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4th Secondary

By: Maialen, Ane and Diego

NEWS LOCAL NEWS Gorka Otaduy and Aitor Elordi won the tournament final of the Basque Country in Azkoitia last Saturday. They are very proud and they are going to continue playing and practising. They received an award and the famous Txapela .

NATIONAL NEWS A girl in Sabadell hit another girl of 14. The girl is in serious conditions in hospital. People say that the aggressor hit the other girl because the other girl didn´t say “thank you” to her. The news alerted the ministry of education and they are going to start a campaign to help the students that receive Bullying .

INTERNATIONAL NEWS Unicef says that more than 5,5 million children are affected in Syria because of the war. They say that the number of affected is the double than the last year. The statistics says that over a million died in the assault in Damask.

By: Lore and Eider

La Voz Kids This TV program shows the way that some Spanish children do to be the voice of Spain. In this session we are going to talk about the secrets, gossip and feelings of the participants. There are three teams. Bisbal´s, Rosiario´s and Malu´s. All the children are very happy with their teams and they make a lot of friends because of this opportunity to sing. Unfortunately, last Tuesday afternoon a competitor of the program died. She was 11 years old and her name was Iraila from Valencia. Her death had a big influence on the spectators. The parents of Iraila let Telecinco broadcast the program of their daughter. She sang “Diamond” of Rihanna and her voice surprised Spain because she imitated her idol fantastically. By: Jon, Miren and Amaia.


Mila Villa

Jessi is the teaching assistant in Juan Orobiogoitia BHI.

Mila Villa is an English teacher in Juan Orobiogoitia BHI.We asked her some cuestions

Do you miss your family and Friends?

Do you like to teach English?

Yes. But I left home when I was18. So I am used to being away from them.

Yes, I love it, because is my favourite subjet I like to teach.

How difficult is Basque and Spanish?

How many years have you been in Orobiogoitia?

Basque is very difficult, but very interesting. I didn`t speak any Spanish when I arrived here.

18 years and I`m very happy here.

Are you happy in this school? Yes. :) Do you have boyfriend? No! Do you like the food here’ The food here is absolutely fantastic! What do you think of the Basque Country? The Basque Country is very beautiful! The beaches are georgeus and I love going on hikes in Urkiola.

What class is the better studying? It depends on the students day. How was your first day teaching in Juan Orobiogoitia? Exciting because we had to organise everything. Have you got a good relationship with the other teachers? Yes, I have . My closest friend is Edoia. By: Maialen, Ane and Diego

DIARY OF OROBIOGOITIA TRAVELLING TO LONDON The students of English Culture are going to go to London in April, from 7th to the 10th. They are going to stay four days and they are very happy because they are going to learn a lot of English. WC The toilets are closed in school. It is because people broke toilet and get it dirty. So the conclusion is that you have to think twice before you do something bad. THE INGURUMEN TAILERRA´S VIDEO The students of ingurumen tailerra are thinking to record a video. We don´t know what it is going to be about, we are wai'ng for the results! If you want to see a video with a similer ma)er, you can see “Super inguru”. FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT Last week on the second floor was one paper for you to put your name. The paper was to play a football tournament. The following week one person collected the paper and he made the groups. The matches started a-er carnival. The winner group have not a prize. The people play for pleasure. Many people par'cipate in this tournament because it is very exci'ng. By: Jon, Amaia and Miren

Hunger in the world The hunger in the world is disminishing from 842millions of people to 156 .This is good news but it is a lot to do. The majority of people with hunger live in developing countries ,where 14,3 per cent of the population is undernourished. About 552 millions live in Asia and Oceania. In the developing countries one of every six children has low weight. This information is sad but if it wasn’t true, the governament of many of this countries wouldn’t do anything to inprove the situation.The NGO’S to help people like Unicef(for children) ,ACF international,Doctors without borders,”Manos unidas”...are working a lot with Social Canteens,or animating people to help other people because that is what we have to do. So,we have to be careful with our food and we have to be kind with the people who really need our help.

By: Helene,Xixili and Xabi

Blue Jeans, a new successful writer The writer Francisco de Paula, better known as Blue Jeans Blue Jeans, is a young writer and he is becomBlue Jeans ing very famous because his trilogies were and are very known internationally. For the moment , he has published six book, three of the trilogy Canciones para Paula and the other three for the trilogy El club de los incomprendidos.

He liked literature since he was a child. He started with the reporter career when he was 19. In the morning he went to class and in the afternoon he wrote little stories 'not published( in his computer. Canciones para Paula was his )irst novel. He published it because he was writing chapters in the social networks and he got a lot of followers. After Canciones para Paula he wrote the next book ¿Sabes que te quiero? and it was very successful , so he )inished the trilogy with Callame con un beso.

Some years later, the fans requested for a new book and he needed some years to )inish the trilogy El club de los incomprendidos 'the last book was published on 4th February 2014(. He sold more than a million books.

His books are translated to others languages like Italian, French, English,… And for that he´s famous internationally. He says that one of his dreams has come true and he thanks his fans for all the support that they give him.

By: Eider and Lore

FASHION Do you want to know which type of clothes we will wear this spring and summer? Boys and girls, prepare your eyes to read about the fashion clothes in 2014.For all that, we have asked some teenagers in Juan Orobiogoi"a high school. These were the ques"ons: 1. What do you think about fashion? Do you like it? 2. Which tendence do you think that teenagers are going to wear this summer? And which colours? 3. If fashion didn´t exist, what type of clothes would you wear? We have asked three boys and girls from different ages between 12 and 15. These are the main answers and conclusions. Boys


1. I don´t usually follow the fashion.

1. Yes, I o5en follow the fashion. I love it!

2. Nothing special, short jeans and the red colour.

2. Short clothes and light colours: orange, red, blue…

3. I would wear things that I like.

3. Nothing, I would wear clothes that I like without following anybody . By: Miren, Jon and Amaia.

The top 10 of the food of the canteen 1. Chocolate cake 2. Custard 3. Hamburger 4. Marinated tenderloin 5. Chicken leg 6. Rice 7. Spaghetty 8. “Porrusalda� 9. Yogurt 10. Spinach

The weather Iurreta: This weekend we

Durango: In Durango the

are going to have a lot of rain. The temperature will fall down 6ยบc

temperature is going to fall down but not much.It is going to be 8ยบc.It is going to rain too.

Zaldibar Iurreta

Otxandio: In Otxandio it is

Zaldibar: In Zaldibar the

going to snow a lot and the temperature is going to be cold.

wind is going to be strong.Be careful with the umbrellas!

By:Xabi,Xixili and Helene

HOROSCOPE Suddenly, you are going to have a relaon. Wait and be pa ent. It will be a fantas c rela onship. As your bad luck will disappear in your love, it will con nue in your economic.

You will meet a new friend next week. His habits are not really good but you get trapped on them. Find a way to go out of them. If you have a humor change don’t be strange, they are consequences of your new bad habits. Be careful!

Teachers will conspire agains you. if you don’t study a lot, you will fail. Study for the final marks! If you go to Ma ena’s fes val try to find a blonde person. It will be your love!

Don´t get angry with your parents. If you do, they will not allow you go out. At weekends. In two weeks you will be surprised favourablely. Dress up with blue color, it´s your lucky color.

You are going to have a good year if you study. Your parents are going to give you money and you are going to know a boyfriend.

You aren´t happy and you know it. So, to be happy you have to burn five euros every day in this month. If you burnt them, now you have 150 euros less. So now you are poor and happy, because poor people are happier than rich.

Live the moment or if you prefer “Carpe Diem”. You are stressed because of your love. Be calm! Your luck will change and you are going to like it.

You are going to be lucky if you trust on your self. Don´t let bad people defeat you!

You will have a humour change. Your way of thinking will change with a film and you are going to be as lost as Alice in wonderland. The humor changing will not favor with your friend rela on, so you could try to be pleasant with them.

In your life you are going to do some good things. So, if now you aren’t happy with your life, keep calm and wait for your good life!!!

By: Miren, A maia and Jon.

In the work you are going to have new opportuni es. You are going to know a new interes ng person. In the future you are going to have a good and lucky life.

You are going to have a good life with your family, you money and your good luck. JAJAJAJAJAJJAJAJA IT IS A JOKE!!! Have I got to remember you that this is real life??? So, if you want a good and happy life, you have to work hard!!!

By: Lore and Eider

Help the man arrive at the bulb!

Spot 14 dierences between these pictures.

By: Lore and Eider

The quizz Riddle You feed it, it lives, you give it something to drink, it dies.

If you have the answer, send a letter with your name, surname and your group to the box that is going to be near the high school entrance

By.Helene,Xabi and Xixili

Here we

Lore and Eider

Ane, Maialen and Diego Xixili, Xabi and Helene

are‌ Jon, Amaia and Miren

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