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: HP HP0-427


: Implementing & Supporting HP Storage Essentials v5.0

Version : R6.1    

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1. What are steps of the HP Storage Essentials v5.0 discovery process? Select THREE. A. Detail Scan: Scan for SAN topology, backup topology, and all available volumes. B. Unlock: At the end of the discovery, data flow in the storage network is re-enabled. C. Setup: Before the initial scan starts, an IP address or an IP address range must be specified. D. Topology Scan: On the second scan after initial scan, a tree shows all dependencies between devices. E. Hardware Scan: After the detailed scan has completed, a hardware scan starts to identify all available resources. F. License Scan: After the hardware scan has completed, a scan starts to identify all licensed and unlicensed server applications. Answer: ACD

2. What are optional HP Storage Essentials v5.0 plug-ins? Select THREE. A. Sybase Viewer B. Global Database Viewer C. Policy Viewer D. Chargeback Manager E. Oracle Viewer F. Performance Manager Answer: ADE

3. According to Gartner, which management processes are included in network storage administration? Select THREE. A. service management B. inventory management C. deployment management D. compliance management E. architecture management F. workflow management Answer: ACD    

4. What do the capacity and utilization reports display? A. host performance - CPU and memory usage B. file utilization - frequently used files and unused files which may be archived to tape or optical media C. storage utilization - thresholds set by the administrators that provide notification when additional storage capacity must be added D. host utilization - mounted and unmounted disks and percentage of used mounted disks Answer: D

5. What is the provisioning method in the HP Storage Essentials v5.0 Enterprise Edition? A. multi-action, host based - shows all current pools allocated by hosts and cannot be scheduled B. single-action, single-element - occurs in real time and cannot be scheduled C. SAN based - shows which hosts have allocated storage in a SAN and can be scheduled D. storage based - shows how many hosts have allocated capacity on a storage system and can be scheduled Answer: B

6. Which operating system is supported for an HP Storage Essentials management server? A. SGI IRIX B. Red Hat Linux Advanced Server (all 32 bit) C. Microsoft Windows (32-bit) D. HP-UX Answer: C

7. What are management server components of HP Storage Essentials v5.0? Select THREE. A. SAN Explorer B. Global Explorer C. Capacity Manager D. Application Viewer E. Chargeback Manager F. Performance Manager    

Answer: CDF

8. How does the integration of HP Storage Essentials with HP Systems Insight Manager improve efficiency? A. Infrastructure asset management is streamlined. B. Storageview presents discovery results directly in HP SIM. C. All discovered items are automatically stored in an Access database. D. Both HP Storage Essentials and HP Systems Insight Manager store their discovered information on a UNIX server. Answer: A

9. Which storage management problems can be addressed by implementing HP Storage Essentials? A. lower storage cost, shrinking IT budgets, overutilized storage B. uncontrolled storage growth, shrinking IT budgets, underutilized storage C. growing backup windows, overutilized storage, uncontrolled storage growth D. overutilized storage, uncontrolled storage growth, shrinking IT budgets Answer: B

10. What are the two components of the connector? A. MySQL connector which connects HP SIM to HP Storage Essentials; HP SIM connector which connects HP Storage Essentials to HP SIM B. Storage Essentials connector which connects HP SIM to HP Storage Essentials; HP SIM connector which connects HP Storage Essentials to HP SIM C. ODBC connector which connects HP SIM to HP Storage Essentials; HP SIM connector which connects HP Storage Essentials to HP SIM D. SE Database connector which connects both HP SIM and HP Storage Essentials to the database. Answer: B

11. What are additional functionalities of HP Storage Essentials v5.0 compared to v4.0? Select THREE. A. File System Viewer for HP-UX B. Oracle Viewer    

C. NAS Manager Module with NetApp support D. Management Appliance integration module E. Policy Manager F. integration with HP System Insight Manager Answer: ACF

12. What is an advantage of the custom implementation service for HP Storage Essentials compared to the standard implementation service? A. a customer orientation session B. product integration in an IT system management framework C. considerable service cost savings D. a standard solution designed to meet the needs of most customers' businesses Answer: B

13. Which features of Storage Essentials v5.0 include direct attached storage? Select TWO. A. display of ports in Performance Monitor B. display of connections in System Manager C. display of reachable ports in Path Provisioning D. schedule of provisioning tasks E. schedule of port performance data collection Answer: BD

14. When are management server events marked as "cleared"? A. every sixty minutes B. whenever the refresh button is used C. after the deletion and frequency time is set D. when the automatic delay time is completed Answer: D

15. Which HP Storage Essentials service must be running to enable connection to a management server?    

A. SIMService B. MSService C. Inet D. AppStorManager Answer: D

16. You created a new user account in HP Systems Insight Manager and assigned the required authorizations, HP Storage Essentials Tools, and a manageable system to it. What else is required before the user can manage the system? Select TWO. A. an access path B. restart of HP Storage Essentials C. a management agent D. restart of HP Systems Insight Manager E. an appropriate role Answer: BE

17. A customer environment consists of 1 x EVA8000 (8 ports total), 4 x 16-port Brocade switches, 20 HP-UX and Windows servers with 2 Fibre Channel connections each. What is the total amount of MAPs reported by the software? A. 48 B. 64 C. 92 D. 112 Answer: D

18. What must be assigned to allow the management server to send e-mail notifications? A. POP3 mail account B. SMTP server C. dedicated mailbox D. SNMP trap destination    

Answer: B

19. Where must user accounts be created to allow users access to the management server? A. at the domain server B. within HP Storage Essentials C. at the management server user admin tool D. within HP Systems Insight Manager Answer: D

20. What is the maximum number of SNMP trap destinations allowed in HP Storage Essentials? A. 3 B. 5 C. 10 D. 12 Answer: B 21. Which service must be stopped to allow the Database Admin utility to work? A. CIMManager B. CIMService C. OraService D. AppStorManager Answer: D

22. What must be entered into the browser when making secure access to the management server? A. https://<fqdn>:50000 B. managementserver.http://<machinename>:50000 C. https://localhost:50000 D. http://<machineIPaddress>:50000 Answer: A

23. Which backup mode must the management server be set to in order to perform an RMAN HOT backup?    

A. offline B. online C. archive D. hot Answer: C

24. What is the location of the backup when the "Backup Now" button is pressed? A. %ORA_HOME%\\rman\\archive B. %ORA_HOME%\\rman\\current C. %ORA_HOME%\\rman\\backup1 D. %ORA_HOME%\\rman\\backup2 Answer: B

25. Which security types determine if you can modify elements? Select TWO. A. zone-based B. permission-based C. role-based D. organization-based E. user-based Answer: CD

26. When scheduling reports, what should be done to ensure the report contains the most updated information? A. Perform a manual refresh before every scheduled e-mail report. B. Ensure e-mail reports are scheduled for delivery every six hours. C. Schedule e-mail reports soon after a report cache refresh. D. Schedule reports just before a report cache refresh. Answer: C

27. What must be installed to create customized reports?    

A. Report Customizer B. Report Generator C. Report Organizer D. Report Designer Answer: D

28. What is controlled by Data Rollup? A. which new data overwrites old data B. how old the data is C. when data is deleted D. how often a set of data is summarized Answer: D

29. What is a default privilege of the Storage Administrator role? A. File Server SRM B. System Manager C. Application Viewer D. System Configuration Answer: B

30. A customer with an EVA 5000 managed by a Storage Management Appliance (SMA), buys an EVA 6000 and wants to integrate it using the same SMA. What is required to integrate both EVAs into HP Storage Essentials? A. SMI-S for EVA3000/5000 B. SMI-S for EVA5000/6000 C. SMI-S for EVA3000/4000/5000/6000/8000 D. SMI-S for EVA3000/5000 and SMI-S for EVA 4000/6000/8000 Answer: C

31. Which documents provide information about HP Storage Essentials installation requirements? Select    

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