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Issue 66

Take on a New Lease of Life! It is great news when you get a new lease of life – but this does not always happen easily! Our central message is the good news :) , that Jesus Christ loves you, He is interested in your whole life – not just your Sundays, and He has a good plan for you!

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Mary House


Everything that we do seeks to encourage precious people from all groups of our society, in very practical ways, to say goodbye to failure and sadness and actively step towards a new chance and a victorious, purposeful future.

For mothers and babies in trouble

From our post box


Care Packages for Christmas


The year of 2018


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Örömhír Alapítvány

Örömhír Alapítvány – Good News Foundation, Orgovány, Hungary


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We find it important to strengthen this view of life from early childhood using our publications and programmes for children and adults. With our workers and dozens of volunteers we have been providing varied services all over the country since 1990: • temporary housing • charity and hands-on assistance • mentoring, counselling and recreation • conferences, lectures • communal and faith-life programmes • publishing work • working with the gypsy community, in particular, to provide educational and be havioural support

RESULTS motivate us because those who have a new lease of life: • believe, plan, implement • produce as well as consume • live for, and motivate change in others • form strong families, build the future • look to build a strong nation and have a positive impact on the world

We brought to life and published excellent novels for kids from native writers. We have a current programme under which we awarded a prize to successful applicants and asked them to complete novels that they have already started to write. Our Biblical workbooks for ages of 7-12 are available on request and at no cost.

The ultimate goal of our actions:

To see a new generation of Hungarians that is well-motivated, strong, viable and rooted in Christian faith.

Generations Z and Alpha

(those born after 1995 and 2010 respectively) We must learn to use the language of the generations growing up in a digital world in order to effectively communicate with each other. Hungary does have a future and we must build it together with them. To do this, first we must invest in them. Invest,

invest and invest. It’s a matter what sort of influences reach our children and youngsters. The world is facing hard times and our children need real mental strength to hold on.

It’s worktime We believe that we should develop some of our programmes but to do this first we must strengthen our work-teams in all departments. It’s time to work and there is more and more to do. There are open doors before us and we want to enter. Two of our projects are beginning to take-off: • Mary’s Home - where we accommodate mothers and children in trouble. • FireMEDIA - an opinion-forming media portal. Amongst other publications, we prepare and publish the influential Creation Magazine in Hungarian.

We expect to hear from people who have been given the new lease of life that we talk of, are dedicated to and by God, and wishing to join us as mission fellows. They can apply by email to iroda@oromhiralapitvany.hu by post or via personal contact. We await local workers, or people who move here, but we also have plenty of room for people to engage with our work outside of this area.

The Next Level We finance our work mainly from our own resources and donations. The running of existing projects, our expansion into new projects, an increase in the number of colleagues involved with us and the high inflation rate in Hungary over recent times has significantly increased our expenditure. This is a great challenge but we know that God asked us to take these large steps. We believe that God will prompt more donations and sponsors and that he will stand with us in the financing of constantly extending activities. The strengthening of our families and nation proclaims the glory of God and mean joy, safety and a new lease of life for us and our children.

Be our fellow and sponsor in this special mission! Donát and Barbara Ficsor


www.oromhiralapitvany.hu www.firemedia.hu

Our co-workers In the past two years, two young men Dávid Papp and Johanan Bodrogi joined our team for 3 months. Their work was a huge help in the IT section and in the reorganisation of our warehouses. Thank you!

Planning for the future Our premises and contacts enable us to expand our missionary work. To be able to work continuously and maintain a residential service as well as an excellent team of volunteers, we need a permanent employed work team. Last year we took two major steps to get closer to this goal: Since January 2018 Mrs Tünde Oláh has been employed at the Foundation for which we are grateful. She works with a committed heart and devotion to her various tasks. To enable us to employ her, we obtained support from the Hungarian government which will decrease gradually. Mrs Lilla Kiraly has been one of the main pillars amongst the volunteers for many years. Her youngest child is now 3 years old and Lilla needed to return to her previous job as a teacher. We asked her to take a job at the Foundation, even though we could not offer her the best salary and she agreed. So besides teaching, she also works part time at the Good News Foundation.

Our achievements prove that even in a short period of time, stable, permanent employees can greatly increase our efficiency. One of our main goals is to find financial funding for our permanent employees. We are anticipating the need for more permanent employees soon..

Introducing some of our volunteers who have recently joined us Sándor Ficsor helps us with short films and other digital work.

Our colleague from Ujszasz, Mrs Heni Szabo is helping with the ‘Adj Király’ project. Not only with packages of aid, but keeping in touch with others and giving spiritual guidance when necessary.

Attila and Bea Mozes are active participants in our ministry in Izsak. Bea was the leader of our shoe box project at Christmas time. She organised the distribution of 6100 boxes to the delivery teams!

Reliable volunteers • Kornel and Szilvia Pinter work with great commitment on the Gypsy Mission in Izsak. They sacrifice much to help the gypsy people. Kornel is also studying theology, so that he can serve with greater knowledge and efficiency. • My parents Charles and Agnes Ficsor, despite health problems, also volunteer and help in missionary work, councelling and everyday practical tasks. • Barbara’s mother Mrs Erzsike Kardos, is also an important supporter of ours and she leads house groups and does other work, too. THANK YOU! Their support means a lot to us.

Örömhír Alapítvány – Good News Foundation, Orgovány, Hungary


In our own village, Orgovány The main target for our activities is the Hungarian population of the Carpathian Basin, but our hearts will always pull us towards Orgovány and so we have certain programmes that only operate from there.

Christmas Joy Giving In the past few years we have been able to surprise all the children in the local kindergarten and school with presents. In 2018 we were also able to give surprise gifts to the elderly people at a day care centre and a club. In addition we were able to give gifts to an organisation helping people with disabilities and to a mother and baby club. As well as distributing many shoe box presents, we also prepared a small show for entertainment and gave gifts to all the local council’s workforce. One of the surprised workers expressed her feelings in a short but meaningful way.. “It felt SO good”!

Charity We are trying to help with toys, clothes, furniture and other household items for families with unreliable finances. We greatly appreciate the cooperation with similar charity organisations and we are very happy with the sharing of vital information, meaning we can give help where it is needed most.

Social programmes We ensure at our premises, that conferences and many presentations can be held. We mainly focus on practical rather than theoretical knowledge although that is just as important. In our central building the nondenominational Good News Fellowship focuses on building the faith of the community. We meet every Sunday with singing, prayer groups, and up to date Bible teaching. We have occasional film clubs and provide warm drinks and shelter in winter and provide ideal occupations for villagers too.


www.oromhiralapitvany.hu www.firemedia.hu

Helping Hands If we have enough volunteers, we are often able to help with household problems that would be difficult to solve alone. Last Summer, working in partnership with the Feltétel Nélkül Alapítvány (Without Any Conditions Foundation), we recruited 40 volunteers and helped a lot of people in their homes. Besides doing this community work, the team represented the love of the Lord. Thank you!

Investing in Orgovány’s future There is no one living in Orgovany accidentally or without a mission. God planted you here on purpose! Together, we are all building a community’s future and this comes with responsibility. With our combined activities all around the country, we are helping to build the good reputation of Orgovany. Through our English speaking contacts we are able to help the students of the local school too. We are raising money for a playground and with steadily increasing support we are near to our goal. For the children, we started ’Superkid Academy’ and for teenagers ’Music-club’. We help in transporting the young people to Budapest to ’Kölyökplacc’ and ’Felhaz’ and also to other Christian events.

MARY HOUSE MARY HOUSE was opened in Orgovany to support mothers and babies in trouble and need,offering accommodation to them. The full capacity of the house means the maximum number of people is 3 mothers with their children..up to 9 people in total. We aim to be operating at full capacity by the end of the year. Coordinator: Mrs On the right: our first Renata Vandlik. supported guests Erzsike and Szebasztian.

Below: our professional partners’ visit

We are building links with the Budapest based Varva Vart Alapitvany (Awaited Foundation).The focus of their mission is to protect the unborn child and the protection of life. Mary House can help provide a shelter and a home for mothers and their children.

Örömhír Alapítvány – Good News Foundation, Orgovány, Hungary


From our post box Be excited whilst reading about Miracles! Sending postal Packages Dear good brother Donat, With grateful hearts we thank you for the big parcel full of wonderful presents you sent the other day. I cannot express the joy of our 2-year-old grandchild... you should have seen it! She wanted to try everything on at once and held on tight to the fabulous toys with her tiny hand as she was running up and down with joy. We could not believe that all the gifts were for us. My dear bedridden wife and my daughter, wept for joy. After browsing the parcel we explained to the little girl that in fact nothing is ours but all belongs to our Lord, the care giver God. That is why we could not keep all the things to ourselves but had to think of our friends, too, who also live on a small amount of money. Afterwards bags were taken and we began to prepare packages for other families according to their needs. Your service gave us inexpressible joy! Again thank you ever so much. Jozsi K. and M. in Felsozsolca

Dear all at the Good News Foundation! Please help me to find the person who had the tearjerking idea of sending me a present from Orgovany as I would really like to thank him or her after I have thanked the Lord. Whatever the packet contains love and friendship are surely in it too! With huge happiness. Mrs. T. in Kecskemet

Volunteers from outside Orgovány Dear everyone at the Good News Foundation! Thank you for the extra packages and for being so flexible and full of helpfulness and love which we notice in you. May the good God reward you abundantly! Apollonia Sz in Kartal

Honoured Good News Foundation Dear Lilla! Thank you for the packet. It was a nice surprise! We also got the data medium. My husband is able to help you with editing the photos on the website and he will send it to you. It was very appropriate that you wrapped things in a baby blanket! How did you know that soon a little baby is due in the family? Well, aunt Eve with the Holy Spirit inside her is really amazing! We are grateful to her as well. Mrs. Erika H. in Hajduszoboszlo


On behalf of the children in the Csupaful kindergarten, we thank you for the donation you gave to the group ‘Katica’, that your colleagues brought to us in person. We especially appreciated the towels because our old ones were rather worn out. We hope your work continues to be productive. Your sincerely, Mrs Rita B. in Batorterenye Dear Donat and Lilla! Thank you so much for the supplies. We are happy to be able to join the work of the Good News Foundation as co-workers. We were looking for exactly this type of service. I distributed the majority of the clothes during the past few weeks, mainly amongst poor families with little children. Some of them chose suitable items and took them away to their distant farmhouses by bike.

www.oromhiralapitvany.hu www.firemedia.hu

I am also happy with the books. Usually I try to get to know the people who visit me and try to find a book that suits them. The novel for the children is very good as are the short tracts that are of good quality and contain encouraging contents. Attached, please find the list of the recently delivered parcels. Mrs. Heni Sz. in Ujszasz

Dear Brother Donat! I cannot explain in words how grateful I am that the Foundation handled our request as high priority and with such a high level of care. Really. I am touched and cannot find the words to express adequately. I never ever thought that among many other requests you, would send what is needed to this family so soon. I will forward it immediately..they will be very happy. God bless your work and your life in the future. Mrs. Ester Zs. in Miskolc

Diligence and Honesty are good investments. Our personal project: collecting donations for a woman’s house. people and organisations explaining that one of God’s serving women was in great need. I wondered what the outcome would be as a house costs a large amount of money even in a village.

Dear brother Donat! I got acquainted with Mrs Eva Zelenka 28 years ago when I became a paediatrician in Szabadszallas, central-Hungary. The spiritual awakening at the reformed church had a great effect on her. This young gypsy lady sometimes helped me with housework and I considered her hardworking and her life was obviously altered by God. Later we drifted apart, though I always knew about her and her efforts and her difficulties with her husband and sons. The destroying lifestyle of her eldest son caused her severe grief and also financial hardship but even so,she aimed to stand firm. She moved away from the environment that dragged her down to Pilis in Nothern-Hungary and rented a house there,but this was soon sold at auction and so she became homeless. She could not get a flat from the local authority because of her schizophrenic son and was unable to find an affordable place to rent. It was clear that Eva needed a flat of her own but it seemed completely impossible. Knowing her honest and diligent attitude I decided to try and do something for her, with the help of my believer friends and brethren. I explained her plight to many

Dear brother Donat! I have enormous gratitude in my heart that you did not reject my appeal on her behalf but found a solution for Eva. No one should dismiss lightly what you have done over many months. You administered the project and handled all the donations selflessly. May the Lord give you abundant blessings for the work you devote yourselves to.I am very grateful..You are all special! AND THE RESULT IS FANTASTIC! Eva has found the house. She obtained an interest free loan from her work place.. The “Kiut Egyesulet” ( Way Out Organisation) also stood by her with not only financial advice but also by teaching her skills to enable her to deal decisively in her relationships with her adult children. The total sum of of the donations exceeded our expectations. The Good News Foundation Office is waiting for the “ go ahead” from the solicitor to complete the proceedings and start the bank transfer of 7000 pounds. There is gratitude in my heart for you and for all the generous benefactors. It is amazing too that the barrister,who witnessed the situation ,declined the fee for drawing up the contract! To God be the Glory for everything!

Örömhír Alapítvány – Good News Foundation, Orgovány, Hungary

Mrs. Viola E. in Siofok


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Helping hands Dear Barbara and Donat! I cannot express what a miracle it is for us ,that following L.A’s offering ,we came into your mind. It had been a previous prayer request that we should get our damp and rundown walls repaired and put the entrance to our house in good order. It is a miracle that in a few days, 5 volunteers could make such a difference to the house! It was in a very bad condition and we were afraid that worse was to come. Further renovations are needed but the main problem is solved which is a huge relief for us. Thank you ever so much! We would not have been able to do the work needed on our own. Mrs. Tunde O. in Orgovany

Dear Donat! I liked your latest book ’Jojo’s Lost Bug’. It is of excellent quality with nice pictures and the story is appropriate for young children. I would like to buy some more copies if possible. Barbara’s novel ’Never Give Up’ is simply fantastic! Although it is written for children..as a grown up I have already read it 3 times. I have also offered it to others. Mrs.Ica U. Budapest Dear Lilla! We have obtained a copy of the book entitled ’Jojo’ and we would like to order 12 more copies. We hope you will publish many more books, similarly rich in pictures and content,so that the Good News can be shared and our joy increased. Eniko U. in Galgamacsa Loving greetings to you brother Donat! Thank you ever so much for the wonderful books I received from you. I have just arrived home and the majority of books were already delivered on Wednesday at the remote area of South Transylvania. I usually give books as a reward to children who faithfully take part in sermons Let God’s face be turned towards you! Miklos B. In Hatszeg Transylvania

Books Dear Lilla! Other people have recommended the good books they have read at your place,which represent real value. My nine year old daughter is fond of books. For that reason I would like to request that you send some more books for children. Zsofia in Baja.


www.oromhiralapitvany.hu www.firemedia.hu

Dear Lilla!

Dear Renata!

Today we received old photos from a gypsy congregation in Munkacs Ukraine,where we had once taken the book ’The Golden Alphabet’ which they are still actively using. It is very important to them that each child can learn to read and time and energy is committed to enable this. At the moment reading and writing is taught using ’The Golden Alphabet’ book. They are really pleased as it has been a huge help to them. They have asked me to pass on their thanks to Agika for making the book and to the Good News Foundation for sending it as a gift to them. Mrs. Klari K. in Baja

You are the one who contacts me most times from GNF. From your regular prayer letters I know that your wholeheartedness is without question. You do not hold back your devotion, time or energy. May the Lord give you increased strength to deal with the daily problems and misery that you encounter, so that you may inspire others with further prayers. You have a beautiful service to others. May God bless your life in everything, everywhere, every time. A thankful big hug to you Renata and lots of love. Auntie Zsuzsa The Risen Passion For Life!

Mentoring and counselling Dear Barbara and Donat! It is so good that you shared your story about finding each other. It is extraordinary and very encouraging. It encouraged me and enabled me to hope and endure that Mrs Right does exist and so does a happy marriage! Kristof K. Budapest Dear Donat! Thank you that you accepted my call in the middle of the night! I was very frightened and could think of nothing else. I have never encountered the situation that our friend was in. We literally experienced the effects of evil and were afraid that our friend would be hurt. When you arrived I was able to pass on at last the responsibility to you and I slowly calmed down. It was good to see you handle the situation with authority and wisdom. I will remember this extraordinary situation for ever.

More than a year ago Betti asked me for pastoral care. She had suffered so much and this became a sad burden for her family too. She came to us several times with her husband and we always spared a few hours to talk to them and pray together. After a few occasions, her spiritual health recovered and she felt able to continue and develop at home alone, with the Lord. She took on a new lease of life and she continued to work too. When we met recently, I noticed with gladness, that God’s healing is permanent in her life. Mrs. Agika F. Orgovany

Gypsy Mission In Izsák Dear Kori and Szilvi! I am very happy that for several years we have had our own church where we can be replenished. We really like to praise the Lord together! You are good supporters. Thank you for your service! Maria R. in Izsak It means a lot that we have a local church here. We do not have to travel far. We also like the housegroups where we learn a lot and can also have conversations. Our life has changed a lot since we walk with Jesus! Peter R. in Izsak As a newly repented person I am happy that we learn together and that I get to know Jesus better!

David P. Orgovany

Örömhír Alapítvány – Good News Foundation, Orgovány, Hungary

Antal L. in Izsak


Care Packages for Christmas 2018 It was our privilege to distribute the Good News of Christmas, wrapped in shoe boxes, to 6100 people in approximately 60 towns this Christmas.

We wish to thank the Blythswood Care Association for collecting the gifts and to our volunteers for taking part in the transportation and distribution of the shoebox gifts, and also for personally delivering them to those who were housebound. Miss Veronka has been bed ridden for 16 years. She lives with her divorced son,who raises his three children as a single parent. She is not able to provide gifts to her beloved grandchildren because of her financial and health problems. Despite her faith in Christ, she felt it was unnecessary and a burden on her family to receive a gift. We had chosen a suitable shoe box gift for her, which she could forward on if she wished to. In the picture her joy is obvious and it is because she is now able to put a present under the Christmas tree. She says her beloved ones were happy with the presents, so it was one of the best Christmases ever! What a joy!

Victor and Alexandra are siblings. These two lovely children live in very poor conditions. They looked really happy at the sight of the gifts and the genuine smiles on their faces,show the immense joy they feel receiving the Christmas shoe box gifts. Kata N.Ujkigyos

Csaba K. Ujfeherto Anna is 3 years old and she has got an elder sister. Their mother raises them on her own, because they cannot count on their father who is an alcoholic. Their living conditions are below ideal standards. They live in a dilapidated house without a bathroom. Living in the country, it is difficult for a single mother to find a job, which is flexible enough for her to be able to look after her young daughters. She does odd jobs. Therefore, this gift was very well aimed! Noemi M.Balatonszemes


www.oromhiralapitvany.hu www.firemedia.hu

The year of 2018 We would like to show examples of the work done at our centre in Orgovany during this year and the number of staff or volunteers from around the country ,who work for us.

The Team full or part time employees


Short term employee


volunteers (involved in physical work, packaging, translating, management, IT, administration, spiritual care, mentoring, graphic design) community workers from High School people volunteering for only an occassional project


2 90

Budget Our budget for the last year was not much more as that of an average Hungarian family...about 30.000 pounds. It is a miracle that we can operate such a big missionary organisation with such a small budget and that we can achieve the results previously described. Our income comes from different sources: • 40% from the founders of the organisation • 20% from donations • 20% from domestic and foreign organisations • 20% from government salary support

Our loyal supporters! We thank you all for helping and making our mission possible. From our income, we cover the cost of our activities, warehouses, guest rooms, community places, the expenses in the office, IT costs, aid goods, book publishing, insurances and salaries . None of this would be possible without the extraordinary work of our volunteers. We are thankful to you and appreciate your sacrifices.

We also want to say thank you to our paid employees, for giving up on better paid jobs and working with us with such passion. It is rare to have such a great team like ours and we appreciate you very much and count on you for the long term! Because of the general increase in prices ,it will not be possible to carry out our projects and plans in the future, without increasing our budget. We need to widen our income sources with new supporters and increase the amount of the income. We cannot increase our Founder’s contribution, since it is already a large amount. We are working on increasing our other 3 main areas of support but for this we need more publicity.

Achievements of furniture and clothing were distributed by volunteers to approximately 90 families

11 tonnes

of aid was supplied in person in 47 packages

I.5 tonnes

of aid was supplied by post in 41 packages

0.8 tonnes

Christmas shoe box presents were distributed to 60 settlements


books and activity books were distributed


received mentoring

25 people

attended conferences

240 people

touched by our ministry

110 people

recreational days were spent by guests

60 days

were spent at missionary housing

130 days

of partner organisations were supported

5 projects

were temporarily housed unique project raising funds for a family home for a lady and her son

6 people 1

If you appreciate our work, we ask you to share it with others too! You can subscribe to our newsletter, share or like us on social media.

Örömhír Alapítvány – Good News Foundation, Orgovány, Hungary


Recent examples of our work We are happy to receive second hand clothing, furniture, toys etc at any time in our centre. By using these things, we can operate our postal and personal parcel deliveries. We request and encourage you, to donate long lasting food. There is always a need for these. Our volunteers outside Orgovany, are regularly involved in our charitable work. In this photo, you can see our minibus, due to leave for Ujszasz, whilst two local helpers are filling it with boxes of aid. We have reprinted several of our books. We are thankful to Eric and Rosemary Barrett and other patrons, for making it possible to distribute these in large numbers and in places where people cannot afford to pay for them, free of charge. Our books for children can be used as rewards in RE (Religious Education) classes, camps and when pupils finish their school year. You are welcome to send requests for some of them. Our third competition to write a novel, brought to us, 6 excellent book outlines. Completed entries were received by April 15th. We hope that several of these will be printed in the near future.


We are refreshing the homepage on our Website, so that it is up to date and thus will be helpful in enabling us to achieve our goals. Please look for our short documentaries on our Website, under the category ’Rólunk’ (About us)

Will you stand by us?

We are able to run our charitable,nonprofit activities, with the help of the financial support of unselfish benefactors. We wish to express our gratitude for the gifts from our faithful supporters.

In addition to our present supporters we are expecting another 30-50 patrons to join us both as individuals and as companies. They consider it important to support us in fulfilling our aims and are willing to contribute financially on a regular basis. We hope they will pledge an agreed amount of money each month for a specific period of time. If you are able to help in this way, please email iroda@oromhiralapitvany.hu with your response, naming the amount you plan to transfer. Thank you, for stepping into partnership with us!

www.oromhiralapitvany.hu www.firemedia.hu

Fire Media is a media portal of Good News Foundation. Its mission is to publish printed and digital media products and distribute them commercially. With our publications we aim to fill the gap in the Hungarian language market that targets children and adults who are looking for material relevant to the 21st century whilst still building the authority of Faith that is rooted in God the Creator.

Our vision Sometimes we get tired - all of us. Hope seems to fade, expectation diminishes and passion and joy grow cold. BUT - we have no doubt that in the 21st century Jesus Christ can bring real fire and the new lease of life that this is necessary in order to live a victorious and happy life. Jesus Christ said: „I came to cast fire on the earth, and would that it were already kindled!” (Luke 12,49 (ESV)) Our publications are based on the Bible. People recognise more and more that faith and science are not standing opposite. Faith is not out-of-date but it is topical for every generation. It is a vital component of Life - a special perspective that provides real answers to current challenges. Indeed, Faith has been relevant within, and has survived, all phases of history. There are interests that purport to use science to undermine the authority of Faith but real science uses and applies Faith for the sake of the progress of science. Through this modern view of life, more and more people believe - and life experiences confirm to them, ever more deeply, that God created the world. He created mankind and He plays an active role in life, upholding and forming the fate of the world. God did not just create the human but He’s

still standing by each of them, offering solutions to battles with the human spirit and setting them free from loads that are too heavy to carry – and too difficult to shed without divine help. Help us to grab the true meaning of life.

FireMEDIA aims to present and spread this Faith and view of life that is scientifically fathomable and expressed in modern language.

This faith is the security of our future.

Realisation We issue publications that are easily understood by current generations of ordinary people. Our basic principles: to be practical, simple, available, and of a good quality. We started our activities with the Good News Foundation 28 years ago, based largely around one extended family and with minimal resources at our disposal. We work on a non-profit basis and use volunteers extensively. We expect sponsors for our first publications to also promote them to their relevant audiences in order that income is provided to fund future bigger challenges. In the course of Fire Media we issued the first element of a series for children: “Jimmy’s lost bug”. Themes planned: • Stories with Biblical messages • Dinosaurs and a biblical view of creation. • Provocative questions – Biblical answers.

Örömhír Alapítvány – Good News Foundation, Orgovány, Hungary


Sufficient answers

facing the challenges of the digital word How can you learn to provide THE CHILDREN YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR with real answers? Our children were born into a digital world and the way they function is entirely different from the way we do. They speak a different language and reach adulthood taking a differentpath. Unless you realize this, you will be constantly facing battle with your child, instead of fighting shoulder to shoulder with them against primitive doctrines. Learn how can you become and continue to be an example to your child, even though they feel more upto-date than you in some areas. Also, find out how you can help them discover the right answers to life’s big questions. They need to be equipped to face the exceptional challenges of our extraordinary times. Our goal is to provide you with the tools that help you achieve just that: to find answers in the Bible to honest and straightforward questions, so you’ll have more to say than ’Just because’.

The methods used over 20 years ago are not appropriate anymore in this digital age. The world has completely changed! Children from about the age of 10, gather information ’online’, on their own. Scientific, (or what seem to be ) scientific views are marketed with compelling arguments, trendy PR tricks, life-like mock-ups and professional media support. They are gradually brainwashing our kids, and often times us as well, without us even recognizing it. In such an environment, anyone who want to share a different view point against the current tide of opinion, has to do things with the same thorough, convincing and professional attitude. The current can be overwhelming but live fish do manage to swim against it! How then can you give real and satisfying answers to your child, who has already been influenced with other viewpoints ?The answer is may cost you time and effort but you will need to educate yourself and gain more knowledge.

Sometimes, you may have to study a topic in depth so that you can confidently explain it in detail. 14

Let me illustrate this with an example: Question: If God created animals only 6000 years ago, then how could dinosaurs become extinct several million years ago? Insufficient answers: A: Dinosaurs don’t even exist! B: I don’t know. Sufficient answer: Come, here’s a good book! Let’s see how they come up with the age of certain fossils and let’s see how those millions of years add up .. Dear Mum and Dad, you may feel that the questions your child is asking are not of utmost importance. You may say, for example, that no one really cares about when the dinosaurs became extinct. Still, I want you to know that among those questions there are many IMPORTANT ones. Your child’s faith and whole worldview will be based on the sources and the quality of the answers that they are getting. Consider it an honour if they turn to you for answers, and use the opportunity to guide your child’s life in a good direction.

The Crisis of Evolutionary Religion God has directed our attention to a very specific and important area that we have to focus on with extra care. For decades it seemed like every part of evolutionary development theory was a proven fact. However, it is a less and less defendable thesis due to scientific development and a growth in scientific freedom. More and more scientists claim that this theory is full of mistakes and opinions diverge on the topic in the

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scientific community. Nonetheless, evolution as a belief or religion is still strongly embedded in our society as we have been all influenced in accordance with it. In a nutshell: by the time it became evident that the theory of evolution is only a hypothesis, almost the whole world had believed it was true. It is the framework for childrens’ stories, literary works, art, movies and even textbooks. It is also the foundational perspective that education and traditional scientific work is built upon. Evolutionary teachings provided a breeding ground for numerous racist movements, even to Nazi opression and other kinds of dictatorships, that claimed that certain races were more developed while others were to be eradicated. This belief is also meant to support the idea that there is no God (atheism) and that there is no need for Him. So if there is no God, then there is no universal power that could tell everyone at the same time what is right and wrong. Therefore, everyone is free to decide which path they want to take. This is the primary cause of worldwide problems and chaos. It is an especially dangerous and harmful belief. The good news is that more and more scientists, philosophers, medical doctors, scientists, and even

presidents raise their voices and represent boldly that God created the world and He has power over life and death. The only hope for such a chaotic world to stand firm again and be strong again, is a worldview and faith that is built on this foundation. There is a fierce battle in the scientific world and in politics between two worldviews: one without God and the other one based on God. We are shaping our future now. I am convinced that the key to a hopeful future is the truth found in Christian faith. Besides our personal future, the strength of our country and continent also hangs in the balance and the outcome depends on our choices: whether we have the courage to examinethe worldview ingrained in us, not being afraid of the truth we might find. If you do not have a sense of responsibility in regards to your future, you might have it in regards to your childrens’ future.

If our faith and worldview is now found wanting in the balances, we urgently have to change direction before it is too late. Do you have the courage it takes? Are you ready to change direction?

PLANNED future releases... Málnamanók (Raspberry Elves)

Superkids Online Online Christian games + blog to build children’s faith. For running it we are looking for: • IT professionals • Developers • Game animators • Graphic designers Teaching packs

Many people write to us and ask: ‘Please, publish Christian storybooks as well.’ We are planning to publish ‘Raspberry Elves’, which is an endearing tale that takes place in the woods. Some raspberry elves set out to find their missing friend only to face unexpected obstacles on their way. The woods are special as well: lead by an aged king who is governing his empire wisely, ensuring that the raspberry elves have everything they need to accomplish their mission.

Áprilisi zuhé (April Showers)

Szor-Szer-Ször meséi (Stories of ’Szor-Szer-Ször’) Preparatory booklet for multiplication tables 31 stories, 31 illustrations to colour, 31 multiplications

Who soaked Mrs Jones? Who ruined the volcano experiment? What have the twins done again? April Showers is a 3-piece mystery for kids. Parents and kids can have fun solving the mystery together!

Szikrázva jó! (Let it Sparkle!) Booklets to raise interest in Science

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A Huge Possibility

T h e C r e a t i o n Pr o j e c t Many of the challenges of our daily lives in this modern world have their origins in materialism and atheistic thought patterns. Even among those that grew up in the church, there is an increasingly serious crisis of values. May special importance be given to the Christian God and the Bible? According to what is now perceived to be the scientific standard, there was no need for a Creator of the Earth, its flora and fauna or of mankind - they have just developed. While the Bible states that God created the Earth, all of nature and humankind, commonly accepted scientific theories suggest that it is not authentic. The biblical creation narrative is seen as being no more than a story. Creation is a neglected topic in the media, however it’s an important pillar of our Christian faith. Within the framework of this project, we want to; • draw attention to the importance of the topic • regularly publish the Creation Magazine and other books - both printed and digital, and online games, that can help those who are sincerely searching for truth and authentic direction • helping those with open-minds and an interest in the topic to explore it with a freedom of thinking instead of blindly following the accepted norms • assist with the protection of faith in God

The Good News Foundation within the ’FireMedia Project’ has made an agreement with the Australian publisher about the Hungarian edition.

We have set up a workgroup of expert volunteers and STARTED working We pray for more supporters and devoted co-workers to JOIN US so that the small seed would become a big tree.

Planned project elements • Publishing Creation Magazine in Hungarian • Books for kids to aid the development of a healthy perspective and which also deals with difficult questions, such as dinosaurs and extra terrestrials. Easy to understand materials for adults on • the issue of creation contra evolution. • Exhibitions, lectures and interactive programs for kids • Bringing biblical worldview for kids through maintaining online games for smartphones and interactive online websites.

In brief, building a biblical worldview in kids and adults whilst raising awareness of the authority of faith in the Creator God and the utterly reliable truth of the Bible.

You can also take part!

Our Objectives

Creation Ministries International researches and makes popular the Creation as it is described in the Bible. One part of the Ministry is to publish the 3-monthly ’Creation Magazine’. It is well known world wide as a respected creationist periodical, having an enormous readership. Highly qualified researchers from various fields of science and professors and lecturers work together. The magazine is published not only in English but in Chinese, Finnish and partly in German and Spanish, too. Some articles can be read in more than 40 languages on line.

• In 1 year’s time to publish a representative copy of the Magazine and to distribute it free of charge to at least 500 institutions (schools, libraries, churches) and also to 5000 people (teachers, experts, doctors, scientists, pastors, youth leaders, RE teachers, who are involved in the subject, either because of their work, or because of scientific interest or faith). • In 2 year’s time to initiate the stable financial background from subscription and sponsorship which is vital for publishing to continue. • In 5 year’s time reaching all institutions in public education. • In 10 year’s time reaching the whole nation with this message.

Having served the Hungarian nation for 30 years the GOOD NEWS FOUNDATION is continuing to help people to take on

a new lease of life.


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