Zoe Smith

House Clio Adam

Logistics Stephen McGlynn

Assistant House James Kennedy

Website Abhi Ghosh

Technical Jan Matern

Advisor Rob McInerney

President's Welcome As the President of the Committee, I am delighted to welcome you all to the New College Commemoration Ball 2010 and I would like to thank you for joining us this evening. This is the night where we finally get to share with you the plans and preparations of the last few months. Whatever your tastes, we are certain there will be something here for you and we are thoroughly looking forward to seeing you have a fantastic time. From the Champagne Reception to the Survivors’ Photograph, this programme contains all the information you need to navigate your way through the enormous variety of sights, sounds and foods on offer this evening. So please join us inside once the gates of the City Walls open to drink, dine and dance until dawn. Have a wonderful night! Rollo Hoare President

Acknowledgements The Committee would like to thank the following people for all their help and support: The Warden and Fellows of New College, Sir Curtis Price, Caroline Thomas, Michael Burden, David Palfreyman, Ruth Harris, David Parrott, The Chapel Committee, Robin Lane-Fox, Brian Cole, Jak Knightson, James Weller, Brendan Greehy, Derek Finlay, Chris Conway, Sue Fisher, Tom Franklin and the Porters, Joan Fraser, The Development Office, Paul Roper, Richard Kelly, Buchannan Events, Anniversary Marquees, Delightfully Lavish Events, John McLean and DieHard Productions, Nick Gladwin, Ant Fu, Lee-Anne Gould, Alex Dickens, Giles Looker, Kevin Armstrong, Soulshakers, Crucial Cuisine, Hayman’s Fishery, White Horse Brewery, Annabel Wade, Jennifer Edmunds and all the supportive friends of the Committee. Additional thanks to Orrin Ward for designing the programme.


General Information The following guidelines have been established to protect the safety and enjoyment of all guests. Please bear them in mind at all times; we thank you for your co-operation. Should you have any questions, please go to the Porters’ Lodge (marked on the map), or ask any Committee member. SECURITY Please keep your wrist bands securely attached and visible all night for spot-checks by security personnel. Any individual without a securely fastened wristband will be escorted to the Porters’ Lodge and ejected from the Ball. If you wish to leave the Ball before 4.30am, please exit through the gates onto Holywell Street. Please note that there is strictly NO RE-ADMISSION without prior written consent. FIRE SAFETY Please note that there is strictly NO SMOKING during the champagne reception. After this there will be no smoking with the exception of the designated smoking area in the central lawn of Holywell quad. Those found breaching these rules may be ejected from the Ball. Please dispose of any used cigarettes and matches with care, in the ashtrays provided. In case of fire, or if the fire alarm sounds, please exit the Ball via the nearest fire exit and take direction from members of the Committee and Fire Stewards. The Fire Assembly point is the Garden. If you are told by a Fire Steward that a marquee or room has reached its fire safety capacity, please respect the safety of others and do not enter the room until it is less full. FURTHER SAFETY ISSUES We would request that you take care to keep footwear on at all times, and to be mindful with glassware. FIRST AID The Red Cross can be found in the JCR, entrance in Garden Quad.


NUT ALLERGIES Please be aware that we cannot guarantee our food will be free from nut traces. The committee will not be held responsible for any allergic reactions suffered. STROBE LIGHTING Strobe lighting may be used in the main marquees and stages. CLOAKROOM Items of clothing may be stored in the portable cloakrooms, as indicated on the map. The Committee accepts no responsibility for items left in these cloakrooms; please keep all valuables with you at all times. LOST AND FOUND Please report to the Porters’ Lodge. WHEELCHAIR ACCESS The majority of college is wheelchair user-friendly, though we regret that there are some areas which, due to the fabric of the College, may be difficult to access. If you require any assistance please contact a Committee member. SOFT DRINKS AND WATER Soft drinks and water will be available behind every bar as well as a selection of virgin cocktails at the cocktail bar. DISCLAIMER We reserve the right to eject any individuals who are deemed by any College Porter, Committee member, Security Staff or the Licensee to be acting in a way detrimental to the enjoyment of other guests or to be behaving inappropriately towards workers, performers or committee members. All decisions to remove a guest from the Ball, taken by any of the above persons, are final and will not be subject to appeal. The Committee accepts no liability for personal injury or loss incurred by guests through their own personal negligence, or any loss of personal property. The Committee reserve the right to alter any detail of the Ball displayed in this programme.


Introducing the Corrupt Coterie

‘Night by night, during the summers of 1913 and '14, the entertainments grew in number and magnificence. One band in a house was no longer enough, there must be two, three even. Electric fans whirled on the top of enormous blocks of ice, buried in banks of hydrangeas. Never had there been such displays of flowers: lolling roses and malmaisons, gilded, musical-comedy baskets of carnations and sweet-peas, huge bunches of orchids, bowls of gardenias and flat trays of stephanotis lent an air of exoticism. Mounds of peaches, figs, nectarines and strawberries at all seasons, were brought from their steamy tents of glass. Champagne bottles stood stacked on the sideboards. And to the rich, the show was free.’- Osbert Sitwall The Corrupt Coterie were an infamous set of English aristocrats and intellectuals whose escapades filled the society pages of the national broadsheets. Duff Cooper, an alumnus of New College, and Lady Diana Manners, the most celebrated beauty in England, ranked among its members, as well as the scions of political and banking dynasties. The Coterie were known for their glittering parties and for frequenting nightclubs such as ‘The Cave of the Golden Calf ’- a hub of bohemian activity and first night club in London.


‘Our pride was to be unafraid of words, unshocked by drink and unashamed of "decadence" and gambling -- Unlike-Other-People, I'm afraid.' - Lady Diana Manners This year, for one night only, the Committee of New College Commemoration Ball transport you back to the forgotten era of extravagance and luxury that characterised pre-war Britain. Join the ‘Corrupt Coterie’ and recreate a night of the pure hedonism for which they were famous. Dance the night away in the Vault, sip a mouthwatering cocktail or sample exotic delicacies in our reconstruction of Duff Cooper’s London, 1910: the playground of the Coterie.


The City Gates As you sip fine Champagne and prepare yourself for the night ahead, enjoy our caricaturists, snake handler and magicians who will be mingling and hoping to entice and astonish. Be sure to visit our professional photographers and have your photo taken against the lavish backdrop of the wisteria before they move on to the Cloisters at 10:30pm. Savour the harmonies of our string quartet, led by Mark Seow, who will play you into the ball with an elegant serenade. The Sparkling Bar Delight in the finest French Champagne and sparkling wine served all night. Tonight we shall be serving Champagne Tradition from J.M. Tissier and Anne de Bourbon sparkling wine. Oysters These luxurious delicacies will be cut open before your eyes, and served on crushed ice with lemon and an array of hot sauces.



ns e d r a G The Scarlett in the Wilderness 21:30-22:30 Oxford's favourite Burlesque-tinged Gypsy Folk band, playing an amalgamation of folk, flamenco, ska, and blues, with heavy Eastern European, Balkan and Klezmer influences and rather divine corsetry. They tell tales of decadence and deviance, from murderous tangos to merry sea shanties, and there will definitely be dancing! The Cutaway 22:45-23:30 Fresh from the recent release of their EP, they’re a band who are reviewed as sounding like 'your ears smiling' with 'delicate acoustics and haunting harmonies.’ She'Koyokh Klezmer Ensemble 23:45-0:30 “The most cracking klezmer this side of Krakow.” She'Koyokh arean award-winning klezmer ensemble who play Klezmer, Gypsy, Balkan, Turkish and Oriental music. Plus, they played at Matt Lucas' civil partnership do! Teenagers in Love 0:45-1:30 Playing a more soft and soulful set, sip your drinks, start a conversation and let them relax you with their sweet sounds. Pdex 1:30-2:15 Turn-tablist extraordinaire, PDEX will be entertaining you with a hip-hop funk scratch set - this guy’s got some seriously impressive skills on the decks so don't miss it! Carpetface and Audible1 2:15-3:30 If their set in the Dances of Death left you hungry for more the boys are back to entertain you again! Hip-hop and beat-box.


New Men 3:30-3:45 New College's finest voices perform a mixture of classic a cappella and re-worked pop songs. Expect something fun and interesting from these scholarly choir boys. Kal Lavelle 3:15-3:30, 3:45-4:00, 4:30-5:30 An Irish-born singer songwriter now living in London. Her songs are instantly captivating and talk of love, loss and life. She was recently picked out as “one to watch” who “sings straight to your heart and leaves you breathless” by music promoters 'London Unplugged'. Close Stave 4:00-4:30 A barbershop group with a difference. Before their performance track these four down and request personalised barbershop-a-grams for your loved - or otherwise - ones...! The Cocktail Bar From the mixologists behind Mahiki and Whisky Mist, we bring our huge New College Commemoration Ball Cocktail Bar. Serving a selection of the finest cocktails made with only premium spirits, including Żubrówka Bison Grass Vodka and Mahiki Rum, and blended with fresh fruits. La Fée Absinthe Bar Truly the chosen tipple of the Coterie, absinthe has become infamous over the past century as a defining feature of bohemian culture. Tonight it will be served in the traditional way. Smoked Salmon Bar The finest Scottish salmon, oak smoked to give its distinctive flavour. Carved directly from the fish, this is a simple delicacy for you to savour with fresh bread and lemon juice, or naturally. Eton Mess No Oxford summer day is complete without this quintessential English pudding. Forget the raging debates about how it got its name, and simply enjoy the classic combination of meringue, strawberries and rich whipped cream.


In a dark corner of the Gardens, head into the secret passage and enter our cavernous recreation of the original nightclub. ‘A place given up to gaiety’, the Cave of the Golden Calf played host to the debauchery of the Coterie outside their private parties. For one night only, the Cave is brought back to life; continue the hedonism in our lavish night club, accompanied by a fusion of traditional sounds, hints of the Orient and a few favourite modern influences. Oxford University Jazz Orchestra 21:30-22:30 The longest running big band in Oxford University, playing a diverse repertoire of big band classics, contemporary jazz and their own compositions, and a previous winner of the BBC Big Band Competition. Motherfunk and the College of Cool 22:45-23:45 An 11-strong contemporary soul outfit with a killer rhythm section, vocals, sax, bass and plenty of brass to get you swinging! Magdalen Swing Band 0:00-1:00 Another of Oxford's premier big bands, playing swing, jazz, latin and funk for you to move your dancing feet to. Burlesque 1:15-1:45 Another set from the gorgeous girls of ‘Once Upon a Tease.’ See Cabaret Club for more details.


Ceilidh with Rockall 1:45-2:45 It's pronounced like the girl's name but don't let the spelling put you off - a ceilidh is a group folk dance led by a caller which is so much fun! Grab a partner and make sure you get involved, and girls - best to lose those heels! Silent Disco 3:00-5:45 Kid Fury: Resident on Oxford 107.9fm, the skilled Kid Fury is a DJ who has many accomplishments under his belt including having worked with the infamous Mr Hudson! Playing you classic dance hits, R ‘n’ B, hip-hop and dancehall to get the silent disco moving. Ham and Cheese: Pure cheese. Songs you know and love and will definitely want to sing along to, we’ll be fulfilling all your cheesy needs to keep you dancing until the Survivors’ Photo! Oxford Dancesport Oxford’s finest talent will be performing a range of dances from the elegant English Waltz to the vibrant Jive to help get your dancing shoes moving! Magicians A whole host of magicians will be present to astound and fascinate whilst you relax to the dulcet tones of the Jazz music. The Jazz Bar Keep things swinging with our wide range of tipples, including classic cocktails, wine and beer. Thai Green Curry Take a trip to the Orient with this exotic, Thai favourite. Flavours of coconut and lime balance out the traditional spices in either a chicken or vegetable curry, served on a bed of fragrant rice. Chocolate Fountain The decadent favourite; fine Belgian chocolate served hot and melted for you to enjoy with fresh fruit, marshmallows, fresh cream profiteroles and mini donuts.


Heddon Street Wander along bustling Heddon Street, the original site of ‘The Cave’. Sit and sample the numerous delicacies on offer in the glow of the streetlamps, visit our Tavern or just relax whilst being entertained by the local buskers: musicians, magicians and caricaturists. Midori Bar As the sun sets and darkness descends, help yourself to a Midori Mix Cocktail; its bright green colour and honeydew melon flavour may prove illuminating in more ways than one... Campari Bar The quintessence of elegance and sophistication, Campari is a bitter Italian aperitif, notable for its signature deep red hue. Enjoy it here in an Italian Mojito, a fresh and delicious twist on an old favourite. Sausage and Mash Take your pick from our sausages straight out of a traditional Edwardian menu: beef and Guinness, pheasant and pear, lamb and mint or tomato and basil. Served with creamy mashed potatoes and hot gravy. Crèpes The traditional French desert, freshly prepared before your eyes with a range of indulgent fillings. Mr Simm’s Old Sweetie Stall The humbug bar! Pick up a bag of Victorian style, boiled sweets, candy canes or toffee apples.


Ale Tavern Enjoy ‘the Cave of the Golden Calf Ale,’ a light summer ale custom brewed to mark this Commemoration Ball. The finest local cider and lager will be available for you to sample on tap. The Patisserie Indulge your sweet tooth with the finest baked goods: cookies from Ben, cupcakes from Maison Blanc and macaroons crafted by Ladurée, confectioners to Queen Marie Antoinette (who knew a thing or two about cake…) Yubba Yubba Doughnuts Old fashioned piped hot ring doughnuts cooked freshly and lathered in a “Sticky Chocolate Sauce Cornucopia.” Barbeque Beef, bacon and veggie burgers are all here for you to devour, or those with a taste for the outlandish can opt for the big game: kangaroo, ostrich and emu to name but a few… Pizzeria The Italian classic, freshly cooked for you in a stone based oven. Choose your toppings and have your favourite made to order for you.





Head down a cul-de-sac and climb up into our hidden attic casino where we’re sure the Coterie would hang out and play big. Test your luck at our Roulette table or showcase your skill in a game of Poker. Pick up some ‘money’ from the bank, head to the tables, cross your fingers and put it all on your lucky number.

Poker Roulette Blackjack Alex Yglesia A classically trained improv Jazz pianist, Alex spends his evenings entertaining stars from The Kooks to the England Rugby team but tonight he’s all yours. Hannah Jones Prepare to be soothed by the sultry tones of jazz singer Hannah Jones, who will be entertaining you periodically throughout the night.

Casino Bar - Need a gin and tonic to calm the nerves? A whole host of drinks are available at the Casino Bar.


Dances of Death ‘One band in a house was no longer enough, there must be two, three even.’ Osbert Sitwell Teenagers in Love 22:15-22:45 Bath's answer to Itchy Feet, Rock It!, these guys are perfect for 50s and 60s indie and motown classics.

Sidekick 22:45-23:45 This DJ duo will be mixing classics with well known samples, creating a live music mash-up extraordinaire! Carpetface and Audible1 0:00-0:30 If you like Beardyman, you'll love this multi-talented duo. Having supported the likes of Mr. Scruff and Kaiser Chiefs, these two definitely know how to get the party started. Stranger 0:30-1:15 Two-step, house, garage, UK funky and dubstep. Em Williams and Ed Steele 1:15-2:15; 4:45-5:15 From Simple and Eclectric, Em Williams and Ed Steele will be spinning back-to-back, playing tech-house, old-school house, disco and deep house to keep you grooving! Doctor Banker 2:15-3:15 One is a Doctor. One is a Banker. A high-energy live mash-up electro-house performance. Expect modern pop song samples over dirty electro, fidget and deep house. Toddla T 3:15-4:45 Resident DJ at Fabric who gigs all over the world. His vibrant taste in music encompasses hip-hop, electro, garage, dancehall and house - think high-energy summer rhythms that will definitely keep you dancing into the early hours! Joined by MC Trigganom tonight. The Beer Cellar A selection of wines and beers will be available to keep you moving through to the early hours. Photo booth Grab your friends and pile into our photo booth to get some ‘not so serious’ photos and have fun with our prop box...


Duff Cooper’s Drawing Room Escape the rigours of Heddon Street and relax around the fireplace in the Red Room - a gentleman’s paradise. Tarot Reader Want to find out how long the hangover’s going to last, or whether you’ll marry Jessica Alba? Our Tarot Reader will be on hand to answer all these questions and more. Caricaturists Make sure you get your portrait done as that special souvenir. Grab one of our caricaturists as they wander through the ball. Cheese Choose a slice from a range of the finest English and French cheese, with a biscuit. Red Wine The classic accompaniment to cheese, a selection of red wines will be on offer. Whisky Tasting A selection of the finest whiskies will be served allowing you to relax with a fine drink in hand.


Lady Diana’s Boudoir ‘Five minutes would see me painted and powdered and dressed (as I hoped) to kill...’- Lady Diana Manners With a slightly less frenzied feel, this is the location to head for some heavy pampering to keep you going through the night. Let our stylists from Mahogany touch up your hair for the long party ahead. No. 7 Cosmetics artists will be on hand with make-up for our guests. To complete the service, if your dress needs any attention, our seamstresses will be available to fix anything. Alternatively, if you need some time out from it all, our masseuses will be on hand, offering guests a variety of head, shoulder and foot massages. If you feel a little peckish whilst you’re being pampered, help yourself to a treat from our mountains of Ferrero Rocher scattered around the room.



Vau lt

As you explore the streets of 1910s London you’ll slowly notice that not everything is quite as it seems... Head into the bank to discover the largest and most exhilarating party yet, with Old Quad illuminated in the glow of our Main Stage which will be playing some of the biggest sounds around. The Cheek 22:30-23:15 This Suffolk indie-pop outfit are supporting Doves, are back at Glastonbury for a second year and have just finished recording an album with producer Ed Buller who has worked with Pulp and Suede - these guys are set to hit the big time. You may have heard their single 'Just One Night' on the radio and our main stage opener is not to be missed! Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs 23:30-0:00 Playing at all the coolest parties internationally, it's a silly name; but a great talent and an AMAZING sound. A live dance-meets-indie show of beats, bleeps, voice, maybe some guitar and whatever else comes to hand; every show is different but all have one thing in common - prepare to be blown away!


With a double-platinum album and a string of Number 1s under their collective belts, our Main Act is not to be missed, but we wouldn’t want to give it all away just yet... See you in The Vault at 12:35. Kins of Leon 2:00-3:00 The Kings’ little brothers are used to rocking out to audiences across Europe of over 30,000 people . Playing favourites such as ‘Sex on Fire’, the UK's number one Kings of Leon tribute band are here to round off our Main Stage in style. Main Stage Bar Take a moment away from the madness to take the weight off your feet and lubricate your vocal chords. Here you will find all your favourite spirit-mixers, VKs, and Becks Beer. Luxardo Sambuca Bar Your chance to sample some of the more outlandish flavours brought to you by Luxardo, the No. 1 Exporter of the Italian Star-Anise Liqueur. Flavours include Raspberry, Spiced Apple, Pomegranate and Cranberry, as well as the traditional White and Black Sambucas.


The Persian Party ‘The great galas of colour were being imitated even in private entertainments: fancy-dress balls became sumptuous and spectacular.’ Enter the ‘Persian Party’, a popular theme in 1910. Photographers Don’t miss out on getting your picture taken by our professional photographers in the beautiful surroundings of the Cloisters. Tea and Illy Coffee Thaw your hands and insides with a hot drink; ask for it strong if you need a midnight boost! Pastries Enjoy a selection of freshly baked pastries as you lie back and let our acoustic acts transport you a thousand miles away.


Exotic Showcase

The cloisters will play host to a variety of acts throughout the night. See the timetable for exact timings, but to whet your appetite, read on. She’Koyokh Klezmer Ensemble This award winning Klezmer band will be entertaining you with Gypsy, Balkan and Oriental music and will be hosting the exotic showcase here in the cloisters... Scarlett and the Wilderness They’re back with their epic sounds for an acoustic set in the beautiful setting of the Cloisters. Belly Dancer Escape to the Middle East as you relax in our Bedouin tent to the sounds and sights of our elegant and playful belly dancer. Paul Cree and Chimah Nsoedo: Poetry from Paul Cree and Chimah Nsoedo two well-versed spoken word artists hailing from London. Take the weight off your feet and be entertained in a more unusual fashion.


Cabaret Club S1L3NC3 22:10-22:50 An underground artist whose canvas is your mind. Presenting direct misconceptions & delusions. Altering people's perceptions of reasoning and belief. Described as ‘Magical, truly mind-blowing’ by Xavier of Justice, this magician isn’t to be missed. Contortionist 22:55-23:15 Marvel at our contortionist as she performs a fascinating act which culminates with her squeezing into a ridiculously small box. Having performed with the Cirque de Soir, this one’s sure to impress. Tom Lyon 23:20-23:50 Tom Lyon is a British escapologist and magician. Conjuror to Her Majesty the Queen, the youngest member of the Magic Circle and with numerous TV credits under his belt, tonight Tom will be performing a variety of astounding acts, culminating in the juggling of machetes over an audience member... Once Upon a Tease Burlesque 0:00-0:40 Exciting, sophisticated and naughty, the ladies of Once Upon a Tease will sing and dance their way into your hearts with a one-off cabaret show prepared especially for tonight.


The New College Comedy Show 0:50-1:50, 2:05-3:05 Oxford's favourite comedy club, The Free Beer Show, presents a night of award winning comedy from some of the best acts on the UK and International comedy scene. Abandoman - Ireland Hip Hop Improv Comedy Duo - Winner 2010 Hackney Empire Comedy Award Rob Broderick - Ireland Pete Johansson - Canada Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer Nominee 2009 John Robins - UK Star of BBC 6's Russell Howard Show Joe Lycett - UK Winner Best Newcomer at 2010 Chortle Comedy Awards Hypnotist: Martin Taylor 3:10-4:20 Martin will be performing ‘Hypnotism without Hypnosis’ in a set that promises to offer laughter, confusion and intrigue. Derren Brown describes the reactions to the show as ‘overwhelmingly ones of amazement and fascination: he’s easily the best on the circuit.’


The City Limits Slip outside the jewelled world of the Coterie to an area altogether more local. Tucked away in the shadow of the city walls, a cluster of stalls are offering a somewhat more colourful experience. Laser Tag Arena Need to run off some steam? Fancy yourself as the next James Bond? Get lost in the tunnels of our laser tag arena and test how long you can survive... Global Beer Bar The early years of the 20th century witnessed unprecedented levels of global interaction. Let us transport you Around The World In Eight Beers: from Mexico to Japan, from Belgium to Brazil, try something new and enjoy the foreign flavours on offer. Jägermeister Tent Let legend come to life in our Jägermeister tent, where this popular herbal liqueur is served in the authentic fashion at the jaw-dropping temperature of -22°C. Hog Roast A whole pig, slowly spit roasted and carved in front of you – old English flavours of pork, stuffing and applesauce handed to you in a bread roll. Vodka Luge As you emerge from the backstreets, experience a taste of the tundra: Ice cold Finlandia vodka, in Lime, Cranberry and Mango flavours, gushes out of a magnificent ice sculpture.


Breakfast As dawn breaks, join us in Old Quad for perfect end to the perfect night. Champagne, bacon and pastries will be on offer to help you welcome in the day, all set to the sonorous tones of the New Men. The Survivor’s Photo will be at 5:45am.


s r o s pon


5, Turl Street 01865248143 5, Market Street 01865790245 30, Little Clarendon Street 01865 552494 17, St. George Street, London 02076293121



Order of Events Start Time

The Gardens

21:30 22:00

Scarlett in the Wilderness

The Cutaway

1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00

Contortionist Tom Lyon

She'Koyokh Ensemble

0:30 1:00


23:30 0:00

The Cave of the Golden Calf

Opening Ceremony

22:30 23:00

Cabaret Club

Teenagers in Love

Once Upon a Tease New College Comedy Show Part I

Pdex Carpetface and Audible1 Kal Lavelle New Men Kal Lavelle Close Stave

New College Comedy Show Part II

Martin Taylor (Hypnotist)



Magdalen Swing Band Once Upon a Tease Ceilidh with Rockall

Silent Disco Kid Fury & Ham and Cheese

4:30 5:00

Motherfunk and the College of Cool

Kal Lavelle

Survivors Photograph

The Vault

The Attic

Persian party

Dances of Death

Opening Ceremony The Vault Opens The Cheek

Teenagers in Love Alex Yglesia Hannah Jones


Alex Yglesia Hannah Jones

Main Act

Alex Yglesia Hannah Jones Alex Yglesia

Kins of Leon

She'Koyokh Ensemble Belly Dancer Beat Poets Belly Dancer Scarlett in the Wilderness Beat Poets Belly Dancer

Sidekick Carpetface and Audible1 Stranger

Beat Poets

Simple and Eclectric Present

She'Koyokh Ensemble

Doctor Banker

Beat Poets She'Koyokh Ensemble

Toddla T

Simple and Eclectric Present New Men Survivors Photograph


Map The Cave of the Golden Calf

e s Lan



The At Ladies W.C Heddon Street

The Gardens

The Inferno Gents W.C n Lo ll

a gw

Cabaret Club et

re St

Holywell Street 31


Duff Cooper's Drawing Room Lady Diana's Boudoir The Vault

Dances of Death

New College Lane Persian Party

The City Limits

Holywell Street


Cave of the Golden Calf  

Programme created for Oxford University New College's Commemmoration Ball 2010. The artwork is intended to be a modern and colourful take o...

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