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Date: March 2013




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A cure for narcolepsy

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LETTER Dear readers: We are some students of Juan Orobiogoitia High School. We worked very hard to write this magazine. In it you will find different sections like top 10, interview, news, pastimes‌ We hope you enjoy reading it!!!

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By: Mahassine and Ainhoa

News A cure for narcolepsy More than a dozen members of the Lopez family in Seville are narcolepsy sufferers and they could hold the genetic clue to its cure.

The favourite pet The Labrador retriever remained the most popular dog in the U.S. last year.


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An asteroid fell on Russia r.

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News Pakistan to build £19 million amusement park in Osama Bin Laden’s town Pakistan is planning to build a $30 million (£19 million) amusement park in Abbottabad, the town where Osama bin Laden was killed by US special forces.

Osama bin Laden and the compound in Abbottabad where he was killed

It will take eight years to complete. Work is due to begin in late February or early March, billion rupees ($30 million) have been allocated. BY: Aitor, Ioritz and Unai

News A man with a knife shot with Taser outside Buckingham Palace A man who was stopped by the police with a Taser stun gun as he ran towards Buckingham Palace with two knives has been charged and will appear in court today.

A man holding a knife BY: Aitor, Ioritz and Unai

Interview to… Andoni Why did you decide to become a technology teacher? I was working in a factory, but one day one person called me and said that I was going to work as a teacher in a school.

How old are you? I don’t remember

Have you got any children? Why? No, I haven’t.

Are you happy in this high school? Yes, I am.

What do you like of your profession? The good relationship with the people, because I practice my job and because I teach the people.

In this high school ,who is the worst student? In each class there are 1 or 2 people but most of the students are nice.

When you were a child, in what profession you liked to work? I wanted to be a football player, because I played very well, but I found it was a hobbie and I didn’t listen to the trainer.

Have you ever had a problem in your job? No, never. By : Maha, Garoa and Viktoria.

News Mrs Ruffinelli is the woman with the largest hips in the world. She was an athletic teenager with out problems but when she gave birth to her second child her hips startedgrowing. She has a lot of problems but she has not plans to lose weigh. For example to travel, she has to buy two tickets for the seats in the aeroplane.

The bodybuilder Moustafa Ismail sets record for his biggest arms. He trains a lot to have the arms he has, he goes to the gym and he has a strange diet. People call him “the Egyptian Popeye� but he says that he prefers chicken than spinaches. By: Neike, Ainhoa and Leire

The 8th of March was the international women’s day . It was a very important day to a lot of people around the world. There were many events like art exhibitions, performances...In the country where were more events was the UK but in Australia, the USA and Canada there were also many . The International women’s day has its own website where you can see all the events of different countries. The international Women’s day is celebrated because a group of women were burned in a factory in India.

BY: Aitor Marcos Basagoiti

Women’s day logo 2013

OF THE TV PROGRAMS 1 The good wife 2 Mad men 3 The newsroom 4 Sherlock 5 Homeland 6 Parks and recreation 7 Game of thrones 8 Wilfred 9 Breakin bad 10 The walking dead By: Garoa, Mahassine and Vika

Teacher: Maria please point to America on the map. Maria: Maria This is it. Teacher Teacher: er Well done. Now class, who found America? Class: Maria did.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ESL teacher: You must never begin a sentence "I is ...". Clever student : Please sir, what's wrong with "I is a vowel".

-Teacher: Teacher

Today, we're going to talk about the tenses. Now, if I say "I am beautiful," which tense is it? -Student:: Student:: Obviously it is the past tense

Psychiatrist : What's your problem? Patient : I think I'm a chicken. Psychiatrist : How long has this been going on? Patient : Ever since I was an egg! By : JABIER, JOSU AND IKER

By: Leire, Neike and Ainhoa

PASTIMES Find the 7 differences

Find the words below

GOSSIP NEWS PIPI AND MIRIAM GOT SEPARATED The famous couple got separated,because Pipi was unfaithful to Miriam. They have a daughter in common, but we don’t know who is going to have her MILAN, A NEW BABY BOY IN THE custody.

WORLD The singer Shakira and the football player Piqué had a little boy. He was born on January 22, 2013 in Barcelona, Spain.

By: Neike, Leire and Ainhoa

Aries: Do not go out of your house because you will have bad luck for all your life.

Taurus: This Saturday you will have very good luck. Play the lottery, you will win!!

Gemini: You are going to find the love of your life when an asteroid finishes the world.

Cancer: Your dreams will come true...when the pigs fly.

Leo: You will have a breakdown because your partner is going to be unfaithful to you with your best friends.

Virgo: You are going to Hollywood and you are going to become a superstar.

Libra: Your life is not going to change, you are going to continue your boring life.

Scorpio: All your life is going to change for worse. Be careful when you walk under a ladder.

Sagittarius: If you go to the forest you may get lost. Take some food with you. Just in case‌ Capricorn: You are going to die if you see an elephant in a bicycle with a pink hat. Aquarius: Your parents are going to get divorced.

Pisces: You are going to find 2000â‚Ź in a volcano. You should go to Teide. BY:JABIER, IKER AND JOSU

What is the name of this U.S. State?

A) Vermont B) New York C)Connecticut D)New Hampshire

What country does this flag represent?

A) Denmark B)Sweden

C)Germany D)Belgium

What country does this flag represent?

A)Mexico B)Puerto Rico C)Cuba D)Colombia

The Okinawa Islands are in what sea? A)Sea of Japan B) Caspian Sea C)Philippine Sea D) north sea What country does this flag represent?

A) Japan B) North Korea C) China D) South Korea By: Ioritz

BRUNO MARS Peter Gene Hernández, better known as Bruno Mars, is an American singer, musician and music producer. He was born on 8th October 1985 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He started studying English in his childhood. At a young age he had performed in various musical venues in his hometown. He makes Pop, reggae, soul, R&B, funk, jazz, blues and rock music. Mars is the voice of his group and he also plays the guitar, the keyboard, the bass, the harmonica and the piano. Bruno Mars´ best songs are: 1.

Just The Way You Are


The Lazy Song


Billionaire ft Bruno Mars

He has had 113 nominations and he has won 31 awards, one of the most important is the Grammy award with the song “Just The Way You Are” in 2011. By : Neike , Ainhoa and Leire.


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