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Collection 2016


Welcome to the home of Lounge & Linger, independent providers of quality furniture for the event industry. With an impressive 30 years experience, Dean Carr and Soraya Halabi know everything there is to know about parties. Honest, helpful and organised, at Lounge & Linger our passion is creating functional, memorable spaces for relaxation and enjoyment. Dean is a go-to person in the world of UK events, with innumerable corporate, private and wedding parties to his credit. Creative director and inspiration, Soraya, develops the concepts and works her magic reshaping spaces into captivating environments, attending to every last detail. Service is always first class, personal and friendly, from the concept of the event right up to the big day. Lounge & Linger offer a gorgeous collection of sumptuous sofas, chaise longues, chairs, benches, ottomans, tables, rugs and props in signature colours and textures which work together in countless combinations. We feature a palette of up-to-the-minute monochromes, opulent metallics and super-bright block colours. All our pieces are designed to adapt to any event — the hippest parties, grand statement weddings, luxury VIP areas and absolutely everything else.

Put your feet up, the Lounge & Linger team will take good care of you.

Email or call 01628 532 050

3 - SEATER SOFAS 200cm L x 70cm H x 80cm D

CH3 - WHFL White Faux Leather

CH3 - CCFL Charcoal Faux Leather

CH3 - GOFL Gold Faux Leather

CH3 - SLFL Silver Faux Leather

CH3 - GRFL Green Faux Leather

2 - SEATER SOFAS Antoinette - 160cm L x 96cm H x 90cm D Chesterfield - 150cm L x 70cm H x 80cm D

ANTL - OYV Oyster Velvet

ANTL - PBV Peacock Blue Velvet

CH2 - SMV Smoke Velvet

CH2 - SBV Sky Blue Velvet

CH2 - CNFL Chestnut Faux Leather

CH2 - BOFL Burnt Orange Faux Leather

CHAIRS Occasional Chair - 62cm L x 88cm H x 87cm D Armchair - 88cm L x 100cm H x 64cm D Small Antoinette - 100cm L x 96cm H x 90cm D

CHRB - SMV Smoke Velvet

CHRB - SMSV Smoke Velvet

CHRB - FUV Fuscia Velvet

ANTS - PKV Peacock Blue Velvet

CHAISE LONGUES 156cm L x 78cm H x 74cm D

CLB - SMV Smoke Velvet

CLB - CNV Chestnut Velvet

CLB - CCFL Charcoal Faux Leather

CLB - BRFL Bronze Faux Leather

BUTTON BENCHES 154cm L x 47cm H x 50cm D

BNB - WHFL White Faux Leather

BNB - CRFL Charcoal Faux Leather

BNB - GOFL Gold Faux Leather

BNB - SLFL Silver Faux Leather

BNB - ORV Orange Velvet

BNB - GRV Green Velvet

BENCHES 154cm L x 47cm H x 50cm D

BN - WHFL White Faux Leather

BN - CRFL Charcoal Faux Leather

BN - SLFL Silver Faux Leather

OTTOMANS Large - 120cm Dia x 47cm H Small - 50cm Dia x 45cm H

OTL - WHFL White Faux Leather

OTL - CCFL Charcoal Faux Leather

OTL - SLFL Silver Faux Leather

OTS - SMV Smoke Velvet

OTS - RDV Red Velvet

OTS - ORV Orange Velvet

OTS - WHV White Velvet

OTS - CNV Chestnut Velvet

OTS - GRV Green Velvet

BUTTON CUBES 50cm L x 45cm H x 50cm D

CUBB - WHV White Velvet

CUBB - SMV Smoke Velvet

CUBB - CNV Chestnut Velvet

CUBB - WHF White Faux Leather

CUBB - CCFL Charcoal Faux Leather

CUBB - SLFL Silver Faux Leather

CUBES 50cm L x 45cm H x 50cm D

CUB - WHV White Velvet

CUB - CCV Charcoal Velvet

CUB - CNV Chestnut Velvet

CUB - RDV Red Velvet

CUB - GRV Green Velvet

CUB - WHFL White Faux Leather

CUB - CCFL Charcoal Faux Leather

CUB - ORFL Orange Faux Leather

CUB - GO Gold Faux Leather

CUB - GRFL Green Faux Leather

CUB - SLFL Silver Faux Leather

CUB - SBFL Sky Blue Faux Leather

DIAMOND TABLES Large - 100cm Dia x 40cm H Small - 60cm Dia x 40cm H

TB - DIGOS Small Gold

TB - DIGOL Large Gold

TB - DISLS Small Silver

TB - DISLL Large Silver

TABLES Drum - 30cm Dia x 41cm H Poseur - 100cm Dia x 80cm H Mandarin - 52cm Dia x 56cm H Curve - 50cm Dia x 56cm H

TB - DR01 Drum

TB - PSO Poseur Onyx

TB - MN Mandarin Side Table

TB - PSP Poseur Pearl

TB - CV Curve Side Table

CLASSIC TABLES Silver Filigree - 92cm L x 46cm H x 60cm D Washed Pine - 140cm L x 48cm H x 70cm D Mirror Mirror - 95cm L x 50cm H x 95cm D Palace Door - 170cm L x 40cm H x 90cm D

TB - SF Silver Filigree

TB - WP Washed Pine

TB - MM Mirror Mirror

TB - PD Palace Door

CERAMIC DRUMS Gold / Silver - 74cm H Bali - 30cm Dia x 45cm H

CD - GO Gold

CD - SL Silver

CD - BL1 Bali 01

CD - BL2 Bali 02

LIGHTING Tower - 105cm H x 27cm Dia Candelabra - 53cm H Candle Holders - 50cm H

AC - LED Crystal Tower LED

AC - CAN5 Ballroom Candelabra

AC - LTSG Large Shadow Glass Candle Holder

AC - LTSW Large Swedish Glass Candle Holder

ACCESSORIES Poodles - 60cm H Rugs - Assorted Sizes Hurricane Lamp - 25cm W x 60cm H x 18cm D

AC - BN Blue Noodle

AC - ORI Oriental Rugs

AC - PL Pink Lily

AC - LTHR Hurricane Lamp

CUSHIONS 40cm x 40cm More colours and sizes available

CN-SE1 Sequin 01

CN-SE2 Sequin 02

CN-GOFL Gold Faux Leather

CN-SLFL Silver Faux Leather

CN-ORFL Orange Faux Leather

CN-BLFL Blue Faux Leather

CLIENTS 3 Olaf Street Bluebird Classic Car Club DSTRKT Excel Gilgamesh Grosvenor House Luton Hoo Nasdaq One Marylebone One Embankment Playtech SG Events The Avenue The Grove The Landmark V&A











Burnt Orange


Sky Blue



CONTACT Office 01628 532 050 Soraya 07492 230 930 Dean 07825 135 543

Lounge & Linger Collection 2016  
Lounge & Linger Collection 2016  

Lounge & Linger providing stylish furniture hire to the events industry in London. We supply sumptuous contemporary metallic and colour -blo...